SWTOR Shadow of Revan Story Cutscenes

This is a list of the cutscenes from Shadow of Revan for those who don’t care about spoilers and just want to watch the storyline.

Shadow of Revan Prelude


Rishi Storyline

Empire Rishi Part I

Empire Rishi Part II

Republic Rishi Part I

Republic Rishi Part II

Rishi Class Missions




Bounty Hunter





Yavin Storyline

Empire Cutscenes

Republic Cutscenes

  • Al’arra

    We got your back, Dulfy! !!!!nice!!!!

  • Zoso

    Dulfy, can you post Shadow of Revan Prelude cutscene for the smuggler by any chance? I skipped it on accident…

  • Xorras

    It’s so cute, when he “say” char name.

  • exxarkuns

    hi dufy where you get the mission class starter is it from ship ?

  • King_thane

    Hey dulfy is your sith sorc here light side or dark side,was wondering if it madder at the end with revan

    • Light side

      • King_thane

        thnks 4 the quick answer,may see if I cant get lightsided somewhat 2 see if it changes the ending

  • Darkojin

    Currently working through this storyline on my Guardian, but after watching the videos, it really looks like the Empire has a better version of the storyline. Definitely going to have to run through it on my Imp chars next.

  • Michał Kohut

    I heard that ther is different ending if you do the operation mode of enemy within

  • Valerian

    I just finished the storyline on Yavin with my light side imperial agent, and I had a short extra sequence, just after the official ending you show here. It tied into certain choices I´d made in my original class quest, and I wonder, if I´m the only one to experience that?

  • Laserheart

    Does anyone know the names of the class missions? (Starting mission for each class). I’m not sure if my characters have the prerequisites to start these missions even though they have finished Chapter 3.

  • Arolan

    I was wondering if you had the video for all the encounters with Shae Vizla from the BH point of view? My sub expired and I haven’t been able to resub and I really want to see it and nobody has the videos.

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