SWTOR Yavin 4 Missions and Dallies Guide

SWTOR Yavin 4 Missions and Dallies Guide.

Main Missions

Story Cutscenes (spoilers)

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The Devoted Ones

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Fates Unsealed

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The Enemy Within

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Dallies and Weeklies

[DAILY] Confederacy

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[DAILY] The Devoted Ones

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[DAILY] Chopping Block

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[DAILY] Pushback

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[DAILY] Training Regimen

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[DAILY] Altars of History

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[DAILY] Hunters Hunted

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[DAILY] Pathfinding

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[WEEKLY] The Enemy Within

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[WEEKLY] Spirit of Cooperation

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  • Zeridan

    LOL at the horribly low credit amounts.

    • Yeah, but i’ll do them anyways for the sick reputation decor.

  • Texas

    So they nerfed DPS and creds!

  • ManDingoCC6901

    What video on the Revan fight???

    • ManDingoCC6901

      Dulfy there is no video linked to Story Mode Enemy Within

      • ManDingoCC6901

        I think it is bugged. No fissures appear, and for being story mode, he pummels you really fast.

        • Fractal_Eye

          It is extremely bugged. I tried it about 5 times (trying different ways, like running from him immediately when he goes to the center, or staying put, etc) and he only did the light side/dark side thing once out of the five tries. Awesome job, BW! :rolleyes:

          I guess I’ll try it again once they put out the patch to fix the patch to fix the patch (or whenever they get around to fixing it)…

          • Fixar

            18 deaths so far and still counting 🙁

        • J’ager

          Same here. I died once, but the second attempt he never captured my team, so we made it through fine. But never saw fissures

  • abcd

    where is this video? What light fissure? Tried several times, never saw anything I could click in or run through.

    • christine0984

      I never saw it either. I am hearing that Solo mode is broken as there are no Light Fissures in the instance at all. Tried it myself 7 times and died all of them. I give up. WHere is this video? i would love to see it

    • unazu

      I totally agree there is nothing to click on I can get him to like 15% health and then boom dead cause of no freaking light fissures lol lol

  • fail

    cant kill revan

  • Jonathan

    Hey, not 100% sure this works but it did for my friend and I. Problem is you need to have a class that can taunt. Basically if you want to fight and defeat Revan without the stupid phase were he locks up your allies just taunt him. You and Darth Marr will be trading aggro here and there and it seems to keep Revan busy and glitches up the fight in your favor. Again not 100% sure. Hope this helps and sorry for spelling errors, bad english.

    • Sevus

      I can confirm this. He imprisons your allies at 65% and 35% health. If you taunt him just before he reaches those thresholds (I did 67% and 37%), he won’t change phases.

  • SeekerLancer

    Completely broken. I only beat him because he refused to do his trapping attack once.

  • Christopher Luther

    Mission as of now is totally broken. Use the taunt work around below if you want a chance at surviving.

  • Holi

    So if you are a dps (and possibly a heal but I am not sure) try the same method as the tanks do with taunting at 65% and 35%, except instead of taunting use your aggro dump at the same percentages. make sure marr is not force choked, and to be safe, interrupt the choke before 68% ish and stand near marr. I just successfully killed him this way. Good luck!

    • p4v7

      Nah, I’m doing what you said and he’s still imprisoning my allies.

    • p4v7

      I’ve done it finally 😛 I respeced to tank and had 2 taunts. I taunted him when he was going to the center and then used Threatening Scream when he was already there. It worked 🙂 Later, he repeated this mechanic not at 35%, but 32%. I’m certain. Maybe because I was trying to bug him. I didn’t manage to stop him from using his mechanic but luckily he spawned Fissures that time.

  • huzul

    doesnt work anymore completly broken as holi says

  • huzul

    found a work around same as other says interrupt choke on marr taunt and if having problem in your current stance switch instances 67% and 37% taunt should make orbs work correctly

  • christine0984

    Where is this video you speak of for The Enemy within? There are NO light fissures on Solo mode (not sure about the other mode yet) and i have tried 7 times to no avail.

    • Marq

      Why can’t people just read the comments before asking the same question like 10 others already?

  • Adrex

    Does Anyone know if the Operations Variant of the Enemy Within has better quest rewards or not?

  • Guest

    What video -_- For the Revan fight, you need to touch the Light Fissures and bring them
    to dark side chars and vice versa to free them (see video)”

    • Christopher Luther

      The fissures won’t appear anyway. Use the taunt workarounds mentioned until it’s fixed. It make take a few tries.

  • unazu

    Yes revan is bugged, but what worked for me was to dps him and use taunt and interrupt every chance I got I bounced the aggro between my comp xalek and Darth marr and just went dps crazy after and killed him twice cause I helped out a friend lol lol

  • uknown

    anyone know how to get to top area for Daily Chopping Block? cant find the way to the shut off zone.

    • Steve

      Just click the node on the tent from the bottom of the cliff. It’s long distance but clickable.

    • uknown

      nvm found it. yeah for the same problem as everyone else now. Revan!

  • Christopher Luther

    The second “whirlwind” phase for Revan actually begins closer to 32% than to 35%. Better to taunt at 34% than at 37%.

    The first phase does happen at around 65%, however, so 67% is a good time.

    • atari360

      If it happens at all

  • anonymous

    On the “The Enemy Within” Dulfy says “see video”, but there is no video

    • I forgot to upload the video but it wouldn’t have helped anwyays since this fight is bugged and my video is a non-bugged version

  • Vellin

    You do not need to taunt to win. I’m a Sage Seer (so heh, no way in hell I’d have a taunt) and I solo’d it. Basically, you need to stay behind a pillar (pillar being between you and the center of the ring), esp. when Revan gets down to 65/67% and 32/35% Somehow, it cancels out his pull + npc cc ability since he can’t pull you, so you can just keep attacking him from your little safe spot until he dies.

    • MrGopher34 .

      yeh, helped me twice

    • Valys

      Not a fool proof method, He will still pull all npcs to him and trigger that phase even if he can’t pull you.

  • claude1864

    Has anyone had any luck with “Walking on hallowed grounds” The walker is tough. We just tried with 4 tanks 4 heals and 9 dps. Just a few of us were level 60. Yes we failed lol

    • Xorras

      Just killed him… by wipes. All got achievement… but it didnt counted for weekly.

      • Lobinho

        The same with me. But in our case there was more than 20 of us and just 2 healers. We wiped a lot, cost me 50k of repairs but we did it 😀
        I just hate the fact that a lot of missions in 3.0 are bugged. Even [Weekly] Galactic Conflicts is buged

    • SirRobinII

      you need lag free instance n lots of range dps

    • Axe

      I just did it last night. We had somewhere about 19 people I think. The lag made the fight full of deaths, but the respawn is really close, so you can just run back if the rest of your group is still fighting.

  • Aph

    For aim-based classes I seemed to have success in the solo Revan fight by using hydraulic overrides (hold the line) right around the percents Revan is going to trap the allies. He must have figured if he couldn’t force pull me, it wasn’t worth doing the move. 😛

  • Vincera

    So, after a dozen attempts last night I can offer some insights into the Solo mode Revan bug:

    When the fight starts, if your first attack causes him to phase out momentarily then he will glitch. I presume this is because he is switching from “Ops mode” to “Solo mode” in order to engage the (apparently bugged) Solo mode mechanic. I am a Jugg tank, and running with a Sniper who used Series of Shots we managed to avoid this “phase out” bug and thus the first NPC cc mechanic @ ~75% HP. Ironically, when we reached Revan’s second NPC cc @ 25-30% HP his Solo Mode mechanic kicked in, but the Light/Dark buffs failed to break NPC cc and we wiped when we lost Satele Shan’s battle meditation (because she died in stasis she couldn’t auto-revive).

    On the next run, we opened again with Series of Shots and I then kited Revan behind a pillar outside the ring of the arena, put my back to the pillar facing outward away from the arena, and face-tanked Revan directly. Part of the bug mechanic appears to be allowing an NPC to take aggro, but again this only worked for the first NPC cc. By the second cc we managed to keep Revan’s aggro on me and our companion healers kept us healed while we wore Revan down the last 25% of his health without losing NPC buffs.

    I hope this helps.

    • Vincera

      I should note that the second cc still worked, so it was just myself, the Sniper and our companions that were active for the last 25% of Revan’s health.

    • Tovbot

      Cecond mechanic worked for me – simple and effective for tank character.

  • Jerry

    The Dalies are not given after doing the mission like it says, you have to finish the whole questline including Revan to unlock all of them.

    • Pan40k


      Dailies on Yavin 4 will appear when you run all the line (almost the same quests as daylies, just as on Oricon) up to the final quest “The Enemy Within”. You can do them before completing “The Enemy Within”.
      But weeklies will appear after “The Enemy Within”.

      • Jerry

        No you can’t. I have done all of them except the enemy within and the terminal is still locked.

        • DS

          Only two more dailies will appear at the terminal. The other dailies are the side quests you pick up at the beginning.

  • papaofmum

    Amount of creds is low but this is the first time that I dont regret taking slicing.. theres freaking playground @ temple, 10 mins – 120k gold

    • Bobby Conner

      100k in 15-20min

  • securityon

    i captured how to kill bugged revan maybe it will help some of you sry for bad quallity of video

  • Bobby Conner

    Hidden achievements anywhere? Anyone?

    • Xorras

      In other thread

  • dracul

    One question guys !!?? … i am at yavin4 level 58 i am about to do The Enemy Within, wich is … temple of sacrifice OP ??? … but i did not did The Ravagers Op yet, i did not get any mission or story arc that leadme to the OP on rishi, i miss something ??? Or after Enemy Within i am lead to that OP? … ?? Any clarification please ? … i am afrqid that i miss something on rishi ??!! …

    • There is no lead in quest to Ravagers, you just have to head to rishi and find a quest outside the op instance

      • dracul

        So this op has not part on the main history line ? … can be picked at any time ? … thanks for the reply !! … 🙂

        • Ya it is not, it is a separate random story. Only relation it has with rest of the story is that it got pirates

  • I dunno how to get to the higher grounds in the Chopping block binnocular quest. Any indications?

    • Kristopher Vincent

      I just shot the thing from the lower level. The mobs spawn down there.

  • Satela

    to get the dailies open do i have to complete The Enemy Within or the raid equivlant?

    • Vos_L

      Not all of them. Only the Confederacy and the Devoted Ones dailies….the others you can pick up again from the quest givers once the dailies re-set the next day.

  • Vos_L

    The Confederacy and Devoted Ones dailies don’t open up until you complete the Yavin missions and the Revan fight. You can do them once, but you can’t get the repeatable dailies from the terminal until you’re finished with Revan.

  • Axe

    Maybe I’m missing it, but it looks like you left out the “Walking on Hallowed Ground” Weekly

    • Endymion

      you didn’t miss it, “Hallowed Ground” Weekly isn’t listed, hopefully it’ll be put up

  • Konoha the Wiper

    the 192 companion weapon is reward for end of yavin as well as end of prelude to revan?

    • Yes, you get two of them

      • Joseph Kreifels II

        1 for treek, 1 for HK <3

    • Kritikiller

      You also get an off-hand 192 item for your companion, when you do ALL the dailies that Arankau gives you in Rishi Village. Do them – they are faster and easier than the other dailies where the capital city is.

  • sentientomega

    There doesn’t appear to be any weapon for SCORPIO…

    • Joseph Kreifels II

      you sure, there are weapons for everyone including HK-51 and Treek

  • rob martin

    just to let you guys know pushback and pathfinding have the same bonus mission, so killing the Krakjyas and roamers count twice. The best way I found was a Krakjya near the nest that spawns the bird queen, and a roamer and Krakjya near the village where you free the prisoners during hunters hunted. Ofc if you turn in pathfinding before you do the bonus, it only counts for the one mission. All the dailys with except Training Regimen, have a bonus mission. I can easily get over 150k, a day running this. I once got just over 200k doing the one weekly and the 8 daily missions.

    • Mal’Ashur

      The 192 companion gear from the weekly vendors for another 100k or so too, Yavin dailies are a cash cow for broke folks.

      • rob martin

        yes they are, it’s too bad it gets boring after a while

    • Joseph Kreifels II

      thank you for that

  • CorSecJA

    Does anyone know what the “Activate Sensor Auresh (etc)” quests are all about?

  • sentientomega

    Pathfinder’s Duty, a bonus mission for the Pathfinder daily, is pretty much the same as Pressing Onward.

  • Noomi

    Apparently they removed the gear rewards … thought they said they would keep them in there?

  • MTCason

    The terminal on Yavin doesn’t seem to work anymore. Finished the Confederacy mission but the terminal is completely greyed out. Not eligible. There are only 4 daily mission givers left in Coalition Staging.

  • Aridan the Cyberelf™

    how about actually showing where these missions are, heh?

  • Nalier

    It seems like they removed missions from the terminal. I’ve done the Confederacy, but for me daily terminal is greyed out and when clicked gives “Not eligible” message. I never understood this removing content trend. Especially since there wasn’t much content to begin with.

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