SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR Cartel Market Sales Nov 11-18–Czerka weapons available

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales and new additions for the week of Nov 11 to Nov 18.

New Items

Legacy unlocks are 250 CC

Item Price Discount Original Price
Czerka CZX-4 Assault Cannon 500 CC 0% 500 CC
Czerka CZX-4 Blaster Pistol 500 CC 0% 500 CC

Assault Cannon


Blaster Pistol


New Discounts

Item Price Discount Original Price
Hypercrate: Hotshot’s Starfighter Packs 2520 CC 50% 5040 CC
Hotshot’s StarfighterPack 126 CC 40% 210 CC
CZ-5 Armored Asssault Harness 30 CC 80% 150 CC
Advanced Green Core Hawkeye Crystal 400 CC 20% 500 CC
Additional Char Slot 480 CC 20% 600 CC
Architect’s Stronghold Pack 250 CC 16% 297 CC
Hypercrate: Architect’s Stronghold Pack 5400 CC 25% 7200 CC

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41 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Sales Nov 11-18–Czerka weapons available”

I am guessing at this point that bioware has no plans to make the theron shan and Lana Beniko armor actually up on the cartel market till 3.0 drops.

Yeah they have been up for like over a month now listed in the collections. I want to make a sin to put in the lana armor but it seems i won’t be able to use the XP bonus now.

This makes me so sad… What a tease! Loved them since they were shown and am stuck waiting for them. I just hope its obtainable in some easy way… Buying them straight off the market would probably be preferable since the prices on armor in the new pack are way too high right now on my server.

When you look at the armors under the Collections screen they are listed under “Cartel Market” items and not under “”. So they should be purchasable directly off the market.

I’m really enjoying playing melee right now (finally getting around to playing my first Marauder), but that Czerka pistol with the revolving minigun barrels is pretty cool!

Still listed in collections, likely they’re going to be putting out a couple of weapons every week/few weeks instead of dumping them all on the CM at once.

../agree luckily I listened to/watched the youtube vid first. Again, nice weapon, terrible sound (and vice versa).
Besides – the handgun is excessively large and looks more like a painter’s heatgun or hair dryer on body types 1 +2

How would that work? 5 sabers that ignite 1 at a time or just 5 blades? Explain yourself sir. Some people will just think I’m trolling you but I am not.

No, it would just require modifications to the firing effects, which no other weapon has ever had.

Which is why a double-barrel weapon is kind of a ill-thought idea to begin with, really.

Yeah I’m not sure they can have a weapon fire projectiles from two different places. Right now all of the trooper’s mortars and other shots all fire from the same spot on the gun.
Minigun-style weapons on the trooper are bad anyway. At least the BH+smuggler non-blaster bolt abilities are all grenades that are thrown or rockets fired from the wrist. A trooper shooting electricity and mortar rounds from minigun barrels just looks bad.
Here’s hoping that in the expansion the new abilities they’re giving us will give Trooper different animations that don’t involve him shooting mortars and electricity from his gun.

Yo dawg, I heard you like yo dawg posts, so I put a yo dawg in yo yo dawg so you can like stuff while you like stuff.

Looks a bit goofy yes, kinda like a mini minigun… Or something. Kinda weird anyways. The pistols, seriously they look like gold painted NERF guns! WTF? And the sabers that are being released… What the hell is this, 3 Musketeers? Lemme guess, there’s gonna be a Man in the Iron Mask as a flashpoint boss who will taunt you in French, and then “taunt you a second time”? lol

I can’t say I care too much about those Czerka weapons. Maybe though if we could start dyeing the weapon itself hot-rod red or candy pink or such.

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