GW2 Tangled Paths begins Nov 18

Here is the new teaser video for the next release, Tangled Paths on Nov 18.

The Legends were true, there is a dragon egg…






  • Slowpokeking

    Are we going to use Kralkatorrik’s power to fight Mordremoth?

    • Valandor

      Looks like it.

    • Mizpah

      The funny thing is that months ago I suggested such a thing on reddit after the vision from the Pale Tree. I got ridiculed and down voted into oblivion. Ah the irony.

      • Galhalean

        dont know why… we have know glint had MANY eggs and glint was created form Kralkatorrik. you had a good idea of it. wen i thought of it I knew the zephyrites had glint’s offspring just didnt know if it had hatched yet ( and now we know) as there are alot of hints to that in the zepyrite area and drytop.

        • Nick Brown

          Na, the destroyers killed them all, and I didn’t want the Brotherhood armor enough to try again.

  • Edwin

    I bet the employees at Anet didn’t have to open 30k ToT bags to get that mini.

    • Steven Lin

      I got it with 100 bags so no it wasn’t that hard just gotta PRAISE RNG

      • J Manzon

        lucky people like you are the very reason we hate and curse that RNG. lol

        i’m so envious right now.

        • Steven Lin

          Yes we should all join the RNG cult! Hopefully they will make changes to the algorithm they use.

  • commentor

    Woaa a giant praying mantis with bat wings!

    • Braghez

      You must have seen some really strange praying mantis…

      • commentor

        oh then you must have seem more strange things than me to make out what it really is, no?

        • Braghez

          Still, it’s not even close to a mantis xD I mean…the body remembers more something like a dog xD

  • StillhatesANet

    Their marketing team is good! Too bad they can’t get the marketing team to develop something interesting in-game! lulz

    • Filippo Chinello

      Just like “talking is easier then acting” in gw2 it is -> “making trailers is easier then making content”


  • narg
  • Galhalean

    Now given the story wouldnt b a kicker if the zepherite becomes a playable class?

    • SomeRandomCommenter

      A class that changes between the 3 aspects, kind of like the elementalist sounds cool.

    • SomeRandomCommenter2

      The new class will be The Spooner: Master of Spoons. With this class, you will take up the mighty Spoons of Oblivion and your task will be to lurk in the shadows (or an even bigger warrior) and jump out to beat people to death with spoons! And as an alternate weapon, you get plates and teacups (since they’ll be collectibles this patch). Greed Wars 2 will never be the same after The Spooners hit the scene! And the action will be jampacked, as players across Tyria everywhere race to be the Ultimate Spooner! (Please note that in order to unlock the class in the gem store, the cost will be 1601 gems). Thank you for playing Greed Wars 2!

      • I paid $60 to buy GW2, a subscription-free MMO. The price is less now, with frequent sales. All other money I spent on GW2 has been entirely optional. Let’s talk about Greed Wars.

      • Galhalean

        just cause you said so……

  • commentor

    would be crazy if it turns out each of the human gods is a champion or at least a creation of each of the dragons, ‘humanoid edition’.

    • Eaglebach

      I don’t think so. The Human Gods came to Tyria long after the dragon had gone to sleep. They just tap into the leyline power of Zhaitan and build the country of Orr on top of the sleeping dragon. (kinda like the story of Mass Effect 🙂 )

      It’s interesting to notice that their domains of power seem mostly match-up (Primordius – Balthazar, Mordemort – Melandru, Sea Dragon – Abaddon, and perhaps Krakatorik – Lyssa, but I don’t really see how u can match the rest)

  • rc

    the human gods created dragons.

    • rc

      then they left because RNG.

  • Shifted

    >Pause vid at 0:12

    • Braghez

      Ye, they could have put empty eyesockets…like this it sucks balls xD

  • igsa

    i want RAIDS



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