GW2 Luminescent Shoulderguard Collections Guide

A guide to the GW2 Luminescent Shoulderguard Collections introduced with the Echoes of the Past update. This collection will reward you with the Luminescent Shoulderguard


Items from Underground Mordrems

You will need to have 4 Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device. They are sold by the Bandit Crest collector for 12 Bandit Crests each near the only waypoint in Silverwastes. Consuming the device will give you a 3 hr buff that is allow you to extract an organ from the underground Mordrem bosses. However, once you extract an organ, that buff disappears so you will need 4 of them  for 4 organ parts

  • You must have the 3 hr buff on you when you kill the underground Mordrems to loot the organ

Remember that underground Mordrem bosses spawn under each of the four forts once the Pact Assault Preparations Completed meta bar reaches full (~about 30-40 mins)

  • Mordrem Teragriff Tendon – Indigo Cave
  • Mordrem Husk Tendon โ€“ Red Rock Bastion
  • Mordrem Troll Tendom โ€“ Amber Sandfall
  • Mordrem Thrasher Tendon โ€“ Blue Oasis

Note that the Mordrem can drop glands and heart that are not part of the collections but can be exchanged for bandit crests 


Luminescent Strap

This strap can be obtained from the quartermaster at each fort if you have 3 stacks or more of perserverance buff obtained by doing events around Silverwastes. The quartmaster only appears when the fort is under pact control and he may not give you the item if the fort is under attack during a defense event.


Imbued Firefly Luminescence

Firefly Luminescence can be obtained from the dynamic event called Give Firefly Luminesence to Warden Annwyn that occurs in the Verdence area of Caledon Forest. If this event is not running, just stand by the Warden and wait.


Once you have the Firefly Luminesence, go to Silverwastes and go to any fort. Keep progressing the meta event until it is at The Breach stage and then jump into the big hole that opens in the ground.

Inside you will find Luminescent Pollen Cloud that allow you to imbue it to make the Imbued Firefly Luminescence. They only spawn after the underground champion is defeated.


Carapace Pauldrons, Shoulderguards, and Mantles

These are the light, medium and heavy version of the shoulders you get for completing EP5 of the season two living story. If you have 3 level 80s, you can simply do the entire episode 5 on each character and receive all 3 versions.

Otherwise, you will need to purchase them for 1000 Bandit Crests + 1 gold each from the Bandit Crest collector in Silverwastes or get lucky from a boss drop in Silverwastes.

Caitheโ€™s Blosssom

Obtained from Echoes of the Past Mastery achievement, which requires you complete all 7 EP5 achievements.There is a guide for these achievements here.

  • gothorm

    the firefly luminescences is temp disabled. why?

    • johndoable

      because anet doesnt know how to do programming. the game is called bug wars 2 for a reason

      • -equinox-

        fair enough lol

  • Atlas

    do i understand this the right way:
    you get the luminescent upgrade for the heavy shoulder Version only? or is this for all three armor classes?

    • Mril

      its for all class types…but not 100% sure

    • Noviere

      You get it for all 3 once you complete the collection, because you need to collect all three carapace shoulders as well.

      • Rashy

        Is that based on personal experience (or friend who got it) or educated guess? Makes sense logically, but it would be nice to have confirmation.

    • Ragna

      you unlock luminescent all the shoulder skins (it did for me).

  • D4nnyus

    Do i have to repeat whole story with another 80lvl or is final instance enough for getting shoulder skins?

    • Zlinnt

      nah you can get the only for 1.5k badges

      • Zlinnt

        get the other ones*

    • -equinox-

      underground champs drops it too.

    • Atlas

      if you choose another lvl80 char to replay the episode, you have to replay the “entire” episode. you cant just jump to the final instance… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sty

    There is a luminescent pollen cloud in each underground boss room. I was able to imbue my firefly luminescence a few hours ago in the boss room of the red keep, so it may be not totally disabled? Or I was just lucky.

  • Rc

    Andy make new skins that isn’t gemstore, but instead grind able ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like complaints will soon follow for some reason or another.

    • Rc

      Anet, stupid autocorrect

    • Sty

      Repeating the story three times. So much grinding… Your point is valid for the ambrite weapon skins, but not for these armor skins.

      • narg

        not that much, you get 3 pieces of armor from LS (you must komplete it 3 tmes), but you need farm 4 parts from bosses, and this part are fucking RNG garbage, you can try kill bosses only once per hour and you dont know, which part you will get (i try start with boss in red keep and from 4 try i 1 fail, and 3 get some heart or what, which is not count toward collection), so yes, this shoulder WILL be grind (but i like it, more then dry top i must say )

        btw last part from LS in library, fucking awesome!!

        • Sty

          To obtain the item from each boss, you just have to kill it while being buffed by an experimental mordrem extraction device. I got all the parts yesterday after killing each boss once but maybe I was lucky.

          • narg

            i know, maybe this was my mistake, i kill first boss and got drop, but i forgot, that i have started new collection with this part (from npc) and continue farm this boss again, omg

            part what you need for achiev you get only at first kill with buff, if you kill it again with buff, you will get only random part to sell for crest.

  • Hachi Chan

    How do u get the normal carapace set?

    • Shoulders or the entire set? shoulder is from EP5, entire set is by completing the next couple of episodes

      • Hachi Chan

        Oh, just by completing the story? No need to buy it / farm it?

        • Yes, I wrote a whole paragraph on it above, are you not able to see that paragraph?

          • Hachi Chan

            Carapace Pauldrons, Shoulderguards, and Mantles
            totally missed it >_> *oops* sorry to bother you xD

  • Poyoli

    Am I the only one who don’t see the “option” for the luminescent strap when I talk to any quartermaster?
    I tried to talk to each quartermaster, at each perseverance level and with 3 of my characters but I never see this option. Is there any other parameter than the “perseverance” level that is taken into account? Or is it just a bug?

    • -equinox-

      make sure u have 3-5 stacks of perseverance before u talk to that NPC.

    • SRG

      Nope same for me, with 5 stacks of perservance, i never get the option shown in the screenshot here, don’t know why.

      Maybe the state of the fort, i don’t know (each time i’m going to this time, it is nearly totaly empty – either i’m very unlucky with megaserver, either no one is playing there).

      • -equinox-

        oh damn! i did mine yesterday and i got it.

        • Poyoli

          tried again just now with 4 stacks or perseverance and still not able to see the option.
          I think I saw it yesterday but today i’ve nothing.
          anyway I’ll check again the official forum (there was nothing earlier today)

  • Kyle Middleton

    Luminescent Pollen, is working again as of 10:50 EST.

  • nadrian3k

    Both Luminescent AND Caith work now. Done them all.

  • Milan

    I don’t see the option to purchase shoulders for 1000 Crests ๐Ÿ˜

    • Milan

      Ohh ok, didn’t knew you must finish story to be able to see that item.. Now its ok ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Krystal S. S.

    Thanks for Guide Dulfy, big hugs and kisses. i finally got them.

  • Krystal S. S.

    Thanks for Guide Dulfy, big hugs and kisses. i finally got them.

  • Ardenwolfe

    The Imbued Firefly Luminescence part is quite misleading. It makes it seem it’s simple in the pit. Yet, I don’t see it anywhere. Am I missing something? I have the one you get in the forest, but didn’t see the ‘spore’ anywhere.

    • Krystal S. S.

      after you get your firefly luminescence, go to the blue fort. wait until the underground boss appears and look for the spore after he has been defeated. i’m not sure how it went for other people though the spore wouldn’t show up after first. my girl and i looked while we were fighting him and after he died. it takes a bit for the spore to show up. for us, it showed up when the underground place starts killing everyone off with the poison. everyone including my girl were already outside and way back at the beginning waypoint. i stayed back because i really didn’t want to do that event over 3 times. so i stayed behind holding CTRL looking everywhere. it finally showed up and we both got it. if you’re still having trouble finding it i can upload an image of the map and where i found it tomorrow n_n

      • Ardenwolfe

        Thank you. I found it after we killed the boss in the pit. It seemed to take a moment to spawn, like you said, but it did finally show in a corner.

        Thanks again.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Just to be clearer, you must kill the platinum boss before the spore cloud will spawn.

    • Krystal S. S.

      yes, wait until it’s dead before the cloud spawns though you’ll have to wait a bit before it does.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Update: I’ve found the Copper and Iron bosses sometimes switch places between Amber and Red.

  • elli

    Hey dulfy, thank you so much for all your guides ! Maybe you want to add that Luminescent Pollen Cloud is now in every fort underground after killing the champion, not just the blue one. Also the collector inside the fort sells Caithes Blossom for 1000 crests and 10 gold after finishing all the achievements for echoes of the past, in addition to the one we get as reward

  • Morsus98

    What’s the best way to get lots of bandit crests?

    • asd

      Tagging events

  • venj

    You have to speak to the Tower Merchant to get the strap, they dont sell it. its a conversation option proving your perserverance

  • Stardust

    hi dulfy, thanks for your great guide ๐Ÿ˜€

  • bleeters

    Do the carapace shoulders only show up on the quartermasters if you complete the living world story chapter first?

    • ThFH

      Yes you can buy them only after completing the living story chapter first. You can also play the living story twice more on alts and choose the other types. Same applies to Caithe’s blossom you can only buy a new one after you finished the achievements.

      • bleeters

        Fair enough. That would explain why they weren’t showing up on the vendor for me, at least.

  • J Manzon

    mandatory achievement for Caitheโ€™s Blosssom? or we can purchase it somewhere?

    • VikkiVal

      I wish…but no, you have to get it yourself via achievements.
      I cringed when I saw this cause I wasn’t interested in doing the any of the achievements for living story, sigh.

    • ThFH

      You have to do the achievements this time around they are all fairly easy and doable closely related to the story itself and how you have to get through it.
      However I hope it will be the same for future pieces of armour I like the armourset and hope to get it complete.

    • Shygirl452

      I saw Caithe’s Blossom and the other trinkets too for the luminescent from the laurel vendor if you don’t want to buy the trinkets with gold and crests.

  • PMX

    Just a suggestion but I would move the part about the firefly luminescence to the top, that way you already have it when you fight the bosses.

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy, I notice that for items from underground mordrem, you do not need to kill them to get them.
    If you fail the kill, the buff is removed and you get the mordrem extraction item (containing the organ or gland or heart).
    That’s how I get all of them before killing gold and silver.

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