GW2 Luminescent Gloves Collections Guide

GW2 Luminescent Gloves Collections Guide. Completing this collection will reward you with the Luminescent Gloves that are part of the Luminescent armor set.


Mordrem Fangs

  • Mordrem Teragriff Fang
  • Mordrem Husk Fang
  • Mordrem Troll Fang
  • Mordrem Thrasher Fang

There are a couple ways to acquire these fangs.

1) Completing No Teragriff Pack Snack achievement from Tangled Paths achievements will reward you with 3 Extracted Mordrem Teragriff Parts. This will likely yield the Mordrem Teragriff Fang unless your luck is really bad.

2) Acquire Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device by purchasing them from the Bandit Crest Collector in Camp Resolve for 12 Bandit Badges each. Use them before you jump down the holes to kill the underground champions in each of the forts when the meta event progress from Foothold to The Breach.

  • The fangs are acquired from the same bosses you acquired the tendons from for gloves. There is now a much bigger pool of items you can get so be prepared to farm a little.
  • Luckily, if you can wait, you can purchase the Mordrem Fang Extraction Device for 30 Bandit Badges in 2 weeks (there is already one for tendons at the Bandit Crest Collector). This will only extract the fangs from the boss.


Luminescent Gloves Lining

Go to the quartermaster in any fort when it is not undergoing a defense event and talk to him to acquire the Luminescent Gloves Lining.

There are 2 requirements you must meet for the quartermaster to give you the lining

  • Fort is not under going a defense event. If the fort is under attack, the Quartermaster NPC will cower in fear. He will talk to you but he won’t give you anything
  • Have 3 stacks or more of Perseverance acquired by doing events in Silverwastes (1 event completion = 1 stack)


Illuminated Truffle

You need to acquire a Matlal Enchanted Pig Truffle from a heart vendor (Matlal) in Kessex Hills.


After you have the pig truffle, head back to Silverwastes and wait for The Breach stage of the meta event. Jump down into the hole at any fort to engage the underground champion. After the champion is defeated, you will be able to find an underground pollen cloud near the champion’s corpse.


Plague Signet and Carapace Vambraces

Plague Signet is acquired by completing all the Tanged Path story achievements. You can find a guide to them here.

For Carapace Vambraces, you get one pair by completing the Tangled path story. For the two other pairs, you can no longer acquire them by repeating the story on alts. Instead, you need to grind 2000 bandit crests and purchase them from the Bandit Crest vendor in Camp Resolve.

  • You can also acquire them from the PvP track or get them as a rare drop from the Grand Nightmare Pod
  • There are also reports of people getting them from Lost Bandit Chests or even the Lesser Nightmare Pod


  • Great, more RNG for the mordrem fangs…. and now grinding for crests? While not hard to do, it’s rather annoying and boring.

    Thanks for the updated guide, Dulfy! 🙂

  • Dan

    I was on the fence before about going for the luminescent armor set since I’m not a fan of the skins themselves but this makes the decision much easier, not going to invest the time needed to get 4000 tokens…

    • Henriette Roggeman

      its 1000 each, 2000 in total.

    • It’s only 1000 per carapace shoulders.

  • Orly

    You can get one Carapace Glove Box as the final reward from the new (not repeatable) Silverwastes Reward Track in PvP. Saves you 1000 bandit crests if you’re more into PvP than PvE grind.

    • iTrëpa

      Ty man for this tip. I play a lot pvp and this is the best way for have the armour.

  • Queen3

    Done :3 easy :DD

  • Vithog

    I got my second Carapace Glove Box from Greater Nightmare Pod in Labirynthe.

  • Daniel

    I understand I can’t repeat story on alts to get the missing 2 glove boxes. Can I still repeat the previous installment of living story on alts for 2 extra shoulder boxes?

    • Yup shoulders stillwork

  • Valento

    1 Black Lion Key per character upon finishing this episode! I’ll definitely buy more character slots hahah

    • Judy Bloomhunger

      not per character, if you buy character slots for this I will laugh/mourn your decision. This is because it is in the same package of rewards that the glove box is in, for which dulfy specifically wrote ‘you can no longer acquire them by repeating the story on alts’

      • Valento

        Was it patched? Because I did story with an alt and got 1 BLK.

        • nat

          but if you buy character slots just for this, wouldn’t it be better/cheaper just buy the keys ?

          • Man

            The condition isn’t only a new slot, but also level him to 80. So noone can farm key this way.

          • Guest

            your character must be lvl80 for playing this instance, so you need exp each alt to 80 😛

  • elli

    when I needed the carapace shoulders I wasn’t lucky enough to get them as a drop so I had to get them from the trader for 1000 crests each. After yesterdays update I got as a drop from champions in sw 3 carapace shoulders boxes in total (which now is too late, already have them and the extra boxes are useless to me) and killed the champion for the husk fang 8 times but I keep getting the tendon instead….that reminds me the 15k trick or treat bags I opened and didn’t get the mini…. RNG…hate it

    • Man

      If time isn’t problem, and you can wait, evently you will get every parts (at least true for the early 4, 5 parts if you cannot wait for the last one) from drop/crests and the exceeded parts cost drop a lot(just a normal rare armor), So use that 1000 crests to buy something else……………

  • Krystal S. S.

    darn, i was about to help you with this one. you’re too quick Dulfy. love your guides, big hugs and kisses.

  • -equinox-

    lol i finished and got my luminescent gloves only 5 hrs after the update! >.< …

  • DAsh

    You can also get a glove box from the lost bandit chests. My wife got one last night. A couple people in map also confirmed this.

    • sd7

      I got a shoulder box from the iron troll 😀

  • Paleglider

    To bad the “Matlal Enchanted Pig Truffle” is soulbound and not accountbound 🙁

    • Man

      Everything bought by karma are soulbound, and even cannot be salvaged.

  • Kay

    I love you Dulfy! You have the best guides..thank you so much! 😀

  • I really hate the story achievements in the labyrinth. They are just horrible.

  • terrortime

    Don`t know about lesser pods but i just looted carapace gloves chest from the big chest in the maze.

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