GW2 Tangled Paths

GW2 Tangled Paths Story Achievements Guide

GW2 Tangled Paths story achievement guide. All achievements are now available[toc]

Tracking the Aspect Masters

You can complete all 3 achievements in one go. However, No Teragriff pack Snack achievement is easier when done without the challenge mote achievement Dancer in the Dark as the challenge mote makes the fight slightly harder.

Light’ Em Up – 5 pts


There is a flamethrower at the back from where you enter the instance. Grab this flamethrower and defeat the Rooted Mordrem Leeching Thrasher that spawns once you have defeated the Mordrem attack.


You cannot be downed before defeating the Rooted Mordrem Leeching Thrasher as doing so will cause you to lose your flamethrower. There isn’t another flamethrower to use so you will need to restart the instance. Luckily the flamethrower is pretty quick at killing all the Mordrems so as long you don’t screw up majorly you shouldn’t be downed. What can mess you up are the tendrils pulling you back and forth with stuns so you need to kill these tendrils quick or risk losing your flamethrower. Stability may help with them as well.

No Teragriff Pack Snack – 10 pts


You need to avoid getting hit by the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs while fighting the Mordrem Teragriff boss. Ranged weapons and knockbacks are your friend for this achievement as you can kill these guys from ranged and use knockback if they get too close.

A total of 3 waves of Malformed mobs spawn in this fight. The first two are during when Mordrem Teragriff tramples around the area. You can just stand on the outside of his trample area and range attack the malformed teragriffs as the red circles from the boss’s trample will also knock the malformed mobs down.


The final wave is a bit difficult since the boss doesn’t trample when he spawns them. You may need to run around abit if the situation gets hairy.

Dancer in the Dark – 15 pts


Interact with the challenge mote at start of the instance to begin this achievement. Challenge Mote does not change the first half of the instance much but the fight with Mordrem Teragriff becomes slightly more challenging in the following ways.

  1. Room is much darker, harder to see the boss and the direction he is charging
  2. Mordrem Teragriff’s dive bomb circles overlaps
  3. The circular attack that Mordrem Teragriff perform when he gets below 50% covers the entire room. You will need to time your dodge/evades or have your healing ability off cooldown to survive it.
  4. NPCs will not help you if you get downed. If you die the fight restarts.


The last 10% or so of the fight is the most challenging as he will spawn tendrils and perform his circular attack fairly close to each other. If you are not topped off after killing off the tendrils his circular attack can down you or even kill you if you are low on HP. Save your cooldowns and max DPS him when he gets low.

Into the Labyrinth

Like the first instance, all 3 achievements can be completed in one go. The only achievement you might fail the first time is Master of the Maze. All 3 achievements have been compiled into a single video guide.


Connect the Dots – 5 pts

You need to reach the following NPCs in this order: Rox, Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer. Here is a map to guide you to find the 4 NPCs in order.

  1. Rox – Follow the red line from start to reach Rox
  2. Braham – Follow the blue line from Rox to reach Braham. You need to wait for Rox to open the vines at the orange wrench location 1 and 2. You may need to clear the mobs in the path as Rox tend to aggro everything in her path.
  3. Marjory – From Braham, follow the green line backtrack to near the start
  4. Kasmeer – From Marjory, follow the purple line
  5. The white line will lead you to the center of the maze.

The achievement is awarded as soon as you talk to Kasmeer.


Master of the Maze – 5 pts

Your goal is to not get hit by the Mordrem Lurcher that patrols the maze (you can attack him as long you don’t get him. He respawns when killed). He has a set pattern that he follows so it make take a couple tries to learn his pattern or you can follow along in the video. I tend to wait a bit after reaching Rox and then again after reaching Braham to let the Lurcher pass me so that I am behind him when running to rescue the next NPC.

  • If you are having issues getting this achievement, you can group up with someone and have them kite/aggro the Lurcher while you go grab the NPCs.

Once you rescue all 4 NPCs, the Lurcher disappears and you can safely reach the middle of the maze without fear.

Labyrinth Runner– 5 pts

Complete the instance in under 20 minutes. If you follow the route above, you should complete it in 15-16 minutes easily.

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You have to finish the meta event in silverwastes first and then the maze near the labyrinth instance opens up. Run around with ctrl key to look for nightmare pods as they drop the key pieces. You need 25 to open the chest in the center for the achievement. I will have a detailed guide later.

Thanks! This achievement is kinda hardcore since SW meta rarely completes successfully and the dogs in the maze 1 shot you no matter what.

There are light plants on the way that transform you into a super speedy invulnerable plant thing.

Also noteworthy, I got a key from a nightmare pod along the way. Super RNG, but it can happen!

The laberynth open if the map kill the 4 champs at the pits. You recive a key for the chest in the middle of the lab, use the flowers to avoid the mobs, and open the chest.

I was a bit confused about the labyrinth as well. Basically, after the breach is complete is when the labyrinth opens up. It doesn’t happen instantly after the breach, so don’t panic. Just wait in front of the vines. Now, we killed all the bosses so we actually got a nightmare key as a reward for that, so I was able to run straight into the center and just open the big nightmare pod and get the Fear No Evil achievement. Otherwise, run around the labyrinth and open 25 of the little pods. It’s pretty fun, actually. Then combine the 25 pieces with a bandit key and it makes a nightmare key 🙂

I advise you to be ready when it reaches about 25% and smash HARD DPS on it, or else he’ll throw vines that deal high damage and spawn all those mini teragriffs making it pretty difficult. Once it’s about 25% and attacking all area with circular AoE, you better get it dead ASAP!

Connect the dots:
Rox, just north of south wrench.
Head further west, go north to get Braham
Head back to Marjory (South of entrance), grab her, then go to Kasmeer (north of entrance)

Labyrinth under 20 min
Grab npcs fast, spank boss asap 🙂

Binds, CC and stealth helps a LOT for that 😀 blocks and aegis works too….another nice solution is to let someone “tank” so that he can carry others easily.

Master of the Maze
Let npc´s spank it. Hide with skills if possible. Dodge his attacks. CC/knockbacks helps. Keep moving

At 0:35-0:38 in the video, there is where I stood during entire time, I did not move, I had nothing to worry about there and did all ranged attacks.
I did first run with guardian but lack of ranged attacks made me go ranger instead.
When the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs spawned, I stopped attack and waited to see if anyone of them was coming towards me. Pet was on Avoid Combat. Knockbacked/stealthed if they came towards me.
Of the tendrils I took out the one closest to me, never got pulled.

is it true you can only get One Glove skin per account through living story mission now? :(…for example last living story you could repeat the story on a different toon and get another skin

stupidly easy achievments. anet catering to casuals even more now. casual wars 2…. not sure it could actually be called achievments…thats how easy they are

I have found a safe spot for the Mordrem Teragriff fight.
It doesn’t help when the boss uses its circular attack which covers the entire room but it does help when he flies around and summons tentacles – The tentacles can not hit you and his attacks don’t target the spot)
It’s also safe against his attack in which he runs around the room and summons a lot of Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs. You don’t stand in the red circles and are quite far away from the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs so you have time to react and kill them before they come to you.

The safe spot is near the corpse, as you can see in the picture:

I have found a safe spot for the Mordrem Teragriff fight. It doesn’t help against the circular attack which covers the whole room but it does help against his other 2 attacks:
In the phase where he flies around, attacks from above and summons tentacles – You are not in range of the tentacles which means they won’t attack you and his attacks don’t target the safe spot.
In the phase where he runs around the room and summons Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs – You don’t stand in the red circles but behind them, which means his running won’t hit you and you stand quite far away from the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs so you have time to react and kill them before they get to you.

The safe spot is near the corpse he threw during the cutscene as seen in the picture:

Also, 2 tips:
-When you need to fight Rooted Mordrem Leeching you can attack him from a bit more than 1200 range and not aggro him so it doesn’t fight back.

-You can play in full screen mode and adjust the gamma to see the Mordrem Teragriff when you do the dancer in the dark achievement.

Nice with pic, same spot as I already mentioned several hours ago 😀

When NPC screams “get close to him”, which is not the best thing to do (this dude is full ranged, for easiest achi, but can be done on melee), he could reach me and rest of party abt 1 hour ago due to him get that triggered when stand beside us. So all depends on dps.

Rooted Mordrem Leeching
Get flamethrower, then simply Spray and pray, that is what I have done last 5-10 times, worked like a charm (if no tendrils behind ofc)

The flamethrowe does deal a lot of damage but I found it safer to just attack from afar (if you don’t need the achievement OFC) because It can’t kill you.
That’s true and I forgot to mention that before you can do that you should clear the room from tentacles.

Aw­eso­me! I­’v­e sta­rt­ed ea­rni­ng 8­5 dol­lars a­n ho­ur s­inc­e i sta­rt­ed t­o wo­r­k o­ve­r t­h­e in­te­rne­t 6 mo­nth­s a­go… A­ll i ha­ve t­o d­o i­s t­o s­it a­t ho­m­e se­ver­al h­r­s a d­ay a­nd d­o som­e ba­s­ic jo­bs i g­et fr­om th­is co­mp­any th­at i di­sco­vered o­n th­e int­ern­et… I a­m ve­ry ex­cit­ed t­o sh­ar­e th­is j­o­b t­o y­ou… i­t’s a­n am­azi­ng jo­b
-> TR­Y I­T YO­UR­SE­LF! <-

So there is a bug at rox is spot you can run straight throug the vines to get to brahams spot without having that dumb npc cut the vines xD

There is a trick to walk fastest into the labyrinth (look at the yellow arrow on your map) : just walk through vine wall

Please not that I did not tried this trick for achievments. I only rushed 6 characters using that. And you don’t need to open the wrench at all if you follow another way (the yellow big path).
And I don’t care NPCs : I just rushed fast, it worked and you can finish this instance in several minutes.

Actually, for the Master of the Maze achievement, you can get hit by the Mordrem Lurcher, but what you need to avoid is its stun attack (there is a special animation, it moves back a little while snarling before leaping at you). While you can blind/block/evade/anything else this attack, you won’t loose the buff and get the achievement when you reach the center of the maze.

(That, or it was bugged when I did it :p)

As someone show before that there is a safe spot which make solo very easy. Better do it soon before Anet has any idea about removing it.

Starter of instance have to activate it. If it is activated, all get achi, that have not done it.

Every time I have been inside the instance, I have always seen the mote.

Same issue here, solo, entered purple instance for achievements.

No challenge mote. As soon as I trigger the cutscene, the achievement fails.

Weird, the challenge mote only appeared *after* I’d completed Light ’em Up and restarted the instance a further two more times.

Did anyone notice mysterious stranger in “tracking the aspect master” instance? Anyone knows who is he or what does he do?

I have two things to note:
1. When killing the boss with the challenge mote active, wiping can sometimes result in endless spawn of malformed mordrem. I lagged a lot and therefore died a lot and this happened to me a few times.
2. For the three maze achis, I found it easiest to just run past all the mobs (but wait for the lurcher just like the guide says so). Your NPC’s will aggro everything and stay behind, but pressing F on vines made Rox spawns to me anyway (as well as a certain distance between me and the NPC’s). An added benefit was that someone aggro’d the lurcher and kept fighting there. This is obviously not handy when he is stuck on your route, but it saved me a lot of time.

Last time I helped people get the achis I charged the lurcher at his spawnspot.
Killed it and it never respawned, even if rest of party got lost and ran wrong at one point it had time to respawn but did not do so.
I am not sure about timer on respawn but I did not let it move past its startpoint.

You need to activate the challenge mode before you talk to Caithe right at the beginning. You have to run past her when it says talk to her and activate the mote first. I had this same problem too

L­­ea­­rn h­ow y­ou c­­an st­­­art ma­­­ki­­ng a­­n ex­­­tra i­­nco­­me ev­­­er­y si­­­ngl­­e mo­­nt­h… A­­fte­­­r lo­­­osi­­­ng m­­­y jo­­b ha­­­lf a ye­­­ar ag­­­o, i st­­ar­­­te­­d wo­­­rk­­ing a j­­­o­­­b o­­ve­­r th­­­i­s we­­­bsi­­te i fo­­un­­­d, a­nd n­ow i a­m ha­­pp­­ie­r th­­an ev­er. I a­­­­m ave­rag­ing 1­2­­­­k/m­­­on­­th n­­­o­w. Y­o­­­u c­a­n d­­­o i­­­t t­­­­o­o!

For Connect The Dots Achievement, I used Rox to tank and distract the Lurcher. She is quite tanky and can hold the Lurcher for about 4 minutes. I just had to use detour to reach other locations.

Mote is bugged in all instances. just leave the instance and enter again. If it doesn`t showup repeat. I logout to character screen and login again cause thats faster.

Late to the discussion, but… As a Thief doing Master of the Maze solo, Shadow Refuge was my Friend. I kept it in reserve as an emergency back-up, popped it when the dog got dangerously close, and watched it run straight on by. Taking things slow and keeping an eye on where the dog was, Shadow Refuge was always off cool-down again well ahead of my having any possible need of it.

Easy way to do the Teragriff achievements:

Remember where the Wind Master goes down when you are fighting? Stand near his body with a ranged attack and a Stability/Block skill. None of his attacks except for the full room one will hit you, and you can pick off his minions one at a time as they get close to you. The only issue is the possibility of tendrils pulling you out of your hole, otherwise it is easy, even during the Challenge mode.

Thanks, that worked out really well! You can even ignore the first part waves of minions since they won’t aggro to you. Though the second part of it, you might accidentally hit them with your range attacks or aggro them since they spawn when the boss is charging.

Dancer in the dark: Late too but as an engi I used elixir gun, elixir s and elixir r. Stealth (elix S throw) and elixir S pulled me through the pull phase. Toolbelt and elixir gun kept me topped up. Healing turret for the spikes. With tons of healing and invincibility I could wither him down.
As elite I used mistfire wolf for dps.

It’s probably not perfect and it took me a few tries but it did work in the end.

There is a bug where you can enter the area and immediately go out before the vines close, so you can wait maybe 10-20 mins (or how long you like) for the Masters of Wind and Lightning to reduce the boss’ health while you just spectate from the outside 😛 Though it would be a lot more time wasted should you make a mistake later. (I don’t know if you can just afk for 10 hours and let the boss die itself, but if you have that much time, try it out and reply here).

I did the bug and afked while I took a nap. When I came back I got kicked for inactivity but I had completed the achievement for No Teragriff Pack Snack. Chat log said it kicked me after 4 hours of being afk.

Tried doing some of these (Light’Em Up – killed the thrasher with flamethrower & No Pack Snack – killed boss without getting hit by adds) several times and no achievement…. bugged?

With HoT released, if you’re a scrapper, you can just Sneak Gyro through the Teragriff flying phases. The gyro will keep you stealthed for the whole phase and its low CD means it’ll be up by the next phase.

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