GW2 Seeds of Truth Episode Begins Dec 2

The next living story episode is called Seeds of Truth and begins Dec 2. A new trailer have been posted.

Here are some still images from the trailer

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Looks ominous. Can’t wait o/

  • Osmos

    We get to play as (past) Caithe?! We look at Asura experimentation!? Did Caithe have a GRUDGE against Asura?! Only time will tell *Froths at the mouth in hysteria*

    • Braghez

      I think that most of this story (by looking at the slightly old camera colours used) will mostly be a flashback of chaite’s story…still it will be awesome 😀 playing the early story of silvarys will be pretty interesting.

      • Osmos

        Possibly! I just thought “To catch a thief.. You must become a thief” was eluding to the fact that we’d play as her past self~ 🙂 But, aye! Either way, exciting stuff!

  • Braghez

    Did anyone notice the cones projected from the asuras in the lab ? I smell stealth a mission! 😀

  • Josef Tauser

    Spoiler: Its a Dread Master’s Seed and Revan was behind the mutant dragons all along 0.0

    • Wrong game :p

      • narg

        not so much

  • -.-

    Face it… if it’s an Asura, and unless their name is “Taimi”, they’re assholes.

  • igsa


    • Braghez

      Go to help in the CDI then 😛 they were talking about guild raids…not sure if it’s still open.

      • pursefonie

        I think Guild Raids sound amazing! 🙂

  • jryan

    I thought centuars were horse people not horse pigs?

    • narg

      in europe yes, dont know how in us/china :/

  • reson8 .

    We already knew the asura experimented on the sylvari. Looks like it’s time the little bigheads got some come-uppance 🙂 As long as the misandrist writing has died i’ll be happy. Master of wind, really…?

    • Braghez

      I think it ll just be a flashback 😛 so no much come-uppance beside what already happened (but didn’t knew)

  • Neltisen

    spoiler: Caithe is a double agent (it looks like she stole egg, just to find other thieves and wipe them out all at once). At least it’s what the words in teaser tell

  • Pursefonie

    I was so worried ANet would wait until after Wintersday to release the next chapter of the Living Story – I’ve never been more happy to be wrong! 😀

  • Guest

  • narg


  • sw gs

    I think that Caithe is a secret avatar of Pale Tree. She is one of firstborns, what we saw in campain story, the firstborn sylvari have strong connection with Pale Tree, even without their dreams, for example the Tree knew about what Trahearne affraids when we traveled with him into future but we weren’t in dream but in something kind of Mists variation. In my opinion each firstborn sylvari represents one of aspects of Pale Tree, Trahearne is avatar of Wisdom, Faolain is avatar of Deception, Caithe is avatar of Birth and Death. So when Tree was wounded she transfered herself into one of firstborns. She chose Caithe. Now Caithe is under thoughts of Tree, the words means that she feels the Tree’s pain.
    And she belives that life force within the egg can took Tree’s pain into it self. So when Glint’s progeny will born we may get even more pissed off (because of pain)dragon than Mordremoth.

  • Rarrgh… damn inquest hurt poor sylvaris.
    All this little greye-eard bastards have to die die die, die DIE DIIIEEE!

  • Krystal S. S.

    i hope it’s not as short as the last one.

  • By the way… this sylvari has caithes face.
    New faces? Hm.
    Maybe nice… maybe not.
    Dozen caithes in LA. Funny… not.

    Or she is only a npc.

  • Foefaller

    Pretty sure that’s young Caithe.

    The hair/armor she has is probably a nod to her design before the Sylvari as a whole were redesigned to be less green-skinned elves and more elf-like plant people; I think there is concept art on the gw2 wiki with those clothes, as well as “hair” that was longer in the front.

  • Blurp

    Unskippable videos, NPCs babbling forever – I hate it.

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