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SWTOR Rishi Exploration Achievements Guide

SWTOR Rishi Exploration Achievements Guide. Note that this guide do not contain the hidden achievements and datacrons, which are presented in separate guide[toc]

Beastmaster of Rishi

Found all Bestiary lore objects on Rishi

  • Grophet
  • Orobird
  • Skar’kla
  • Tonitran

Explorer of Rishi

Uncovered all map areas of the planet Rishi. Most of the areas are fairly straightforward to unlock but here are some of the tricky areas

  • East Alleyway – it is inside a story instance that you will be able to enter a few story missions in
  • East Shore/Pier/Docks – There is a ramp at north end of Raider’s Cove Trade Port that you can use to enter these areas


Here are the complete maps of every area on Rishi



    • Aggressor Camp
    • Bootlegger’s Market
    • City Warehouse Docking Sector
    • Coastal Slums
    • Dock Causeway
    • East Alleyway
    • East Docks
    • East Pier
    • East Shore
    • Gorge Hollow River Pass
    • Inlet Slums
    • Lost Beach

  • Old City Entrance
  • Revanite Camps – North
  • Revanite Camps – South
  • Revanite Valley Stronghold
  • Rishi Village
  • Sky Ridge Loch
  • Sky Ridfge Vale
  • Skyline Falls Camp
  • Skyline River Pass
  • South Beach Boardwalk
  • South Beach Landing

    • South Ridge Beach
    • South Ridge Pass
    • Supply Docks
    • Tech Row
    • Trader’s Causeway
    • West Alleyway
    • West Docks
    • West Town
    • Western Jungle Expanse
    • Western Ridge Sea Cliffs


Loremaster of Rishi

Blaster’s Path

  • Automatically granted the first time you visit or respawn in the Blaster’s Path Cantina



  • Given by a clickable Exonium crate near Ushaan and Larvon NPCs around the Rishi Village in Sky Ridge Island


Raider’s Cove

  • Automatically granted the first time you enter Raider’s Cove map from the landing docks


Rishi Maze

  • Given by a panel located at (362, –1827) on Sky Ridge Island


Rishi Village

  • Automatically granted the first time you visit the Rishi Village on the Sky Ridge Island


The Aggressor

  • Automatically granted the first time you visit the area around Aggressor Camp


The Settlement of Rishi

  • Given by a datapad located at (880, 447) in Raider’s Cove Trade Port next to the Crew Skill Trainers


Way of the Rishii

  • Given by a clickable totem in the Rishi Village on Sky Ridge Island


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10 replies on “SWTOR Rishi Exploration Achievements Guide”

Thank you once again for an amazing explanation 🙂 Couldn’t find 2 places, reminded me of alderaan secret locations! You have to “happen” upon it to actually get credit!

Can’t seem to find where the western alleyway & western ridge sea cliffs are located for the explorer of Rishi achievement

The odd is that when you finish those 3 achievements you still see 45/230, so or are many more hidden achieves or its bugged, since 230 are way to many mostly a bug.

I know this post is 7 Months old, but just in case you never figured it out, all the rest of the points in Exploration are gained doing the datacron objectives

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