SWTOR 3.0 New Mounts and Pets

A list of the new mounts and pets added with SWTOR Patch 3.0.


BA-2 Command Walker

  • Flashpoint: Assault on Tython
  • Flashpoint: Korriban Incursin
  • Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata


KX-7 Command Walker

  • Flashpoint: Assault on Tython
  • Flashpoint: Korriban Incursin
  • Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata


ST-7 Command Walker

  • Flashpoint: Battle of Rishi


Jungle Sleen

  • Completing Ravagers operation on any difficulty


Concordian Scout Craft

  • Operation; The Ravagers last boss on any difficulty.



Vectron Analyst

  • Crafted


Vectron Architect

  • Crafted

Vectron Archaeologist - FrontVectron Archaeologist - BackVectron Archaeologist - Side

Vectron Scavenger

  • Crafted


Vectron Slicer

  • Crafted



Force Hound

  • Flashpoint: Battle of Rishi



  • Flashpoint: Blood Hunt


Scarab Underwalker

  • Guaranteed drop from Revanite Captain on Yavin 4


  • Sivis

    Wooo walkers! πŸ˜€

    • Sibakero

      I’ll take free walkers anytime, thank you very much!

      • abaddonsmummy

        O god dont mention ‘FREE’.

        Check out the argument above πŸ˜›

  • p4v7

    Walkers for free. Nice.

    • Holyfrog

      They aren’t “free” you will have to win the roll.

      • Gazz

        The flashpoints are soloable, so yeah, they’re free πŸ˜›

        • Xorras

          No they are not.
          Solo is one-time only
          Nothing worth drops there.

        • Vodorlo

          The solo flashpoints only drop comms and gear on the last boss, nothing else. Tried it on different toons, always the same. The solo can only be done once per toon.

          So yea, not free.

      • p4v7

        Taking a roll costs you nothing, so it’s still free.

        • Holyfrog

          Free would be if it was given to you. These mounts aren’t given to you, you have to earn it. It’s not welfare.

          • Silver

            But with that attitude you could argue that nothing is free since you will always have to do something to get anything… Open something, go somewhere, do something… etc

            • Sadriel_Fett

              Yep…can’t get “welfare” unless you apply for it (roll for it).

  • Saratje

    Space Battleship Yamato? πŸ˜›

    • Infernus

      Wildstar and Venture reporting for duty

  • Temon

    Are the speeders that are labeled as “Crafted” like the GSI “crafted” speeders or are they made by cybertechs?

  • Oberst

    Since the walkers are labelled “Command” are they also only available to the members of guilds in control of a planet?

    • Jonathan Parker

      I hope not. As much as I like the Recon variant from the reputation, I want one with guns on it for my Commando, even if it just makes it look better.

  • Jonathan Parker

    I guess they’re giving each gathering skill a mount to craft? It’d be great if it wasn’t just a normal speeder with a gathering node strapped to the back of it, or if you could change the colors.

    • Guest1

      I think that only Cybertech can craft them, but the suited skill(Analyst probably needs Biochem) seems to have to give some materials. You need Biochem materials for that one I think.

  • dodgerfn

    Finally us crafter’s getting some love πŸ™‚

    • erruss

      if your cyber or artifice sure

  • Saks

    How do you craft the mounts miss Dulfy?

    • Cybertech with schematic from underworld I believe: http://dulfy.net/2014/11/03/swtor-3-0-new-crafting-mats-schematics/#Cybertech

      • Saks

        awesome, so only that profession πŸ™

      • Holyfrog

        Any idea where the schematics drop?

        • Underworld Trading

          • Sahach

            I got a Schematic from Diplomacy.

        • gamz247

          The speeder with the crystals is called the Vectron Archaeologist (not Architect), and is a reward from Treasure Hunting.

        • Shematics for the vectrons u can get through sclicing missions (credit boxes)

        • Dru Ilhares

          So far, I’ve gotten the schematics for each of them from related skills.
          Vectron Slicer = Slicing
          Vectron Archaeologist = Treasure Hunting (Artifice)
          Vectron Analyst = Diplomacy (Biochem)
          Vectron Scavenger = Underworld Trading (Cybertech/Armormech)
          I like them, for decorative purposes if nothing else. Would be neat if they’d added in something for Armstech (a crate of guns, perhaps?) or the others.

      • VicVader

        I received a schematic from slicing as well. I got the slicer mount.

        • Ben Gimson

          ^^Same here

  • Ian Galbraith

    Do the walkers drop on just hard mode flashpoints or tactical as well?

    • Menew

      there isnt HM yet

      • kingseven

        um yeah there is, the forged alliance flashpoints are level 60 hard modes

        • Yes unfortunately..already was spine breaking to do those lazy simple mode Forged Alliances Tac Fp’s & now they’re converted to Heroic Mode..Aargh Eaware i wanted actual new Hm Fp’s and not this. Also shame that actual 2x new Fp’s are lazy crap simple mode Fp’s :/ Also doing lazy simple crap Tac Fp’s give 4x best Comms now..Ty Eaware for keep simplifying this already simpilified to bottom Mmo :/

    • Vodorlo

      I would imagine just HM.

  • Bail

    Will I obtain Jungle Sleen if I chcecked solo option before defeating Revan?

    • MBFHL

      The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  • Sindariel

    Is the Jungle Sleen a drop or mission reward?

    • Mission reward from completing ravgers op. There is a crate to pick up the quest from at the entrance

  • Astyra

    Stoneray pet from hard mode or tactical? I haven’t done Blood Hunt yet so idk

    • Blood Hunt only has tactical mode

      • Astyra

        K thanks dulfy

  • Dormei

    Storm Carrier Mount : Isn’t that a drop from “Ravagers” ops ?

  • jozopucik

    There are no walkers droping in the HM fps πŸ™

  • Dominic98

    I did a Blood Hunt Tactical FP, no any kind of walker mounts…
    I also did HM Korriban Incurson and also, no any kind of walker mounts…
    So I am just wondering, in the 3.0 how can I get free walker mount? -.-“

    • Get Yavin rep to legend, then you can buy the reputation walker mounts for cheap

      • Corvus6

        The only frustrating thing is the ones that are supposed to drop from HM are the ones festooned with weapons. Which is cool.

        Frankly, the lack of any useful rewards from HM FPs makes running them a chore since the 192 gear has crap mods and enhancements, you only get one piece, and the bonus bosses drop nothing.

  • Dristan Young

    Does the Concordian Scout Craft drop 100% of the time?

  • Hunter Wray

    Are the Yavin 4 dailies only lvl 60 because I was 59 and couldn’t see any mission carriers

    • Bagern

      You must complete story on yavin.

  • Opowa

    So the ST-7 drops from a Fp/Raid now I thought CM items were supposed to be exclusive to items in game?

    • kingseven

      the cartel one is the st-7 recon walker, this one is the command version….

  • pink’ie

    Has anyone seen a new mount drop yet?

  • Vodorlo

    Has anyone confirmed that the walker mounts actually exist in-game?

    • lord potato

      Bitch, do you know more than Dulfy?

      • Vodorlo

        If I did, I wouldn’t be posting, would I?

        • The Watchmen

          over 30 runs of Battle of Rishi, have not seen the ST-7 Command Walker yet. Tons of Force Hounds though, almost a guaranteed drop it seems.

          • Vodorlo

            Yea, same with Blood Hunt, the Stoneray pet is a guaranteed drop too. Still haven’t seen any of the walkers that drop from HM flashpoints, so I think it’s a safe bet they’re not in-game yet.

  • Octavian

    I think the walkers from the Heroic Flashpoints are definitely rare. They also have to exist in-game.

  • TimeDeatH

    Confirmed someone has just put a BA-2 command walker on the gtn as of 3.0.2. They may be dropping now.

    • smoqy1

      There is a BA-2 Walker (on Shadowland) – but it’s a Recon Walker (Yavin Rep) not a Command Walker (FP Drop). Would the BA-2 Command Walker be sellable on the GTN or would it be bound?

      • TimeDeatH

        What I saw was on the Harbinger Republic faction (i could tell because i tried messaging the guy on my imperial and it wouldnt let me as an imp) and it was a BA-2 Command walker.

        • smoqy1

          Thanks for the news. I will keep running the FPs and if one drops for me, I will post.

  • Karl

    Don’t know if they were dropping before 3.0.2, but I just got a KX-7 Command Walker from HM Tython.

  • Thomas

    Manaan drops KX-7 Command Walker

  • TimeDeatH

    There they are!

  • TimeDeatH

    Confirmed: Walker will only drop on the bonus bosses.

    • Spruce Cycle

      Nope! Just got mine off of last boss in Korriban Incursion HM

      • K

        And I got mine off the last boss in Legacy of the Rakata, nice try though troll!

        • Spruce Cycle

          Y wlda I give a fuck where u got ur walker? U prolly didnt u fake ass bitch.

  • smoqy1

    So – to review what I’m reading here:
    1. Command Walkers are only dropping from Bonus Bosses (TimeDeatH). Anyone seen otherwise?
    2. Both BA-2 (republic) and KX-7 (imperial) Command Walkers are dropping from Manaan as well as the above stated FPs (Thomas)
    (note: Manaan is not included in the list of FPs above)
    3. Thomas – was this Manaan drop from the Bonus Boss?
    4. There has been no mention of ST-7 Command Walker. It is reported (above) to come from Battle of Rishi. Has anyone seen one yet? If not, could it be out of the loot table until HM comes?

    • Dariiem

      my BA-2 walker dropped from manaan-last boss, we skipped bonus

      • TimeDeatH

        I’ve only seen them drop from the bonus bosses, I may be wrong.

        • Spruce Cycle

          Ur wrong.

    • smoqy1

      FYI- someone replied to me on the forums that one of their guildies did get a ST-7 Command Walker out of the Battle of Rishi FP. This answers #4 above. It must be on a very rare drop rate because I’ve done the FP over 25 times and one of my guildies has done it over 30 times and neither of us have even SEEN it drop (back when the rare mount for Legacy of the Rakata was dropping the Aquatic Sleen, I believe you would see it about every 10 to 15 times you ran it – not the case for this Walker).

      • Thomas Ramskov LindstrΓΈm

        I can confirm this, it dropped for me in this fp, but I didnt get it.

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