Patch 3.0 SWTOR The Ravagers

SWTOR Master and Blaster Ravagers Operation Guide

SWTOR Master and Blaster Ravagers Operation Guide. Currently only storymode guide is available. Hardmode guide will be added shortly.



Basic Info

Gear Recommendation

  • 186 Dread Master gear is sufficient


  • Blaster: 2.47 mil (2472310)
  • Master: 108026


  • Unknown


  • 1x Unassembled Resurrected Offhand (192)
  • 1x Random Massassi gear (192, no set bonus)
  • 2x Exonium (crafting mat)
  • 4 Elite Commendations

Basic Overview

Phase Division

  • Phase 1: Blaster alone. The only mechanics you need to watch out here are the Resonate Explosive Probes and Thermite Rocket Mortar.
  • Phase 2: Master and Blaster. This phase showcase some of Master’s mechanics such as Fire Wheel of Death, Overpowered Ion Cutter, Rain of Pain
  • Phase 3: Triggered when Blaster starts to cast Rejiggering. Master will cast Ion Pulse Wave  while Blaster casts Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova.



Basic Mechanics

Mechanic Description
Ravager Ultra Scatterblast Frontal knockback on anyone caught in it. Knockback is moderate. Tank need to face boss away
Resonant Explosive Probes Explosives attached to 4 random raid members with varying duration. The explosives will explode pre-maturely and does a knockback if you step into someone else’s explosive circle.
Thermite Rocket Mortar Drastically reduce the amount of useable space by occupying them with giant orange circles. Stepping inside one won’t kill you right away but you will take a fair amount of damage. Makes it harder to avoid overlapping explosive probes.
Calling the Boss Activated at around ~54% of Blaster’s HP or about 1:10 into the fight. This will call in the Master Droid into the battlefield
Overpowered Deflection Shield This shield appears on either Blaster or Master, reducing incoming damage by 90%. This force you to attack the non-shielded droid.
Fire Wheel of Death Master Droid’s spinning fire attack, will follow the tank around, Melee need to beware.
Overpowered Ion Cutter Channeled beam that also applies a debuff that increase damage taken from the beam by 100% per stack. Can have another player stand in front of the tank to absorb some the stacks.
Rain of Pain Special attack from Master Droid. He will fly off and carpet bomb about half the platform. Run away from the red areas.
Ion Pulse Wave/
Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova
This is a frontal attack from Master that applies a beneficial debuff. The debuff will attach you in place, preventing from getting knocked off by Blaster’s Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova. 1 Tick of the frontal is enough to grant the debuff.
Self-Destruct Unfortunately you won’t get to kill both of the droids as they self-destruct at around 9%. Make sure you put your back against the wall as the knockback is pretty large.

Detailed Mechanics

Ravager Ultra Scatterblast

Ravager Ultra Scatterblast is a fairly large frontal knockback that is casted fairly often (9s CD). Tanks will need to face him away from rest of the group to prevent this knockback from cleaving the raid.


Resonant Explosive Probes

Four random players in the raid will get an explosive probe attached to them. These explosive probes lasts for different durations but will explode pre-maturely if two player’s probe circles overlap. In addition to the explosion, there is also a knockback component. The cooldown on this ability is around 25 seconds.


Thermite Rocket Mortar

This ability drastically reduce the amount of area you have available to fight Blaster. It will cover the platform with giant orange circles. The orange circles deals damage but not enough to kill you in 1-2 ticks like in hardmode. Nevertheless, you should not cross the orange circles unless you absolutely have to. This mechanic also increase the difficulty of Resonant Explosive Probes as you now have a much smaller space to work with.Tanks will also need to watch that they do not get knocked deep into the orange circles.


Calling the Boss

At around 54% or so, Blaster will call down Master Astromech Droid to trigger transition into phase 2. The offtank will need to grab the Master droid when it arrives.


Overpowered Deflection Shield

Both Blaster and Master have this shield ability that they switch back and forth. When this shield is active, they take 90% less damage so you are forced to attack the non shielded pair. To know which one of the pair is shielded, look for a blue shield around them or look it on the buff bar.


Fire Wheel of Death

This is one of Master’s attacks that is fairly deadly to melee. Anyone caught inside will receive a DoT that tocks for heavy elemental damage over time. Master Droid will follow the tank around when he does this spinning attack but if the tank have any movement increase abilities they might be able to reduce some of the damage.This attack has a cooldown of 32s.


Overpowered Ion Cutter

Channeled Beam attack  that not only deal damage but also apply a stacking debuff called Deepening Wound that increase the target’s damage taken from this particular attack by 100% per stack. Fortunately, this beam can be blocked by other players to prevent the tank from getting all the stacks. When another player step in front of the beam, they will receive the stacking debuffs and can step out once the damage get too high.This attack has a cooldown of 24s.


Rain of Pain

After fighting Master and Blaster for a bit, both droids will shield themselves and Master will start casting Rain of Pain, a 5s cast. At end of this cast, Master will disappear into the air and start carpet bombing the platform. You will need to run to a spot not occupied by the red bar as the red area will receive a bombing in a few seconds. This ability has a 85s CD so you are unlikely to see it twice in one fight.


Ion Pulse Wave/Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova

These two mechanics are only seen in phase 3 once Blaster finish casting Rejiggering. Master Droid will start channeling a frontal cone called Ion Pulse Wave. This attack applies a special Charged debuff to you that is actually beneficial. This debuff will Magnetically cline you to the deck at the cost of 15% movement speed reduction. The tank that is tanking Master will want to turn Master around when he channel this so that everyone get this debuff.


With this debuff, you won’t get knocked off by Blaster’s special Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova



Once you bring Blaster down to 9%, he will self-destruct with a giant red circle. There is also a huge knockback that will hit everyone on the platform. Make sure you plant your back to a wall or you may get knocked off.


Strategy/Phase Discussion

Phase 1

Main tank need to face Blaster away from rest of the raid and assign that direction as tank only due to the frequency of the knockbacks. There are only 3 mechanics to handle in this phase so it should be a rather easy one. Avoid stepping in the orange circles from the Thermite Mortar or other player’s explosive probe circles if you have an explosive probe on you.

Phase 2

When Blaster starts to cast Calling the Boss, this will trigger the transition into Phase 2. Master have only around 100k HP but he is constantly protected by the Overpowered Deflection Shield so you won’t be able to do much damage to him. DPS whoever doesn’t have the shield. For the Overpowered Ion Cutter attack from Master, have a DPS or two step into the beam to get some of the Deepending Wound debuff stacks. This will prevent your offtank will eating too much damage from this attack.

When you see Master casting Rain of Pain, get ready to move out. You do have a few seconds to get away from the red areas before they get bombed so it shouldn’t too difficult to avoid the damage.

In addition to the Master’s attacks, Blaster’s attacks from phase 1 are still present in this phase.

Phase 3

Once Blaster starts to cast Rejiggering, this signal the transition to phase 3. Whoever is tanking Master will want to turn it toward the raid so that everyone get the Charged debuff from its Ion Pulse Wave attack. This debuff will make you run 15% slower but you won’t be knocked off by Blaster’s Ravager Electro-Pulse Nova that he is spamming over and over.

By Dulfy

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20 replies on “SWTOR Master and Blaster Ravagers Operation Guide”

Dulfy: possible error: According to guides, both this and Revan drop mainhands. I’m going to guess this boss actually drops an offhand, yes? (seems in keeping with DF/DP loot tables)

I had no idea I was taking that much damage from the little guy. You really were healing the crap out of me. Guess i know what not to do next time lol.

If you watch dulfy’s video, you see the loot at the end: there you clearly see it is an offhand. No confirmations necessary.

Is there a bug on this boss? In Phase 2 after Blaster reaches 23%, both Master and Blaster gets the Overpowered Deflection Shield and we can’t do any dmg to both of them.

Ravagers is far easier than ToS – our guild was killing everything in Ravagers SM without issue (even winging it for the last boss), though in ToS we had to do a couple of pulls for Sword Squadron and for The Underlurker

Can anyone confirm the drop rate in 16 man. I saw it reported that 16 man is dropping less loot than 8 man, and didnt see a fix in patch notes.

Completed the raid today for the first time in 8SM.

Had a bit of trouble with Bulo and the two droids. Otherwise we were fine.
We winged Coratanni without Dulfy’s great guides, and were able to down the boss in 1 attempt with only a DPS and Healer down at the end.

In case people are having trouble with the last boss, and cannot complete the OPs, here is a short summary that has been posted by a reddit user.

We found that the green telegraph of the bird is not as lethal as the yellow telegraphs of the adds that begin to spawn halfway through the first phase.

Dropped an unassembled Massassi Chestpiece and a 192 OH.

Good luck.

While undermanning ravagers my impguild found out that the enrage timer is 9 minutes.

We still killed it but the enrage is not really survivable for more than a minute or so. BO-55 Master droid will start hitting you for 14k-26k per overpowered charge arm (4x with 1 second interval). Not that an enrage is meant to be to survivable but still …

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