GW2 Lost Badge Silverwastes Achievement Guide

GW2 Lost Badges Silverwastes achievement guide. This is a new achievement added with Echoes of the Past episode.

Video guide

Map of Lost Badges

This map is interactive, click on the number icon to jump to a location with more detailed info.

Lost Badge #1 – South of waypoint


Lost Badge #2 – SE corner behind a tent


Lost Badge #3 – Behind a pile of hays


Lost Badge #4 – Near Fugitive’s Claim POI


Lost Badge #5 – On top of some rocks


Lost Badge #6 – Climb the stairs and then jump left


Lost Badge #7 – On top of a climbable giant rock


Lost Badge #8 – On the ground behind some rock


Lost Badge #9 – On the sides of a stone pillar


Lost Badge #10 – Should be pretty easy to find, ground level


Lost Badge #11 – Ground level


Lost Badge #12


Lost Badge #13


Lost Badge #14


Lost Badge #15 – This badge is on a ledge you can get by climbing the pile of rock nearby


Lost Badge #16


Lost Badge #17 – Up high on a ledge, need to do some rock climbing


Lost Badge #18 – Near Blue Oasis POI inside the fort


Lost Badge #19 – Inside a little alcove


Lost Badge #20 – Next to Dry Quarry POI


Lost Badge #21 – There is a little hidden place you can drop down


Lost Badge #22


Lost Badge #23 – In the back is a rock you can climb to get up and then walk around the ledge to reach this badge (may need to pay the bandit 2 gold to survive the traps


Lost Badge #24 – Down at the bottom watering hole


Lost Badge #25 – Keep going from badge 24, it is at the bottom level.


Lost Badge #26 – Go up the stairs from #25


Lost Badge #27 – At the very top, next to a giant’s butt


Lost Badge #28 – Go around, this badge is also up top


Lost Badge #29 – This one is fairly complicated. The coin is on top of a platform. To get up there, you have to go to the back of the platform where you will see a ledge you can jump on and then jump across to the rocks that will take you up to the platform. Watch the video if you are unsure


Lost Badge #30 – This last one is also tricky. You need to climb up the stairs inside the fort to reach this hidden area all the way up


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  • Mali Asura

    is it a bug or something, me and my party couldn’t find #14, it just wasn’t there. now we’re all stuck at 29/30

  • Shylear

    I followed the guide and found all of the badges but still only at 29/30….is there a bug?

  • Chris

    I’m still stuck at 29/30 as well. I’m pretty sure I grabbed them all. Anyone else still stuck?

    • zantarel

      I’m stuck. Got 29/30 followed the route 4 times now and can’t find whatever it is i’m missing 🙁 You had any luck finding the last one?

  • Isabelle

    Same here, even though I’m sure I found all the badges…

  • ThFH

    Badge 17 is also accesable from the other site, you walk through the desperate passage (around the blue fort) just like inCaithe’s Reconnaissance Squad and get on the clif where the chopper lands. There you can jump down onto the same ledge if you do it carefully.

  • Pyro Queen

    I’m stuck at 28/30 and I fallowed the same route 3 times and stil cannot find any missing Badges.

  • McPilch

    Got 30/30.. there were two at the starting camp that I swear I had got previously, when I went to check those I found that I didn’t (behind tent and behind hay).

  • VennSL

    Got 30/30 and same as you, McPilch, I thought for sure I had been to all of them. But in the end, turns out I assumed because it was so obvious, number 24 was my last one. Thanks, Dulfy!

  • George v V

    The lost badges do resemble the White Mantle badges!

    – Guild member in WoodenPotatoes’ guild and possibly other people

  • eShox Shamoun

    at badge number 23 you don’t need to pay 2 gold. Just shadowstep to the pile of rocks on the right and you won’t be killed by the traps 🙂

    • Doghouse

      You don’t to pay; you don’t need a skill. I reached it by just hugging the rocks to the right of the entrance as tight as I could. (Got the badge, then went back and did it again, just to confirm it hadn’t been a fluke.)

  • Andy Williams

    I’m so thankful for the video since it totally justifies my decision NOT to get that annoying back item.

  • C

    badge #28 just wont show for me, any ideas?

  • Yukami

    will you update the numbers according to the recently added in-game ones?

  • Brack

    5 on this guide = Lost Badge #3 in game

  • Brack

    15 on this guide = Lost Badge #23

    • Baaron4

      6 0n this guide = Lost Bage #4

    • Baaron4

      15 on the guide = Lost Badge #26

  • Brack

    17 on this guide = Lost badge #18

  • Brack

    23 on this guide = Lost badge #27

  • Brack

    27 on this guide = Lost Badge #28

  • Brack

    30 on this guide = Lost Badge #14

  • Benjamin Svantessorz

    Still missing Badge #2 on achievement track.
    Done the entire run 3 times with a friend, and he got them all.

  • Wouter

    Can you update the numbers to the numbers ingame?

  • Zis

    I need Lost badge #19, do you know which one is it in this map?

  • Shiro

    #9 In this giude please 😉

  • chrysilis

    #29 in the game is #29 in the guide

  • Johnathan Doe

    I found this on the forums for those having issues until Dulfy updates her guide or at least include the person’s tables. Check it out.

  • knaive

    Hey, the badge you have listed as #30 is actually #14 in the in-game achievement panel (24th nov)

  • William Brown

    #2 on this guide = #19 in game

  • kinue

    If you go to the attached link you’ll find a forum post where you’ll be able to check/compare dulfy’s numbers to arenanet’s. 🙂

    • Tony Stone

      Thanks for that!!! I thought I was going nuts because the one ANET said I needed didn’t match!!

    • Missy Langley

      thank you so much I was missing badge #14 which is dulfy’s #30.. that saved me a huge headache!!

    • KaS

      Thank you so much! I noticed the numbering was different while doing them today with someone who knew were they all were. It was hard since I said I was missing #2 #3 and #29 but the ones on the map did not match the number list on Dulfy. My friend said that Dulfy should update it but I said I guess she didn’t or doesn’t update old content but focuses on the new content like Anet does? Don’t know. So thank you so much for that image! It helps a LOT!

  • Suth

    had to use adblock because the ads on this page used 2 gigs ram. Someone might want to check those ads..

    • TLC

      please check these ads froze my screen

  • Janice Anderson

    I know that some people are having problems finding some of the badges and I just recently had to post a ticket with anet because the numbers in the map are off. Anet sent me this map for the lost badges

    • Denise Ryan

      Ty this helped tons, as i kept going to the ones i was missing on map and they were not there! This cleared things up and got my chievment

    • Yes Indeed

      this post needs 100 upvotes!!!!

    • KaS

      I wish Dulfy would update the image she has with this one.

    • SomethingSomethingDarkside

      Andddd was able to finish thanks to this. The nightmare is over! thank you~

    • Valentine

      Doesn’t work for me. I’m missing #25, according to in-game achievement tracker, but both Dulfy’s and ANET’s spots are empty. I’ve been following Dulfy’s guide spot-for-spot, even though I have discovered some of the badges through natural exploration, and even remember picking up badges in both spots. Still, I am one short…

      • Janice Anderson

        Did you use the map I posted above? That is the map I received from Anet. As of Dec 2017 people were completing it based on the map. So if you are having a problem finding #25, I would send in a ticket to Anet and see what they say.

    • Lyo de Valois

      Thanks for help!

  • i dont found #20 are wrong number 🙁

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