Shadow Pack SWTOR

SWTOR Initiate’s and Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack Preview

SWTOR Initiate’s and Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack Preview. These items were released on Dec 2 with Shadow of Revan early access.



Stalker’s Armor Set




Eidolon’s Armor Set




Theron Shan’s Armor Set




Ventilated Scalene Armor Set




Revan Reborn Armor Set




Lana Beniko’s Armor Set




Silent Ghost’s Armor Set



Nefarious Bandit’s Armor Set




RH-32 Starforged Assault Cannon


RK-4 Starforged Blaster


YV-23 Starforged Blaster Rifle


DS-8 Starforged Sniper Rifle


Desolator’s Starforged Lightsaber


Desolator’s Starforged Dualsaber



Video of all mounts


Jewelled Orobird


Plateshadow Devourer


Amzab ZB-12


Czerka Commuter


Joko TZ-8


Skybreeze Cutter


Lergo LS-4



Bog Skarkla


Model SGS-41B Comet Breaker


Coastal Thranta



Title: Shadow Collector

Title: Shadow’s Pilgrim

Black and Medium Brown Dye Module

Light Blue and Deep Green Dye Module

Stronghold Label: Pirate’s Roost

Videos of Regen and emotes


Regen: Mind Trap


Emote: Traditional Dance/ Emote: Bottle Break


Color Crystal: Black-Pink


Color Crystal: Purple Black


Scorpio Customization 1


Akaavi Spar Customization 9




Holo Sign: Pirate Grog Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Imperial Medic Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Republic Medic Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Massassi Ceiling Light Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Lamppost Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Villager Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Rishi Wall Banner Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Floor Lamp Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Head Sculpture Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Temple Niche Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Yavin Tree Plot Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
Tree of Paradise Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

211 replies on “SWTOR Initiate’s and Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack Preview”

Chances are you won’t pay more than 10K for the SCORPIO customization, at most. She is not a highly used companion, and if the drop rate is anything like Sgt. Rusk or Bowdaar, there will be a surplus of these. Wait a week, you’ll be able to get it pretty cheaply, is my guess.

Good to know. Honestly, I would use Scorpio more but it was easier to have Kaliyo in decent gear than it was her so… Once that 12x character gets enough cash I’ll finish off cybertech and hopefully switch over using moddable droid armor – I really like the new customization!

Yes, after two shipments full of the ridiculously hideous cybernetics, we’re finally free of them! GOOD RIDDANCE!

Judging by the couple of packs I bought they seem to be mixed in as normal items, i.e. the one pack I had with a deco item it was that and an armor piece.

No, they were not. First off, there were only two big packs, while shipments are four big packs and one small. Shipments always have reputation that lets you buy things from the previous shipment. But most importantly, the Nightlife packs had significantly changed drop rates; drop rates of upper and supplementary armor parts as well the rarest mounts were OFFICIALLY much lower than usual. The walker and rancor are the two mounts with lowest drop rates ever. There are even sets where pants and boots are not marked Super Rare, but the rest is – that’s not seen in any shipment pack. In all these ways, they vary from the shipments. Also, Collections unlocks were significantly more expensive for the Nightlife packs than for other packs – official dev explanation was that these packs were to stand out from the rest as exclusive. Oh, and they were only available for a few days, during the Nightlife event, so that gives further reason why the rare things from those packs would not drop in price. 🙂

Again, it is an argument of semantics. You’re picking out my use of the word shipment instead of looking at the comment I made. I could have said “last few sets of packs” and it amounts to the same.

I’m sorry if I seem lecturing or rude; I was just trying to point out the exact reason why the walker was so expensive – because it was not in an ordinary shipment. That only strengthens your point, though – that with a bit of patience, the contents of this pack will drop in price. 🙂

OMG THRANTA PET! *Kermit flail*

THAT is the one that’s going to get godsawful expensive, right there.

Wait! The Theron and Lana armors are from a pack? They were listed as being Cartel Market armors. Not from a “pack”.
Can someone confirm they drop from a pack and are not on the Market to buy for CCs (still at work :P)?

Yup, they are Pack armours. I have to say that Lana dropped quite well, Theron slightly less so. That could be just me though.

Shame about Revan, just skirt, belt and mask out of 3 HCs.

Thanks for the info!
Hopefully the drop rate will be high enough that they will be at a reasonable price on the GTN.
Thanks again!

i got belt chest boots and gloves, 1 pink black, 1 black purple, full theron, all but lana chest. 3 jeweled oro, the hoverbike and a giant head deco out of 2 crates…sadly all i wanted was a plateshadow lol

Take al llok at the Cartel Market or the Appearance Desiner.

I don’t know if it is also found in the new packs.

It’s a direct purchase from the Cartel Market for 240cc, along with a male pompadour hairstyle and a pale eye customization for Sith purebloods (100cc). Account wide unlocks.

All those weapons look good, I like that aesthetic. I accept this as their apology for two years of Antique Socorro weapons.

I noticed there’s no Hypercrate for the Initiate’s Pack and Dulfy doesn’t differentiate between the two above. Is the Initiate Pack just a cheaper option of the Pilgrim’s since it contains less items?

The first pack of a shipment always comes in a big and a small versions. Only in shipment 2 and 3 did the small pack have a title the big didn’t. It’s always more profitable to buy one big packs than two small ones, unless you’re specifically after boosts, gifts and crafting materials. 🙂

I was able to get the full set within just a few packs so it shouldn’t be hard. I’m going to play around with the colors but it looks really nice.

I got 1 Hpercrate (so far) and did okay with some of the things I wanted but not good at all with any of the super rares. I did get the whole Stalker Armor but that’s the only whole set I got. No Revan armor at all. Half of both Lana and Theran’s armors and a couple pieces of the rest. Those new blasters are awesome and my Bounty Hunter looks great wielding them. Hopefully I can do better with my next crate.

I like the Stalker armor, perfect for my future Bounty Hunter. I like most of the armors, really, except the Eidolon and “Ventilated” (someone at Bioware really likes underboobs). I like the weapons as well, at least the sabers, pistol, and rifle. Once again, the cannon is too big and awkward, covered in parts that don’t make sense.

The Eidolon helmet looks like it will be great for my BH, who wears the collared Contractor chest piece. Most helmets clip the collar, this looks cool and hopefully won’t clip.

What?!? You DONT like underboobs?!?!? What are you a chick? Seriously though what underboobs are you talking about that piece is only a midriff not underboobs.

Please they flood the packs with these wait a few days and it will be between 4500 to 50000k on the GTN. The trick is to not wait to long so the supply doesn’t dry up and have the price increase.

Got to give it time. Just picked up one for 39k on Harbringer. Got to say this is the first customization from the packs that I think makes a companion look worse.

I have to say that this might be the best looking cartel pack they have ever released. All the armor sets look incredibly unique (except the ventilated scalene that just looks awful). And the star forged blaster pistol and rifle looks amazing.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my suggestions both in cartel market and the normal was listened! Here is the Revans Armor which is more similar to Kotor revan than that old one! + the Starforge lightsaber for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REvan returns!!!!!!! 😀

drop rates seem to be incredibly low. 4 crates and did not see a black pink crystal. 🙁 maybe someone wants to trade i got many orobirds and plateshadows. why i always get the same rare drops?

Got a pink black one from my first couple packs (power). Never got a purple in 2 hypercrates, which is the one I wanted. And only got that one pink.

Wow.. there’s actually some pretty good looking items in this pack.

That black/purple colour crystal is so damn nice.

And of course the revan one is extremely fucking rare. And not only this one. Most of the sets are impossible to collect unless you dump 1k $$$
What a joke.

You called them scam boxes in a reply to my earlier post and now you’re saying most of the sets are impossible to collect. Wow, whine much?? Seeing how I have (with just that 1 Hypercrate) most of all the armor, they can’t be that hard. Of course Revan is super rare and hard to get…why would anyone expect anything different?

Why make it that rare and force people to spend so much money and be frustrated? How is this cool and why the hell are u defending it? Disgusting.

How the hell is anyone forcing you to spend money? It’s your CHOICE. They give you the parameters and the information, and then you CHOOSE to spend all that money, because you want all the new goodies.

Holyfrog, you are a fucking idiot for calling me a communist. I just hate these business practices that are 1 step away from a pure scam.

EAWare you are an idiot for saying I called you a communist. I said no such thing. Not everyone in Cuba is a communist, just like not everyone in America is a capitalist. It just seems like you would be happier in a country where the government gives things to the citizens. You don’t seem to get the concept that the perpose of this game is to make money. If you find the business practices of EA so “disgusting” why do you condone their actions by playing their game? You sir are a hypocrite. But then again your name already tells us that.

… because the goal of the company is to make money for shareholders, not entertain us.
If people like some on the thread are willing to shell out 35$ per hypercrate to get a single set, then they’ll keep doing it.
If people decide that needing to spend 350$ for the whole set and get crap along with it and stop paying that price… then they might drop the price or increase odds.

>… because the goal of the company is to make money for shareholders, not entertain us.

In corporate america entertaining business does not entertain you. Absolutely disgusting if you believe that.

Um, it’s an ENTERTAINMENT company, so if their goal ISN’T to entertain us, then they don’t belong in the industry.

You might find that hard to believe, but you are in fact wrong. They only care if we’re entertained as long as we give them money. At least the people responsible for cash decisions are, the designers might care a little more.
Companies exist to make money, not to entertain. Entertainment is just the method they chose.

Dude do some dailies save up on credits and buy what u want off the GTN. I only buy cartel packs just to sell rare stuff on GTN if I get any rares I don’t want. Far better method than giving BioWare tons of cash trying to get items I “might not” get. I subscribe and bought the expansion. That’s all the cash they get from me unless I really want a pack for some reason

“force people to spend so much money”? DUDE! It’s VANITY ITEMS! No one’s forcing you! You don’t even have to pay to play the game!

Stalker set. Ghost set. Must have both. Got no CC. Got no money to get CC…………….
Diagnostic: severe brain damage due to frustration sustained.

Save up your credits (in-game cash) and buy on the GTN. It’s better than spending real money on Cartel Coins to roll the dice and hope you get the stuff you want. The down side to this? You will prob have to save over 1 mil credits

Haha! Got Bottle Break, it’s hilarious!
Sadly I didn’t get Lergo speeder, but I’ve got some Revan parts (head, legs, belt) I’ll sell those for a few millions each. I do like Revan’s set, but… I don’t want to wear one.

I bought 2 hypercrates. 1 crystal (indes), 1 revan BP, 1 orobird, 1 full set of scalene. 20 lightsaber hilts/cannons/rifles, 25 social boosts (kill me please) and the other assorted crap that no gives a shit about. All I wanted was the crystals.

When will I learn..

2 hypercrates and 3 packs, and I got 3 bird mounts, a Fton of decors, and only Revans chest. uggh. I wont stop till I have his full set, again. But I have to wait for my next paycheck.

4 Hypercreates, 3 Revan Chests, 1 helm, 1 lower robe, every mount but the new hoverbike one I want on the cover. 2 crystals, every single other armor set plus surplus extras. etc.

If folks like you stopped throwing money and what is obviously a con they might be forced to rethink their business model 🙁

That’s quite lucky! I’ve bought two hypercrates, got Revan’s lower robe, not a lot of armor, and only half of the mounts.

Did anyone actually get any Starforged Blasters, or Rishi Wall Banners? I got plenty of all the other weapons and decorations, but none of those two items, so I’m wondering if they made it into the pack.

The Rishi banner comes from the rep vendor. At least it is shown in the vendor rep post I haven’t played so I can say it is first hand knowledge.

TOR fashion lists two banners, one is large, that one comes from vendors, a smaller one comes from packs, if the info is accurate, I haven’t seen for myself.

Hey, finally a Scorpio customization!

Also, those RK-4 Starforged Blasters look like the laser gun from the old NES systems. I actually kind of like it. Duck Hunt, anyone?

Number of items you get. Content is the same, just less of a chance to pull for the cheaper pack (similar to the Stronghold packs).

Posted below, but I thought I would be nice and list it here (thanks to The Natroorat):

130 for small pack
250 for regular pack
5400 for HC

The description in the Cartel Market tells you what’s in it:
The small pack has ONE pack item (plus crafting materials, a companion gift, and a boost item).
The big packs have TWO pack items and a reputation item (plus crafting materials, a companion gift, and a boost item).

All the shipments consist of four big packs and one small pack. The small pack is a small version of the first of the four big packs. It drops the same items as that one, except the title and sometimes a few of the ultra rare items. You can check out exactly which ones in Collections. 🙂

im looking to trade for the Lana set, if anyone on the bastion is interested let me know. i have a black / pink eviscerating crystal, like 4 orobirds, a bottle break emote, traditional dance emote ,a thranta pet.

Some very nice stuff in this pack, but it seems incredibly hard to get anything complete from it.

One hypercrate down : 1 silent ghost set, 1/2 an eidolon one, some Benniko and Shan gloves, one Revan mask and lots of Decorations.

Mounts : nada (out of 24 packs,), one of each ranged weapon, one Aakaavi

Oddly enough I had the reverse problem. Got a full set of Lana, 3 mounts, 2 Revan pieces (lower robes and boots, whoop de do) and got a couple of complete sets. Who needs Vegas when you have Cartel packs I guess.

REALLY pissed about Revan Reborn being cartel. No way in hell I will be able to afford it now. I bought 9 packs and not even one piece. It should have been a rep or earnable armor set that was LEGACY BOUND!!!!!!!!!!

No, it should’t have. The last thing there needs to be is hundreds of Revans running around everywhere with names like Re’veeen, R’evvaann, R’e’v’a’n.

In a related note, I scored a Revan Reborn helmet that I will gladly sell you for 5 million creds! Time to grind some dailies my friend 😀

Don’t worry, there will be so much Revan looking armor throughout the expansion you’ll probably get sick of looking at it. I just want the chest piece, that robe/hood looks like Mask of the Phantasm or something.

Why should it be rep or earnable or LEGACY BOUND???????? Because you want it that way? You didn’t even give an argument as to why it should be that way. There is no reason it shouldn’t be like the original set.

Because it’d be nice to have in-game armour that isn’t a recolour of armour that we’ve had since launch? Most of the new armour (minus CM stuff, of course!) is just tweaked old armour. It’s pretty bad, especially for an ‘expansion’ :/

I’ll tell you why it can’t be either of those things. It’s a lore item in the most classical way. Incorporating it into the game as anything other than an aesthetic set would be lore-breaking.

Umm… you could easily afford a set if you just do some dailies during the time that everyone has the set on bind timers anyway…

2 hypercrates (I couldn’t resist I got sucked in) and what do I get TEN of that awful traditional dance emote. I have the worst luck.

I only got three in 2 hypercrates.

Got almost complete sets of both lana and theron sets though.
And most of the other sets too (no revan tho, which I’m fine with)

I really like the way the Revan grieves look. Otherwise, not a fan of capes in this game, but the set gives me a Batman kind of vibe.

If BioWare really wants to maximize profit they get rid of the packs and crates and just let you but the pieces of whatever it is you want. I bet they lose a lot of money because some people just sit on there massive pile of credits and then wait for it to hit GTN. Like me! WIN!

Eeeeh… they don’t lose any money because of that… they didn’t magically appear on the GTN you know… someone else bought them for real money and put them up for sale.

That is not maximizing profits. Let’s say Revans mask is going for 10 mil. If someone doesn’t have that kind of credit stash what do they do? They buy a crate hoping to get one. If they don’t they might buy another crate. Then they could sell the gear and buy the mask. They just spent 11000 CC or maybe more compared maybe 1000 – 1200 for the set. The packs are what really make the money.

Just got the Starforged blasters for my Merc. While being the best looking pistols ingame(to my taste) they unfortunatelay come with the worst blaster sound there is:P
Pity, It was sooo close to be perfect:(

They always do.
If they look awesome, they sound awful. That’s why I’m no longer excited by new nice looking blaster weapons.

Ugh, I was hoping they came with that harsh hammering sound, like the BBA Blaster Carbine or the Interceptor from Taris. But I’m not surprised, they love for their best-looking blasters to go tweet tweet tweet.

Wow… we have the exact opposite tastes it seems 🙂

Only goes to show there is no such thing as “ugly gear”.

These weapons are 100 times better than the junk we had to deal with from the last Cartel Pack shipment. I have 2 blasters on my merc and they look fabulous (sound is bleh, but most of the sounds for weapons in this game suck)

Yes, all shipments since shipment 2 do. Each shipment has its own reputation, and a vendor that sells items from the previous shipment (hence shipment 2 reputation can get you shipment 1 items, and so on). Each pack has a reputation item, which can be a small, medium, or large reputation token, or a Cartel Market Certificate.

Dulfy, you’re missing a dye and still a few decorations on the list. I got this in two hypercrates:
marked as super rare*

3 Black and Medium Brown Dye Module*

2 Imperial Medic (x2)*
2 Massassi Ceiling Light (x2)*
5 Republic Medic (x2)*
1 Rishi Lamppost (x4)*
3 Yavin Temple Niche*
5 Yavin Tree Plot (x2)*

2 Holo Sign: Pirate Grog (x4)
3 Rishi Wall Banner (x4)
1 Tree: Tree of Paradise (x2)
2 Yavin Floor Lamp (x4)

Shouldn’t the dye module be at the top of “misc” with the titles? ^^

Anyway, I updated my comment too. New stuff:

Stronghold Label: Pirate’s Roost*
Light Blue and Deep Green Dye Module
decoration: Rishi Villager

Was pleasantly surprised that the Theron and Lana armor sets weren’t that expensive on my server on the AH, despite the number of people here saying how rare they seemed to be. Also happy that the account unlock was only 60 for each.

opened 2 hypercrates. Had all but 2 pieces each of both sets.

Not a single revan though (not that I mind, it looks ugly)

Shit, that’s lucky! Good for you 😀
I think it should be referred to as a devourer, though, as there’s a beast in game called a Tarsarian Devourer. ^^

Try 4 hyper crates and only 1 plateshadow, 1 Reven lower robe, and 2 Revan boots. You sir need to buy a lotto ticket.

Hmm, still no videos of the animations and sounds of mounts?

I’m holding on to a few mounts waiting to see what they sound like.

I’ve already uploaded my videos of the blaster sounds, but I don’t want to “waste” some of the more expensive mounts by using them just to find out they suck (done that before)

Who cares about mount sounds? People who raid/ do rwz are too busy with TS to enable sound anyway. Only customization that matters is visual and even that not so much, in the end.

Why are you being a dick? He just said he cares about sounds. Maybe he doesn’t do raids or rwz. There was no reason for your comment.

People care about sound – especially if some idiot is firing some weird weapon right beside your character and one is wearing direction earphones.

@chakra : thanks (?) for taking all the joy out of the starforged blaster pistol….. (now I can sell mine).

True… I did make a thread about it on the forums but it’s being drowned out by all the “OMG I WANT MY CREDITS BACK” type threads.

Well I don’t do raids and I don’t do WZ’s so it matters to you.

I know this might come as a shock to you, but not everyone does stuff the same way you do, and not everyone is interested in the same things you are.

Anyone seen the large head decoration that’s shown on the pack picture? I noticed it looks like some of the head statues you find on Yavin 4, wondering if that’s a new center piece. Haven’t seen anything on the GTN yet.

I’d like to know about that too! The Yavin Temple Niche and Rishi Villager are the only decorations I think seem extraordinary – and they’re not that extraordinary. We really need a big decoration!

It took two days of bargaining and trades but I ended up with everything I wanted from this pack. The Plateshadow mounts movement is a bit stiff but it looks damn cool on my sage. Mind Trap and the bottle emote were definitely worth grabbing as well.

I was also surprised that Lana and Theron’s armors were the common loots here. But my trader was happy with the price he picked them both up for.

That was basically what the Ultimate set was back when there where only 50 levels; before 2.0 came out. Can’t remember the name, but I think it was removed from game along w/ some other end game gear a while back (like the tionese gear for example).

Love the new Operative “SPLINTER CELL” themed armors, one of the best armor sets I have seen, since the implemented cartel market.

Hmm… only criticism with this pack- the weapons (the pistol’s my main annoyance) sound like they fire freaking Gungan energy globes. Some of the earlier Cartel Pack weapons had the same sound. Cool look, but no chunky classic “pew pew!” Star Wars blaster sound, just “fa-doonk-doonk-doonk”. Sounds like either Gungan weapons or something that fires tennis balls. Hmm that idea is cool but I like my blasters going “PEW PEW PEW!” thanks 😉 But other than that they did a quite awesome job and I’m giving it both thumbs up.

LMAO Funniest thing I’ve heard someone complain about. Gun sounds??? SERIOUSLY?!! Ppl will complain about ANYTHING these days smh

If you’re a bounty hunter that has to hear it 24/7, uh yeah, it’s something to complain about you fucking mongoloid.

Obviously nobody noticed … the starfighter pet ist not a comet breaker but a quarrel gunship ….

and as I just saw while placing it’s deco many many pets and mounts have been vanished from the that char, too,
3.0 bug party still going on.
Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel and right in time for my winter vaccation from work … elite dangerous will be released soon. Hurray.

I like the look of the Skybreeze Cutter a lot, but I’m not sure I like it as a stand-up mount. It’s so big, it looks like there should be room on it to sit down, otherwise it’s just wasted space…

Releasing the Revan robes that should’ve been the fix for the first ones is yet another example upon thousands from BioWare Austin Studio’s massive list of lack of morality. The amount of Cash Shop items and quality being released to the amount offered from in game questing rewards etc. are about as immoral as you can get.

Rather than this game being about what MMORPG’s are known for, Here it is all about buy your way to rewards, and no questing required. Enter your blind faith in a Studio that cares less about Subscription satisfaction/meaning, and significantly more about items and features offered in their Cash Shop. Obviously not the way to run an MMORPG the way it was meant to.

So lazily, rather than fix their mistakes that brought them to their knees in the first place. They’re using fools to fill in that enormous gap of lost revenue they can never get otherwise.

Hello Corporate Commander! Your SWTOR game is still viewed as amateurish in design and in execution all around for an MMORPG in this day and age. I hear you want extra money for features and items that are already part of a Subscription for many many other legitimate AAA MMORPG’s. Why should I pay you extra on top of my Subscription for things I can get elsewhere that are already included? hmmm? That’s right. And thats why you can’t go out and play with the big boys. Cause you can’t compete.

Fix for the first ones? What are you talking about? The first one looks 100 times better than these Rags.

Actually, pretty much everything you are blabbering is so much bullsh*t that it#s hard to take.

You’re so fucking wrong it’s not even funny. Or have you totally missed how the PVE gear is ridiculously good? Uh….the Yavin gear that came with Revan?

Get the fuck outta here.

Hello, I am a first time player of this exciting game.
I would like to know, if I buy the pilgrim’s shadow pack, can I get all the stuff listed above?
I love the revan reborn armor set but I doubt that spending 5400 cartel coins can get all the rear of that set.
Can someone help me solve this doubt? THX~

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