SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR Cartel Market Sales Nov 18–25–More Czerka Weapons

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales and new additions for the week of Nov 18 to 25. New items are the Czerka CZX-4 Sniper and Blaster Rifles.

New Items

Legacy unlocks are 250 CC

Item Price Discount Original Price
Czerka CZX-4 Sniper Rifle 500 CC 0% 500 CC
Czerka CZX-4 Blaster Rifle 500 CC 0% 500 CC

Sniper Rifle


Blaster Rifle


New Discounts

Item Price Discount Original Price
Hypercrate: Architect’s Stronghold Packs 5400 CC 25% 7200 CC
Architect’s Stronghold Pack 250 CC 16% 297 CC
Destroyer Armor Set 600 CC 50% 1200 CC
Ashfall Tauntaun 2400 CC 20% 3000 CC
Appearance Options: Human Hairstyles 1 120 CC 50% 240 CC
Appearance Modification Station 22 CC 80% 110 CC
G-X1 Firehauler 540 CC 70% 1800 CC
G-X1 Onslaught 540 CC 70% 1800 CC
CZ-5 Armored Assault Harness 30 CC 80% 150 CC

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33 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Sales Nov 18–25–More Czerka Weapons”

I’m surprised the lightsabers weren’t this week tbh, would make more sense than doing 2 weeks of guns. Guess the Jedi/Sith will have to wait :’)

Ugh..has bioware given any indication that they will make the theron shan and lana beniko armors available before 3.0 comes out?

Ugh…has anyone given any indication that they will ever quit complaining about the Theron shan and Lana beniko armors if it isn’t available before 3.0 comes out?

And we’ll keep hearing it until we get an answer or (more likely) the sets are released. Same with any other issue.

They have NEVER given a date for that gear so it is not an “issue”. Thay can release it next year if they want

It’s not consistent with other items that have appeared in collections prior to being made available, as the sets have been sitting in collections, unavailable, for months. Might not be an issue to you, but a lot of folks are eager for them to finally put the sets in the store, as is normal.

So the blaster rifle sound is exactly the same as the Kingpin Blaster Rifle… Sigh for a good skin, it sure dissapointing to hear what the sound was like. . .

Unfortunately it is NOT the Kingpin Blaster Rifle sound, but more like the one from the BL-29 (with the metallic “lead” bang)….. Guess I won’t spend the creds to duplicate it

Th­is i­s Am­azing! I­’v­e b­ee­n ea­rni­ng $8­5/ho­ur s­inc­e i sta­rt­ed t­o fre­ela­nce ov­e­r t­he in­ter­net 6 mo­nth­s a­go… Wh­at i d­o i­s t­o s­it a­t ho­m­e se­ver­al h­r­s e­a­ch d­ay a­nd d­o ba­sic wo­rk i g­et fr­om th­is co­mp­any th­at i di­sco­vered ov­er th­e int­ern­et… I a­m ve­ry ha­pp­y t­o sha­re th­is w­it­h yo­u… i­t’s a­n am­azi­ng jo­b
-> TR­Y I­T YO­UR­SE­LF! <-

It was on there for a couple hrs but they changed it it looks like it. If you look at the image attached to this post it had a screenshot of that pack on the featured sales tab

Agent Lumi always on the lookout for percieved minor errors! Whew thank god we have people like this, I don’t know where we’d be without them!

Are you able to unlock the G-X1 Bombers account wide through your Collections? Anyone know how much it costs, if you can?

Trog is correct. They are for the individual character, sadly not account wide – collection or otherwise (even though they should be imo).

Well, that sucks, then. Not gonna waste Cartel Coins on that. Easier (and cheaper) to get the regular bombers through the GSF. Thanks for the help, all.

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