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SWTOR Patch 3.0 Shadow of Revan Coverage Guide

SWTOR patch 3.0 Shadow of Revan Expansion Coverage Guide


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* means hardmode guide available. Otherwise only storymode guide is available.

The Ravagers (Rishi)

Temple of Sacrifice (Yavin 4)

By Dulfy

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The armor from Rishi missions is 168 now, with the Class story mission giving you at 172 chest, why buy it if you can get it for mission turn-ins is their logic

Not bad if you need it, but it doesn’t take long to farm the mats and bang out some 178s (prototype) if you’re crafting.

Thanks, Dulfy! Out of curiousity, do you think this is a fairly comprehensive list of new things in 3.0, or are there likely to be things you didn’t discover or have time to write up yet?

There was the secret boss and achievements they removed from Yavin that i couldn’t write about since it is under the NDA and there are some FP guides I wanted to finish up

How is this Violation of NDA? The update is LIVE, meaning for everyone to see. The guide has been put up at 2 Dec meaning the day it went live. No violation here dude.

the video was taken from the PTS aka Dulfypts. No video from the PT is allowed to be uploaded per the NDA, which is still in effect.

Dont see the video here so its either taken down. But just to make a point, you can record any video or pictures during the NDA rules, its the spreading it around is the violation. If Dulfy did uploaded it before 3.0 went live, then she did violated the NDA but if its after then its no violation anymore.

doesn’t matter if after the server was live…it matters that the video was taken “FROM” the pts, that is what the violation is. Has nothing to do with timing, it has to do with the content

Ya know what really matters..??? The fact that you’re being a big giant d-bag about it. You’re acting like you are personally offended by it all. If she made a mistake, no harm in pointing it out, but to be a jerk about it is another matter all together.

No, as I have posted before, if I were to make a site and do it, I would get slapped for it…it is supposed to be a level playing field

I wasn’t being a jerk, I pointed it out. I make no apology for stating something that is true. Not to mention, this is the 4th time I have pointed this out to her

I linked you that tweet from said PTS videos are okay. Why don’t you ask your guild leader about those lifeday decor previews that were put up on sat? that is a pretty big NDA violation

“There was the secret boss and achievements they removed from Yavin that i couldn’t write about since it is under the NDA and there are some FP guides I wanted to finish up” To quote Dulfy. this falls under the same part of the NDA

Dulfy, mind if I ask if you could share the pic you used of Revan without the text over it? ^_^ It’d make a great background or banner! Thanks, and an amazing write-up of 3.0, you never disappoint!

Thx Dulfy! U rock. Sooooo can’t wait to get home from work and jump on. Soooo should have taken off today lol

Question ๐Ÿ˜€
1) any news on when the new race is coming (the race Ahsoka is? Cannot spell it)
2) will you be able to level to 60 if you pre-ordered after the 1st of November, I pre-ordered before but the person I play with didn’t, if you can reply I will be great full

P.S: as always thank you for the lovely guide <3

Answer to #2: If pre-ordered after November 2nd, then next Tuesday (December 9th) the Expansion goes live for everyone that ordered it.

That isn’t related to my question, i said is she able to level to 60, I know the story isn’t available for her yet.

That’s what he was going for. You can gain experience but you’ll be unable to level to 56 until the expansion goes live for anyone else. In other words, no lvl 60 until next Tuesday.

There’s been no additional information on when Togruta will be available as a playable race. It probably won’t be until early next year.

Wow! Legacy offhand shotguns and knives at last!
But what does it mean “legacy companion”? it’s bound to certain companion (say, any Mako) or to all companions in your legacy?
And can you rip out the barrel and use it in alts’ offhand?

PS. Dulfy – great job as usuall! respect and honor to you, all hail Dulfy! ^-)

Each type of weapon is useable by certain companions like a vibrosword can be used by khem val, tanno vik etc and you can store it in your legacy bank to share with the sutiable companions on your other toons.

This update has been for less than 24 hours and yet you’ve been able to get guides up for all the bosses and most of the new content. HOW?!

Probably a lot of data from beta test results, these guides were probably made over the past couple days but Bioware won’t allow any spoilers to leak before the patch’s release.. Hence why 2 pages of Dulfy’s posts uploaded shortly after launch.. What u think someone actually blew through every single piece of content and made all these guides since 7 this morning??? Haha

So if you do the forged alliances solo do you get a set of the new “basic” lvl gear? And if so do you still get a recovered relic for the reward from part 1?

Yes, you still get the Recovered Relic.

I don’t remember getting any gear but I didn’t pay much attention. Every gear drop through Rishi and Yavin was worthless to me except for the companion Legacy rewards since I was already full 180s with 168 set bonus pieces.

Dulfy must be really busy with all these updates. GW2 and Swtor both came out with major patches today. lol.

Also there is a Contraband Cartel Chip on the deco vendor that for 500 credits you get 1. The txt on it says “A token that can be used to play the Contraband Cartel slot machine”

Wonder what this means?

nope cant use them in the SH slots…..have no clue what they are used for! They might for something later on, or even something at level 60 in an area I havent seen yet.

Could anyone please tell me if there are new relics available at 60? I did not see any on the vendors. Will they just be from raiding? Thanks.

artifice have craft relics. with RE from green to purple. with bonus starting from 800 with 10 increase each RE
but one have incorrect bonus

Saw something about them on another thread. They haven’t been transferred over from the PTS to the actual game yet. Someone mentioned something about them possibly being added in later, though.

Mmm yes I’m on yawin now and I can’t see them… probablly removed. ๐Ÿ˜€
We will see in the next patch!

Has anyone else noted that the complete list of stronghold decorations is much shorter since the release of 3.0? There used to be 204 pages of decorations. They have added several items and there are now only 143 pages. I have found a few thing that are no longer available.

All crafted decorations from prefab vendors are bugged since the patch and no longer appear in the collections window nor can they be placed in your stronghold.
There are half a dozen threads about this in the forums, already.

But hey, they fixed the metropolitan bench! >.>

So are we not getting the Grand statue of Revan? All I got was a Rishi idol? And you can only claim one Rishi idol, yet they email a copy to all of your toons?

hi dulfy , so gear basic 192 is better than dreadforge 180 or not ? because at a glance i saw it is lower or am i wrong?

Basic gear for 60 lvl for basic commendations is now 186 and it’s better than 180 or 168 or any other with lower number ^-).
New elit gear is 192 and new ultimate gear are 198.

During main quest on Rishii and Yavin you will get 178 gear as rewards for quests.

Set Bonus > Numbers.

As with all commendation gear, it tends to be lower in tertiary stats and higher in Endurance than “proper” Operations gear.

The Basic comms gear is, however, okay for filling up the non-Set-bonus-armorings slots.

I thought this was true too, but depending on your spec, the old set bonues are not always very helpful.

A good example would be if a new ability replaced an old ability, and the old set bonus was not updated to work on that new ability.

Such as Merc dps old 4 set bonus buffs ‘rail shot’…. but rail shot was replaced with Mag Shot in PT tree.

Ah, excellent point. For my main as a Shadow tank, though, I think 5% extra shield chance and 2% extra DR with 180 armorings is definitely better.

And from the old Merc healer set bonus only reduced cd on healing scan actually works. The cd reduction on emergency scan or length of supercharged does not work at all…

found a new bug,rez after dyeing to revan. came back to the area where rezan is but the door to the area was closed. was force to reset

For future people who read this, you do NOT need to reset the entire mission. Just when you go back to the med center, click on YOUR portrait and hit “Reset Local Phase.” The fence should be open after that with the NPCs gathered around in a huddle ready to face Revan.

Best gear for 55 lvl are still 186 – it still can be bought from fleet vendors in supply area for tokens from ops.

I’ll take my hat off to anyone that gets 186 gear from NiM DF/DP after 3.0’s DPS and Healing nerfs in preference to just buying it with Basic comms at 60.

Do those NiM modes at least still drop Ultimate comms?

i can safely say DF story mode still drops elite and ultimate did the groupfinder df with my sniper and it still dropped so yeah you can actually gear up easily at lvl 60 by just doing sm df/dp and maybe tfb and s&v lol


This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard yet.

2 basic comms per kill for L60 HMFP bosses which are very tough compared to story mode L55 ops.

I can see converting all of the old comms to basics, and replacing those old drops with basic comm drops. But if you still get elites and ults from those old drops…. its just a kick in the stomach to convert all of our old comms.

its true lol, did scum and villainy on my sniper yesterday story mode and all bosses awarded elite and ultimate comms not that those are of any use to me anymore since i dont have the expansion (very sad panda face)

and yeah there is something strange going on with flashpoints the lvl 55 tacticals of forged alliance dont seem to give any loot besides credits and a basic comm while last boss has a piece of gear. its wierd

If you run HM DF or DP you can still get tokens for 180 gear purchased at ops vendors. Likewise if you run NiM DF and DP you can get 186 gear at the ops vendors. All of these can be obtained while still at lvl 55.

So players that ran this content prior to 3.0 were already basic geared for lvl 60 from the get go. Dont worry, it doesnt take long to get from 55 to 60, and if you were smart, you had banked all your comms to reach the 2k overflow, and will easily gear yourself with 186 if you are still rocking the 162’s or 168’s.

in terms of comm gear yeah its the best which sucks. its a downgrade in my opinion since not everyone can actually do hm DF./DP to gain 180 rated gear or nim for that matter specially now with the dps/heal nerf

I have been wondering the same thing. I looked a bit, but couldn’t find any. I wouldn’t take that too seriously though…. since I walked past the new OP terminal many times without seeing it ๐Ÿ™‚

There is one for The Ravagers available at the entrance door on Rishi. The story quest for Temple of Sacrifice is tied into to the overall Shadow of Revan story arc.

Yes… but while the blue mods in most of that gear are 56 required, the shells for many of the rewards you get during the mission chain say you need to be level 60. Easy fix, rip out the mods, put into appropriate shells. (Or, as I am doing, putting into Legacy shells to help out a newly-levelled alt).

Yes meant the armorings/mods/enhancements, the shells you get in the FPs are lvl 60 with lvl 56 required stuff in them.

“For the Revan fight, you need to touch the Light Fissures and bring them
to dark side chars and vice versa to free them (see video)” What video -_-

The fissures are bugged and so far, I’ve yet to see them. Gave up and then found my entire questline was reset.

Have to wait for dailies tomorrow now…

Eventually got through this after reading someone’s comment that, if you died to this trick of his at 75%-ish, and you die but respawn in place, the next time he won’t do it till 35%-ish, then finally he won’t do it at all.

Using a bug to bypass a bug, awesome (not). Cost me about 100k creds in repairs total to my Dread Master/Dread Forged gear (and my companion’s Oriconian/Dread Forged stuff).

Tbh they are incredibly straight forward (SM at least). They are mostly moving from targetted AOE, watching for knockback, very simple stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

HM if/when they appear however is another story… lol

Try them with Solo entry, u’ll find out what is going on as SM, for HM, in a time some1 will make a guide.

Are there any ideas about optimal stats? Did they change anything about the diminishing returns or is it still the same as before 3.0?

Any guide for the Achievements in RISHI – A Pirate’s Life?? I don’t understand the difference between those 6.So far i proceeding the ”Red Hull’s Unmatched”, how can I proceed the ”Howling Tempest’s Flawless” ?? (and the rest 4)

Thnx for Info,So, *Red Hull* is for Reps and *Howling Tempest* for Imps.
BUT i proceed from Reps only the *Unmatched Reputation*, the *Champions* and the *Reavers* how?

Dulfy, I know this is an odd question but are you able or going to put up Flash Point Hard mode guides for the lvl 60 conversions? After doing them repeatedly as Tactical’s I can figure the mechanics but its always nice to read about them.

We really struggled with the bonus boss in Deapths of Manaan. Obviously, like you said, the main fights are easy to figure out since they are just slightly adjusted versions of the tacticals, but guides for the new bonus bosses would be fantastic.

tl:dr for bonus boss, don’t stand in the circles, if none does anything that could grab aggro on them (AoE taunt, knockback, damage on them) you will be fine. 100% damage increse if you blow up one, sometimes three spawn, alternate between healer and DPS who takes it (with cooldown, Sniper/Gunslinger use Hunker Down, Sentinels/Mara Guarded and so on). Fight is pretty simple once you learn the movement, the “mines” spawn in the same pattern all the time.

everybody has to go to the spot where the fire comes out to destroy his shield.
then you need to burn him down quickly in that sort opportunity. this included the healer.

when soloing turn off a comps leap and put him on passive to bring him over to that spot

“Immune to Prosecution”…. what an odd title. At least the Warrior can get a Wrath title now. Still wish I could get the dark side “General” for Knight.

Master of Hidden Knowledge. Or Keeper. Not 100% sure, the Hidden Knowledge bit is right though, I think. All I remember clearly is that I didn’t like it ๐Ÿ˜›

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but is there a plan for 3.0 class guides? And if so, is there a timetable on when they will be available?

Hey Dulfy, I was just wondering which font you’ve been using in the banner for this article. Been trying to find The Old Republic font, but haven’t been able to find it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just wish I could play without getting ERROR 4001 every 15 minutes… EVERY new expac they launch is the same thing! ๐Ÿ™

Does anyone know where I can find (if available) the formulae for calculating damage reduction, deffense chance, etc? I’m assuming those were changed with the new ExPack as it was with 2.0
Thank you.

I don’t think that KBN or dipstick have made a list of those yet, your best bet is just to follow those two on the swtor forums and just grab the information when they post it.

A bit late. However, the font you are looking for should already be on your machine and is Called ‘SWTOR Trajan’. I just reinstalled my machine and have not installed too much and it is already there so I suspect that it is installed for the games use.

Well… there’s the whole storyline thing… with the solo quests and all that other leveling content.

(Collected from below comments)

Consular: – Master of Hidden Knowledge
Jedi Knight – Jedi Battlemaster
Smuggler – Immune to Prosecution
Trooper – Admiral

Agent – Sith Intelligence Commander
warrior – Empire’s Wrath
B H – Above the Law
Inquisitor – Dark Council Elite

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