Patch 3.0 SWTOR

SWTOR 3.0 New Artificer Dyes

SWTOR 3.0 new artificer dyes gallery. These dyes can all be acquired from your trainer and requires 450+ in Artifice.

Pale Gray and Dark Gray Dye Module


Pale Gray and Deep Orange Dye Module


Dark Green and Deep Red Dye Module


Deep Yellow and Deep Blue Dye Module


Medium Blue and Light Orange Dye Module


Medium Blue and White Dye Module


Dark Brown and Deep Blue Dye Module


Dark Red and Medium Purple Dye Module


Deep Brown and White Dye Module


Deep Purple and Light Yellow Dye Module


Black and Light Gray Dye Module


Black and Pale Yellow Dye Module


White and Medium Red Dye Module


White and Pale Green Dye Module


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23 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 New Artificer Dyes”

That black and light grey might hurt the black cartel dyes a fair bit. Many armour items have but a single or nearly a single dye effect, making it look full black. It’s great for those who are F2P and cannot access enough credits to purchase black dye.

Access enough credits? Paying 2mil+ for a single use dye is retarded. I think this is a great move for sanity purposes, but when you consider there are already several other dye kits with black as a primary or secondary color, which are also crafted by artifice, I find it highly unlikely this will have any real impact at all.

The problem with Black on Black Dye is it costs $20 real money, there’s no way it will ever go less that 2 mil, so long as it costs 2000 cartel coins.

FINALLY!!!! finally some decent dyes for artificers! GJ BW. this expansion is great. Was about to quit this game just because it bored me but amount of new, well done content is amazing.

Anyone know yet what level these dyes start at? I’m 450 and went to my trainer, but none were available yet. I’m guessing they start at 460?? I did get the expert training ( 50,000 credits to train )

That green and red is just in time for Christmas. I can dye my gear and ride around on my Sleigh 1. Now if they would only release an red-green crystal…..

Seriously? No Black and Dark Brown dye? Wonder why the devs are so hesitant to release it! I want it for my Grey Jedi!

It doesn’t exist. Primary black and Secondary Dark Brown dye doesn’t exist. Primary Black and Secondary Deep Brown also doesn’t exist for some reason even though Primary Deep Brown and Secondary Black exists. Most other color combinations have two variations, but Black and Brown does not.

maybe because the amouth of color combinations they could make is huge. with light, medium and dark versions and what is primary and what is secondary, make the list huge

Dulfy can you please tell us what is the gear that is used for this pictures ?? (practically bumping last comment) 🙂

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