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SWTOR Rishi Datacron and Secret Achievements Guide

SWTOR Rishi Hidden Achievements and Datacrons Guide. Special thanks to K’ami and SWTOR_Miner for their help in deciphering the puzzle![toc]

Step One – Three Little Grophets

Do you want to become the big bad wolf of Rishi? Here is your chance to murder 3 little grophets and earn yourself the legacy title <The Wolf of Rishi>.

There are three rare spawn champion Grophets scattered across Rishi. They have a 5% chance to spawn from the regular Grophet placeholders at specific locations. The placeholders are single Grophets with a 4 minutes and 30 seconds respawn. Each will give you an achievement and earning all 3 achievements will give you another achievement and the legacy title.

For the datacron, you must loot the Data Packet from these Champion Grophets. They are tradeable and only 1 drops per Lost Grophet but only one person in the group need it. You need all 3 data packets from all 3 Lost Grophets

Straugh the Grophet

  • Horizon Island (-441, –237)
  • Drops Data Packet that embed sequence one decryption signatures neurally.
  • Achievement: The Last Straugh (5 pts)


Wupp the Grophet

  • Sky Ridge Island (186, –2331)
  • Drops Data Packet that embed sequence two decryption signatures neurally.
  • Achievement: Where’s Wudd (10 pts)


Breck the Grophet

  • Sky Ridge Island (-374, –2211)
  • Drops Data Packet that embed sequence three decryption signatures neurally.
  • Achievement: A Breck House (20 pts)


Achievement – Three Not So Little Grophets

  • You managed to find and defeat all of the lost grophets of Rishi
  • Legacy Title: The Wolf of Rishi
  • 50 pts


Before you proceed to step two, make sure you have the following three Data Packets in your inventory


Step Two – Crystal Skulls

Once you or someone in your group have al 3 Data Packets (all 3 must be on the same person), head to the Crystal Skull on slave island (you use the clickable crate at Skyline Falls Camp to reach it). The skull is located on top of some rocks so you need to go around to reach it.


Consume the 3 Data Packets to gain 3 buffs and then interact with the Cybernetic Skull. This will give you a buff that allow you to interact with another skull object on another island safely.


Step Three – Deep Sea Pheromone

Head back to Raider’s Cove Tradeport. You will find a clickable Deep Sea Phermones among a pile of rubble up top at location (862, 158)


This will give you the achievement and legacy title

Achievement – Smell of the Sea

  • You found a bottle of pheromones. They smell incredible.
  • Legacy Title: Incredible Smell Discoverer
  • 50 pts


You should now have 2 buffs, the Neural Imprint buff and Incredible Smell buff.


Step Four – Unique Rock Formation

Go back to Sky Ridge Island and interact with this Unique Rock Formation next to some skulls. It will scan you but since you have the Neural Imprint buff it won’t give you a poisonous DoT. This rock will lit up a blue beam that point you towards the Anchored Rock nearby.


You will also get a 3rd buff called Neural Location that lasts for 19 minutes.


Step Five – Datacrons

The rock the blue beam is pointing to is located here. Interact with this anchored rock to spawn friendly tentacles that will smash the rock open to reveal four datacrons (aim, cunning, strength, willpower) and chests inside.

  • Note that sometimes the rock is not clickable for whatever reason.


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239 replies on “SWTOR Rishi Datacron and Secret Achievements Guide”

I can’t tell if I’m happy the new Datacrons don’t need more abysmal jump n run, or if I’m sad that it will require so much farming to get them. Are there any crons on Yavin 4?

I only need one Makeb datacron (gladly, not the Endurance one) and the Rishi then to become Datacron Master. Should have done the Makeb one last night I guess xD

I don’t believe you need the Makeb or any of the new ones to get the Datacron Master title, do you? I got mine before getting any of the Makeb datacrons.

You know those tentacles are not so “friendly” and kill you on sight, all lvl 60 champions, so how is it possible to obtain those datacrons?

Be careful not to “sell junk” with the data packets in your inventory, else you will inadvertently sell them off (with no option to buy back).

I had this happen just a moment ago. Very depressing as I have only even seen one of the champions. I put in a ticket with BW, hopefully they will get it back for me.

got this quest done just now and there was no chest at the end. also there was no tentacles. one thing that’s cool about this is the buff is an hour so i got all my guild summon here and got them their datacrons. did bioware say if they was going to update the codex for this?

The achievements still disappear either on logout or game close.

The datacrons gave at least 10 of their statistic, one for each of the main 4.

Confirmed with the achievements disappearing! I filed a bug report, hope they put it back on my account as this camping is killing me…

I found Straugh in 15 min, but Wupp still dont spawn after 5h :/. I reloged after killing first one. Can this affect spawn time of other 2?

For me, when i click on the Unique Rock Formation i’ll be poisoned, or i have all 3 neural buff and the pheromone. I don’t understand

The three neural buffs should have been exchanged for one buff only on the first skull pile on Slave Island, I’m pretty sure.

Erf … i just didn’t read this line … it’s so humiliating.

Thx lurtz. I missed to switch the 3 buff to 1.

I managed to get all 3 Grophets down (after much time camping and some lucky spawns). I had the first two Data Packets in my inventory, but after the third kill, the first two Data Packets disappeared from my inventory. Shortly after the third, disappeared from my inventory as well.

omg – I think I may have junk vendored the Data Packets – these should really be special inventory items in the middle tab.

Too late for that – I’ve sent in a ticket – maybe they’ll be nice and send it back – or change it to a different type of item so this doesn’t happen.

Same thing happened to me, had 2 packets on 2 different toons and a guildie had the 3rd on his toon. We where planning to get the datacron today but when we logged they where missing and none of us had sold them, Spent several hours on this so sent in a ticket demanding they return them to us.

I’ve started to recollect them, this time I’m putting them in my legacy bank, just to be sure. If they disappear from there, we’ll know something else is up.

another guildie of mine had the same thought, stored them all in the legacy cargo and he go to keep em until we used them in a guild run. So that seems to be the best way to keep them…store em in the legacy cargo hold.

I’ve been farming the first one for 2 hours and still no luck :/ Do you have to w8 for the silver mob to spawn or does it spawn immediately after you kill the placeholder?

after reading the comment here i lost interest to do this, i tried to farm the first grophet and it didnt spawn and some people here took like 2-5 hours ZOMG !!

A very interesting datacron it is… Was doing it with a friend using instance swapping, got lucky with rare spawns getting all 3 packets within 15 minutes.

Wanted to add a couple of details: if you are near the person which consumes the packets you also get the buffs and can do all the steps yorself; before actually bothering with doing next steps check if the rock from step 5 in the water is clickable, if not then switch instance (we had to switch like 4-5 to find the working one); from the chests you get random 178 gear and decent amount of credits

Dulfy, please add a note, the 3 data packets are marked as junk and will be sold if you sell junk and you may not be able to buy them back. Just happened to a friend after hours of hunting them

Yeah I went to the spot to check the rock and the datacrons are already exposed and are that exposed on all instances it seems. When clicked, I get the codex but no stat change. I haven’t consumed the packets and gone to see the skull yet so maybe it unglitches after you get all the buffs??!

nope. its broken. DId everything as required and nothing changed. The datacrons were still out in the open couldn’t click the rock to get scanned. Swapped instances and got the same thing. Also when I logged in today my achievements were gone and so was my wolf of rishi title

Straugh is kinda bugged. I killed him and it showed that I had the achievement, but when I logged in again the next day, it was gone. So now, I have to stalk him again for the last achievement to get the legacy title. /headdesk At least I have the data packet still? ._.

Ok I got the datacrons but the codex says 69/70 wtf? I have all of them. Also they did not register (their entries) even though I got the stat boost.

This Datacron is bugged all to heck.
A) NO stat increase.
B) NO listing under codex.
C) I could only click 3 of them. The 4th one said I already clicked it.
D) Tentacles attack for no reason even though they are supposed to be friendly. Not clicking the treasure even still made them attack two times.

Same thing happened 2 us but we found a workaround, if it is not clickable spread out and check the other instances till u find 1 that is clickable, (DO NOT CLICK) when everyone has gathered in that instance the person WITH ALL 3 BUFFS clicks, piece of cake
It also showed that i only got blank codex’s but did receive the +10s, u can confirm this if u have gathered every other datacron, just hover over the 3 mainstats not your own from your character sheet, the total possible is 50 bonus ,(make sure u dont have the force valor buff on) if your at 50 u did recieve the +10’s

If the rock in step 4 is unclickable go to the place where the datacrones are. They are visible. But there are only 3 codex entries and there is no stats change 🙁 Guess some1 stole my +10 to all stats (


Three Little Grophets is soooo bugged… I got Straugh, Wudd and Breck(i have the 3 Data Packets to prove it), and yet my Achievements show only Wudd and Breck. And i havent got the title “The Wolf of Rishi”. Thanx BW for this EPIC FAIL and waisting my time

last night ive done wupp and breck today achievs gone NICE! -.-

any chance to get it back when bug will be fix?? waste of 3hr doesnt sounds good

PSA – the rock in Step 4 is still bugged in the live game – tried instance switching several times, but didn’t get lucky, and the buffs keep ticking even when you’re logged out, apparently. Wouldn’t do this one until its fixed, would be my advice
Edit – Delete please, redundant . . . covered below

Question: Investigating Anchored Rock (with the active buff “Neural Location”) will give you codex entry and the legacy tittle “Lord of the Oceans”, and achievement (50 points): “X Marks the Spot”.
Shortly after, friendly Sea Creature Tentacles will appear near the
Anchored Rock and destroy it, revealing Datacrons and Security Chest
location. Looting Datacrons will give you +10 stats on Strength,
Willpower, Aim and Cunning, and the codex entries 90/91/92/93. Security
Chests give adaptive armor rating 178.

dulfy you receive this title?

If you access the datacrons that were unlocked by someone else, you don’t get the title. You have to do it all yourself.

A few questions. First, is this still bugged or are the rocks clickable after this patch? Second, if in a group, do all group members receive buffs/achievements? Third, can we do this in a maxed out raid group to get all of our guilders the achievement? Finally, can we leave someone there, regroup and summon remaining guildies/alts?

Thank you in advance for any answers. We are trying to organize a guild run for this on Saturday. Would hate to waste the Data Packets if the rocks are still bugged.

I did the whole thing last night, and the “unique rock formation” was bugged. Tries switching instances, none fo them were working. I have a hunch that you need to have the achievements for the rock to work, and those disappear on log out.

So I have to ask. When you tried it, did you have all of your achievements? Are you thinking you need the “Wolf of Rishi” achievement as well? Just asking questions for the sake of asking. I wouldn’t think you would need “Wolf of Rishi”…

No I didn’t have them, because I got the achievements over 2 days, and they reset when you log off. Planning this weekend to do it all at once, and see if it sticks.

It is still bugged even with all of the achievements. I attempted this a 4th time yesterday, I had all of the achievements and the rock was still unclickable, and the beam was visible.

I was looking at it today, it it looks to me like the rock isn’t resetting after someone else has already opened it in that instance. Not unlike the bug with the meat tree.

Step 4 was bugged for me and my group. The rock wasn’t clickable. Tried relogging and switching instance. Nothing helped… All that grinding for nothing. Thanks BioWare :<

Try stand on stone where the datacrons and just relogin,or relogin in next day,it might not work,but you might be inside the stone,or in instance to there that stone been removed,and then you might have chance click on.Codex 90,91,92,93, only this will show when you click,codex for it is bugged to non existing line of achievement/in codex list/ like old lore for finding outlaw den and that been removed,cubes give 4 x +10 to specific stats,aim,strength,wildpower,cuning/1cube is marked as agility for some reason/.

Note,some ppl say,if they dont get any of the achievement and click on the datacrons only it give im empty codex,but no stats,so im now confused,becoz i cant comfirm or deny this…

collect data packets (4 achievement)
*** next find worked (only new opened work) instance
only after
use Crystal Skulls
use Deep Sea Phermones (1 achievement + 1 codex + 1title)
use Unique Rock Formation – rock clicable only in new opened instance !!!!
use anchored rock – rock clicable only in new opened instance !!!! (1 achievement + 5 codex + 1title)

Sorry for the redundant question but I’ve tried searching and couldn’t find an answer yet. Has this been fixed or is the rock still bugged? I have all three data packets (no achievements/title because of previous bug) but I haven’t used them yet in fear of this being bugged still.

If anyone can confirm that this has been finally fixed with yesterdays day patch, it would be much appreciated.


as far as i can tell, it’s still bugged. The beam is still up constantly and the rock to activate the beam isn’t clickable

I can’t get the Straugh one to spawn and haven’t tried the others. I’ve been camping for 2-3 hours trying to get it to Spawn. Is it bugged?

I camped Breck for over 8 hours the first time I did it!

…needless to say I lost all the achievements the first time! :p

Now I’ve just lost all the buffs after logging out at the second skull rock when it wasn’t clickable in any of the instances available last night!!! (I had over 1hr 20mins left on the first 2 buffs)
I’ve sent a ticket to try and get the data packets back but won’t be holding my breath!

So now that the achievements have been fixed, I did this all again, but of course something had to go wrong. I did not get the X Marks the Spot ach this time, even though I cracked open the rock :/

Question if someone opens the rocks with the tentacles can anyone click on the chest or only the person that broke the rocks?

Today I used all 3 data items, had the buffs, but couldn’t activate the skull…have to re-farm the data items again…*sigh*

Tried this tonight. The rock in step 4 was unclickable. Had all the buffs necessary and it wouldn’t even show as clickable. Not Happy.

Apparently that last rock on step four is still bugged. For an unknown reason I still can’t click it. What am I missing? I am following the guide.. second time I do everything… kill the 3 mobs, get the 3 items, use the 3 items, get the buff, get the second buff and the rock is still not clickable…

Do not waste your time trying to get this datacron… for now at least.

Got all 3 data packets in under an hour–placed 1 character at each location and rotated, half the time switching instance. Gonna hoard the packets for all my alts until rock is confirmed fixed.

Ok i did everything in order. Took me 3 hours to get all the little piggies. Had to switch instances a lot. Everything else was a cake walk. Nothing was bugged today. All the skulls gave the correct buffs. However when we went to the last location the laser was already activated and the datacrons were out. We clicked on them and in the general chat it said we got all the codex entries. However after checking the codex entries, they were not there. And there was no cut scene like other datacrons when it shows you what new stat changes you got. In fact I’m not sure if it gave the stat changes, just the general chat message. And it definitely did not update my codex, even tho it said I got them. Tried another instance, still had my buff. Clicked on the last rock, got the final buff (19 min one) the laser came on, tentacles came up, smashed the rock, got the loot crates, but the datacrons said “you can not use this”……and nothing happened to my stats. Please someone let me know what i did wrong.

You did nothing wrong. The datacrons themselves are bugged. I did the same thing but had the buffs and clicked the rock, when me and the guildies went to loot the chest and get the datacrons, all that showed up were codex numbers 90, 91, 92, and 93 but no stat change. This is on Bioware to fix.

woot. I managed to find all three named Grophets spawned, so no camping was involved.

Quick question… Is there a difference between the “crystal skull” and the “cybernetic skull?”

How long do the datacrons stay out? E.g. if I want to get datacrons on multiple toons is that viable? Waiting for Breck to spawn was such a pain.

For anyone just discovering this: No longer an issue as Datacrons are bound to Legacy rather than character. This in turn makes me feel much better about the ones on Makeb and Corellia as well. I’m sure I’m not alone there!

Weird bug happened this morning. After a nice 5 hours of farming I got all 3 datas, consumed them on slave island. Funny thing, the cybernetic skull in the secong part never turned blue or clickable.

It’s awesome, I always wanted to re-farm those datas …

Does anyone know what grophet gives the yellow data packet, what grophet gives the orange data packet, and what grophet gives the white/blue data packet? or is it all random?

If one person has all the packets and takes the steps to get the datacron, can this be done in an ops group so that many guildmates can get the datacron?

I can confirm this is the case, however, those guildmates will not gain the title that comes from doing all this, just the datacron benefits.

It’s bugged. As long as you still have some time one of the three buffs (after you activate the data packets), it will let you re-apply the buff (sometimes). Sometimes it bugs out and doesn’t work at all, and sometimes the buff resets the time, which is about an hour and some change. It’s stupid I know.

Help! :s Ive done it 3 times and the three times bugged. Since the first time that I did it the datacrons says: YOU CAN´T USE THIS (all the times) and its obvious that i dont have any datacron achievement on Rishi. I have in my codex 69/70, from 01 to 89, so… any suggestion?

I ran into the same issue on another toon. The only advice I can give is to check the condition of the last part (does the rock highlight, are the skulls already lit up, and if the beam is already pointing towards the island where the datacrons are). It’s best to go with a party, since everyone will get credit although only one person needs the buff to go through all the steps.

When you say “regular grophets” do you mean the the standard Jungle Grophets or the Champion Oversized Jungle Grophets?

Unique Rock Formation – rock clicable only in new opened instance !!!!
anchored rock – rock clicable only in new opened instance !!!!

I just did the mission and am stuck at the unclickable rock (step 4). Waiting for an instance I can try switching to for the “new instance” work around.

Do you get an achievement for unlocking the datacrons or just the shit before it?

I already got the datacrons and I’ve done everything except “click the rock.” But I am still sitting at 180/230 for Exploration for Rishi.

Do you get the achievement when you click the rock in front of the skull lights or the rock with the datacrons? Because I’ve clicked the rock in front the skull lights with the buffs and no achievement was granted.

Then when I got to the rock with the datacrons I could see the glow of them and hear them, but nothing was clickable.

no. only when you click the rock at the end. that one in front of the skulls gives no achievement but makes the skulls light up

Does anyone know how to get 230/230 for exploration of Rishi? I’m stuck like the guy below me, done everything but click the rock and im’ stuck at 180/230.

Is there something I’m missing?

You should note that if you don’t have Incredible Smell buff, what happens when you click that rock. haha you click it and instead of friendly, they are hostel. Did it after i got the datacrons and it re spawned and got owned so bad. But yeah there are several bugs with this, one being the datacrons do not give stat increase, only codex numbers that don’t even show up (that being the worst if you have done everything else that is NOT bugged (for those lucky enough)). If everything works properly and is up, this is a simple, fun quest to do.

Actually you DO get the stat increase, I noted down my characters stats prior to clicking, and each of the 4 “main stats” was icnreased by 10.

However, you do NOT get a codex entry for each stat as the codex’s are bugged. On the plus side however, once the datacrons are opened, they seem to be available for approximately 1 hour or so. I cycled about 7 characters through to get them yesterday. Some of them were already on Rishi, and others I had to move there, then take the taxi ride, and then run across the island.

For the record:
Galactic History 90 = the +10 Willpower
Galactic History 91 = the +10 Strength
Galactic History 92 = the +10 Aim
Galactic History 93 = the +10 Cunning

Data packets have been fixed so they are no longer sold, if you vendor all trash. They have been re-classed to white-rim items, instead of grey. So if you spend long enough times farming the data packets, and have lots of junk to vendor, you can do so safely.

Any reason you can’t farm 1 to 3 of the data packets and just hold onto them until BW fixes this? Would hate to waste hours of time to just find out it’s still bugged and there’s no available instance where it’s working.

The packets seem tradeable but the achievements are not shareable. I can’t stand that BW designs content that they pressure you into doing as a group but then has the achievements not be shareable to all group members. So if I group up to farm data packets all members of the group don’t get the achievements?

That’s what I’m doing. I’m holding the packets until one day when it’s not bugged and then running the raid team through.

The buffs count down in real time, not logged in time. So waiting before maintenance for a server reset is a failed idea. >:-0 If you’re hunting achievements, save your 3 data packets and DO NOT CLICK THEM until (if) they fix the quest. Otherwise you’ll need to start over with getting the 3 packets.

How long is the cd timer for the skull on slave Island? I was the last 3 days several times there, but was not clickable (was open)

I had the same issue, also with the skull-rock on the gate. The lasers on the gate were active and my buffs ran out

I am curious if this is still bugged also.. the majority of the comments below are from several weeks ago.. has this been fixed??? Thanks!

Yes, multiple parts of the mission are still bugged. If you want the achievements, save the packets until they fix it. If you just want the datacrons, you can often find them available after someone else has opened them up.

this thing is bugged,1st it was the skull for the neural imprint now the last rock formation part is bugged, Will they ever fix what content they have or just add more to keep you occupied.

I just Inform. That Datacron worked today. Here is my Tips. Choose Character what will find the all Things. Before you are going to Use the Skull. I recommend that you take all your other characters to the rishi and to the Datacron place.
Then use the 3 Items to get the Skull Buff. Then the City. And then the Stone.
But i recommend that you don’t use Instance 1,2.. Try, 3 – 10, because i heard that those first instances are Bugged or something. I don’t know…

But your companion away when you are clicking the Stone. Get the datacrons.
Change Character and go to the same Instance where the Datacrons are active.
I did this today about 7 times with Different Characters at Instance 4. Red Eclipse server.

After this i said to the General chat that Datacron are active and there was over 5 people getting the datacrons too 🙂 I think the Datacrons was active over 10-15 minutes i think, Because it did take some time to change character and changing instance 🙂

Remind me next time to read the Dulfy comments before I attempt a quest like this. I waited for an event or something distracting to get the 2 Grophets I needed (Straugh and Breck). I had spent countless hours camping prior to this evening trying to get the data packets. Excited to finally get them, I moved on to Deep Sea Skulls (Step 2) and Crystal Pheromone (Step 3) without issue. Finally, just when I thought I was about to get the cron… bam! Unclickable Rock Formation on 3 separate instances… GRRR!!! Hopefully folks read the comments prior to attempting this. Dulfy, your guides are so popular, maybe you could post a disclaimer at the top of this page so folks don’t waste their time like me? Thank you for posting such great stuff for SWTOR players. You’ve helped me in a jam more times than you could know. 🙂

Is there an ETA on this fix ? maybe patch 3.1.2 ? It seems not enough people are reporting this bug , personally im still sitting with the 3 discs in my inventory…

3-12-15, still bugged. The Unique Rock Formation was not blue or clickable, even though I had the buffs and had done everything else correctly.

There aren’t even any other instances up for me to cry over.

I guess I’ll have to wait for those horrible rare spawns again, then hold on to the data packets until a fix is properly announced.

I solved it for me by using a bug. 3rd time this wasn’t working for me, i changed instanzes to search a clickable rock. Don’t get one. in 1 instanz i saw the blue beam is on, but the rock was still over the datacrons. i only could see the sparkles of them. i climb on the highest point of the rock and change instanz. now i was stucked into the rock. I changed back to the instanz with the beam on and i still was inside the rock. as i scrolled in i could see and klick all datacrons. I got this by this way to all my chars. hope it can help some of you…

I’ve been trying to farm the Grophets with very limited success. I lost a fight over Straugh, and got Wupp, but Breck hasn’t spawned once in 100-ish kills of the place holder (Straugh and Wupp both spawned in the first 10 kills of the place holder; although I’ve now killed the Straugh placeholder at least another 50 times.)

Rishi hasn’t had a 2nd instance let alone 10 (!) since I started, it would be nice if I could jump around.

Any thoughts on whether anything triggers the Grophets or just pure old fashioned RNG?

Unique Rock Formation bugged out on me 4/11. I got the pheromone prior to the crystal skull buff which I suppose could have been a problem but more likely just buggy in general.

After watching a few videos I think you can check whether this will bug or not, and save yourself the data packets. If the skulls next to the Unique Rock are already scanning, (they have been on my server, which only ever has 1 instance of Rishi, every time I’ve looked) the instance / server is bugged and you should save your packets until a server reset. Hope this saves someone their packets.

1. as they didnt fix the ”kill it with fire” 2 years now,
2. as they didnt fix the WB in Makeb thats inside the cage (at least we can kill it with a glitch)

Still bugged 16 april 2015. Only works for the first player trying it in an entire new instance. But we can’t create our own instances, so it depends on server and planet population unfortunately.

Currently bugged at Step Four – Unique Rock Formation, Beregen Colony, which only has one instance 🙁
An official Bioware response on 3rd of Jan says “I know you have been working hard for this Datacron and just to inform
you there is no known issue that is stopping players from getting this
Datacron now. It seems like you might be missing a previous step that
you should recheck” …
Sigh …

Yesterday I run to the location and find the datacron’s open.
I get all four. Lucky i guess. No questline what so ever was needed.

I have all the other achievements for this, but I just want the damn rock clicking achievement. Hopefully this works in 3.2.

Once I get the “Smell of the sea” that’s going to give me 180/230 Exploration achievements for Rishi. I’ll have Beastmaster, Loremaster & Explorer for a total of 45. I’ll have the 3 Grophets for 35 and the “Wolf of Rishi” for 50 and finally the “Smell of the Sea” for 50. So I’ll be 70 short. Are there any other hidden achievements for Rishi? Or is the final 70 for future use, not yet known?

Just for the record. I’ve just this moment (04-05-15 01:18am) completed this chain without a single problem. I’de killed the grophets over a couple of days, however followed each of the steps above and I was able to click on everything at the right time and I uncovered the datacron’s. My “Exploration” on Rishi is now 230/230.

Can you tell me what achievement I am missing? I currently have 130/230:

Beastmaster of Rishi (10 pts)
Explorer of Rishi (25 pts)
Loremaster of Rishi (10 pts)
The Last Straugh (5 pts)
Where’s Wudd (10 pts)
A Breck House (20 pts)
Three Not So Little Grophets (50 pts)

I don’t have this one yet:
Smell of the Sea (50 pts)

So, what else am I missing?

Beastmaster of Rishi – 10
Loremaster of Rishi – 10
Explorer of Rishi – 25

The Last Straugh – 5
Where’s Wudd? – 10
A Breck House – 20
Three not so little Grophets – 50

Smell of the Sea – 50
X Marks the spot – 50

Hello everyone! I was FINALLY able to get this cron completed… (05-04-2015 9:20am EDT). After getting the data packets I hiked up to the rock formation and checked to see that the lights were out before heading to Slave Island. I also made sure I was on a low population instance. I died when the crabs aggro’d on my way to the rock but respawned on top of it and all went smooth. It does take the tentacles about 30 seconds after clicking the rock to smash it but I just walked up onto the big rock and waited. It was a long heart-pounding 30s worrying it would glitch on the last step! 🙂 Dulfy, it appears that chests no longer spawn with the Datacrons but for me, that’s not a huge deal but I wanted to share just in case folks were looking for them. May the 4th be with you!!!

i completed this yesterday on t3m4 without any problems but as maliha wrote only datacrons appeared and no chests.

Ty vm for this guide, I completed this one today 05-04-2015, without problems.

The datacrons are available only for seven minutes, so if you want to get them for others alts, you must put them over the rock before cicking, and be fast picking the datacrons and changing between alts.

Can someone tell me what achievement I am missing? I currently have 130/230:
Beastmaster of Rishi (10 pts)
Explorer of Rishi (25 pts)
Loremaster of Rishi (10 pts)
The Last Straugh (5 pts)
Where’s Wudd (10 pts)
A Breck House (20 pts)
Three Not So Little Grophets (50 pts)

I don’t have this one yet:
Smell of the Sea (50 pts)

So, what else am I missing?

You’re missing ‘X Marks the Spot’ the last 50 pt achievement for the datacron quest. You get it from clicking the rock with the datacrons. It’s buggy though.

explain to me why when i click the datacron rock the tentacles appear as a boss, they aren’t friendly?! i alrdy clicked 3 times and they never show as friendly… what exactly am i doing wrong

Are the ‘crons tracked anywhere? I think I got them via my guild but I don’t see achievements for Rishi datacrons anywhere.

i did the steps on this this evening after click on the rock the tentacles came out as freindly but they didnt break the rock so i could grab the datacrons. put in a ticket about it but dubtful they fix this anytime soon

was able to get it some how i clcick a enough times it made me fall thru the rock and zooming in on floor inside rock let me clci kon them so its pretty broke and i updated my ticket to bioware to let them know

Does the final rock still bug or is there a way to make sure it won’t? I don’t want to use my pig items of that shit is bugged.

I just did it on Red Eclipse and had no problems clicking the final rock. No idea if I was just lucky or it’s finally been fixed, though.

Just went through all the steps and have now clicked the rock 4 times….no title and no datacrons appeared. Have both buffs and tentacles are friendly. Bioware fail. Submitted a ticket that they will probably never address. 🙁

just did this for achievements purpose, cause i got nothing on my first time (was with a guildie and he handled everything).. all titles achieved now

I stopped playing SWTOR because i spent 14 hours getting the 3 data disk and the datacron run was bugged. It took me 14 more ours to get the 3 disk a second time. I never used them. I waited several months and BioWare never fixed the bug. I was not about to waste the 3 disk a second time. This is what made me quit playing. I have decided to give it another try. If its not bugged i will resubscribe. If it is still bugged i will not. SO! My question is. Is the Rishi datacron still bugged?

Just playing SWTOR for a month but when I’ve found my first datacron on Korriban I thought to mself “gotta have them all” (sorry, had to :] ). So Rishi… well at the very moment I’m testing my own patience trying to get the discs for…. the second time… Yesterday got em all and wanted do continue but hey it can’t be so easy, yes? My net provider f..u… And discs buffs expired…. But something you say is not right, nevermind my net problems. You speak about colors. But all of them are white!! No really. Yes each gives another ‘buff’ but the color is the same in case of each disc. Or either I’m losing my ability to see colors or my graphic is.. So no different disc for me

Hey guys,

I don’t know if anybody has noticed this, but I think I have made a quite useful observation concerning the Champion Grophets.

Some guys have been complaining about how they waited for hours and no spawn on Breck the Grophet… I had the same thing, I was in a group with two others from my guild and we killed the placeholder mobs in order to get the data packs.

So we killed Straugh and Wupp, each spawned about the 7th to 10th time we killed the placeholder. Then on to Breck… and two hours and no avail. We met an Imp who said he’d been trying for SIX hours.

One of the other guys had the data packs in his loot, and when the group broke up he gave the packs to me (being the highest ranking within our guild, I’m trustworthy, I guess ;)).

Anyway, today I logged in and one of the others said he’d tried to get Breck to spawn and managed so after 5 trash mob spawns.
I, however, having the two data packs in my inventory, continued slaughtering Grophets and Grophlets… and chatting with my guildmate who also collected Wupp’s data pack after 6-7 respawns again.

A thought came to my mind – I travelled to my stronghold, transferred the data packs to my storage, returned to Rishi…

… And after 7 little Grophets, guess who spawned! I concluded from this observation that apparently, the chance of a champion spawn is significantly lower than 5% if there is someone around the spawn point with exactly two data packets in their inventory. So, transferring them to your storage or sort of the like, you avoid this lower spawn rate and get your third packet waaay quicker.

I know, so far this has only been a one-time test. But I think that coding this is possible, so maybe you guys can check if this hypothesis bears truth and Bioware has put up a nice little timesink at this point…

I’m curious what you can find out about this!

I tried for hours then read your observation. I had two data packets on my the entire time and nothing. I dropped them off at my ship then came back. After killing the place holder Breck was the first spawn. Thanks for the tip!

How can I tell which sequence is a data packet? I have 2 extra from way back, a yellow and orange so I’d like to know which grophet I have to kill for the last one… Is that the order from the small picture?
1. Yellow
2. Orange
3. Blue

Reading the comments… can anyone confirm if the Rishi datacron is currently working? We have the packets, but I’m worried about the rock being bugged since the packets are on a timer.

I just tried the workaround where you glitch through the rock. I fell through and the datacrons were not there. Considering the normal way takes too long and isn’t guaranteed to work anyway, I recommend not wasting any time on this stupid shit.

After ignoring this for a year after it bugged out on me twice, I’ve recently done it three times. Had I known that my two best friends would return active and would want help to get these, I would’ve waited and gotten it over with in one go.. but as it is, it currently seems to be working fine.

Does anybody know anything about the sea creature itself?? I’ve learned that it’s got 8 tentacles, each with about 3.2 million healthpoints. It’s attacks are a drowning attempt that occurs about once every 20 seconds, a target pull, and an aoe cone shaped smashing attack. It CAN be damaged and unless it has an emergency health regen at or below 25% HP, it CANNOT regenerate health. I took it on with a Guardian Tank and myself as a Vanguard tank and we brought one of the tentacles down to about 96% HP. That’s nothing since we had no help but I think if you were to get about 3-4 tanks and position them in the water (about 10 meters in front of the rock and raid) and then 4-5 heals (at least) and then multiple DPS behind the tentacles on the rock where the crons are in front of the tanks, you could go one tentacle at a time and burn them down while the tanks hold aggro and keep the creature’s aoe in the water and away from the raid.

Theres only one and it spawns on its own timer. It might be around others that spawn as a group though

I don’t see a recent comment so I’ll put one here. I just ran this fine and the information up above is correct. Took about an hour total waiting for the Grophets to pop. Killing off lone grophets up there is what pushes the respawn time.

Thank you

Got this today, Excellent guide.3 Hours and 40 minutes it took for Breck the Grophet to appear.

I cant seem to get Straugh the Grophet. Been there the whole day not a Single Spawn. I guess i was lucky the other 2 only took an hr.

the rounding up of data packets was a bit of a chore.. dual monitors helped pass the time in between spawns.. but all in all in was a really cool quest ill never forget! especially the end 🙂 ty for the guide!

I just did this on 11/16/2018 and can confirm that all the data packets are a chore to get, but they do spawn. Took a bit of a the day to get them all, but then the rest was a breeze.

I completed this on 11.23.18. The 5 percent chance of spawning the named pigs for the data packets feels like a dream compared to trying to get the Desler mount and the champion of fear to spawn….

3/30/19 – just completed, no issues. I found there were less people (really, no one), on the PVP instance. Was surprised at how many folks were still going after this. Took about 3 hours, and wound up getting Wudd and Straugh back 2 back after getting Breck early on. It was awesome. *-*

Completed today 04/08/19 Breck took the longest. Do yourself a favour and use the PVP instance. Took me about 2 hours all up, but didn’t have to wait on other people waiting for the beasties.

Completed today 06NOV2020. Grophets takes time as usual and rng if they do spawn. Stay patient and make sure you don’t get stuck in the rapids rocks going for yer treasure!

Completed 1/13/21. As other people have pointed out, the chests no longer spawn after tentacles smash the rock, only mastery datacrons. Also, the Grophets took a while to spawn but I noticed with Wupp and Breck that if you kill the Grophets next to the Placeholder BEFORE killing the Placeholder, it seems to speed up the spawn rate. Not sure if that it just coincidence, but it definitely seemed to make a difference on my end. I spent two hours on Wupp before noticing the pattern on Breck. After doing it that way, it took about 5 times before Wupp or Breck finally spawned.

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