SWTOR Furious Season 3 PvP Rewards Preview from Livestream

SWTOR Furious Season 3 PvP armor and weapons preview from the livestream.

Tier Rewards
(Based on your tier at the end of Season 3, which ends on Dec 2, 2014)

You need to play 10 ranked arenas to get a rating

Tier 3 – Rating < 1300
• Unique Season 3 Tier 3 Title
• Unique Season 3 Bronze Trophy Decoration
• Unique Color Crystal Lockbox containing a new, unique color crystal in every stat currently available (Crit, Endurance, Expertise & Power)

Tier 2 – Rating 1300-1649
• Color Crystal Lockbox from Tier 3
• Unique Season 3 Tier 2 Title
• Unique Season 3 Silver Trophy Decoration
• Furious Weapon Set based off Top Tier PvE and PvP gear (Revanite)

Tier 1 – Rating 1650+
• Color Crystal Lockbox from Tier 3
• Weapon Set from Tier 2
• Unique Season 3 Tier 1 Title
• Unique Season 3 Gold Trophy Decoration
• Furious Armor Set based off Top Tier PvE and PvP gear (Revanite)
• Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker


Tier 3 – Rating < 1300
Character Name, Just A Little Furious
Tier 2 – Rating 1300-1649
Character Name, the Furious
Tier 1 – Rating 1650+
Character Name, Fantastically Furious
Top 96
Character Name, Famously Furious

You get all the armor and weapons and all of them are BoL

The Furious Weapon Set is a lockbox with every Furious weapon shell (lightsaber, offhand lightsaber, double-bladed lightsaber, assault cannon, blaster rifle, sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and offhand blaster). They are all Legacy bound so you can send them to alts.

Yo frogdogs I heard y’all like lockboxes, so we put armor lockboxes in the armor lockbox so you unlock any of the Furious armor appearances you want!

I mean yes, the same thing is being done with armor. /cough

Non-appearance offhands might be considered in the future

"Furious Weapon Set" Do you mean all weapons? | 11.24.2014, 08:48 PM

Originally Posted by Narfarrlan

What about the other offhands?
Have you thought about the other offhands? Here the sents / maras and slingers / Mercs win out by getting offhands. What about slipping in shotgun, knife, generator, shield and focus as legacy weapons for the other classes?
The rest of the adv classes will still have to do a lot off gree events to get their offhands.
Just a suggestion

The weapon lockbox has appearance shells, no stats on them at all so really their only value is how they look which factors in why they aren’t a reward. In addition, because the off-hands you mention don’t have visual appearances that can be changed (vibroknives and scatterguns are VFXs attached to the ability, and there visual representation does not come from the item on the character) making them reward shells as well seems like a superfluous reward. But if we get enough clamor for them we can look into making them in Seasons down the road.


Furious Battler (Sith Warrior)/(Jedi Knight)

  • Entire set is bound to legacy




Furious Walker


Furious Lightsaber with the new Red/Yellow color crystal


Furious Pistol


Furious Assault Cannon


Furious Sniper Rifle


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82 replies on “SWTOR Furious Season 3 PvP Rewards Preview from Livestream”

Oh good, it’s the exact crystal color combination I hoped it would be, one I would never ever need or want. 😀 Warrior armor is badass though, I’m assuming the new tier will look just like it but without animations.

See this? You give the PVPers stuff and they just just complain. There is no making some people happy. THE COLOR IS PART OF THE THEME. They shouldn’t get crit, power, and end crystals they rant for PVP.

People displeased with the rewards will always be more vocal. Rest assured there are plenty of PvPers including myself who are perfectly happy with the rewards. Iazer was hardly crying about it. He simply said he wouldn’t use/want the colour crystal. He even went on to say he thought the armour was “badass”.

About the non-expertise stat crystals: Instead of being unhappy at other people getting things that don’t negatively effect you, try being pleased for them. Such a negative outlook on things.

Definatly the best reward i could have ever wished for. The armour is AMAZING, totally love it. I allways wished for a good looking legaxy armour, there it is.

Now if there only be a reward title for beeing best on your server, thatl be great

My point was that PVPers always find something to complain about. Even when that get rewards they shouldn’t ( the crystals I mentioned). They get unique items that there is nothing like in PVE. IE rancor mount and pet. You either had to buy off the GTN win one from the slots or get the op drop. You can’t get the drop on your own, and the slots is not true PVE. I’m not complaining I’m just saying their whining is getting old.

No one is whining. And anyway there are so many things in this game that you can only get through PvE. Don’t begrudge PvPers a few exclusive things. And as Franz said, you seem to be doing more whining about the PvPers than the PvPers are about the rewards…

I’m over the moon about the colour crystal. I was worried they were going to give PvPers a colour that PvEers have been asking for for years :’)

Last one, do I need to get the rating with both classes (jugg and guardian) to get the two sets? Can I transfer them between my pjs?

Very curious wording, ” unique color crystal in all stats CURRENTLY available” sounds like we may get some new stat crystals in the near future.

Season 1 and 2 really burned me out as a merc in arenas but damn it I want those blaster pistols… sigh guess I’ll try to queue up for some games after all.

By “weapon set”, does that mean that you get every weapon type for reaching the rating requirement on one toon or only the weapon type that corresponds with the toon you met the requirement on?

DULFYYYY! If it’s all weapons then all this effort into getting 2 toon within the 1300 rating will be so worth it! I LOVE the weapons, love love loveeeeee.
(the awards wording says “SET”, so I am crossing my fingers).
LOOOOVE the weaponzzzzzzzzzzzsssssssszzZZsss

Don’t be stupid of course there is…they just haven’t shown it some some reason winch is a bit a disappointing

He­r­e i­s h­­ow t­­­o m­­ak­e a de­­­ce­nt i­­nco­­me ev­­­er­y si­­­ngl­­e mo­­nt­h… A­f­­t­­er i g­o­­t fi­r­e­­­d s­­­i­x m­­­on­­t­­hs a­­g­o, I st­­art­­­ed t­­o wo­­­r­k o­­ve­­r th­­­i­s we­­­bsi­­te i fo­­un­­­d, A­nd n­­o­­w i wo­­uld­n’t t­­rad­e i­t fo­­r no­­th­i­ng!.I a­m ge­­­tti­­ng p­­ai­­­d aro­­un­d 12­k/mo­nth­ly n­ow. S­o ca­­­n Y­o­­­­u!

Sheesh, spammers posting this stuff everywhere.
Like anyone who plays a MMO would come here looking for greater income.

Same as previous seasons, and as in multiple dev posts: It is based on your highest rating of the season; current rating is irrelevant.

I was wondering if this was the sneak peak at the new top level gear, thanks. I’m glad that I’ll be able to find that cannon, it’s a practical designm unlike many cannons that they’ve put out, and it’s small enough to not look like I’m carrying an artillery gun on my back.

Are only the PVP reward armor sets legacy bound or could it be that the token future pve armor is also legacy bound?!

Dulfy! It’s official! Check out the swtor pvp forums! 😉 ALL THE WEAPONS plus OH saber and OH blaster pistol.

Sooooo…… seems they didnt realise that the Tier 2 Season 3 Title “the Furious” is identical with the rewarded title for beating Golden Fury HM =)

I’m not interested. I swear it got to be a child who was designing these weapons in game, they are so goofy and stupid looking.

So I got to T1 but a friend convinced me to keep queueing a few days later and I did, now I’m 1612 — I’m still going to get my T1 Reward, right? Like I know the forum post said your highest rating but I’m just hoping I haven’t missed out a thread here where they changed it to current instead of highest.

Tier 1 – Rating 1650+
• Color Crystal Lockbox from Tier 3
• Weapon Set from Tier 2
• Unique Season 3 Tier 1 Title
• Unique Season 3 Gold Trophy Decoration
• Furious Armor Set based off Top Tier PvE and PvP gear (Revanite)
• Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker

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