Patch 3.0 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Game Update 3.0 Patch Notes

SWTOR patch notes for Game Update 3.0 scheduled to be released after maintenance on Dec 2 from 2 AM PST to 7 AM PST.


Game Update 3.0: Shadow of Revan Early Access

Danger lurks in the shadows of the Republic and the Empire: fanatical infiltrators hidden in the ranks of both governments and militaries, all dedicated to the cause of a man long thought dead. He has been both Jedi and Sith, both conqueror and savior. He is Revan—and he will stop at nothing to complete the galaxy-changing mission he began more than three hundred years ago…

Shadow of Revan*

*Shadow of Revan content is only available to players who pre-ordered the Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion before November 2nd, 2014. All other players who have purchased the Shadow of Revan Digital Expansion will be able to access the content on December 9th, 2014.

All classes can now reach Level 60!

New Planet: Rishi! A dangerous pirate haven at the edge of the galaxy!

New Planet: Yavin 4! Home of the fearsome Massassi warriors!

New Gear and Reputation Rewards! Powerful new Revanite gear, crafting schematics, and new mounts and vehicles, including armored vehicle transports.

New Flashpoints! Ruthless Mandalorians and an army of fanatical Revanites stand between the Players and their ultimate goal in two new Flashpoints for levels 56-60!

New Operations! Take on the galaxy’s most savage pirates, then face Revan’s most dedicated protectors in two new level 60 operations, providing the ultimate challenge for groups of 8 or 16 players!

New Hard Mode Flashpoints! Level 60 Hard Mode versions of Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, Depths of Manaan, and the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoints are now available!


New Feature: Disciplines! Disciplines is a major overhaul to the class system. At its very core, the Disciplines System replaces the current Skill Tree system while offering a wider array of impactful Utility choices to expand their character and the ability for a character’s identity to surface much earlier in the level path. The Disciplines System changes the way we think about and develop the classes themselves, which translates into a more balanced game and the capacity to expand levels and abilities more often. We’re excited about this system and the possibilities it unlocks for the future.

For a full description of what Disciplines is, please see our Dev Blog.

Single-Player Forged Alliances: Prelude to Shadow of Revan! Players who haven’t completed the Forged Alliances story arc can find the new Mission “Prelude to Shadow of Revan” on their ship. This Mission provides the necessary Fleet Passes to move through Parts 1-3 of the epic Forged Alliances story. Use the provided Fleet Pass to be taken directly to T3-G2 or A7-M1 on your faction’s Fleet to begin your journey.

While on the Mission “Prelude to Shadow of Revan,” players also have access to the Solo Modes of the Forged Alliances Flashpoints when the chain calls for them to be completed.

New GUI Element: Effect Procs! A new visualization system called Effect Procs is now live! This system plays an eye-catching visual effect around hotbar buttons when the ability in that button has been "powered up" by another effect.

Ranked Arena Season 3 has come to a conclusion! Congratulations to all the reward winners! In preparation for Season 4, Ranked stats have been reset and the Leaderboard for Season 2 has been archived.

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins December 9th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT and ends December 16th at 4 AM PST/12:00 GMT.


  • The Centerpiece Decoration “Grand Statue of Revan” is now available to players who pre-order Shadow of Revan by December 1st, 2014.
  • All Stronghold Commanders are now level 60.
  • Medical Droids on the Fleets have been newly stocked with level 50+ Med Packs and Stims.
  • Elder Game Weekly and Daily Missions have had their objectives and rewards updated for Shadow of Revan:
    • “[WEEKLY] Tactical Flashpoints” has been updated to level 60 and rewards players for completing Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi.
    • “[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts” has been updated to level 60, and offers Elite Commendations for completing level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints.
    • “[WEEKLY] Classic Operations” is now completed by finishing Terror from Beyond, Scum and Villainy, The Dread Fortress, or The Dread Palace, and is available from levels 55-60.
    • “[WEEKLY] The Ravagers” and “[WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice” are available from new terminals on Rishi, Yavin 4 and either Fleet, and reward Ultimate Commendations for completing the two new Operations in any mode.
  • Players can now send 6 Companions on Crafting Missions at level 56 (up from 5).
  • Expert Crew Skill Training is now available on all Crew Skill Trainers. This allows players to advance to 500 Skill Rating, and requires 440 Skill Rating to learn. Only accounts that have access to Shadow of Revan can acquire this Training.
  • Advanced Crew Skill Training now requires 390 Skill Rating (down from 400).
  • Players with AMD Radeon R9 200 video cards no longer have graphical corruption when using “High” Anti-Aliasing.
  • The back rooms on the Crew Deck of the Republic Guild Flagship no longer have inoperable Decoration Hooks.
  • Interacting with Missions next to a Priority Mission Terminal no longer causes the Missions GUI to close and the Priority Mission Terminal GUI to open.
  • The “Flashpoint Havoc” Conquest Event now includes the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint.
  • Addressed an issue with the Small Wall Hooks over the west door in the First Floor Hallway of the Dromund Kaas Stronghold that prohibited Trophy placement.
  • Tech and Ranged Resistances are now properly labeled in the Character GUI.
  • Med Centers on Oricon now have specific names.

Cartel Market

  • New Cartel Market items are viewable in Collections.
  • The Initiate’s Shadow Pack is now available for purchase in the Cartel Market.
  • The Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack is now available for purchase in the Cartel Market.
  • Balanced Combatant’s wrist attachment now appears correctly on Male Body Type 3.
  • The Austere City Bench is no longer misnamed as the Metropolitan Bench, and now appears correctly in the Decorations Window.

Classes + Combat

Introduction + Synopsis
While the Disciplines System is the major cornerstone of the changes coming to Classes and Combat (for more on the Discipline system, see our Dev Blog), we have also made adjustments outside of Disciplines that change combat on a global scale:

  • All classes now do less damage overall at Level 55 and gain that damage back as they get closer to 60.
  • Enemies Level 50 and below are now less difficult to defeat.
  • Operation-wide abilities have been given to every Advanced Class.
  • Player Damage over Time abilities (DoTs) can no longer be cleansed by another Player. They can, however, still be Purged by abilities such as Resilience/Force Shroud. DoTs inflicted by Enemy NPCs can still be Cleansed and Purged.
  • Most player-applied Crowd Control (CC) abilities can now be cleansed by another Player.
  • The cooldowns of abilities that Cleanse has been increased.
  • Abilities that Interrupt now have longer cooldowns.
  • Channeled abilities are no longer affected by pushback, but can still be stopped by Interrupts or Stuns.
  • Channeled abilities now consume resources every time the Ability deals – or would deal – damage or healing, and does not have an upfront resource cost.
  • All Accuracy-increasing abilities have been removed.
  • Accuracy Rating grants more Accuracy per point.
  • Tank classes in the appropriate Tank stance get 10% Accuracy at the cost of a decrease in damage dealt.
  • Alacrity has been reworked, and now speeds up Ability Activation, Global Cooldown, Resource Regeneration, DoTs (the speed that damage is dealt as well as the duration), and reduces Internal Cooldowns on certain passive abilities.
  • Many new Interface options, including Effect Procs, moveable Player Buffs/Debuffs, and Effect Highlighting. See the GUI Section for more details.
  • Most player-activated abilities now have a 270 degree Line of Sight (up from 180).
  • All AoE healing abilities now prioritize the target with the lowest health percentage first.

Combat Change Philosophy
Leading up to 3.0, we knew we wanted to make changes to how we handled customization and choice, as we felt like the tree-based Skill System lead to many problems, including the loss of class identity, uneven power gains, and overly complex rotations. While we wanted to maintain the feeling of progression and gain that this system provided during the leveling process, we wanted to move past the tree-based system. This lead to the introduction of Disciplines, which you can read all about here. Given this chance to reimagine how combat and classes work in The Old Republic, there were also some changes we wanted to make on a more global scale in order to address some concerns and feedback.

Damage + Health
Towards the end of the 2.0 patch cycle, classes began to exceed the baseline damage values that we intended. In order to get back to where we wanted the damage output to be, we are lowering the damage output across the board. Players at level 55 will find that their damage has dropped, while players at level 60 end up having about the same amount of damage output that they did pre-3.0 at 55.

In a similar fashion, we weren’t happy with how long it took to level from 1 to 55 in the pre-3.0 game. In order to speed up the low-level game, all enemies from level 50 and lower are no longer as tough, and now die faster.

Operation-Wide Abilities
With the release of Game Update 3.0, Operation-wide abilities have been given to every Advanced Class. This change was made in order to address the idea that you had to have a Sentinel/Marauder in your Operations group in order to be at the best that you could be. These new abilities stack with each other, but not with themselves, and include defensive and offensive abilities. These abilities also ensure that any Operation group composition is well equipped to tackle what’s ahead of them, even if they don’t have a specific class available.

DoTs, Interrupts, and Channels
In order to make Damage-over-Time Disciplines more viable in Warzones and Warzone Arenas, player DoTs can no longer be cleansed. They can, however, be purged by self-targeted abilities such as Force Shroud/Resilience. DoTs inflicted by Enemy NPCs can still be both cleansed and purged. In order to make cleansing abilities more viable after losing a major component of its functionality, cleanses can now be used to remove Crowd Control (CC) abilities, such as stuns and roots.

Interrupts now have a longer cooldown, as we want players making informed, tactical choices when choosing what to interrupt instead of indiscriminately interrupting everything possible.

Channeled abilities now cost resources at the intervals when damage or healing would be dealt, instead of costing the full amount at activation. This is mostly a quality of life change, as players would spend a large chunk of resources and get interrupted, pushed backed, stunned, etc. and lose those resources. Additionally, channeled abilities can no longer be pushed back. They can, however, still be interrupted with interrupting abilities and stuns.

Stat Changes
Accuracy skills have been removed from the game, and Accuracy is now a gearing consideration only. Additionally, Accuracy Rating now gives more Accuracy per point. Tank Classes now gain 10% Accuracy for being in the appropriate “Tank Stance,” but lose some damage. This change was made in response to their being no counter-play to Taunts in PvP – it was simply a damage reduction with no recourse for those afflicted by it.

Alacrity now speeds up ability activation, speeds up global cooldowns, resource regeneration, Duration of DoTs (DoTs deal the same amount of damage, but faster), and reduces internal cooldowns. This change was to make Alacrity more useful as it now always makes you faster, and eliminates situations where Alacrity could actually be disruptive to your rotation or resources.

Augments now interact with the Bolster system. Like other slots, Players with low level (or no) Augments will be given some stat compensation to bring them up to a more competitive level. Higher rating Augments still have an advantage over these Augment slots.

Due to Augments now being handled inside the Bolster system, the power gap between the Bolstered level of stats and the high end PvP gear (disregarding any Augments attached) has been increased slightly. The “worst case” to “best case” power gap remains the same.

Class Changes

Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior
Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors will notice that Riposte/Retaliation is now specific to the Guardian and Juggernaut Advanced Classes instead of being an ability that all Knights and Warriors get. This change was made due to Sentinel and Marauder Disciplines not supporting the effective use of Riposte and, barring fringe cases, Riposte was a poor use of Focus/Rage. Guardians and Juggernauts will find that the new Riposte is part of the Global Cooldown, deals more damage and consumes less Focus/Rage than Slash/Vicious Slash. Sentinels and Marauders will also notice that Crippling Throw/Deadly Throw has been removed, but the healing received debuff it applied has been added to Crippling Slash. For further changes, see below:

Sentinel and Marauder
Guardian and Juggernaut

Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor
The most substantial Base Class change for Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors is that Force Potency/Recklessness now affected numerous channeled abilities instead of just one. Sages and Sorcerers will find that a few abilities that used to go to all Shadows and Sages have been moved into specific Disciplines, but Rejuvenation/Resurgence is now available to all. Shadows and Assassins have received a few quality of life improvements, such as Force Cloak no longer inhibiting healing while active. Additionally, Whirling Blow/Lacerate has been adjusted in order to make it more viable in a rotation. For further changes, see below:

Shadow and Assassin
Sage and Sorcerer

Smuggler/Imperial Agent
The Smuggler and Imperial Agent Base Classes have been refined, and a few abilities have been moved out of the Base Class and into appropriate Disciplines. Gunslingers and Snipers will likely first notice that being in cover is no longer a requirement for many of the abilities that previously required it, but also that being in cover is advantageous. Scoundrels and Operatives will find that they have more survivability with the inclusion of an instant activation heal and gaining Scamper/Exfiltrate earlier in the game. For further changes, see below:

Scoundrel and Operative
Gunslinger and Sniper

Trooper/Bounty Hunter
Troopers and Bounty Hunters will find that their resource costs have been adjusted in order to make resources more manageable, and that the order that abilities are received has been streamlined to allow for easier leveling and earlier access to tanking and healing abilities, depending on Discipline. Additionally, Diversion/Chaff Flare is now just for Commandos/Mercenaries, while Vanguards/Powertechs can reduce their threat with Sonic Round/Missile while Ion Cell/Gas Cylinder is not active, but it continues to be an area taunt while Ion Cell/Gas Cylinder is active. For further changes, see below:

Commando and Mercenary
Vanguard and Powertech

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Blood Hunt has been added to the Tactical Flashpoint category for levels 56-60.
  • Battle of Rishi has been added to the Tactical Flashpoint category for levels 56-60.
  • Assault on Tython has been added to the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • Korriban Incursion has been added to the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • The Depth of Manaan has been added to the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • Legacy of the Rakata has been added to the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.
  • The Ravagers has been added to the Operations category at level 60.
  • Temple of Sacrifice has been added to the Operations category at level 60.
  • The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint now properly grants the Codex Entry for C2-D4.


  • New GUI Element: Effect Procs! An eye-catching visual effect is now played around hotbar buttons when the ability in that button has been "powered up" by another effect.
  • The Player Buff and Player Debuff trays have been removed from the Player Frame and have been moved into new, separate frames that are moveable in the Interface Editor.
  • New Option: Show Personal/Group Mission Progress! This option has been added to the User Interface section of the Preferences Window. When enabled, Mission progress will be shown in the large tooltip when placing your cursor over an object in-game that is involved with a Mission the player/group member is on.
  • New Option: Highlight Effects! This option allows the user to enable effect highlighting, which adds a border to buff and debuff icons.
  • New Option: Effect Highlight Max Duration! This option allows the user to define the max duration of the effects they would like highlighted.
  • New Option: Personal Effects! Allows the user to enable personal sorting on the effects. If this option is selected it will separate the buffs into two lists apply the sort to those two lists then merge them back together displaying personal first.
  • New Option: Effect Sort Type! This option allows the user to define the sort for the selected frame, and has been added to the Player Buff, Player Debuff, Target, and Focus Target Frames:
    • Apply Time: This option sorts the effects by the time they were applied. This is the most similar to how effects are currently sorted.
    • Total Duration: This option sorts effects by the total duration of the effect.
    • Time Remaining: This option sorts the effects by the time remaining until they are finished.

Missions + NPCs

  • Corrected an issue that caused certain Companions to grant more bonus stats than intended.


  • A PVP Mission Turn in Terminal has been added to the Southern base in Ancient Hypergates.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

171 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 3.0 Patch Notes”

Man, it’s gonna be a long(er) day at work for me… can’t wait to get home, patch, and then play (doing solo Forged Alliances first, of course)!

Boot up and open the launcher before you leave for work so it’ll be patched and ready to go when you get home. That’s what I usually do anyway.

“PVP Mission Turn in Terminal has been added to the Southern base in Ancient Hypergates”

Christmas come early!!!

Missions + NPCs

Corrected an issue that caused certain Companions to grant more bonus stats than intended.


“In honor of the upcoming 3rd Anniversary, all players can purchase the Dromund Kaas and Coruscant Strongholds for 3 credits!”
I almost went through the roof in a bit of rage reading that. So much money I spent buying them and now everyone gets them for free. Yeah, I’m sure they will still need to unlock the majority of the place but still, this is huge. As for the rest of us, who already own these places, well have to wait and see if they plan on rewarding us with anything for the 3rd Anniversary.

Anyone know how much it is going to cost to get the new tier of crew skills??? It was 10,000 creds last time, so I was thinking 20,000 this time, but I’m not sure…

It seems casual players have lost access to efficient Ultimate Comm acquisition through Group Finder HM FPs. Hope I’m wrong, because running FPs is a blast compared to slogging through Ops.

Even solo players or people just doing flashpoints want to have the best gear possible so that they may complete their missions faster. Dailies go much faster with higher rated gear.

But why should none raiders have access to raid level gear?? Maybe I’m old fashioned in this sense but I have always believed in mmo if you want bis gear you have to do the same content as others to do them

Fair enough but unless I miss read what solo ment with best gear possible it sounded like he was referring to bis raid gear

Vader said, “why do you need better gear”, to which I said, better = faster.

I’m not trying to say anyone or everyone should be entitled to the top tier of gear. But I like the idea of being able to continue to improve my gear while playing solo. Alternative ways to get better gear that still allows me to play non-operation level content is just something I would prefer. I don’t mind working three or four times as hard or long to get it. I think people should be rewarded for grouping by getting their gear improvements faster than those who choose to play solo.

How are raiders hurt by having alternative ways to get better gear? Before 3.0 players could do weeklies to slowly build up ultimate commendations. How does this detract from a raider’s game-play experience?

Maybe I just want one nice toon that I can brag about, acknowledging that I’ll never have BiS stuff because I don’t raid. When BW let there be Ultimate comms for HM FPs through group finder, it was awesome. I was decked out and felt like I hadn’t been overlooked because I prefer to avoid Ops.

Now, it goes back to the way it used to be and that kinda sucks. I’ll still grind out FPs to get new Elite gear, and hopefully the Ults will come back to FPs one day, but limiting Ult comms to Ops again feels like a step back. Moreover, putting Ults in FPs meant higher-calibre players still hung out in the group finder que, offering their skill and experience to newer players and being rewarded for doing so. I though it was a great idea.

Like the Gree, maybe the Ults will return to FPs some day in the future.

How so? Aren’t you gonna get Ultimate comms by completing lvl 60 HM FPs now? Which will be tactical, so it will actually be faster to pop

John, that is incorrect. Those Ops are now ‘classic’ and will only award, Basic and Elite coms now.

As far as I can see the ONLY way to get Ultimate comms is to do the two new Ops at lvl 60…

That is current as of today. We will see the rewards tomorrow. They stated Ultimate for the two new ops.not classic Ops…

seems unlikely they would remove it as it would discourage people completing the older ops but yes we will know for sure tomorrow

Since they mentioned the other changes in rewards, I doubt that the Classic Ops weekly is gonna change, regarding the rewards of course. I guess we’ll see tomorrow then. I hope they still give Ultimate comms, since with the nerfing of the DPS, DF and DP are still gonna be a lot more challenging than TFB and SnV.

Turns out that [WEEKLY] Classic Operations gives Ultimate comms, but so does the [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts too after all, so people can actually do Flashpoints and get geared up as well (though extremely slowly)

Yes, I logged on this morning. Galactic Weekly was 12 Ulti comms, Weekly classic Ops was 10 utli, and tactical weekly was 3 or 4 ulti as well.

Based on the amount of time they were available (basically no time at all) I think that was just BioWare’s way of giving casual players a means of grinding for gear BEFORE the expansion, rather than after it. Maybe it will be returned around 3.8, but it’s just being returned to normal.

“New Hard Mode Flashpoints! Level 60 Hard Mode versions of Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, Depths of Manaan, and the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoints are now available!”

About time!

with the exception of what’s been shown on the site so far not likely as people are still under the NDA…im sure dulfy already has pages of content ready to go once xpac drops

Thanks. Well that’s ugly. I guess they won’t change the you have to pay real money for the best looking armour then. Either that or extortionate amount of creds

Dulfy, will you have guides for uh, the new hard-mode flashpoints up tomorrow? I have run the tactical versions several times and can see the horror of what Hard modes ‘could’ be and figured you would already have something written…

So, Operative healing got a nerf? I see Bioware still is listening to the whiners. Are the other “improvements” worth a damn, or does this class suck even more?

too early to tell but imo it was overpowered…i run a operative and sorc healer endgame. the operative is what i play when im feeling lazy . love them both however…. i wish they would up other classes to bring them in line( like the pvp based sorc changes in the last few months)instead of nerfing a class

I play a merc healer and in no way was my operative healer overpowered in PvE content by comparison.

Dulfy, are you going to update the PVE class guides for 3.0? I mean, when you have an idea how the new rotations and procs work, ofc

“all enemies from level 50 and lower are no longer as tough, and now die faster.”

Just as I thought: dailies will now be more annoying to solo. I guess we’ll see how much the damage nerf affects it.

If damage at 60 is the same or just slightly higher than 55, I wouldn’t say that. Consider again ones like BH are going to be ten levels below you, so other base stats will certainly have an effect on that.

Best thing about 3.0… PvP mission terminal at South base of Hypergate. Hands down, no discussion. Thank you BW!

I disagree. It’s clearly this one:
“Corrected an issue that caused certain Companions to grant more bonus stats than intended.”
Risha was making my scoundrel heals overpowered.

Is Bioware keeping information pertaining to new armor sets/vehicles/vendor items and the new Shadow cartel packs secret until the game is patched? I ask because Dulfy usually has previews for such things weeks, if not months in advance. Here there are new packs and all kinds of things on deck and Dulfy seems to have no intel on them.

When you get your own tribute in game you become more legally bound to it. As people already said, Non-Disclosure Agreement is something that shouldn’t be lightly taken. From simple game ban all the way to the court of law… She already said that she has been contacted by Bioware when she put calculator from miner guy with more classes that they have already streamed, thus she cannot get all the stuff on the website due to NDA… Besides, its going to be live within 8-9 hours, so go watch some movie, bone some chicks (or guys), read a book, give your dog a bath or whatever to pass the time…

Wait, so we won’t be able to do the Forged Alliance tactical flashpoints anymore if we don’t have expansion? That’s kind of unfair, because that’s prelude not the actual expansion content. I hope they kept regular AND HM mode.

No need to hope, these flashpoints will exist in both tactical and hardmode. Why are you inferring that you won’t be able to do the tactical versions unless you paid for the expansion?

Because it isn’t like KDY where you can queue at any level. You can queue for the tactical versions at levels 56-60, meaning you cannot do them if you don’t have the expansion.

Unless I’m missing something here?

56-60 will have access to the two new tactical flashpoints while 55s will have access to the same tactical flashpoints they had access to prior to 3.0.

Woops, my mistake. That’s what I get when sleep deprivation sets in…

I must have read two lines at the same time and gotten them all mixed up *shrug*

So am I reading this correctly that the new story content for 3.0 can’t be unlocked until you’ve completed the entire current (2.9) Forged Alliances storyline?

no the only thing that you need to complete is chapter 3 and thats only if you want to see your class specific mission

Its only for those that want the story immersion before jumping into new content. Instead of them looking for party they can just solo them themselves.

wow they didn’t forget about pvp’ers in this patch. it’s just one line, but at least they did someting for pvp. now nerf concealment for the love of god!!111eleven!

Which is good, as you would be able to either solo them or 2 man it with high chance of deco drops within… I have been farming Directive 7 for quite some time now, meaning that you will probably be able to farm this one as well (at least to some point…)

All of them have mechanics that you can’t solo (pylon puzzle, fabricator puzzle, mine field), but 2-man runs should be possible. I’ve done some four-man EV NiM runs for decorations already, at 60 I expect two will suffice.

Well, with the global damage nerf, lvl new 60 = old 55 (more or less) so lvl 55 content will be roughly as difficult as it was before 3.0 Honestly I don’t understand what that means for lvl 60 content then.

Don’t forget that the level gap also makes a huge difference, opponents who are 10 levels lower pretty much have a 0% hit rate, so even if the bosses take a while to kill or even enrage, you’ll be practically immune to them at level 60.

Can someone confirm this? They’re not mentioned in the patch notes, but EV (on a superficial level of design and mechs) remains my favourite Op, so it’d be nice if it’s still a viable FP option.

will there be any guides put up to help us figure out the best way to go in the new disiplines? such as the guides currently available for skill trees

The current guides should be good for a while still because while they talk about the talents you should take they focus more on “how to” use those abilities in a rotation.
The Disciplines didn’t really change anything other than the order in which you would normally receive the talents (if you were speccing fully into a specific tree which is what the guides cover anyway). Since the talents will be the same, the rotation will be the same so the guides will still be useful.
The only real thing that has changed with the introduction of the Discipline system is that now you will have access to utility talents that previously would have been “out of reach” in another tree.

imho the disciplines are so easy (and mostly useless) that no special guide is required. Bye hybrid builds 🙁 bye bye freedom of character advancement…

The Vanguard + Powertech ones are pretty much ready, just waiting for official release. There is a small amount of info that is needed still though – Such as the new accuracy requirement for 100/110%, and getting my VG and PT to 60 for the video’s purposes.

Speaking of which, soon as I can find out how to PM through this (or when I get up in the morning after the SWTOR website is back up), ill get you the links to the google docs with the guides Dulfy

“Disciplines System replaces the current Skill Tree system while offering a WIDER ARRAY of IMPACTFUL utility CHOICES.”

Made me laugh… made my day. Doesn’t matter really if one likes disciplines or not, the statement above is a plain lie.

im the same i think. i wish they kept the old trees i couldnt stand it when wow did the change. it allows for specs to be too much the same (the old cookie cutter argument)

Whether you like it or not that’s EXACTLY how it worked when WoW did it.

Everyone who knows anything about the ability trees knows that there is exactly one optimal set of choices for about 95% of the tree and any other choice is just wrong. You have maybe 3 or 4 points left over after you take all the necessary “choices” that are usually really boring crap like “add 3% damage to this ability” or “add 2% accuracy”. If those things aren’t optional then the only reason to have them there is to trip up inexperienced players who might take the wrong choice so that elitists can sneer at how dumb they are. So why not bake those compulsory “choices” into the spec and then have more interesting things to actually choose between?

I’ll need to play about with the discipline system – but I found the WoW system a lot more engaging after they did it. In theirs there are about five tiers each with three options and you get to pick one. The thing about that system was that a lot of the time I really had to agonise in a way I wasn’t used to over those choices – I often wanted all three of those choices and always wanted at least two. And because they were all situationally useful (things like having a cone AoE versus a targetable but slightly weaker one versus a more powerful one with a longer CD) then I ended up changing specs a LOT more than before when I looked up a website, found the “right” spec and didn’t touch my talent trees again until the next patch changed something.

I don’t know why people have this idea that something is better or “less casual” just because it’s a bigger number. Assigning 40 or 50 points to a tree because some website has mathematically worked out the optimal way to assign those points is NOT more “hardcore” than having to decide for yourself which of a smaller set of abilities are better suited to a particular fight on a case-by-case basis.

totally correct, Im really looking forward to the IMPACTFUL CHOICE that utilities is going to provide to my infil shadow rather than shoehorning me to an exact point spread or be suboptimal.

It’s all about simplicity and Bioware has always had a hardon for hybrid specs since beta. Wasn’t surprising that a final nail would be hammered.

So they nerfed tank damage even more for the sake of PVP. But did they consider that it will now be even harder to hold aggro in PVE due to the change? It’s been too hard to do so as it was, and now? I hate how PVP nerfs always hit PVEers hardest and vice-versa.
They should have taken 3.0 as a chance to split PVP and PVE disciplines. When you PVP, the PVP discipline tree (auto-swiching to corresponding toolbars working like the cover toolbar) becomes active, and when you PVE, the PVE one does. That way you could balance PVP and PVE individually without adversely affecting one another and you could provide a better balance in both the long run.

Also, since interrupts are now on longer cooldowns, does that also mean NPCs won’t spam the same ability as often? Especially when levelling, having the interrupt on the cooldown it had has been vital with many NPCs and bosses.

Also, nerfing 55 players just to bring them up again at 60 seems like a joke.

They add more and more “tactical” and “role neutral” stuff to game, because there are not enough tanks. At the same time, they do not seem to care how hard is to keep aggro for average player trying to tank PVE. An awful lot of people abandoned their tanks because of that, switching to DPS class and then whining about long queue times…

They decreased base damage for tanks, but also gave them an extra 10% accuracy (i.e. +10% damage)… it balances out. Tanks aren’t any worse off than they were before, it’s just a removal of RNG while simultaneously nerfing dps ability to taunt in pvp.

Hm, not sure I agree. You could notice the jump in damage from 50 to 55. Hell replacing a 69 hilt or barrel with a 72 even showed clear results.

I actually transfered and finishing leveling a character from 48-60 on PTS during testing. I’m an above average player with pre nerf 5/5 Dread Fortress + Timed run under my belt too though. So, non average or below average players might notice a difference. But if you are decent and know your rotations and are an overall skilled player, you wont notice a difference.

If establishing threat is a problem for you, you need to practice on your threat generation and rotations.

Otherwise, I agree. The nerf to damage just to bring us back to effective level of 55 at 60 is stupid. I wish I could slap the guy who thought that was a bright idea.

Hey Dulfy — Love the site. I was interested — I know that usually we get a glimpse at upcoming sets, mounts, ect. that are in the next packs. It appears we’re not so privileged this time round and I was wondering if you might be able to speculate for us as to the focus of the incoming packs just off the titles? Also, do you figure we’ll keep seeing Stronghold decorations in packs, or something entirely new? Much appreciated!

I believe decorations in packs are here to stay. Every pack from now on is bound to have them.
As for a peek at what is in them, if I’ve read the patch notes correctly, it will be possible to preview the new items in collections. We’ll just have to wait a few hours for the servers to be back online =)

Does anyone knows where the new gear vendors will be located? Will they stick one on the Fleet, next to Makeb Vendor, or will they be on the new planets?

Probably the fleet when the coms vendors are because all the old vendors are being moved for new ones to take there place.

The old stuff is on fleet near the makeb vendor in Supplies. The new stuff is right where the old stuff was. 3.0 story line is amazing, you folks are going to enjoy it 🙂

Just about everything is titilating except the bs about damage. All they had to do was add more health to mobs, it’s not that hard to negate it. Getting to level 60 should feel like a true-forward progression and not a strafing one. It’s just dumb, being level 60 and fighting like you’re 55… incredibly stupid.

Yeah, I’m hoping it won’t end up being as dramatic as it’s being made out to be but already people are planning new ops groups without operatives/scoundrels and it makes me sad.

More HP = more time to kill a mob, no thank you! (Especially tanks and healers would be “happy” to see it, and even below mentioned for them would mean nothing.)
Or you were thinking, “lets increase dps even more, it doesn’t matter it breaches designed target limits already, lets make even a bigger gap between levels”..?

I don’t see what it’s going to change really except keep parsing numbers low. Old content will still get easier at 60. The problem with games like this is balancing progression without letting it get out of hand like WoW did.

old content should be easier due to the damage reduction with the level gap..easier on heals… missed an interrupt on hm draxxus no worries you healers can heal through now(maybe… lol havent had a chance to play any of the old stuff with a 60 yet)

It is not as hard killing mobs as you are letting on. I ran through both planets in full 192 gear and most of it was cake, except one guy on Yavin who was obviously supposed to be hard to solo. I ran through both flashpoints alone as well, and they were easy.

I have an issue. my game doesnt even start to patch. I enter loging details and can push button play and get into game. Of corse servers are offline atm but 3gb patch and it doesnt even start?

I started patching at about a quarter to 6 est and just finished about 10 minutes ago, so it should be starting for everybody. Not just me.

Ok, guess I’m wrong. I’ve never patched before maintenance is over. Just seems unwise to do so. 3 hours is a long time though.

Personally, I just follow their twitter feed. They’ll post there when the servers are back up.

Edit: Logged in, just in case. Servers still down.

They’re aiming at just over 4k in full optimized 198 gear (60 HM gear). We’ll have to see if that’s actually what happens, or if they’ve still underestimated the amount of rotation optimizing players can do.

I personally don’t like the idea of having to grind the latest hm set to reach a target I already hit before. If you’re doing 4k in 186 @60 that’s acceptable but to require 198 to hit numbers you were yesterday is a huge slap in the face for anyone who strives to better themselves.

im wondering whats with us who bought shadow of revan after 2nd of november? we r not getting shadow of revan now, so 1 week we cant lvl up to 60? and our dmg is now at 50 level or what?? how should i play… 😛

I also pre-ordered two days too late and I wonder how well I will be able to solo Oricron with my Guardian this evening after the dps and interrupt CD nerf …

Damn, I even lost one of my best DPS talents, because they moved Keening to lvl 56.

I just went through the notes again….it is nothing but war zones and pvp. the term PVE never makes an appearance. EVER.

It seemed to me that was the whole intention of jacking with the skill trees into Diciplines. The PVE’rs had no problems running Flashpoints and Ops. It looked more geared to balance out the PVP combat.

I see a lot of people in the forums saying “I still like scoundrel heals or operative heals were nerfed into oblivion”. Folks I urge you to stop these comments. The more you say these changes barely affected you the more likely they will keep nerfing you. Just give them what they want and say scoundrel/operative sucks now and your world is over.

Don’t tell them scoundrel/operative is still okay to play.

Official launch was Dec. 20, 2011 (early access started on Dec. 11, 2011). So it’s doubtful that we’d see that vendor before next Tuesday’s update as we haven’t reached the 3rd anniversary yet.

Hi people.First time posting on this site.By the way Dulfy your reports and info is always thorough and appreciated.My question is this.I noticed when I first started the the new expansion that the Sith Marauder is missing commendation gear on the fleet.There is only Pummeler and Bulwark.Also,those classes based on cunning only have two choices as well Is this intentional or a glitch can someone explain or point me to a link that states why thank you?

hurray they dummed down the game to a point where u think have a choise while costumizing ure char , while infact u dont … and put some prety lights for ppl to press on the skill bar, so they press them and feel good about it ( even if it means ure not doing a rotation at all ) , meanwhile breaking rotations/builds

o yeah i loved the hole , overly complicated rotations chat on that txt, devs are calling the playerbase dumb as a brik and the playerbase responds by acepting it with a smile…..

and yes i quit the game , lasted 10 min once i saw what they did i just unistalled it.

and i was looking forward to the new content ( story ) and more sp to use as well

You played for 10 minutes than immediately uninstalled the game..? You expect us to believe that? You’re posting on a fan website of the game, and saying you’ve played for a total of 10 minutes. You’re grammar leads me to believe you’re just an upset 12 year old because your class is slightly less strong after this update.

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