SWTOR Rishi Quests and Dallies Guide

SWTOR Rishi Quests and Dallies Guide with walkthrough of all the main missions and side quests in Rishi.

Rishi Main Quest Line

How to Start

To start the Rishi main quest line, interact with the new terminal that can be found in your starship. If you have not done the series of three Forged Alliances quest, you can either complete it first or directly head to Rishi on your starship. Skipping the Shadow of Revan prelude (the three Forged Alliances quest)  will cause you to miss out on a cutscene with companions aboard your ship.

The cutscenes that follows on Rishi will also assume you never met any of the key characters in Forged Alliances before and reintroduce them in the story.


Rishi Story Cutscenes (Spoiler)

Spoiler Inside Show

Shadow of Revan: Prelude

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter: Shadow of Revan

Spoiler Inside Show

Welcome to Rishi

Spoiler Inside Show

A Scoundrel’s Debt

Spoiler Inside Show

Monkey-Lizard Business

Spoiler Inside Show

The Cove Crier

Spoiler Inside Show

In Plain Sight

Spoiler Inside Show

Making a Mark

Spoiler Inside Show

The Slavers

Spoiler Inside Show

Broken Blades

Spoiler Inside Show

Heart of the Aggressor

Spoiler Inside Show

Secrets of the Darkest Stars (Inquisitor)

Spoiler Inside Show

Forfeit (Agent)

Spoiler Inside Show

Vowrawn and the Wrath (Warrior)

Spoiler Inside Show

The Ones Left Behind (Bounty Hunter)

Spoiler Inside Show

Eclipse Squad (Trooper)

Spoiler Inside Show

Barsen’thor’s Legacy (Consular)

Spoiler Inside Show

Tickets to Haven (Smuggler)

Spoiler Inside Show

The Scars We Bear (Knight)

Spoiler Inside Show

Torch’s Flame

Spoiler Inside Show

The Revanites Revealed

Spoiler Inside Show

Traitor’s Burden (Empire)

Spoiler Inside Show

Path of Betrayal (Republic)

Spoiler Inside Show

An Enemy Twice Over (Empire)

Spoiler Inside Show

Lingering Hate (Republic)

Spoiler Inside Show

To Disrupt the Order

Spoiler Inside Show

Frontal Assault

Spoiler Inside Show

Side Quests and Dallies

[DAILY] Howling Tempest Retribution (Empire)

Spoiler Inside Show

[DAILY] Red Hull Retribution (Republic)

Spoiler Inside Show

Buried Cache

Spoiler Inside Show

Beasts’ Burden

Spoiler Inside Show

Jungle’s Bounty

Spoiler Inside Show

Sunken Cache

Spoiler Inside Show

Master of None

Spoiler Inside Show

[DAILY] A Trail of Light

Spoiler Inside Show

Beach’s Bounty

Spoiler Inside Show

Pieces of 08

Spoiler Inside Show

[DAILY] A Crew of Your Own

Spoiler Inside Show

Hidden Wealth

Spoiler Inside Show

An Interrupted Hunt

Spoiler Inside Show

[Daily] Water’s Bounty

Spoiler Inside Show

Parting Shots (Empire)

Spoiler Inside Show

Zealous Justice (Republic)

Spoiler Inside Show

Hunting Trail

Spoiler Inside Show

[DAILY] The Great Beast Hunt

Spoiler Inside Show

Courier Network

Spoiler Inside Show

The Enemy Guns

Spoiler Inside Show
  • Pegabee

    Anyone knows if the current amount of quests are gonna be enough to hit lvl 60 or you need to do again a few levels of PVP / FP ?

    • claude1864

      Actuallythe pvp is lacking on xp

      • Ancaglon

        I feel a bit aggrieved as someone that conscientiously completed the Forged Alliances arc as it came out, I just got 3 x 99 basic comms and a small amount of XP before being told to go to Rishi. With all the saved turn-ins of Oricon, CZ-198, the Black Hole and a few Section X missions, I got to about 50% into 55 before I started Rishi. When I finished Rishi, I was at about the same into 58. Completing Yavin-4 left me at about 35% into 59 — so I had to do some old HM FPs to hit 60 (I believe 1 Tactical and 2 Hard modes). (Most of this was done using a CM XP boost).

        By contrast, my newly-55 Sentinel had the 12x XP Makeb “Planetary Surgery” turn-in give 550k XP, and another 50k or so from the final Makeb mission “Taking on Toboro”, leaving her at about 60% into 55. Then, she got the Prelude missions, and she is getting a LOT of XP doing the first Forged Alliances mission solo — she hit 56 pretty easily, and is on track to be well into 57, if not even 58, before she even lands on Rishi…

        • hisnibs

          I felt like I was getting 12X XP during prelude. I started at 55, finished the prelude at 58 and did most of the missions on Rishi to get on the high end of 59. I hit 60 within a couple hours just battling mobs.

    • AshaMan-A-Five-One

      I was 55 when I started the Forged Alliance trio of quests and I have been on Rishi for only a day and a half. With the dailies + halfway through the main quest line I am halfway between 58 and 59. There is more than enough XP to get you there, and you will practically choke on all the gear thrown at you. Only useful though if you had gear around 140 or so prior.

  • Heist 101

    Is there going to be green/blue 55-60 common gear rewards and drops like they had 50-55 on makeb?

    • Yes Raider’s Cove set is the green and then the Sky Ridge set is blue

      • Konoha the Wiper

        what level requirement are they? all 55?

  • Zoso

    Anyone know where I can see the Shadow of Revan Prelude Smuggler cutscene? I skipped it on accident. Sad…

  • yerrrr

    The Revanites Revealed quest is bugged inside Torch’s Flame quest drop down menu

  • Stokar

    If we have already done FA parts I-III do we still need to do the Shadow of Revan Preivew mission from the fleet droid before doing the ship terminal to get all the cutscenes?

  • broseph

    trail of light seems bugged for me, every time i try to scan the second trail it keeps sayin “Interrupted”

    • Irongut

      Stand in the stream.

    • Jeremy Barnes

      My item is up at the top and unreachable..joy

    • AshaMan-A-Five-One

      If you move to far away from the map indicator you can still see the stream for some reason, but will say interrupted when you try and do the scan. You need to be by map the indicator near the opening of the pass. Then scan and zoom in on the satellite dish.

  • Vicious

    Has anyone seen a purple rep token? waiting to maximize weekly rep.

    • Seth

      Yes, finishing the [DAILY] The Great Beast Hunt rewards one.

      • Vicious

        Got it. Oddly, that rishi that gives the 3 or so quests gave me just the last quest on the 2nd day, so super easy purple rep token daily!

        • Clownface

          Only the last quest is a daily.

  • Drool Bear

    Jungle’s Bounty seems to be bugged for a lot of people. Switching instances sometimes help. I had to switch instances at least 4 times till I came across the tree that you could click on.

  • Darth TARDIS.

    The first retribution daily I have Tonvaar pirates.

    There are literally next to none of them.

  • perringo

    Is there anywhere to pick up a WEEKLY for Rishi or collect all of the dailies from the same terminal or are they scattered about?

    • They are all scattered I believe

  • Nyarlathotep

    I just noticed that the Trail of Light quest is heavily bugged. None of the mounds are yielding anything and my droid keeps telling me there is something promising on an inaccessible part of the map. Trying to go around removes me from the seeker area lol

    • LogicLoup

      Several guildies and I all had the same problem last night (and the bug with Jungle’s Bounty that Drool Bear describes a few posts down). While I *hope* this gets hotfixed sooner rather than later, switching instances serves as a workaround for both issues.

  • AkumaKazama

    Wait….that one little “class specific” cut scene, a little quest is all we get? There is no more that would make leveling any alt any different?
    or Everything in the quest-line for this example the Empire side, is the same except that one cut scene and quest.

    • Yes that is it for class mission stuff

      • AkumaKazama

        thanks Dulfy, I still feel cheated though. thanks Bioware

        • p4v7

          They said it would be ONE mission and it was ONE. No problem with that.

          • dinodoc

            It leaves me hopeful for the future though.

  • Bryan

    If you are questing with one other friend, can you complete the FA tactical FP’s as a duo and still get the benefit of the droid?

    • Don’t think so

    • Yes you can. I’ve done all the Forged Alliance tactical fp in solo mode (with GSI droid) in duo with a friend. You are a nice army of two toons, two companions and two GSI droids. Definitely fun!

      • I can confirm that, as I did it too with a guildmate:
        2 players + 2 companions + 2 GSI droids = Lot’s of fun!

  • EnricoDandolo

    I haven’t been able to find the entrance to the Ravagers op, anyone know where to find it?

  • Sigh

    this page says there are 5 dailies on rishi, im hearing that there are more though?

  • monkey business

    alright i went to get the datapad and there is nothing there. people in gen chat say click on money lizards. i have clicked on them nothing happens….to be clear when you reach the little green dot where the quest takes you does it remain at the boxes when you go for the monkeys? or should it update from either coming in range or clicking something first? ty just wanting to make sure i am not bugged

    • Vaga

      For that quest what you need to do is first release the monkey from the crate. When it runs off it should lead you to the area with several pirates that have monkeys. Click on the monkeys in the area and eventually an enemy will spawn. Kill that enemy and it will drop the datapad.

      • monkey business

        see i am thinking it was something like that…when i got to the crate none were glowing and the crate where i assume it was…was open…i bet the game glitched

  • Matt

    Where does the ravagers operation fit into the story, before or after Yavin 4?

  • M

    Anyone know if there is a daily mission terminal on rishi? I can’t seem to find it. I’ve found the one on yavin.

  • mlambros79

    Since there is no terminal to pick up all of these dailies at the same time is it possible to post a consolidated map of all the pickup locations?
    As always great work and thanks for your help!

  • Brad Schmeling

    I am unable to pick up the Korriban/Tython quests on my ship. I don’t even have it available. It was available when I was 54 but now I am 55 and I can’t access the terminal. I have never done the flashpoints. Any suggestions???

    • You need to pick up the Shadow of Revan prelude on your shjp and it will give you the quests for these. Are you abel to pick up that?

      • Brad Schmeling

        I am not able to pick it up. Says I am not eligible for that conversation.

        • Vader

          Did you preorder before the cutoff date

  • David

    An Interrupted Hunt has a perquisite: Complete The Revanites Revealed — any idea where to start The Revanites Revealed. Wanted to make sure I was able to get started on the Legacy offhand chain.

    • It is after Torch’s flame, I screwed up a spoiler bracket

      • David

        Thank you Dulfy!

  • Kevin Davis

    Dulfy, might want to look at changing the Dailies Rep Tokens. I am getting blues instead of Green Rep tokens for all the missions. The Purple for The Great Beast Hunt is right.

    • Cal

      I second that. I believe on the PTS they were green, but since release all rep tokens I have received have been blue.

  • JasonRyder

    I have a question: I completed “The Great Beast Hunt” daily twice with my Imperial Agent to get Ensign Temple an offhand blaster. Shockingly, I got another MAINHAND blaster instead? Why did this happen, and where can I get an offhand blaster for her and other companions that use two blaster pistols?

    • Vodorlo

      Nearly 90% sure it is an offhand.

      • Rob

        No, I’m having the same issue with my Inquisitor. The lightsaber that’s offered as a quest reward is a mainhand saber too.

        • lechnor

          yeah I just noticed this and I went to double check the mission. and it is a main hand where as all the rest are offhand. pretty sure its ment to be offhand.

  • Whrr

    Thank you so much for this, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the locations to the side/dailies on Rishi and was just tickled pink that you have this 🙂

  • freimensch

    Beach’s Bounty mission has bonus “Bounteous Beaches (Bonus)” – Defeat Beach Creatures: 0/20

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Just to mention, at level 65, you don’t even get money for completing that bonus mission. After noticing that, I just skip it now.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Hmmm, appears the daily “Water’s Bounty” has disappeared. At least the quest giver is gone.

  • infamous

    Pieces of 08 has been removed also. The Twi’lek won’t give you the quest anymore.

    • Curbob

      I did Pieces of 8 last night, maybe they fixed it in a patch, but I don’t remember it being a Twi’lek at the work bench

      • infamous

        I think they changed how quests are given in some situations. Now you get the quest by killing the mobs and they drop the items which results in the quest. When it first came out you had to get the quest from the Twi’lek.

        • Mike

          I did Pieces of 08 from the Twi’lek yesterday. It’s still given by the Twi’lek.

          • infamous

            Yeah, I did it 6 months ago and she seems to give the quest out again. Odd.

  • Noomi

    Is Trail of Light bugged? For the love of god, wherever I scan it gives no results. Even when I follow its pointers

    • Tellurian Mystic

      Late reply, but took me a long time for this too. Had better luck when scanning directly on the junk piles near the suggested location.

  • Zekzt

    Is it possible to complete rishi map on a boosted character? I mean one of the areas is strictly for story mission [market alleyway] – so it seems you cant survey the whole map on a boosted char that skips shadow of revan…

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