SWTOR Cartel Market Sales This Black Friday–Updated

Ready your wallet, a Cartel Maket sale will be happening this Friday. Check back Friday to see the deals.

Eric Musco mentioned on the discipline stream earlier today that there will be a Cartel Market Sale this Friday. 

Note:  This does not appear to be an hourly sale. Here are the deals as of 2 am EST on Friday.

Note 2: Collection Unlock prices for everything seems to be 50% OFF


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193 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Sales This Black Friday–Updated”

I missed it if there was one last year. I’ll definitely check it out but unless they put some older things back up at a great deal, I doubt I’ll get anything

Hourly sales? Well this is great if you’re not in the US and asleep at the time the really good stuff gets flogged off cheap. 🙁 It’d be nice if they catered for that but I guess not. Black Friday sales go for the whole day, not a few hours… Grr! (granted they’re dealing with digital items and not real stock but hey…)

Or you could do the smart thing and stock up credits for the price decreases these sales drive on the GTN. A CM sale always translates into a GTN sale…….

For any special snowflakes complaining they didn’t call you and ask what hours you won’t be at work, sleeping, doing something with your kids, running errands for your wife, fixing the plumbing, sitting in lines to fight people for discounts at Wal-Mart, stuffing your face with leftovers, shoveling snow, putting up Christmas decorations, driving to or from your relatives, or whatever other random crap everyone has to do and then customize the hours of the sale and/or specific items just for you…your tears and gnashing of teeth fuel my holiday joy.

More than Catholics celebrate Christmas…and I’m an atheist…so it’s not MY holiday either…lol. Enjoy your Block Friday!!

Buahahahaha! Yes, YES! Give into your butthurt at the cartel market hours! It will make you STRONG……no, but it’s good for a laugh.

does anyone know if they give discounts on cartel coins? if there is a possibility i want to wait before i buy more for next week’s packs

They are slightly discounted on Amazon right now. Not sure when they went on sale or when it’s going to go back to regular prices.

2400 CC $15.99
5500 CC $33.99
14500 CC $88.99

awww : “Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address.”

It will let you put in a fake billing address for your credit card. Just make sure it’s an actual address (ZIP code matches the location, etc.)

I doubt they can even calculate that for you. You know… Black friday and all that lets kill each other just before Christmas come so that we can enjoy in crap we have bought that we don’t need but was on sale, thing… GMT? What is that “General Motors Time”?

This was a great sale last year – I managed to get some great stuff. Dulfy, are you gonna follow the sale and post the deals up on this site like you did last year??

Brilliant. Have 2 accounts subscribed and haven’t played for 2 months. Think I have like 7k CC on each. Hopefully some good bargains to be picked ^^

Dang it I work and will miss most of the sales, if only I didn’t work…
Wait then I wouldn’t have the money to buy stuff… I’m confused now 0.o
Oh well.

Nice! I’ve saved a ton of cc’s this is a credit boom for anyone with patience. I bought a ton last time, held them till prices went up and made a fortune. Plan on the same here. And lucky me! No work Friday!

Trying to get everyone to spend their CC, so when all the nice new shinies are up on the CM in 3.0, people buy more. And everyone will fall for it too. Beautiful mass mind control :’)

Yeah, but when you’re using tactics like this 24/7 it crosses over into blatant greed. Be nice if they met their loyal customers half way, but meh, they won’t, and I’m not hoping for that anymore.

How is giving people, such as those who dont buy tons of CC, a chance to get stuff cheap an act of “blatant greed”?

because they’re doing this so peiople who have a stash of cartel coins end up spending them in advance of the new stuff coming out. not sure why this is terriably greedy though. putting the “old stock” on sale to liquidate it just before the new stock comes out is typical busniess

I do suppose i can see where you’re coming from, but i still feel it’s more about buisness (sneaky at that) rather than an ill act

But when you combine this with their usual focus on CM exclusives (as in, most of what they add through the year is CM items) it’s just a /sigh moment. My usual activity in-game is grinding credits, so I can buy the next wave of pack items. There’s no balance between CM items and in-game items. Kinda sucks that that’s what the majority of the game boils down to now, rather than BW adding content regularly to enhance the actual game.

Like I said above though, I’m more at the ‘meh’ stage now than complaining. Once I’ve finished the xpac I’ll probably cancel my sub and come back for the next xpac.

Are they forcing people to spend their stashed coins? No.

Also the “old stock” comparison doesn’t apply to digital items that have no limit and take up zero real world space.

Old stuff, requiring no effort from them. So we all spend our CC. Then everyone buys more CC next week when they realise the next pack has a Revan gear set in. As I explained below 🙂

No one is forcing anyone to buy anything…and I’m sure people are aware that there will be new things right around the corner….just like the real world…buy a tv, a week later the new latest greatest comes out. Get over it already.

Get over what? I’m fine with it, learned to accept that this is how EAware does business a long time ago. But you’re wrong about most people knowing new stuff is coming soon; in case you aren’t aware, most SWTOR players are f*cking idiots :’)

As sadly as it is, in my opinion you are absolutely right , about both, sadly enough, the sneaky gits of bioware and the mind state of many swtor players.

Yeah, of all the things to complain about, this is by far the lamest.

There’s a fair argument to be made that *too much* new cosmetic content is put on the CM which could have been thrown in to the base game for free, but no one is forcing anyone to take part in these sales.

Yes BioWare is so greedy! They should just give us everything for free! They don’t need money to keep the servers up or pay the game devs.! Their entire reason for existing is to make money you moron!

I’m guessing it will start at 9 am – Central time and end at midnight, with the last item up for sale at 11 pm – Central time. But I’m just guessing.

While a Black Friday sale may be tempting, I think I’ll hold onto my CC for the expansion-themed hypercrates that I am certain are only a few weeks away. You’ll get my money, Bioware, just not tomorrow.

So far so bleh…..

Black/Black dye 1500 cc (25% off)

White/White dye 750 cc (25% off)

Hypercrate: Freelancer’s bounty 5500 cc (28% off)

Hypercrate: Enforcer’s contraband 5500 cc (20% off)

Hypercrate: Blockade Runner 5500 cc (25% off)

Hypercrate: Gatekeeper’s stronghold 2520 cc (50% off)

Treek 1050 cc (50% off)

First Grand Crystal pack 120 cc (40% off)

I’m guessing this is it all day, not an hourly event like the firesale a while back.

Huh dissapointed, already got few white/white dyes and black/black dye in my cargo bay.

Well at least i dont have to be up all night being from EU 🙂

Worst sale ever!

Everything included is re-released already (Last Handmaiden, Dark Malak, Recovered Hero) all of these were re-colored and we got a new one.

You can hope to get a Rascal’s toothpick or a Blue efficency scanner… and that’s it.

Pretty much yes. I got a hypercrate since I needed a bit more rep for the Vendor to get a few items, and got a bit lucky with the efficiency scanner and a Cathar sword. Besides that and getting another black/black dye module that I will use anyway, it’s a pretty meh sale.

Well, since this is truly a sucky sale, that saves me cartel coins that I can now apply toward new stuff that comes out after 3.0.

Apparently Cartel Coin packs on Amazon are selling for various %ages off. 2400 coins is 20% off ($16), 5500 is 15% off ($34), and the 14500 one is 10% off ($90).

Not a super significant discount but a discount’s a discount.

Nope massive over here too.
Our local (scottish) Tesco was shut last night by police just after midnight due to fighting during the mad rush for bargains.
Then again that probably normal for a Dundee Tesco 😛

It’s clear Bioware put little to no effort or care into this Black Friday sale. It is not even being advertised on their twitter feed and barely mentioned on their facebook page.

Looks more like a “Everyone is having a sale so we have to have something to show for it to quell the masses”. Pity like everyone said – It’s a lame sale.

For me it’s the best sale ever: Just the unlock prices 50% off is super sweet. Unlocked already 4 gear sets I wanted to unlock for a long time. Feels good!!!
And I like that it’s not advertised.

Good im glad it’s not stuff we all really want for tid bits off the origional price.. I’m hoping Theran Shan’s outfit comes out soon I’ll spend on that.. Plus I just bought the czerka weapons (500cc each) except the AC bc that second Gatling thing makes as much sense to me as 3 extra lifeless fingers on your hand, if it were removed and became a single minigun it would be my #1 favorite AC in game period; BW: here’s your cake, Fan: wow thanx, BW: “football spikes it into the ground”, Fan: I’m not paying for that u kno. Anyway sorry for rant, also that pirate style lightsaber is another thing I’m looking forward to purchasing and unlocking.

Collection Unlock prices for everything is NOT 50% OFF. Only some of it, not all.

For example, Noble Attendants Armor set is not on sale. It is still 240cc.

Yep. Mantellian Separatist Armor Set also not discounted, still 360cc,

So it’s trial and error, apparently. “Surprise sale” Uhhh…

Actually, this sale is awesome for anyone coming back to the game and missing the opportunity to unlock the vendors and get a shot at some of these items.

I wish I had the enthusiasm and love for this game I once had. I’ve spent a ton of money on the CM, have everything in the game I could ever want…..yet feel so empty. I’m beginning to think that not even Revan can bring the magic back for me. I am a victim of playing this game too much 🙁

Points that can be applied to the OP’s post, too, if we’re going to play the “he didn’t technically say” game 🙂

“I wish I had the enthusiasm and love for this game I once had. …yet feel so empty.”
well.. think this is more or less like saying you’re bored 😉

And complaining about someone criticising the game is “more or less” like saying he disagrees and likes the game 😉

or it’s saying that he thinks it’s weird to go on a swtor related blog and comment about himself being bored? which is not very much relevant to this post?

Commenting about the CM and how he doubts even next weeks xpac can hold his interest is weird and irrelevant how, exactly?

was kinda hoping you’d missed the CM bit 😉

but that wasn’t his point, as such, his point was (I think) that he’s bored. he doesn’t feel much interest and doesn’t believe the next xpac will help him much (which is irrelevant to this post), him spending a load of money on the CM is only /kinda/ relevant, I’d go as far as to say it has negligible relevance (just like this discussion really :D)
true, this post wasn’t as irrelevant as most others I see (not much on dulfy though), but the weirdness it in taking your time/energy to keep updated with a game you don’t rly like, just to be able to say that/how/why you dislike it.. (who cares? I usually take it for granted that those who go to sites like this actually like the game 😉 )

I remember last year’s Black Friday sale, I dropped almost $200 for dyes alone so I could convert them into credits and finally buy Revan’s mask. Ahh the good old days 🙂

Bought 2 Hypercrates of Gatekeeper. Some good decos, only one decent mount (no Bantha in 48 packs is BS), but went from 0 Binar Star rep to almost Champion, so there’s that.

Unlocked: Treek. Exterminator gear set (Didn’t have it at all, had 6 million creds so I said “wtf, let’s buy this so I can unlock it” 😛 ) (btw, I just got that set coz i love the gloves), Sensuous Dress, Life Day Robes, Fortified Defender (love the boots), Collapsible Bowcaster Grek, Armored Grassland Varactyl (100 vs 400 of the Cavern one, I think I am gonna save some CC, 400 still too expensive).
Yeah, I bought 5500 CC, lol, and well, transferred a toon (already used my free transfer).
So now I have around 3400 CC to spend on the expansion. Yipeeee!

i really wanted to unlock the Troublemaker’s Armor set, but for some reason it seems to be the only item NOT on sale. 360 cc, no discount indicator.

I know i had to re-install it after many years but its nice quality though. Hate having to trawl through dozens of fake trailers on youtube though.
Cant understand why they picked I-Tunes for such a massive release.

Are these real discounts? Been awhile since I bought a pack but I seem to remember them running in the 5500 range to begin with. So they marked up just to give a ‘discount’?

They’re about 20% off normal price. All the hypercrates before the Stronghold shipment sold for 6,912 CC. But with the ecnomy the way it is on my server, it’s still not really worth it for these.

1045 cc’s. Does anyone know when the event ends do I have time to go out and buy some after work ?i really want treek.

I know a lot of people who buy these packs in bulk. They earn four thousand a month maybe and are MMO addicted celebates, who whenever they aren’t working play games. Substract the taxes, what little groceries they buy and the costs of light and water and it still leaves them with a thousand or two to do with what they want. They usually regular 4-5 MMO’s at a time and spend all their money on cartel coins, atari coins and all sorts of microtransactions. I guess they cash in a lot from people like them.

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to another hourly sale, and the chance to grab things I couldn’t have otherwise earlier this year. So this is a giant disappointment in that regard.

The 50% discount on everything in collections is nice, but only if you’ve managed to collect a lot of gear.

I don’t even bother with buying packs, because I have what is effectively anti-luck with anything random. It’s truly frightening.

Erm, as the man above, I watched the trailer for the new SW ep7, excited, but the reason I am posting, for the first time, is that I think the lightsaver in the trailer looks very interesting to say the least. I am sure that some would think its silly however I would love to see it in the game as double bladed aswell… Definitely would by it.
P.s. Sorry dulfy, but this is exciting news and Black Friday sale is a good thing but I think the could have made the discount much larger say 4500. That would boost coin purchases more significantly.

Danny! You have a point I withdraw my sentence.
But zenight… Yes that is what I thought. I always had a question when it comes to duelling with lightSABERS- and that is the question of a slip. In any sword fight (from fencing to ke-do) the problem of slip or slipping remains. This saber kinda solves it does it not?

Right, give them gloves so they can push the blade itself towards opponents blade… Ridiculous. Tho nothing less expected from JJ who brings “pa-zaz” to every movie he directed… Even managed to ruin LOST final season…

That cross guard makes for a ton of possibilities, in medieval combat the guard is used in a variaty of ways (most common to push a sword away when the blades are locked), this new light sword (I’ll call it that for now) can add a ton of cool combat possibilities that a standard light saber lacks.

It is in the movies, Hell Liam Neeson swings his the same way he did his Claymore in Rob Roy…

You know that move when they lock swords and one pushes his sword upwards to break the lock, which they use all the time? only possible with a guard like Brienne has.

No. Just NO!

Pushing “Skyrim” into Star Wars will suck donkey balls. Lightsabers cannot “slide” of each other thus no point for guard. They are made out of plasma which is not the same as Nightingale Blade and will not slide on impact with the same material. Its stupid and looks like Gillette Sensor Excel commercial – 3 blades FTW!!!

Except Dooku beats Obi-Wan in Attack of the Clones with a *sliding attack* that hits his shoulder.
Also they are not pushing Skyrim into Star Wars, the actress holding the “lightsword” is from Games of Thrones, get you insults right at least…

Does anyone know if the Treek collection unlock is half price as well? I’m kind of hesitating getting her, I play mostly for the the story and want to have a real companion around hating on me for making my decisions, but if I can get Treek and unlock her for about 1400cc, I’d do it.

Awesome, thanks! I scanned for the answer, but I guess I didn’t click the “Load More Comments” button so I didn’t see it!

Yeah, it happens, lol, that’s why I didn’t go berserk on u, lol, coz I thought u really looked for an answer before posting and well, that u might have missed it. Enjoy!

Probably be over tonight :(…..i too spent some coins not thinking Hypercrates would be the thing going on sale today 🙁

Was questioning on whether to buy one of the brought back Cartel pack and ended up buying the enforcer hypercrate got both the Cathar Honor Sword and the Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber. Best.Black Friday.Ever.

I owe you big time. Not long ago I created a Sorcerer and I wanted the Cathar Sword for her because it would fit the look I was going for but they were way too much on the GTN….after I read your post I decided to give the hypercrate a try and sure enough…I GOT ONE!!! A few other things I wanted too. Thanks a ton.

Isn’t it awesome how they say it’s a “SALE” when it’s not. Those returning packs were the same price as they are now about 6 months ago. The same goes for all of the other “Black Friday” BS sales.

do remember your dealing with EA with this “sale” lol look at origins i got batman arkham city awhile back with all dlc for 7 bucks on steam origin sends me a email to buy arkham city for 65 bucks with none of the dlc LOL so when i see black dye 1500 lmao thats EA for you

And you not getting it means you are not special snowflake… It is Biowares mail, and its not the first time they mess it up like that. Why I know its Bioware, first of all message headers looks ok in both domains and IP addresses e.g.

Received: from ([] by…
So unless someone hacked various DNS servers, MX records and what not its from Bioware alright. Contains screenshots from game probably taken by EU team.
And btw, *Black Friday Sale begins 11/28/2014 at 12:00 AM CT and ends 12/01/2014 at 11:59 PM CT.

So you didn’t got it because its all conspiracy against you.

bear in mind – you can roll on another server. finishing intro starter planet takes like.. 30 minutes tops (even without 12 xp, you can finish intro quests around lvl 7ish and coins are awarded based on finishing the story, not your character’s level)? and a server you don’t play on – means completely new legacy, so you can pick any class you want.

They changed the unlock cost of 600CC sets and stuff a while ago. Like the Thrones were 600CC, now 200CC and with the sales 100CC

Yeah, completely stopped. GSF, GSH, Forged Alliances, 3.0 SoR Update, Discipline System, etc…everybody just sat around shooting wadded up paper into trash cans and laughing at you.

I’m as frustrated by many of their decisions (more so with the attitude with which they are approaching some of the game’s problems, actually) as a lot of people are, but no. They’ve actually been doing some decent stuff. Could it be better? Absolutely. Strongholds definitely need tweaking, and I really, really want Jump to Lightspeed-style space PvE, but it’s not been nothing.

You are free to dislike anything they have done after ROTHC, or how things have been implemented, but to say they stopped trying is an absolutely ridiculous statement. If anything they have been working their asses off this year.

Cmon Mazio, you should know by now..

If someone doesn’t like something that a game/developer etc has implemented then it/they automatically become terrible and everything they have ever done has been bad!

Of course, my bad….. how silly of me. I actually forgot that because i personally hate GSF it doesn’t really exist and no time went into making it 😛

Now that we have hindsight to apply to this, I’m really kind of surprised they didn’t push Galactic Starfighter and Strongholds items a little more for this sale…

Didn’t buy a single item from the sale but I got all my emotes unlocked. Along with the armor and weapons I had passed on for being too pricey. Even had a couple hundred cc left over after unlocking the mounts and regen animation items. /funky

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t leverage Black Friday/Cyber Monday as an excuse to burn the cartel coins being held by folks and clear our cartel wallets before Revan launches and they reveal a whole new library of items they’ll want us to buy.

Bought subscription on the 9th last month and only played about 20 minutes, been too busy on Xbone…

Not sure whether I should be annoyed (that I missed sale) or happy (that I have them) with 9800~ coins. Hopefully there’s some new items with expansion.

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