SWTOR 3.0 New Ability Animations

SWTOR Patch 3.0 new ability animations in video format.









  • Sage

    Can you write here the names of our white outfit which you have for sorcerer? thx

    • That’s Xoxaan’s armor set

      • Sage

        Thx and the name of the legs?

        • Ambitious warriors I think

  • Bob Bilbert

    Bludgeon is still using the wrong animation. It’s supposed to be with the scatter gun but instead it uses the blaster whip animation.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Is there a list somewhere that shows what abilities we lost and which ones replaced them?

  • Xorras

    Operative has the best animations

  • Rebitz

    I don’t think that an opertive shooting at the enemy with his rifle is a new animation. We had this before.

  • Lucas

    I think a lot of the new animations are boring and bland, doesn’t help that the sounds are kinda bland as well. Some exceptions though, like Vigilant Thrust(dat name)/Vengeful slam and Ion Storm. Subjective, but I would like to have kept Ion Pulse for the new Tactics spec(without gimping myself).

  • asher

    whyyy don t put some cool abilities to jedi shadoowww???whyyy???an energetic pulse or something??they are very boring!sage has better abilities!:((so sad…

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