GW2 Bandit Weapons Specialist Collections Guide

GW2 Bandit Weapons Specialist Collections guide. This collections was added with the Echoes of the Past patch.

Step 1: Bandit Combat Journal

Go to the Bandit Crest Collector near the only waypoint in Silverwastes and purchase the Bandit Combat Journal for 150 Bandit Crests and 10 silver.

  • Bandit Crests can be earned by doing events in Silverwastes (10-20 crests per event)


Purchasing it and consuming the item will unlock the Bandit Weapons Specialist collection under Basic Collections.

Step 2: Acquiring Bandit weapons with karma

If you don’t have a very low level character, make a level 1 character and enter WvW. I entered the enemy server’s borderlands as the vendor is a bit easier to find.

There is a merchant called Karma Trader (Equipment Trader) and he sells bandit weapons for karma. For a level 1 character the weapons cost 160-300 karma each.

There are 16 weapons you can buy from that karma vendor. So just have 16×300 = 4800 karma and you should be able to buy all of it. The underwater weapons are not bandit weapons and do not count towards the collections.

Do not use a high level character for this as the vendor items scale up and the bandit weapons will be more expensive karma wise.


Step 3: Acquiring Underwater Weapons

You will need to acquire the following 3 weapons differently since they are not available at the merchant

  • Bandit Harpoon Gun
  • Bandit Spear
  • Bandit Trident

You can either buy them on the TP or craft them. Do not purchase the one with just Bandit Weapon as name. Instead, look for those with prefixes such as Hearty Bandit Weapons, Honed Bandit Weapon etc as they to be much cheaper. Here are all the available prefixes

  • Hearty
  • Honed
  • Hunter
  • Ravaging
  • Rejuvenating
  • Strong
  • Vigorous

To craft them, you will need Weaponsmith 125 for the spear, Huntsman 125 for the Harpoon Gun, and Artificer 125 for the Trident. The recipe for the Iron Imbued Inscription can be brought from the vendor with karma.


Bandit Spear (Weaponsmith 125)

Bandit Harpoon Gun (Huntsman 125)

Bandit Trident (Artificer 125)

Step 4: Reap the Rewards

The rewards are

  • 3 AP
  • 1 Gold
  • Legendary Luck (500 luck)
  • Magic Find Booster
  • Bandit Supplies (5 Bandit Skeleton Keys, 3 Bag of Stolen Goods, some Bent Lockpicks)
  • 20 slot bag


Information in this guide is obtained from this reddit post by mistyjaymes

  • I am Spy

    Too late!!!! I just lost 10 G for those underwater weapons

    • Henriette Roggeman

      Just got them for 5g max, did you just buy the first thing you found? 😀

  • Ares Zax

    Mwaahaha, I already had all of these weapons from padding out my Wardrobe in the early days. ^^ Free bonus stuff for being a collector before it was popular!

    • shodannet

      Ive set out to craft everything for every profession so already made all of these ^_^

      • Lord

        Same thing, just bought the Bandit journal and got the reward chest 😀

    • wwilliam275

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  • Thanks!
    Done and dusted! 🙂 Bought the three underwater weapons for about 4g total.

  • Too much karma aint bad

    Lady i have 5 million karma i think i can afford them on a high level character since i dont own any low levels

    • Panda general

      Have a noonegivesadamn cookie

    • Nick J-s

      well that’s nice for you, but these guides are typically geared towards helping the anyman gamer to do this content. with my 1.5mil karma i COULD easily afford the high level ones, but what’s the point? i’d never used them. waste of karma.

    • Ragna

      I thought Dulfy was a man.

  • Inni

    Soo… My friend just tried to craft the harpoon gun. I sent him the exact same materials I used yesterday (rare inscription and the other two weapon parts) and he combined them, but it yielded a masterwork version of the harpoon gun instead of the rare one. Yesterday it worked for me – did they nerf/break it with todays patch? Did this happen to anyone else?

    EDIT: I tried it out, and it still works for me, so it appears to be a weird kind of bug.

    • kiwiburner

      This happened to me, using Dulfy’s instructions… the dowel I crafted was yellow/mastery but I wonder if I was supposed to discover something with the rare crafting materials.. not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • ManMan

      Becase the Iron Imbued Inscription cannot be discoved, you need to buy the recipe from the master with karma.

  • MF Greg

    I’ll just hold off until everyone has bought their over priced under water weapons. The only benefit I see to completing this are the 20 slots bags and I got a crap ton of those from the Halloween Events 😀

    • Jules

      Damn straight. All five of my max levels are now rocking 20 slot halloween pails. The event allowed players to acquire 20 slot bags at half the usual market price. What a deal!!!

    • narg

      you dont need buy it all, just simple craft it or buy inscription and craft weapons, i have tons of t5 mats from events, it cant be more easier

    • George Smith

      do it for the fun of it, if you don’t agree it is fun then don’t do it

  • sabwafair

    these recipes are bugged they say rare and therye not time to left this shitty game

  • roxoxo

    I crafted the harpoon gun with materials listed above, but it wasn’t the Bandit one.

    • QtNFluffyBacon

      Are you sure you used an “Iron IMBUED Inscription”? and not the iron plated ones?

      • roxoxo

        Doh! >.< it wasn't lol thnx.

  • Sharkangel

    Dulfy please include in the guide that you need to buy the Rare recipe from the crafting merchant. Most people wouldn’t have this. By discovery you would only have the Masterwork item.

  • reson8 .

    Little correction at the end: Exotic essence of luck is 200, not 500. The legendary essence of luck is 500.

    • I mostly do defense events so it is around 10-20

  • NikitaR

    i bought the Hearty Bandit Harpoon Gun and the Ravaging bandit Spear. Neither of them give me credit for the collections. Any help would be appreciated

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