SWTOR Shadow Packs Reputation Vendor Items

SWTOR Shadow Packs and Freebooter’s Trade Union Reputation Vendor items

All items can be acquired from the Freebooter’s Trade Union reputation vendor in Cartel Bazaar.

Newcomer Reputation

Dark Orange and Medium Brown Dye Module

  • 25,000 credits and 1 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup


Medium Gray and Dark Purple Dye Module

  • 25,000 credits and 1 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup


Lieutenant Pierce Customization 9

  • 15,000 credits
  • Bind on Pickup


Ensign Temple Customization 9

  • 15,000 credits
  • Bind on Pickup


Doc Customization 9

  • 15,000 credits
  • Bind on Pickup


Aric Jorgan Customization 6

  • 15,000 credits
  • Bind on Pickup


Friend Reputation

Carbonite Bounty (Slicer)

Landscape: Gold Plated Hutt

Title: Corsair, The Unruly

  • 50,000 credits and 1 Cartel Market Certificate

Hero Reputation

Cyborg Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-lizard

  • 20,000 credits and 2 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup


Champion Reputation

Red-Black Color Crystal

  • 100,000 credits and 3 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup
  • Eviscerating, Hawkeye, Indestructible, War Hero


Yavin Guard with Spear

  • 75,000 credits and 2 Cartel Market Certificate


Legend Reputation

Armored Uxibeast

  • 120,000 credits and 5 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup


Fawn Orobird

    • 70,000 credits and 2 Cartel Market Certificate
    • Bind on Pickup


  • Darth-Robin

    that fawn orobird is a mount drop from stronghold pack or is this a different one? if not then cheap and lazy lol cause i already have one

    • Ian Alverson

      alot of these even the newest pack is LAZY work, now that sor is out… i hope to see new kits

    • Holyfrog

      Uhh it’s not lazy as that’s the way the pack rep vendors usually work. A couple new things and a couple of older things like being able to buy Marka Ragnos gear with certs.

  • Please tell me that red-black color crystal will have another source

    • David Lister

      I certainly hope so otherwise this would be complete and utter BS. Don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have a couple hundred bucks lying around to gamble on hypercrates hoping I get enough cartel market rep items for the lone red cartel market crystal in the game.

      • Popo

        Spend the money on packs and you deserve a little bone thrown to you now and again. Personally, I think it looks like a big crayon. The monkey is the only thing I plan on getting.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Or you could, you know, buy the packs off the GTN for in-game credits.

        Sure, you’ll have to grind for credits, but how is that different from grinding for rare drops?

      • Secundum Ave

        They won’t be, just like every other cartel market rep item ever.

    • Tarmen

      Yup best red crystal igame. Too bad you’ll have to grind your wallet to death to get it:(

      • EnricoDandolo

        Bit off-topic, but can someone explain to me why people don’t seem to like the plain red (that is, red-white) crystals? Everything with black in it always seems like a formless nightmare to me.

        • Holyfrog

          I like the ones with the black the color seems to “pop” more. My favorite color for a saber is the black-blue one

          • Dru Ilhares

            There’s a big difference between black-cored and black-aura. The red black is essentially a white-black.. only (duh) red. Since it’s never a proper black and usually a dark hazy gray, I find it makes them much more flat looking.
            Enrico – I actually love the regular red crystals and use them on several characters.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Wow, that crystal is going to be my new best friend. If that eventually comes in blue and green, my Marauder will be getting those.

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