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SWTOR Patch 2.10.3 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for Patch 2.10.3, scheduled to be rolled out after the maintenance.

Game Update 2.10.3 Patch Notes

Live Date: November 11, 2014


Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins November 11th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT and ends November 18th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Guild Flagships will no longer vanish into the inky abyss of space, so players will no longer lose access to them.
  • The Pending Mission Reward queue now has a cap of 3 Missions.
  • Players are no longer able to accept Shared Missions when at the Pending Mission Reward cap.
  • Players can no longer queue for Group Finder when they or one of their party members is at the Pending Mission Reward cap.

Cartel Market

  • Balanced Combatant’s Bracers no longer clip through the forearms on Male Body Type 3.

Missions + NPCs

  • Troopers on Belsavis now receive valuable experience for completing the Mission "Overwhelming Force."


Sorry for any confusion on this, you can turn in more than three missions at a time, there is no change to how Mission turn-ins work. I’ve been answering folks questions in this thread, but here is a brief recap:

You won’t notice a difference in how turning in Missions or the Pending Missions queue works. The only thing you could possibly notice is that if you have more than 3 Missions waiting for you to accept rewards (not in your log, but in the secondary UI window where they go to accept your Reward), you will have additional restrictions applied. There are already restrictions in place for this, and if you’ve never seen them before, the odds of you seeing them now are still low.

You can still turn in multiple Missions at once, and can still have a "Pending" queue of more than 3.


Originally Posted by Brewski

"The Pending Mission Reward queue now has a cap of 3 Missions."
Is it possible to get some clarification on this? If I’m reading it right, you can still have more than 3 pending missions, you just suffer the stated group-finder and mission sharing restrictions if you have 3 or more pending rewards.
Another way of reading it would be that you can no longer have more than 3 pending rewards at a time, which would beg the question of what happens to the others. I highly doubt the case, but thought I would ask.

You can still have more than 3 but when you have more than that you will hit the "cap" and the limitations will apply, which includes the new Group Finder and Mission sharing restrictions as well as the ones already in place.

Originally Posted by Andrellma

That does raise the question…When I do the Oricon weekly, I tend to turn it in at the same time as all the dailies with bonus…which is something like 8 total turnins. Maybe more, I can’t remember off the top of my head right now. So what happens when I turn in all of them at once? Do I not receive credit for the others? Do I have to click the turn in thing multiple times? This seems like a silly change to me.

This doesn’t affect Mission completion (like, they can sit in your log awaiting turn-in). This only affects when you have turned them in and they are awaiting your reward confirmation (the box that comes up and wants you to select a Stim type or something).

Originally Posted by Andrellma

My question is this though; On Oricon for example, when you do the dailies, you can have 10 missions in your log completed at the same time. When you click the drop box, it "completes" all of the missions for which you are at that stage. So if I hit the drop box with 10 missions at once, what happens to the other 7? Does it only complete 3 of them, and I simply need to reclick the box? If so, I’m fine with that. What I would not be fine with is losing the other 7 because I turned in 10 missions at once, and now I’m over the cap of pending rewards.
Look, I think we all see what you’re trying to do: stop people from stacking pending rewards before 3.0 drops, and I’m fine with that. I just want to make sure we can still get our rewards for completing and turning in the missions like normal.

You shouldn’t notice any difference with how you can turn in Missions. You won’t be forced to turn it in multiple times (as it does go above 3). If you do see any difference in doing so, please let me know.

Originally Posted by DawnAskham

Clarification though should be provided as the first statement in the patch notes on this change "The Pending Mission Reward queue now has a cap of 3 Missions" does suggest pending rewards can never exceed three missions, which begs the question of what happens when more than three missions complete at the same time (crew missions / daily terminals).

This change DOES NOT affect sending out more than 3 Companions or completing multiple Dailies at a time. The queue does go higher than 3. The "cap" merely means that at that point the restrictions begin to apply. You can still queue up Missions on top of that. The most likely source of stacking over 3 is Crew Skill Missions while you’re in a Warzone when you come back to 5 Pending Missions (since they’re hidden in the Warzone). You will be hit with the restrictions, but you will simply need to accept them to clear the log.

Originally Posted by Excise

What happens for Crew Skill missions? Often I’ll send out 5 at a time, and all 5 return at the same time (resulting in 5 Pending Rewards pop-up windows).

They will behave the exact same way. They will still stack, and you can still accept them all. You will just be hit with the restrictions until they are accepted.

Originally Posted by idnewton

So… it doesn’t really sound like anything changed at all. Point of these changes was…?

We edited a pre-existing system. Some restrictions were already in place, so if you haven’t ever run into one before, the odds of you seeing them now are low.

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69 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.10.3 Patch Notes”

They appear to be attempting to patch some of the supposed exploits of the 3.0 release. I hope they get them all. I hate exploiters just slightly less than a rash where the sun don’t shine.

You have genital STD rashes? You’re gross and your personal hygiene (or lack off) issues have nothing to do with SWTOR and have no place in the comments section. So please wash your genitals and get some penicillin and keep it in your pants, you’ll get a lot less rashes, drips, and strange sores that way trust me.
P.S. You’ll thank me later

I think he was talking about a rash up his ass. At least that’s what most people think of when they say “where the sun don’t shine”……..

well you can stack the PVP daily from now til 3.0 to cash them all in at 3.0. Similar to saber stacking or ranked speeder stacking. You just need someone else to share it for you so you can pick it up again without turning it in.

Players are no longer able to accept Shared Missions when at the Pending Mission Reward cap. pvp daily is a mission…

So if the pending mission reward cap is now 3 what happens when you send out 5 companions on gathering missions and log off? Or when you do all the dailies on Orican before turning them in? Is there something I’m missing? I don’t get how this will work.

Was wondering the same myself. I always send out my comp before logging off, that’s how I make my money, and that was one of the unique things about this game in that your crew could work for you while you were away. This may not be the case now.

A pending mission only occurs when you turn in a mission, but don’t accept the reward right away. The things you’re worried about won’t be affected in the way you’re thinking.

the mission cap before that was 4 still you could get 5 crew-mission and i think the crewmission arrive as soon as you log in , hence the talking of the companions at login

Ohh wait I get it now. You can have more then “3” pending rewards you just. Ant accept any new ones until you accept the rewards.

Uhh it’s once a month that’s why. Just don’t do it if you don’t like it. But come on don’t you want tor SH wallpaperd with carbonite trophies? I personally need more certs for the Kell Drake pet. Everyone needs a baby dragon on Tat.

“Oh no, people can do bounties now, and while it does not affect me in any way at all, I am gonna complain about it, because for some reason it bothers me”

I for one would love to get the last bounty that I am missing so that I complete the achievements. Also, bounty contracts can be used to purchase armor and other stuff, so I don’t understand why it bothers some people so much.

The “Whiny, Complainers Guide to Gaming” demands complaining about random stuff, and if you cant find something to complain about, then make something up.

Nothing about the seemingly missing Kingpin’s Mark slot machine deco or the Metropolitan Bench deco that is getting overlapped/replaced by another deco of the same name. Color me disappointed….

I think they don’t actually give a crap about the shs… they’re making money and have moved on. Slot machine is non-existent… nobody got one. As far as the metro bench is concerned, I just consider myself ripped off as to that particlar decoration, since I learned it, tried to place it, realized it was wrong, tried to pick it up, and had it literally disappear from my decorations catalogue.

Apparently you could turn in the missions to terminals and have them stay pending till you accept rewards. Now you wont be able to do that anymore. I really dont see the point of fixing something that was not broken in the first place. Also, class missions were on 3 missions pending limit anyway, making it even more easier to level up during this 12x XP…

People were exploiting the pending mission system in anticipation of 3.0 / the expansion. Because of this:

“All Elite and Ultimate Commendations that you have will become Basic Commendations. Elite and Ultimate Commendations still exist but you will need to earn them anew in 3.0.”

People were planning on turning in missions with Ultimate Comm rewards, and leaving them pending until the expansion launches, so they could immediately receive a shitload of “new” ultimate comms. This patch is going to prevent people from doing that, somehow they were getting around the 3 limit before.

Yes, that much is clear however until you click accept or complete or whatever it actually says (never actually remember lol) you will have more than 3 pending therefore if you have been queued for GF as a DPS (we all know the struggle on this one) for a while you will be dropped out due to the new restriction.

It is a nice idea (not sure why it’s being implemented but ok) and I have very little faith left in Bioware to exempt these things but you never know. Just hoping it only applies to people trying to queue and not those already in it.

It’s likely being implemented because someone pointed out on the forums that if you lvl to just below 55 and do the Makeb storyline without accepting any of the rewards with 12x XP active, you could save up enough XP that when 3.0 hits you could instantly lvl to 60 by accepting all of your rewards.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would do it or would think they have accomplished anything by leveling to 60 without actually doing any of the new content. Jumping instantly to 60 would likely just mean a lonely few days with no-one else to group with or pvp with but I guess some people are just wierd.

There’s always been a 3 quest turn-in limit….. >_>
Everyone’s freaking out on something that very obviously doesn’t affect dailies.

How about the issue where when someone logs in and looks at the guild log it shows everyone who is offline even though the box isn’t checked? How about the Group Finder being an idiot and bugging when some idiot shoots out an invite to a friend without them joining via the que? What about the group finder window being on steroids and keeps popping up the window over and over and over again if someone hasn’t selected the right roll? How about the daily Group Finder reward not always being rewarded to non subs? How about the infinite load screens and random DCs? I fail to see why pending missions is an issue and needs to be fixed. Dunno, maybe it is just me and the other 40 people online in my guild atm.

Infinite load screens and random disconnects are not BioWares problem. It is a problem with YOUR internet. I recently changed from Century Link to Cox because “Cox is better and faster” All load screens were longer, random DCs and infinite load screens were all things I encountered. I switched back to Century Link and guess what? ALL those problems went away. I here all the time while playing “anyone else having server lag?” Mist of the time the answers are “no”. Trust me it’s YOUR internet not the game.

Maybe not the d/cs, but I once killed my router recently while playing the game to see if the infinite loading screen would come up, and it did. The infinite loading screen was something Bioware broke that they have not fixed yet. It came up when you d/ced, and forced an alt-4 out of the game. And I should know, early this year I switched ISPs briefly and got tons of D/Cs, with no loading screens.

Well I haven’t had the infinite load screen or a DC since I switched back to Century Link. I had a friend that played that has Cox and he was always “server lag” when we played together and I didn’t. I’m just saying not every issues is BioWares fault.


Not everything is the client’s fault. How about BioWare’s ISP?

Also, while disconnects may be on the client’s end, (ISP, Wi-Fi, router, whatever), error messages, like 4001s or the infinte loading screen, are triggered by the game, which is BioWare’s responsibility.

Kindly put a sock in it.

Ok, assuming you are right, how do you explain that infinite loading screens happen worldwide and its not issolated issue only for the people that are from Somalia for example. Also, for some people it started to happen after some updates, like after the servers are back up from maintenance. Also, if my pathping and tracert are not showing delays toward servers what makes you think its about MY internet?
Are you working for Bioware when you are preaching that loud for them or what?

Sorry, for being impolite, but you’re not smart to say the least. How the game’s infinite loading screen that occurs EVERY TIME after disconnection is related to the client’s internet? Wow. Just WOW. Yes, the disconnections might be related to your internet provider or router, but the loading screen is purely an issue of the game. It should kick you to the server list and show either error 9000 or 4001 like it used to, but after the Stronghold expansion all we get is the infinite loading screen.

OK I may be wrong about the load screen but I’m not wrong about the DC. You even said it yourself. Sorry if I see it as one issue that was fixed by getting rid of a crappy provider. There is no reason to be an ass.

Again with the TROLLing ..don’t feed it people, this guy’s all arguments on previous dulfy swtor columns as well as here.

How is what I said “TROLLing”? Some people don’t get that their internet is just crap. I had two providers at one time and one was crap and one wasn’t. I had an experience most people wouldn’t have.

I also had problems with infinite loading screens. Then I changed my internet provider, and it was okay. I also fail to see how “Killing your router, then checking the game. No loading screen.” is a reliable way to underline your point.

I have never experienced problem with an infinite loading screen, ‘except’ the few times my internet actually disconnected from the game.

Face it people, Bioware has some major flaws. But not all you attribute them to be their fault is actually their fault. People need to chilll out on this.

I agree on the GSF stuff though.

Actually not totally true. When Harbinger takes a dump (which happens semi regularly) the symptom you see is an inf loading screen. Then if you restart, you have a queue, then it moves to offline state, then after much duct tape, bailing wire, and chewing gum, the server returns to life.

How about doing a GSF from within your ship and then not being able to exit it without traveling somewhere first, because it is suddenly in “space” instead of where it was when the GSF match started? How about doing an FP or GSF from your stronghold and returning not to your stronghold but at some random place, like your ship or Fleet or whatever? How about the GF dialog pops up and times out while you are moving from your ship to a slow-loading planet? How about the GF dialog pops up, you click Ready, then board your ship (or otherwise change phase), then the other 3 people click ready and everybody stays “ready” and is not transferred anywhere?

How about someone to explain people from “the land of the free and the home of the brave” that Earth is is not flat and that there are some other holidays apart from July the 4th… Each update is during night hours in the US of A, and at the same time daytime hours in the Europe. Also there is a way of implementing updates on all servers during least populated hours if you really want to. People in Europe also paying for this game and should be treated the same way as the fellows from the America…

I thought this restriction was already in place. What has really changed? I know from experience that if I had 3 pending missions or more, I wasn’t able to send out crews or accept new missions. So what has actually changed? I even had to lose out on ulti comms because my comms were maxed and I had 3 rewards pending with ulti comms in it, but I have to accept and lose comms for one so I could actually continue playing the game.

If you had more than 3 pending rewards you weren’t even able to exit your bloody ship! Yeah, some of us *have* noticed the “already existing minor restrictions”…

So they just want to prevent that you go into 3.0 with more than 3 pending rewards from missions, with ultimate and elite sommendations. Right?

Right. People were stacking daily/weekly before Makeb expac and boost it with experience boost and you get leveled from 50-55 in like 2 days

Why is BW all candid about their micro fixes these days.. time after time fans hand over real issues that need fixing via forums/tickets/etc. and they try and make a big deal outa something that probably took a dev a few mouse clicks and a backstretch under 10 minutes click check box for Bounty Week – 2.10.3 update’s ready there it is all in a days work I guess.. remember how they used to post q&a and the questions they answered were never ones that people actually asked and act like they’ve “been hearing us” lol wtf, 3.0 better blow our minds

They are not fixing force chage/force leap bug and they just add this crap, many wipes happened just because of that bug and no fix for it, if you wanna prevent people exploiting just reset all pending missions on 3.0 launch, there are lots of bugs about game play but they just ignore them as usual, if there was a color issue about a cartel pack item it would be fixed next patch or release a patch immediately, but this force charge bug is there for long time but no fix.

Leap cuts out sometimes. Mid jump your character just hits an invisble wall then sort of… slides to the ground. I’ve seen it cost a group more than one game of Huttball. Very annoying.

Ah, I see. I am fortunate enough to have never experienced this bug then. Or maybe I have rarely enough to have forgotten about it. Either way, that sounds like a latency issue with the game’s engine. :/

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, and especially in ops, its annoying. Basically, you leap to your target, but your toon doesn’t move. And you’ve now started the battle while still standing in place.

It is most annoying on tyrans nim when your tank has it and there need immediate tank switch or your tank or mara/sent has it and when trying to go boss running after bug and got a simplification on o tile shouldnt remove, we had many wipes just because of this bug, 2 guardian tank and 2 sentinel is not good on tyrans just because of this bug, many reports and no fix.

oh yeah know what u mean..i have that problem with my vanguard with storm-but then again on my PT everything Works fine…and you are right if its cosmetic bug it gets fixed straight away kinda annoying..

ah guyz this update wants to say that if u turned in ur quests or ur companions arrived with missions and it goes over 3 pending as it should go u just cant que for group finding or accept new missions from terminals or send out ur companion by click over a missions on the crew window again untill u accept the pendings 🙂 so if ur pendings went on 5 u can accept all of em and receive the reward but when the 5 pending rewards is pop on ur ul window u cant send out ur companions to missions untill u accept those 5 because they passed 3 , i think this limitation was 4 befor this patch and now its 3 if im not wrong

I fail to see how this should take until 4pm (UK time) to implement. The inevitable +1 hour I’m sure will come into effect as well, as they break a whole host of other things.

“Early Access” / aka free testing for BW/EA in December is only gonna be a day or so, judging by their patch day track records.

Bodes well doesn’t it.

I guess the turn in cap is to prevent people from stacking up too many quest in the coming of SoR, so that they don’t have over 9000 comms to collect on day 1 of early access. Since you can’t accept new missions unless you got them all on “pending” and this prevents some quest from going to the pending state to begin with. 🙂

Won’t stop people. If you can still have completed quests in your log you can just fill your log with 25 daily quests and log off before 3.0 hits, all of which can then be turned in as usual once the cap is raised, I imagine. Don’t see a reason to restrict that anyway tbh, some people like doing that, some people don’t. I plan to do it just to beat my guildies to 60, as I was the first in guild to hit 55 when Makeb came out too 😛

EDIT: Regarding xp anyway, I don’t really know how comms will work on completed quests. Don’t think the devs do either atm.

You can’t stack the quests I don’t think. You could have one set of them, but I don’t think you could have too many. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that you could stack them to get lots of comms.

Yeah but if you finish the quests but don’t actually click on the terminal to turn them in they won’t be affected by this. Whether the quests will change from the old version to the new version while in your log, I don’t know, but I guess it’d make sense for them to change to the new comm rewards. For xp though you can still hoard it and then turn in all the quests when you log into 3.0, as far as I can tell.

Once you get the “accept reward” panel, mission rewards are cached as far as I know. They’ll probably create a ‘new’ set of comms with the same name but a different entry in the loot/reward table, so that if you claim old comms they’ll turn into basics anyway. That’s what I suspect anyway.

The funny thing is, the dev that was answering the questions for this seems to be avoiding the question being asked on purpose. We want to know WHAT the restriction is, yet he just kept repeating ‘oh, well if you never noticed before, you probably won’t notice now.” That does NOT answer the question, at all. If you put restrictions in place, and then say the system doesn’t actually work like that, then something is wrong, and it needs to be explained properly.

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