GW2 Gemstore–Mini Belinda, Job-o-Tron Backpack and Guild Flag Finisher

GW2 gemstore updated with the Echoes of the Past patch with Mini Belida, Job-o-Tron Backpack and Guild Flag Finisher.

Guild Flag Finisher – 600 gems

  • This finisher will display your guild emblem so will change depending on which guild you are representing


Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack – 500 gems

  • This backpack will talk about every 30 seconds or so with random sentences that are sometimes appropriate to your current activity.


Spoiler Inside Show

Miniature Belinda Delaqua – 350 gems

  • If you die in GW2, you get sold as a mini pet


  • ElecManEXE .

    Job-o-tron talks every 30 seconds? Hmm. That’s either going to be really awesome or really annoying.

    • So far it is pretty awesome. He talks stuff appropriate to the situation. Like if you get a swiftness he would be like we are traveling at light speed, if you jump sometimes he would be like boeing etc

      • Bryan Lykins

        Mine seems to be a bit more reserved. He doesn’t speak much at all. Of course I’ve only had it about 10 minutes now so maybe he just needs to get to know me 🙂

    • Isla

      It doesn’t seem to be quite that often. I’ve done a number of things to prompt him to speak, and it certainly isn’t quite that frequent. It’s, as dulfy said, relevant and it’s pretty entertaining. He also moves and gestures occasionally (he said something, and then proceeded to cover his “face” with his little arms). Although, considering other people can hear/see him speak as well, it might get irritating.

      • I was in a zerg with like 5-6 people with that backpack, you could hear him go off like every 5 seconds, sometimes all at once lol

  • Andrew McCunn

    I can see Job-O-Tron getting really freaking annoying. That said, I’m probably still getting one.

    • Ellsy

      Agreed and same haha

    • tinnic

      I think I’ll wait until they mute his voice when you are not displaying him. That way I can have him for company when I want and have him muted when I don’t.

  • Evandro Fernandes

    Talk with voice over or just that balloon with a quote ? *cross fingers* – please have a voice over,please have… –

    • Has a voice over

    • bleeters

      It has voice over yeah, and sounds just like the Job-O-Tron, from what I remember of it. It also currently speaks regardless of whether you have the back item displaying.

    • Isla

      And other people can hear/see it when it speaks as well.

  • Dave

    give us the video of Job-O-Tron plz plz plz 🙂

    • scarygrin

    • added 🙂

  • Jedsia

    He’s very cute, my only wish is we could dye backpacks…multi colored golems would be so much fun.

    • I’d love to dye my hard-earned Mawdrey backpiece!

  • marco

    Does he still talk if you uncheck the backpack?

    • marco

      nvm it was answered by bleeters: ” It also currently speaks regardless of whether you have the back item displaying.”

  • shodannet

    “If you die in GW2, you get sold as a mini pet”


    • Snowe

      It’s a joke. Since *spoilers* Belinda dies therefore they made her into a mini. She was incredibly popular too.

      • dedgame

        “Incredibly popular” with all 5 mouthbreathers that actually enjoyed the hamfisted “living world” story crap

      • shodannet

        Where’s mini me then. I died plenty of times 🙁

  • mylo

    Is the backpack a skin that I have to overwrite what I currently have? Or is it just an addition?

    • It is a skin that will overwrite

  • Andros

    LOL Belinda

  • tempting to get this little guy…

  • Tevo

    Is the “Basic Cloth Rack” worth it? What does it drop, what do you harvest with, do you think its worth it? etc etc. Thanks for all that you do Dulfy!

    • I got a couple wool and jute scraps off it. Likely harvestable once a day and you don’t need a tool for it

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