Patch 3.0 SWTOR

SWTOR PvP Season 3 Rewards Gallery

SWTOR PvP Season 3 Furious Rewards Gallery. Special thanks to Te’fia of Harbinger for modeling everything.[toc]

Note: You will receive all of the weapon sets and all 4 types of armor if you are eligible for the reward. Everything is legacy bound.

Furious Armor

Furious Battler



Furious Combant



Furious Infiltrator



Furious Mystic



Furious Weapons

Note that the color of the ‘fire” effect changes with color crystal.

Furious Assault Cannon



Furious Blaster Pistol



Furious Blaster Rifle



Furious Sniper Rifle



Furious Lightsaber



Furious Double-Bladed Lightsaber



Furious Walker and Decorations

Furious Walker



Gold and Bronze Decorations


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12 replies on “SWTOR PvP Season 3 Rewards Gallery”

Yeah I was thinking that. I don’t have time now though. I’ve got 8 classes to get to lvl 60 then 4 extras.

Yeah I thought I could try and rush 10 placement matches Sunday/Monday.

Spent like an hour with no queue popping and decided to not bother with it and try again in Season 4 and not wait til the last moment, lol.

Could you explain what levels these are awarded at, and what the requirements are? Gold and Silver I presume for above as I only got a bronze decoration and a title?

It’s changed every season I think in terms of ranking requirement so I’m sure it will for season 4 as well. Bronze is tier 3 and the lesser rewards, silver tier 2, gold tier 1. This season you got into tier 3 just for finishing 10 games. Tier 2 required a rating 1300+ and tier 1 required a rating of 1650+ which as you can imagine very few achieved.

This kind of detail and lighting should be in many many aspects of the game as a baseline standard, then dish out different variations for different game types. Right now it’s like “ok art guys add an effect to the gun since no others exist… Click, right click, click ..ok got it, here’s pvp rewards that are better than everything in game” ..meanwhile wow u can add 30+ enchantments to any weapon with visuals and stats and u don’t have to be in the dev pvp bracket to get it.

along with season 1 these were the best rewards for the seasons by far. Every other season reward is garbage.

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