GW2 Jungle Explorer Outfit in Gemstore

A gallery of the GW2 Jungle Explorer Outfit you can purchase in the gemstore for 700 gems. Note that male and female versions are pretty much identical except for the butt gap.














  • concernedartist

    awful looking outfit. i’m sure a small percentage of players will like it, though we really should stop supporting outfits by not buying them; this will encourage them to give us armor sets again that we can mix-and-match.

    • S

      thats a nice thought, but it won’t happen 8′) alot of people like outfits for alts or whatever, you wont ever convince such a large number of people to stop buying them so Anet will take notice and give us more armor sets (though there have been 2 new sets lately, they’re just not gemstore)

  • Jeremy Kennon

    anyone else thinking India Jones?

    • RabidCoqui

      India? 😛
      If they added the right hat then maybe… and a whip!

      • Jeremy Kennon

        I don’t mean exactly like Indiana* Jones, but to that same effect, the adventurous, dashing explorer.

    • Zoja

      I’m thinking cash grab by anet

  • Emi Neri

    Outfits are ok. I prefer outfits in GEMSTORE and SETS into the game where you have to play to earn parts of the armor sets. ENJOY the update!!!

    • Naro Zakheim

      YES – we need MORE in game armor… I would like to see an new tier of Dungeon and cultural armor – that would make a good start… and also more ways to acquire ascended gear… the crafting is waaay too expensive for the 5% stat increase… this game is great but theincredible lack of decent armor really sets it back

  • Me

    The “butt gap”? Dulfy? 🙂

    • Vuden Graham


    • Joshua Fan

      It’s called a midriff, Dulfy.

  • Hea ven On ea rth

    AAAAaaaaand, no thanks !

  • UrMom306

    kinda wish they’d stop with all the outfits crap and give us the individual pieces…would love to mix some pieces into my existing armor…

    • Tiberius

      Making them individual armor pieces requires more work, while outfits = quick and easy cash.

      • Individual armor pieces also devalue other armor, but hey.

        • Naro Zakheim

          I disagree… we need all the pieces we can get… It would be great to get more variety so we can continue to create unique looks… the outfits just generate an army of clones = BORING

      • UrMom306

        oh we don’t want that then, would never want the dev’s to have to do more work D: I agree with Naro’s comment, armor pieces allow for greater customization. I love walking through the cities and seeing all the different player armor combos.

    • bleeters

      I do like individual pieces for mixing and matching, but outfits have their perks. Being able to switch them on and off at will without requiring half a dozen transmute charges is pretty useful, I find.

  • Natariss

    worst. skins. ever.

  • nadrian3k

    damn i was expecting shit..but this is the motherload.

    Anyway…name of the skin indicates soon we will go in the jungle…atleast a partial hype for the 15 min long LS.

  • Saihah

    isn’t this what that girl from Jurassic Park wore?

  • Shvantz

    lol ” butt gap.
    Also there’s “glint winter dye kit” which was added today

  • Man

    Outfit is an unlimited use costume, good for low level charactors. While armor skins cost you 6 Transmutation Charges to use.
    The Jungle Explorer is a full set not good for mix with other anyway.

    So Anet just need a good sense to pick right release option to fit the armor set design.

  • Bryan Lykins

    Not a fan of this one really as an outfit (would love to take a piece off it though, but meh). That said, I have to give credit for them paying attention and not having the Charr tail clipping issue. That is great and hopefully a trend that will continue!

    • Ares Zax

      Too modern/steampunk a look for my tastes, but I agree that this is a very well done outfit.

  • José Miguel Arias

    Anyone listened ‘Indiana Jones’ BSO in the background while watched this outfit in the store? *lol*

  • This outfit is just okay. Not something that my character would wear on a daily basis but it would be nice for RP purpose~

  • Jo

    Those tiny pockets around the waist clip sheathed weapons. Awful looking outfit.

  • Archi

    seems like a reasonable set for engineers but otherwise…

  • nopikam

    I’d buy it if it weren’t an outfit but an armor that I could mix with something else.

    More trousers, caps and “casual” tops please.

  • Syreadisa

    Looks amazing on male Charr 😉

    • Archi

      i’d go so far as to say that this ONLY looks good on Charr

  • muggsopp

    Maaaan anet would get all my money if they brought this back so i could use it in the new actual jungle zones 🙁

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