GW2 Carapace and Luminescent Armor Sets

Gallery of the newly added GW2 Carapace and Luminescent Armor set with Echoes of the Past Living World EP5. Note that both Charr and Asura uses the male model.

How to obtain

  • Currently the Carapace shouldpad can be obtained by completing EP5 story or brought from the Bandit Crest collector near the only waypoint in Silverwastes for 1000 crests.
  • If you want to get the Luminescent shoulderpad, you will need to do the Luminescent Shoulderguard collection
  • Rest of the armor pieces will become available in further episodes

Carapace Light Armor



Luminescent Light Armor



Carapace Medium Armor



Luminescent Medium Armor



Carapace Heavy Armor



Luminescent Heavy Armor



  • Randomgw2doooood

    Will Lumi sets be dyeable?

    • Me

      Dulfy? do you know?

    • It seems dyeable yes:

      • Iris Nguyen

        The Luminescent armor has a blue cast and blue glowing effect that mimics the duochrome effect of insect wings on primary red color so well. Shown here is the armor dyed with Enameled Crimson, Enameled Amnesis and Enameled Generation.

        • evnw

          it’s beautiful!

    • ElecManEXE .

      I’d say its more semi-dyeable. You can definitely dye it, but the dyes apply to the underlying material, and it’ll always have a blue glow over the top of it, so you’ll never get the exact color you’re dying to show through perfectly. Unless of course you pick a similar blue, I suppose. You can’t change the glow itself, far as I can tell.
      That’s just what I can tell from the wardrobe previews, mind you.

      • Me

        That was exactly what I was expecting from ArenaNet. This set is undyable.
        So close, so far.

        • Walking By

          One set has the glow, the other (default version) doesn’t. What are you talking about, “this set is undyeable”? Just use the basic version without the glow.

          • Me

            I want a different color golw – red fiery. So you take the red dye to this set aannndd…. *shazam!* Ugly blue.
            Why? Undyable.

  • Rym

    God, why those stupid butterflies on female armors?! They ruin whole shoulderpad. Male one looks cool, female however… -.-

    • ElecManEXE .

      I, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite. I wish the male version had the butterflies, its a unique aspect of the armor and adds a bit of extra flair. The male sets look a bit bland in comparison, IMO.

  • ryan

    is the lumin armor ascended and cara exotic?

  • Viktor’s Old Death Ray

    All three seem to be a mix of Arah and norn racial sets.

  • StillNotPlayinThisStupidGame

    Just sayin…that armor is atrocious.

  • Latinkuro

    the heavy armor looks awesome but only on humans, as it should be πŸ˜›
    not that I care but, why no asura preview ?

  • gurorin

    Does the butterfly on Female luminescent heavy’s shoulder “flapping”?

  • Mark

    That medium armour ….. *shudders* monstrosity

    • Scowny

      We have very different tastes

  • Zefirez

    Love the heavy armours. The female one has amazing leg guards with both the belts on front and huge butterfly wing at back.
    Male one on the other hand feels very pharaohish with all those winged ornaments.

    Also notice how totally different the embroilments and armour pieces are on male and female version of heavy. And it’s not a case of one being full body armour, and other metal bikini…

    In short – excellent job on heavies, A-net. Wish i could have equal praise for medium and light, but for now i can’t find half of the reasons to praise those…

  • Bliss

    I love it on humans. Once more hate it on asuras. Wish they would stop hiding behind “gender neutrality” and just call it like it is. Male default. I want butterflies and the beauty of how they do female armor on my asuras…..

  • zaw

    yes. as we already dont have enough coatish legs… am i right that for heavy ONLY non-coat legs are primeval…?

    • billinkw

      Ascended are regular legs as well as some of the karma sets…

      • billinkw

        Oh forgot AC, COF, and CM are not coat-style. I think there’s a good mix of both

      • zaw

        ah sry mistake. non-coat, non-skirt, non-crotch. just pure metal that dont cause clipping issues all the time.

    • Toasty

      no, you are not right.

  • ilikenoodleswithsauce

    Finally – new armor! Waited months for this. I like medium and heavy armor on female in general and the top of the light armor. More sexiness for GW2 = rulez! :-3

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    I need that medium carapace coat for my ranger….

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Wa wa wii wii look at that butterfly on the female luminescent heavy armor

    i wants it +_+
    i needz its *_*
    i wills havz its Β°_Β°

    • Bruce


  • Brandon Fields

    The male light armor(Charr in particular) looks so awful I’m almost willing to avoid the content so I don’t have to encounter it. The Female version of the light actually looks some what decent. The medium and heavy armor is not to bad either it just seems that the male light is very uninspired garbage looks like it is a recycled hodgepodge from old medium armor designs and labeled as light.


  • Thomas Leo

    It’s about time Anet makes a new armor set that can be acquired in-game.

  • nadrian3k

    So from their patch blog, i understand we will slowly unlock all the skins for free if we play several LS episodes starting with this one?

    • Sterling

      that seems to be the case. If you hover over the skins in the wardrobe, it actually says which episode they will be unlocked in so I will assume as of right now that the rest of the skins will be unlocked in similar ways and, yes, if you play and complete the content that means all the skins of all weights can come for no currency cost.

  • Silvyah

    After the story you get to choose the shoulder you’d like. However, this means you don’t get the other two right away. Do you get the other two by doing it over? If not how else?

    • Vuden Graham

      someone mentioned they drop from bosses, kasmeer.

    • Braghez

      They drop from bosses, or after story completition you can get a gear piece box for 1000 bandit badges at the vendor at the “base camp”

      • Silvyah

        Thank you

    • Sterling

      I am not sure if you can get another one from doing the story over on the same character, but, unless you are desperate to get the shoulders/lum shoulders right away, you can do the story on a different character to get another weight shoulder. That will save you the 1G and 1k badges.

  • saroso

    exchange from merch in new map for 1 gold, and 1000 bandit scrap

  • Xadirius

    You can also get the armor chests from the mordem bosses I got a shoulder box from the Iron troll boss fight.

    • Vuden Graham

      yea but you can only finish the collection for the lumin.. set once right? that caith ascend available through quest only

  • Guest

    The Luminescent armor has a blue cast and blue glowing effect that mimics the duochrome effect of insect wings on primary red color so well. Shown here is the armor dyed with Enameled Crimson, Enameled Amnesis and Enameled Generation.

  • Konrad Zdunek

    Why female asura and charr has male skin armor again… WHY GOD, WHY?!?!?!?!?!

    • Bliss

      Because Anet doesn’t like female asuras and charr

      • Annoyed Asura

        Umm.. No? I’d rather have the male version, and I’m happy with unisex armour on asura/charr and wish ALL races were like that. . I’m happy with -practical- armour instead of being forced into stupid slutty shit.

        • Bliss

          How come feminine has to equate to being slutty? A skirt does not make one a slut. And for light armor whats wrong with a skirt? And you have plenty of armor to choose from for practicality’s sake. Not so much if you want something girly. Tired of people thinking you have to be masculine in order to be practical or to not be a slut. Wasn’t aware wanting butterflies or wearing dresses made a person a slut. The more you know I guess.

        • Wandering By

          1) My human elementalist is wearing distinctly feminine armor and is completely covered, nobody is forcing you in to anything. Feminine =/= Slutty. Also, if female norns/humans/sylvari had the Lich Outfit the males had, they would be topless, just sayin’. >_> Also, I fail to see how the massive spikes coming out of the heavy temple armor is practical. Back away from your tunnel vision.

          2)My Asura Mesmer girl wants butterflies and a long poofy skirt, dagnabbit!

          3)Practical? Really? Our bows shoot unlimited arrows, our heavy classes swim like they are Michael Phelps, and so on and so forth. Are we really arguing practicality in a fantasy game?

    • Halcy

      I highly doubt we’ll ever see this change any time soon.

      Best we’ve got is hoping that they’re not lazy with the outfits and do both genders, as they do sometimes.

  • TheFantasticG

    WHY!? Why must 99.99% of medium armor must be god damn dresses!? Don’t give me this “but it’s a tunic!” bullshit. That’s a fucking short god damn skirt. I fucking hate medium armor in this game.

    • gogoyo

      Dude…. calm down. that’s not a skirt its part of the coat, kinda like coat tails, it doesn’t even look like a skirt >,> and it’s definitely not a dress its more like a long coat or something if anything.

      • TheFantasticG

        Dress, long coat, skirt, tunic… That’s 99.99% of the damn medium armor. It’s all the god damn same. They seriously need to fire the damn idiot designing medium armor because they are obviously overly obsessed with long coats and dresses.

        It would be fine it was just some of the armor, but it’s fucking ALL OF IT.

    • Tunic-meister

      It’s not a dress, it’s a tunic. Stop complaining.

      • TheFantasticG

        tunic = skirt .. At least in this game. So, GTFO.

    • Ramon D. Cruz

      Omg atleast someone thinking like me….. i was like wtf again more dress…

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      indeed, it doesnt matter what name you attach to it, or even if its acceptable on its own, the problem is they dont have enough functional variety in medium armor. at least light and heavy armors get a little more leeway in various areas (though they definitely have their trend issues too), but apparently the only way to wear leather in this universe is as a coat of some kind.
      i really wish theyd try to mix it up a bit.

  • Nataris

    This skirt shit is really pissing me off now; the only viable (read; worthy) chest or legs for my thief that arent dress related are through gem store. great.

    • gogoyo

      that’s not a skirt its part of the coat, kinda like coat tails, it doesn’t even look like a skirt >,>

      • TheFantasticG

        No, it looks like a skirt, that’s why people keep calling them skirts.

        Would be alright if it was EVERY FUCKING PIECE OF MEDIUM ARMOR was a skirt, long coat, or dress.

  • red

    PVE gear again?

  • Pepe

    Ugly as fk as usual… so many good concepts could’ve come from Magumaa… but this crap.

    • umbriel84

      actually I love them, so it’s just a matter of personal tastes πŸ˜›

      • Wandering By

        “Outfits? MORE ARMOR SKINS, ARENANET!”
        “New Armor looks? I HATE THEM!”

        Welcome to the world of angry gamers who can’t accept other people have differing opinions. I personally like pieces from each set, and don’t care for others. Such is the nature of the world.

  • Karl

    That light armor set goes so well with Mesmer animations….. Must… Have…

  • Jun

    i hear can get the sholder by finish Ep05 story. is it hard to get? (never did storyline b4 lol)

    • Galhalean

      easy plus you get 5 lvl tomes for doing it

    • TheFantasticG

      Yup, and I salvaged that shit.

  • Yue

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet. But if you look in the wardrobe it actually says with which episode the pieces become available. Gloves are ep6, pants and boots are ep7 and helmet and chest are ep8 πŸ™‚

  • Guest

    Hey there, just updating to say I got the chest with the shoulders from doing the Achievement for Silver and Gold tonight.

    • Codename Zeus

      yep. i can confirm this. i got the chest dropped for completing one of the events in the silverwastes. must be a pretty low chance tho

  • Ramon D. Cruz

    Ooh well i guess i just have to wear what i have now…

  • mapletaurus

    Clearly there’s a template and they’re going to follow it forever. Female light armor always looks the same. Male medium armor always looks the same. I mention those two because I notice them specifically. Generally, I think the things Anets puts on our heads are all ugly, but females are better off (for example, the half-moons of light armor) than males. And males don’t have butterflies, or indeed any other type of insect, for ‘carapace’ armor? MMORPGs, and GW2 included, have serious gender divides in terms of armor. It’s a norm we take for granted but why can’t they be more similar? Give my male characters half-moon headpieces and butterflies, damn it!

    • mapletaurus

      And while they’re at it they can cover-up the women or reveal more skin on the men, their choice.

      • Lusina

        Actually I’d vouch for both. I’d prefer my Norn elementalist to show off his tattoos, but there’s not much skin-showing and decent light armor for males.

      • Anonymous

        Or they can do neither, and keep doing what they want. You’re right, it is their choice.

  • tinnic

    Butterfly shoulders!!!!!!

    • tinnic

      Just for the butterfly shoulders, I love this set! I did unlock the Luminescent version but I can’t get the Luminescent version to mix very well with my existing armour looks. T.T But it doesn’t matter, the carapace kind is cool enough!

  • jorge veiga

    Is there any way of getting the codes for these?

  • Merrydew

    Once again the female Charr and Asura are relegated to tomboy status and are shorted on having pretty armor like the other females in the game. My girls don’t want to dress like the boys!

  • Jamjam

    can u change the dye color in the luminescent ones?

    • Lusina

      Yes, you may. But it remains of a blue glow shade. It is going to be undertones with blue glows.

  • Eva

    I just wanted butterflies for my male warrior ok. πŸ™

  • Adelas

    This armor is gorgeous and I want it, but I really don’t understand why the girls are wearing hot pants and thigh-highs. Is it really that hard to make pants go all the way up/down?

    Also, my princess charr is crying in her ale about not getting any butterfly shoulders. :'(

  • nadrian3k

    Question: if u choose to make the luminescent HEAVY version, i cannot make the light/medium luminescent versions? I unlocked all 3 shoulders and i didn’t get a collectable unlock to make them all luminescent πŸ™

    If this is indeed the case i suggest u mention in the notes to be careful which type of armor u want to go for because that would be the only type that u can upgrade to luminescent. Ex: if u choose heavy shoulders, u can only make the heavy set luminescent. Other 2 types will be locked out…but u can still obtain the normal version.

    • Bliss

      For the luminescent you have to do more than get the three shoulders. You have to complete the collection to get the luminescent. This includes completing all of the achievements for the story and doing a bit of farming for the other bits.

    • Jonathan Galipeau

      It unlocks all three skins, but only gives you one skin item.

  • Pyxelmajick

    what do the luminescent straps have to do with the lumi shoulderguards? are they needed to make them? do you just exchange the capace set of “mordrem parts” for the lumi set? your instructions aren’t clear for me, sorry =(

    • They are used as part of the collections to acquire the lumi shoulderguards. You need to finish the collection to get the shoulderguards

      • Pyxelmajick

        Thanks…got it πŸ˜€

  • J Manzon

    Would i be having problems if I get a light armor even if I’m a heavy class?

    • jorge veiga

      you wonΒ΄t be able to equip it on your light, if you have another character you can repeat the story and get another piece.

  • Husky

    I don’t understand medium armor for male. It looks like EVERY OTHER medium armor set. Where is the “butterfly” theme? Let down πŸ™

  • Mord

    Question: if u choose to make the luminescent HEAVY version, i cannot make the light/medium luminescent versions? I unlocked all 3 shoulders and i didn’t get a collectable unlock to make them all luminescent πŸ™

    If this is indeed the case i suggest u mention in the notes to be careful which type of armor u want to go for because that would be the only type that u can upgrade to luminescent. Ex: if u choose heavy shoulders, u can only make the heavy set luminescent. Other 2 types will be locked out…but u can still obtain the normal version.

    To answer all.

    You collect your 3 pieces of each armour set then get all the other parts of the collections achievement such as strap, firefly essence and mordrem parts for that piece to complete the skin set of light medium and heavy. Now equip one for free on a character of yours say, for example, Heavy on your main. Then you want to equip medium on another of your chars. You have all 3 unlocked. Thats why you collect all 3 armour types of heavy, medium and light. 1 free transmute the rest you need a transmutation stone. Simple. You collect all parts needed for the lumi skin set, heavy, medium and light are unlocked, 1 free trans and the rest of your chars you need a transmute stone. No choosing any heavy, medium or light and that’s it. YOU CAN’T redo since it is achievement hence collecting all 3, how you do this is up to you since achis are unlocked across your account. Cost is 1 transmute stone and equip all your chars if you have enough of those charges (I probably said stones but mean charges). I do not understand the question else.

    if u choose to make the luminescent HEAVY version.

    To clarify, you DO NOT CHOOSE anything. The idea is that you end up making a skin for all 3 types, heavy, medium and light hence you need heavy medium and light from completing episode and the achievements and getting 2000 badges to trade for other 2 you need, after completion of achi, 1 free transmute the rest you need a transmute charge per armour skin per type as in heavy medium or light. It’s about transmute only and this supposes you have 3 chars, one for heavy, one for light and one for medium. so 3 gloves 1 free equals 2 charges not 3 charges for the other 2 chars, 1 per char for gloves. so you would need 12 charges as in 6 items of armour, so 6 per char equals, if you have 3 chars, 12 charges in all since 6 will be free for your main etc.

    Go to hero then select achievements then go to collectibles then basic then make sure your lumi armour achievement list is complete to unlock, I might be just putting this in here and everyone knows but some may not, so just in case. complete that achi set for each armour skin.

    ANY PARTS LIKE MORDREM PARTS ETC JUST NPC THEM AT THE RIGHT NPC WHO MOVES AROUND ON THE MAP. CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT IS CALLED. ANY GEAR YOU DO NOT WANT JUST GET RID OF HOWEVER YOU CAN. FIREFLY ESSENCE ETC. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KEEP THE STRAP ETC JUST BUY IT, THEN GET RID STRAIGHT AFTER. SO LONG AS YOU HAVE UNLOCKED THEM IN ACHI PATH. Firefly essence etc once inbued with the pollen in the breach event then npc at merchant in town this includes future items and the truffle. You only need to unlock not carry them around in your invent.

    Just for those who may be newish to this and not realise.

  • Bryn

    Here are the preview codes:

    Carapace armor :
    -> Light: [&AgGdBwEA] [&AgGLBwEA] [&AgGEBwEA] [&AgGaBwEA] [&AgGNBwEA] [&AgGeBwEA]
    -> Medium: [&AgGFBwEA] [&AgGQBwEA] [&AgGHBwEA] [&AgGGBwEA] [&AgGlBwEA] [&AgGIBwEA]
    -> Heavy: [&AgGMBwEA] [&AgGJBwEA] [&AgGjBwEA] [&AgGOBwEA] [&AgGKBwEA] [&AgGSBwEA]

    Luminescent armor:
    -> Light: [&AgGRBwEA] [&AgGVBwEA] [&AgGUBwEA] [&AgGhBwEA] [&AgGgBwEA] [&AgGiBwEA]
    -> Medium: [&AgGcBwEA] [&AgGmBwEA] [&AgGZBwEA] [&AgGbBwEA] [&AgGnBwEA] [&AgGXBwEA]
    -> Heavy: [&AgGYBwEA] [&AgGkBwEA] [&AgGWBwEA] [&AgGTBwEA] [&AgGfBwEA] [&AgGPBwEA]

    • zeth006

      Thanks dude.

  • Lynndee

    I got the shoulders and gloves on my med, did story again on my light to get them for that class and got all rewards after completing story, except the carapace skins. are we only allowed one class??
    pretty disappointed if that’s the case.

    • DevGuyFry

      I believe they changed it to only one skin per account from the story. They want us to play the silverwastes events for the crests to buy the skins. If it wasn’t this way then why make a new area? Just make instances where loot is handed to you on a plate. The new area is great and rewarding so why not play it.

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