SWTOR Commendations and Return Timers in 3.0

BIoware explains how exactly commendations will work for the transition to patch 3.0.

Commendations and Refund Timers in 3.0 | 11.17.2014, 06:25 PM

Hey folks,
As many of you know, there are changes coming to Commendations in 3.0. I talked about this a little bit previously, here, and one thing that came from that post were more questions. I thought I would make a one stop-shop post on Commendations in 3.0 and what would happen to them, so here we go!

  • All Basic, Classic, Planetary, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations that you have will become Basic Commendations.more on this below
  • The Commendation types "Classic" and "Planetary" are being removed from the game.
  • Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations are remaining exactly as they are now, and any Commendations you have will carry over to 3.0.
  • *Important* Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.

Quick note on all of the PvE Commendations collapsing into Basic. The conversion rate of each Commendation will vary, both above and below 1:1 most likely. We are still working out exactly what those conversion rates are but I will get you that info before 3.0. I know one of the concerns is what the Basic Commendation cap will become. The plan right now is that the cap will remain 1,000, however, when the conversions happen in 3.0 we will allow that number to go higher, temporarily.

Once we nail down those exact numbers I will let you know so you can plan accordingly. Thanks everyone.

Originally Posted by Saregon

I would also like to know what armor sets are being removed from the game, assuming you are removing some because of what happened with the removal of the old level 50 stuff when ROTHC launched.

Good question, let me check on this.

Alright, here are the details:

  • The Obroan and Brutalizer sets will be removed from vendors and replaced by the new Unranked and Ranked sets respectively.
  • The existing PvE sets will all be moved to a different vendor than they are on currently.

Hope that helps!

Originally Posted by TheSupaCoopa

I have around 400/600 basic comms, 960-ish Classic comms, about 50 planetary commendations, and around 200 elite comms, with 150-fish Ultimate comms. Will there be an overflow limit, or will it just be capped at 1000?

The cap will remain 1,000, however there will be an overflow limit to compensate for the consolidation. I will have more exact numbers closer to launch!

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I really want to know whether or not the classic gear is going to be deleted, trying to get the entire Lv. 50 Trooper set before it’s too late(if they do end up removing them from the vendors)

Yep me too, I’m “Saregon” on the TOR forums by the way who asked the question initially. So glad they answered it so I can chillax a bit now, don’t have to rush anymore to get the skins I want. lol

The same will happen to them as happened to the level 20 and 40 pvp gear: the 140/146 stuff will be moved to The Black Hole/ Section X.

That’s complete bullshit all they are doing is favoriting the early players that got the old sets of armor that can no longer be obtained but the armor we have now is going to stay and not become exclusive. Ito really starting to piss me off that us people who started playing after 2.0 have no exclusive items because everything is fucking reoccurring shit that nobody wants any more. Fix this shit

As a player since launch, I’m proud to tell you that by this moment there aren’t ANY exclusive items in-game, even pre-2.0, except titles and two (?) pets.

All of those weapons have a reskined version still available. Every single stuff has a reskined version that is still avaialble, armors, weapons, speeders… Nothing really “exclusive” unless you think for the name of the item.

that’s cool that they choose to keep them in, but tell me what the point was in being inconstant and removing every other armor set from launch, it was so unnecessary

Well, I totally agree on that it was pointless to remove those gears. But back then they have had different dev staff as far as I know. They may liked the idea of “exclusive” items. But yeah, it was really unnecesary.

Really care to explain how I can obtain myself a containment officer set and the scrapper speeder from the nar shadaa

These are event items so if you weren’t around when the events were in-game, tough luck. You can’t expect to get every event specific gear at any time no matter the game age. Maybe they will re-activate those events some day, maybe not. In any case, SWToR isn’t any different in that sense when it comes to other MMO’s and events in those. You’re present and participate – you get the specific stuff. Not there or joined later? Oh well, better luck next time, in other event.

my point exactly i give a fuck if its an event, stop being inconsistent with everything they do, they got rid of all armor post 2.0 so what was the problem dropping all the gear now and leaving 180 in one vendor for basic comms ?

Yes I can explain to you how to get the Hyrotti Scrapper Speeder. Go to Hoth and start digging for the Dreadseed gear. If you dig long enough you’ll get one. I dug up 2 of them. Now apologize to Daniele for being an ass.

Actually, you won’t be able to get the gear to look like my marauder on your own marauder anymore. Sure you can easily get it as a Jugg, but a marauder…? Nope.

Xenotech Weaponmaster gear (medium grade) has been removed from the game and I’m one of few sporting the entire set on my server. I just don’t wear the helmet and belt because they are not modable. Below are some screens of my marauder attached.

Also, I’d really love to get my hands on a War Hero Vindicator modable belt. They’ve removed the War Hero modable designs as well. :/

You do understand that Obroan and Brutalizer sets are merely recolors of the corresponding Dread Master/Forged sets, right?

So how are commendations going to work in 3.0? If all commendations are becoming basic commendations, then what are basic commendations going to be used for? Mods/Equipment whilst levelling?

Yes, I saw that, but they don’t mention at any point what the commendations are going to be repurposed for. That’s what I’m curious about

I have a question about the current armor sets (i.e., Arkanian, Underworld, Dread Guard). I have several Unassembled pieces that I won in Ops. Will they transfer to 3.0 gear? Will they be the same 162, 168, etc.? Or, will they become a new level? Not going to save them for 3.0 if they are just going to remain the same.

I will say that when 2.0 hit, that any unassembled tionese, rakata, etc. pieces won in ops could be traded in for a bunch of classic comms so it may still be worth holding onto them and getting 10-30 basic comms instead of just credits.

Refund Timers and Binding

I’m fine with them being bound, but are they still refundable? So if I have 5x [Stronghold Label: Imperial Sanctuary] on my main and they all have 1.5 hours left on their timer when 3.0 hits will I still be able to refund them from that character?

“The Commendation types “Classic” and “Planetary” are being removed from the game.”

So what will i receive from “Classic” operations if there won’t be ant Classic comms? I hope nor “new Basics” cause everyone will be farming EV or KP

Likely the same gear, but the comm drops will be basic. It actually makes sense – for those stuck at level 50, basics buy what they need. 55, same deal. For 60s, it’ll be the starter set. It’s actually a decent way to make older content repeatable too – if you were bored with level 60 dailies, you could go to, say, Imperial Balmorra and run all 9 heroics there while sitting in the Group Finder.

Um, let us know “so we can plan”?
Bro, 3.diddly-squat is out in 14 (shit, I need to finish my jugg) days. How are we meant to “plan” and “prepare” with even less foreknowledge.

Yeah, casual players blah-blah, but I want to know if it’s worth maxing out Classic Comms on my other 14 characters.

There is really no way I could get a good 4.2k ulties either, not if I ate, drank and slept TOR.

I understood exactly what he said and I’m sure you did, too. Being a dick doesn’t invalidate his concern.

Yeah same here. I don’t know why he didn’t just sat that. He saved 2 letters, what’s the point?

He wants BioWare to stop equivocating so he can decide whether it’s worth it to stock up on commendations. It’s not that hard to understand.

At least some picture of the cap, but was hoping for more detail than this by now. No exchange rates, maybe I missed it but I haven’t heard any crafting info whatsoever. No description of new dailies, what kind of gear progression from tacticals to hmfp’s to ops, etc. It’ll be a mad scramble for information to start.

I was just recently at the Las Vegas Cantina event and a question about crafting was asked and the short answer from the crew at the event was “as of 3.0, crafting will be more of the same, however going forward we recognize that the crafting system in the game lacks some major features and we are looking into ways to improve that system”

I hope that the items that are being made redundant by the elimination of classic and planetary commendations will still be available for purchase with basic comms. There’s some great gear in those sets (I just started playing a Sniper, and there’s some great looking classic gear that I’d love to add to my outfit).

Yeah, I wonder how they’ll be handling this too. Currently we have the Makeb comm vendor selling Rakata (Rating 140) mods and Classic comm vendors selling Campaign (Rating 146) stuff; both tiers are level 50. Campaign gear is nice because it has a set bonus. The overlap here isn’t so bad.

But then we get to level 55 gear that used to be purchased with three different kinds of comms, plus Artifact (Rating 156) gear which you get for completing the Oricon story. So now, Black Market, Verpine and Oriconian will have the same level requirement and will be purchased with the same comms (Basic), which is some serious gear overlap at level 55. Plus entry-level Rating 186 level 60 gear *also* purchased with Basics. If they are indeed keeping all gear in the game, I think it’s going to be a vendor mess.

No reason to change the number of vendors. I assume they will keep them, they will just all accept basic comms, and probably each one will have a different minimum level requirement (much like planetary comms work now). they may drop the Makeb vendor, and have you go straight to classic gear at 50.

I actually like the idea of current 55 gear being spread a little over levels (i.e. BM @ 55, Verpine @ 56-57, Oriconian @ 58-59), but going straight for Campaign gear @ 50, I don’t know. It’s easy enough to be level 50 by the time you hit Voss, and rocking Rating 146 gear (with set bonus!) through that may be a little too much. The Makeb vendor’s cheese is bad enough…

I guess the piece we’re missing to have the full picture is exactly how much we’re going to be nerfed and how gear progression between 55-60 is going to work. I just wish they’d handle it better than they did with RotHC with all level 50 blues and purples being rendered irrelevant thanks to the Rakata-quality mods vendor while the actual Rakata shells were removed from the game.

The problem with that idea is that a ton of 55’s starting 3.0 already have 180 or 186 gear. And the proposed limit to have that gear at lvl 58-59 would mean all of those players have to wear old gear. Not sure how a retroactive allowance would work or if it could even be coded to allow for that separation. The idea is solid enough, I just don’t see the execution being feasible.

Also I can understand them keeping the Arkanian, Underworld, Kell Dragon, Dread Forged & Dread Master gear on a vendor for the shells & 55 set bonuses, but are the recolored generic versions still going to be necessary? Not sure why they would keep BM, Verp, & Oriconian on a vendor? They didnt keep Black hole or Hazmat on a vendor. But who knows?

So are they going to change the cost of crafting items too? i.e isotope 5 currently costs 35 basic comms which you have to grind ages for however ill be able top buy loads with my new consolidated basic comms which means easier and cheaper 180 pieces? Maybe? 🙂

Well, first of all the 186 gear is B gear…. the only thing there that’s better than BiS 180 is the armoring.
Buying isotopes with basic comms to get those last few BiS 180 enhancements or mods is arguably pretty worthwhile.

With the new operations I assume they’re made to be able to be done with the 186 gear you can aquire with the comms in which you probably can aquire 192 BiS’ish gear. The need for these OPS to have BiS wouldn’t be as high in that case to spend a lot of time crafting and exchanging mats and such with imho. But of course it’s all speculation and we’ll have to see. :))

“The existing PvE sets will all be moved to a different vendor than they are on currently.”
How about putting the old Tionese/Columi/Rakata gear on those vendors, while you’re at it?

I agree with this 100%, however I don’t think they will do so, as most of the gear is available in the cash shop from pack drops. It sure would be nice though to get the last piece of rakata gear I was missing for my sniper & inquisitor though.

So long to that sexy Brutalizer Blaster Rifle and pistol.. kinda wish they expanded more on these great weapon models. hopefully theyll come back in cartel market not looking like poop.
Any word on Kell Dragon PVE gear? will that be purchasable now that the SnV wave has been over for a while now?

Hopefully not. Its Nightmare drops and shouldnt be able to purchase with comms grinded by endlessly doing SM ops… Its prestige gear and should be stay as is.

If I read this correctly, none of the pve shells are being removed. Huge relief. I don’t have time to grind all the Dread Guard shells I want and they are one of my favorites. PVP shells are quick to grind, luckily.

They should’ve done the same with Tio/Columi/Rakata. Or at least keep the crafting recipes (Exotech IIRC) in the game but I take what I can get.

So he said a lot of things that help in no way whatsoever to plan for the expansion. Without the conversion rates and an idea of the future prices for currently available gear there is no preparation we can do.

Hm, it would be better he did not announce that they know about this cheatin’trick – and let all cheaters give it a try – with a 100% failure rate, so no one would ever try this again
As for preparation – sure you can do something – save on recommendations as much as you can as there will be no conversion hard limit. Get as much as you can to get as much basic recommendations as possible after conversion.

Well, I’ll give you an example. I have a Jug tank and I want to gather a set of DPS gear for her, so I can respec if needed for OPs and have the gear. I’m focusing on Elite Comm gear, but when I gather enough, I buy an Ultimate Comm piece.
After 3.0 all of those items will be available for Basic Comms. The question is: should I wait for 3.0 to buy it or not?
Will a piece that costs 100 Elite Comms cost 100 Basic Comms?
Will the conversion rate of Elite to Basic Comms be more than 1:1?
If the number of comms needed to buy don’t change and the conversion rate is larger than 1:1, it means my Elite Comms will buy more after conversion than they do now. In that case I should wait. The same goes for Ultimate Comms.
If the prices escalate at he same rate as the Comms are converted, than it makes no difference when I buy my gear.
If the prices rise more than the conversion ratio, than I shold buy all I can now, as my Comms will by less after 3.0.

That is the sort of planning I was talking about.

Heh, considering that the new gear will be higher in rating than the current gear… all that planning seems a little irrelevant. Irrespective of conversion rates, basic comms in 3.0 will get better gear than really anything currently in game.

well not necessarily. dread master gear is still going to be better than the basic comm gear as it contains the set bonuses and comm gear tends to have then endurance heavy enhancements. plus, only a few of the set bonuses seem as good or better than the current ones if the leaked info is anything to go by.

I’m in the same boat, actually. I’d like to spend my comms wisely, especially with the shifts in 3.0 that will supposedly result in 55s being less powerful than they are now.

Plus, having been away from the game for about a year, I have a decent amount of catching up to do, and I’d like to see my comms go as far as they can in regard to purchasing gear.

I’ve been asking for this for ages, rather than vibroswords and hilts with glowing effects why not shaped sabers like the mandalorian guy in the series

collecting for the last month war hero crystals for refund of commendations with 3.0.
*Important* Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.
=> wasted

in essence: He is annoyed that he cannot use an explot mechanic that he hoped for. That is really bad luck for him :-p

With the introduction of new gear I would hope that they would have safe guards in place to keep people from capping updated gear immediately upon 3.0 release. PvP should be earned just like PvE gear for the new sets. Put in the work, and don’t try to exploit the system.

well, collecting comms for potential refund was the only enjoyable part of the last months ranked PVP experience. Clearly, as a PVE’er, you lack any understanding of “the system” in ranked PVP: Light a candle in the church for every regular match making. Mostly, there will be at least one of the “system FAIL” situations:
– there will be a 27k HP green geared troll who doesn’t even understand the team mates complains
– a win trading team mate resulting in 3 players in your team versus 4 in the other team
– rating fails because of insufficient ranked players matching you with -1000 rating or +1000 rating team mates / enemies

yeah… don’t exploit the system… oh wait… what system?

I do play ranked PvP, but its mostly casual. Also, I do not solo queue for the reasons you share right here. Its more fun to get some friends together and roll as a premade. Pug’ing in every aspect of this game pretty much sucks.

And honestly if attempting to exploit the system is the only fun you get from the experience, then perhaps you need to reassess why you play the game.

It is a good idea that all unassembled pieces of pve gear, Arkanian, Underworld etc. be refundable for a bunch of new basic comms after 3.0, similar to the way the old unassembled gear pieces could be returned to a special classic vendor for classic comms after 2.0. At least we could get something useful for those comms, while exchanging the unassembled gear for 162 rating seems a bit pointless now…

They are still usefull. I would go 162 with set bonus over 186 anytime… So they are not wasted. I doubt they will allow you to return unassembled to the vendor and get comms back instead

Why completely get rid of PvP shells while keeping PvE? At least when going to 2.0, they had crafting schems for Battlemaster, and War Hero gear, but the Partisan, Conqueror, & FIrebrand all went bye bye without any way to get them again. The Obroan & Brutalizer gear appear to be getting the same treatment of just being flushed. I understand they are just recolors of the available pve gear, but for the pvp guys it just seems like they are getting the shaft.

Not sure how the pvp guys feel about that? Is the old gear like a badge of honor now that its not available and exclusive to the ones that earned it? Are people even upset about old pvp shells? I haven’t a clue. Just curious why PvE gets to keep theirs, and PvP doesn’t.

I get that. Which is probably why they get rid of it. In the pre-2.0 world the PvP gear was all unique from PvE, so it made sense to have crafting schems available and cartel market releases so they could keep the look of the gear in the game.

Um… because it makes sense? They did this in 2.0 as well. Unlike PvE PvP has a specific stat that can be detrimental or beneficial depending on your character’s level. Expertise cap was raised to 2018 at 2.0 making all level 50 pvp gear obsolete, and if it were used in warzones you’re stats in the warzone would actually be hurt by the expertise stat rather than helped. They are doing this again in 3.0 and so it makes sense to remove the existing pvp armor sets that will become virtually useless as level cap is increased and expertise (possibly) is increased. They are keeping the PvE sets because they only become obsolete at level 60 where the new gear is obtainable, and prior to that using the armor does not harm you while in combat like expertise will in the middle and low level brackets (which i assume will be fixed to accomodate levels 55-59 as well).

I understand that the expertise on the attached mods put you at a disadvantage in the past (2.0), but they said with 3.0 the expertise cap would remain the same and only the other stats (aim, cunning, strength, etc. & power, crit, etc) would be increasing with the new PvP gear.

With the current PvP gear being reskins of the PvE gear since 2.0 I am guessing that the logic behind removing them is that the “look” of the gear will still be available. And with the system of trading in shells for improved gear for PvP, which doesnt exist in PvE, it doesn’t seem like PvP players mind dropping the look of the gear. Hell, most arenas I have played, they dont wear the pvp shells anyway.

I just find it interesting that they keep PvE in game, but are always throwing out PvP.

I really wanted the trooper gun that came with brutalizer… Honestly they need to make all of the 55 pvp gear empty shell orange craftable like they did with BM and WH.

I know. I enjoyed the look of the Firebrand armors with the red animations more than the Kell dragon sets with the blue animations. Would have been nice to have those shells available after they got replaced.

I’m not sure that even with the dye packs you can replicate the look of certain PvP armor shells using the available PvE’s.

They should of just converted all commendations PVE and PVP to credits and force everyone to re-earn everything. Not like taking away peoples maxed out comms away will have them stop playing the game.

Oh sounds all cool but.. dont hate me now but, what about new players coming to the game and/or returning players, all the f2ps, people overall that dont decide to buy shadow of revan? I mean with RotHC they left the classic comm gear for the non subs, how will this look like now?

p.s. Sub with pre order here, just curious

Can anyone clarify…should I not be buying PVP gear right now because it will change (stat/set-bonus winse) with the new expansion. I have been diggin a Assassin tank in pve, but I want to run a dps build for PVP.


I would save up / max your comms, until 3.0 drops. Then once you get leveled to 60 you will be able to get the better PvP gear that is coming.

Base stats will be increasing to reflect the lvl 60 cap, but I read that expertise was not being increased so your current gear will still be feasible at least in respect to expertise.

Since patch 3.0m the 180 rated armor that you could buy with ultimates comms ha s been removed
what were the devs thinking of now i have serioulsy undergeared new alt that cant get anmything more than 162 rated gear ffor basic comms

Also the prelude tio revan missions are now bugged meaning that solo fp are no longer solable as you no longer get the help from the GSI tank/heal bot that you did pre update
well done Swotor

Hi guys. Please help. I have uninstall and reinstall and update swtor and every thing you can thing of but nothing works. I have even reset my rooter(internet modem). the problem is ever time I open swtor it goes thou the verification to the point were you click PLAY. after that you get the “and if I’m right the loading screen”, and here is my problem!!!!!!, it does not go beyond that point. I have been ad it for 2 days but nothing, please fix it.

Oh and if you go and read on the then you will see that A LOT of other people have the same problem as I have.

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