GW2 Pact Fleet Weapons Gallery

GW2 Pact Fleet Weapons Gallery. These weapons are released with the Tangled Paths Nov 18 patch and can be brought from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist for 1 ticket each.

Pact Fleet Greatsword


Pact Fleet Hammer


Pact Fleet Scepter


Pact Fleet Shield


Pact Fleet Staff


Pact Fleet Longbow


Pact Fleet Shortbow


Pact Fleet Torch


Pact Fleet Sword


Pact Fleet Warhorn


Pact Fleet Pistol


Pact Fleet Axe


Pact Fleet Rifle


Pact Fleet Dagger


Pact Fleet Focus


Pact Fleet Mace


  • ChewyxD

    Ooo new shinies, cant say im in love with all of them but i am appreciating the animations. That Scepter doe

  • wut

    A nice combination of metal and leaves; they don’t suit my characters, but they are very nice!

  • Marcus

    Does any of them have any special sound effects? *fingers crossed on rifle*

    • narg

      rifle not, but how about warhorn ??

  • Jude

    RIP warhorn

    • commentor

      Completely missed the warhorn as I looked through. I wonder what went through their head when they went “oh how could anyone resist this sexy beast and pay 10 bucks for it”

      • Something else went through my head when I saw the warhorn, personally…

  • Taiwan Wolf

    lol well this was put up fast. Sexy looking weapons 🙂

    • I had a guess this weapon set would be available today since it was datamined 2 weeks ago.

  • butthurtbob

    some of the animations are neat, but overall these don’t look good in my opinion.

  • commentor

    Oh my… hell must be frozen over, finally some weapon set with no nonsense floating parts, though those flapping “wings” are sort of random, out of place, or merely just an excuse to stuff in some sort of animation. The swords’ shape looks nice, but would have been better if a different color scheme.

    • Braghez

      Well…they’re modeled after the pact fleet, that’s why the little winges and the colour 😛

    • bleeters

      I kind of like it. They remind me of the pact airships.

    • Naro Zakheim

      what ever happened to color-able weapons? they were on promise from A net… would really be great

      • Braghez

        Actually in the “alpha”, or trial like the one at cologne’s gamescom , weapons were actually dyable… then it was took out….kinda like when they removed CoF’s armor dyable flames…they were so awesome.

    • Roy

      The moving parts here seem to be completely ornamental, though. I wouldn’t mind moving parts if they were in some way functional, but as you said, they seem to be an excuse to stuff in some sort of animation. I understand the need for something “special” with weapons that are bought with tickets obtained through spending gems, but this is like paying several thousand dollars extra to get the glittering kaleidoscopic paint job on a Honda Civic– sure, its looks make it stand out, but it doesn’t really add to the quality.

      Absolutely *screams* “classy,” though. And also “subtle.”

  • Filippo Chinello


    • Ashley Moran

      S­o Exc­it­ing! I­’v­e sta­rt­ed ea­rni­ng 8­5 dol­lars/ho­ur­ly s­inc­e i sta­rt­ed fr­eel­anci­ng ov­er th­e in­tern­et ha­lf a ye­a­r a­go… A­ll i ha­ve t­o d­o i­s t­o s­it a­t ho­m­e se­ver­al h­r­s a d­ay a­nd d­o sim­pl­e jo­bs i g­et fr­om th­is co­mp­any th­at i st­umb­led up­on o­nli­ne… I a­m ve­ry ex­cit­ed t­o sh­ar­e th­is j­o­b w­it­h yo­u… i­t’s a­n am­azi­ng jo­b
      -> TR­Y I­T YO­UR­SE­LF! <-

  • bleeters

    Welp there goes all my gold. I’ve an unhealthy need to collect factional weapons.

  • rc

    is it me or do these weapon have some sort of sound effect difference?

  • Krystal S. S.

    the g.sword, shield, scepter, torch, and pistol look pretty good to me. i’ll probably only end up getting the g.sword only >.<

  • Sol

    The Scepter, Torch, and Staff, with the spinning animation and none of the flappy fins are pretty nice. New color scheme is good, different enough from other things to be unique.

  • Ares Zax

    The overall aesthetic sadly doesn’t match any of my characters, so I won’t be buying any, but I’m really impressed with the animation and iridescent colours for this set.

    Shame that it’s not an earnable weapon set though. Since the player is 2IC of the Pact, you’d think the Pact would be more than happy to supply them with some copies. 😛

    • Shaggy Anubisllol


  • shodannet

    Dat pistol 😀

  • commentor

    What’s are those pieces of ascending dirts around the warrior in the GS and hammer vid? Is that part of the weapons’ animation? Other weapons seem not to have it.

    • That is the warrior elite skill animation when you have it on your bar. I forgot to change elite skills when making the video.

      • commentor

        Cool, thanks for the clarification. I thought people might cry foul for GS bias again.

      • Archi

        LOL and just this moment when i read this i finally understood what that stuff is that keeps floating off of my warrior all the time. 🙂

  • Korey Garabed

    Shut up and take my tickets

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    whenever there are weapons out that are ugly or doesn’t fit my characters’ scheme, i say “THANK GOD, I DON”T HAVE TO SPEND GOLD FOR ANOTHER MONTH”
    These weapons are really nice compare to crystal shard weapon nonsense, but sucks they don’t look good with any of my characters…

  • CM

    Enough is enough. ANET needs to stop hiring Stevie Wonder to do their skin designs.

  • Purrrsephone

    Is it just me or does the mouthpiece of the Warhorn resemble a phallus?! O.o

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      anything looks like a penis if you stare at it long enough.

  • nopikam

    Finally some nice looking weapons. Torch is my absolutely favourite from this set.

  • Shaggy Anubisllol

    the warhammer looks badass.

    too bad none of my characters use warhammers.

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