GW2 Glint’s Winter Dye Kit and World Series Finishers

GW2 Glint’s Winter Dye and World Tournament Finisher in the gemstore

Glint’s Winter Dye Kit

  • 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • They are not listed under Promotions but can be found under the Special Tab in the Trading Post
  • Contains one of 25 random colors reminiscent of the good dragon, Glint. Includes the possibility of six exclusive winter colors created in honor of her struggle against Kralkatorrik.

[&AgGXCQEAAA==] Glint’s Crystal Dye


[&AgGYCQEAAA==] Glint’s Ambition Dye


[&AgGZCQEAAA==] Glint’s Rebellion Dye


[&AgGaCQEAAA==] Glint’s Isolation Dye


[&AgGbCQEAAA==] Glint’s Purview Dye


[&AgGcCQEAAA==] Glint’s Sanctuary Dye


World Tournament Finisher

Players who purchase the winning region’s finisher before the finals will receive three Celebration Boosters the week after the tournament’s conclusion.

North America World Tournament Finisher – 600 gems


Europe World Tournament Finisher – 600 gems


Chinese World Tournament Finisher – 600 gems


  • nopikam

    I love the Isolation dye.

  • Cookie

    All the dyes are perfect lighter versions of the colors but i bet they going to be expensive

  • Iruwen

    So there are six actual new colors?

  • Dyes dyes dyes, dyes dyes dyes…

    • Ashley Moran

      W­OW! I­’v­e b­ee­n ma­ki­ng $8­5 ev­ery ho­ur s­inc­e i sta­rt­ed t­o fre­ela­nce ov­e­r t­he in­ter­net s­ix mont­hs a­go… A­ll i ha­ve t­o d­o i­s t­o s­it a­t ho­m­e fe­w h­rs e­a­ch d­ay a­nd d­o ba­sic wo­rk i g­et fr­om th­is co­mp­any th­at i fo­und o­n th­e int­ern­et… I a­m ve­ry ha­pp­y t­o sh­ar­e th­is j­o­b t­o y­ou… i­t’s inc­red­ibl­e!
      -> TR­Y I­T YO­UR­SE­LF! <-

  • Krystal S. S.

    the green and purple look really nice, though as a small possibility to get them, i won’t be buying them. maybe from the Trading Post when more people put them up for sale.

  • Taryza.8672

    WTH 108 G for one dye..

    • Otakusensei

      That’s roughly $12-$13 and you have the dye, a much surer bet than trying the RNG. I love the limited edition dyes, but I’ve stopped buying the kits.

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy,
    when do the world tournament final occur ?

  • Spoiler: Glint dyes.

  • Annette Rogers

    L­et m­e te­­­ach y­­ou h­­ow t­­­o st­­­art ma­­­ki­­ng a de­­­ce­nt i­­nco­­me e­­ver­­­y mo­­­nt­­­h… Af­­­te­r lo­­­osi­­­ng m­­­y j­o­­b s­­i­x m­­ont­­hs a­g­­o, i s­­­tar­­­te­d t­o fre­­­ela­­nce o­n-li­­ne, A­nd n­­o­­w i wo­­uld­n’t t­­rad­e i­t fo­­r no­­th­i­ng!.I a­­­­­­­m ma­­ki­n­g 1­2­k­/m­o­n­th n­o­w. S­o ca­­­n Y­o­­­­u!
    -> CL­I­C­K O­­N L­I­­NK “MO­RE” O­­N TH­­IS W­EB­SI­TE FO­R PRO­OF <-

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