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SWTOR Yavin 4 Achievements Guide

SWTOR Yavin 4 Exploration Achievements guide. This achievement series can be found under Achievements –> Location –> Yavin 4.


Broken Lance

Lance Squadron Command Unit – West end of Training Grounds

  • Part of Walking on Hallowed Grounds weekly, 10 mil HP, requires ~16m raid


Lance Squadron Unit 1 = Patrols NW middle area of Training Grounds


Lance Squadron Unit 2 – Patrols NE middle area of Training Grounds


Lance Squadron Unit 3 – Patrols SE middle area of Training Grounds


Lance Squadron Unit 4 – Patrols SW middle area of Training Grounds


Lance Squadron Unit 5 – Patrols Verdant Swamp north end


Lance Squadron Unit 6 – Patrols Prowler’s Trail north end


Seeking Out Prey

Defeat 18 unique opponents of Elite difficulty on Yavin 4

Elder Lurker

  • Spawns as the final step of [DAILY] Pushback


Lord Darkspanner

  • Spawns as the final step of [DAILY] The Devoted Ones


Lurker Alpha

  • Training Grounds east side, also seen near Temple Approach in Temple Ruins


Massassi Blood Warrior

  • Roams around Massassi Village in Temple Ruins


Massassi Crusher

  • Temple ruins map near entrance to Temple of Sacrifice operation


Massassi Roamer

  • Training Grounds/Temple Ruins map


Revanite Commander

  • Spawns as part of [DAILY] Chopping Block final step


Revanite Overseer

  • Training Grounds middle area, you will need to kill him anyways for The Devoted Ones



  • Spawns as part of the final step of [DAILY] Altars of History


Rogue Massassi Brute

  • Prowler’s Trail, there are a couple on that map.


Stoneray Matriarch

  • Spawns as part of the final step of [DAILY] Pathfinding


Swamp Lurker Alpha

  • Verdant Swamp, there are a couple on that map.


One Giant Leap for the Coalition

Explore all locations on Yavin 4

    • Altar of the Fallen
    • Imperial Alcove Camp
    • Imperial Forward Camp
    • Massassi Village
    • Prowler’s Trail
    • Republic Forward Camp
    • Republic Recon Camp
    • Temple Approach
    • Temple Ruins
    • Training Grounds
    • Verdant Swamp
    • Wooded Outskirts


No Sensor Left Behind

All 5 sensors can be reached from the Training Grounds section of the map. There are 5 tunnels on the right side of Training Grounds and each has a sensor for the achievement.


Sensor Aurek (To North Jungle Cave)

  • (2637, 400)


Sensor Besh (To South Jungle Cave)

  • (2639, 455)


Sensor Cresh (To The Breaking)

  • (2669, 572)


Sensor Dorn (North Swamp Cave)

  • (2613, 965)


Sensor Esk (South Swamp Cave)

  • (2609, 998)


Imperial Espionage

This achievement is for Republic players only and is located in the Prowler’s Trail area. There is something to interact called a Discrete Spot behind a tree trunk that is behind the Imperial Camp. You will need to circle around to get to this tree but you shouldn’t be PvP flagged if you move quick.


Republic Espionage

This achievement is for Imperial players only and it is located in the Verdant Swamp area. Like the other achievement, there is also a Discrete Spot you can interact with to plant the flag. Circle around the Republic Forward Camp to get to this place.


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44 replies on “SWTOR Yavin 4 Achievements Guide”

Hi Dulfy, patch is still hot. In PTS I obtained a legacy title “Speaker of/for the Dead” for finding 4 force ghosts scattered around the map of Yavin. All you have to do is find them all, you get a one hour debuff that you need to find them all in. Location 1: top of map in the massassi village where the swamp is. Location 2: top of temple eastern side in the temple ruins. Locations 3 and 4: inside the cave networks to the east. They look like sith lords, all you need to do is click them. Cheers.

So Republic Espionage cannot be completed by an Imperial character, and Imperial Espionage cannot be completed by a Republic character.

No, read what she said. For the Imperial Espionage, she said you won’t get flagged if you move quickly and it’s for the opposite faction.

Didn’t see any info yet but in the spot of the Revanite Captain (drops a pet), another (I presume rare) mob can spawn called Commendant Jenarian who has more HP, cannot be interrupted nor cc’d and hits very hard.

She requires at least two to kill she hits so hard, and only drops a few credits but does grant the 50 point achievement “Censure the Commendant” under Location.


Yeah I tried to be a hero last night and solo her as a lvl 58 wearing 180 rated gear. Didnt last long, or turn out well. I figured everything else in the expansion has been a cake walk so far, so the lvl 60 champion couldnt be too hard. I was wrong.

Hopefully won’t be nerfed. So much watering down / cakewalking is silly and boring. Hopefully no one begs for nerfing this as Eaware is known to be the company to dump down things / content faster than any other Mmo company. I hope to try to take her down with couple good guildies soon. Wish u good gaming 🙂

Took several tries with a group of 3 to take him down. His Force Choke is really deadly in the last %s. I am not sure if there is a mechanic to work around it or if this is just about surviving his Force Choke but it felt good… till I realized that my achievement vanished the next day.

To kill “Lord Darkspanner” I need to do the Daily – Devoted Ones. I don’t seem to be able to pick this up anywhere. I’ve got a Republic and Empire character at Lvl60. Both are yet to kill Reven. But I just cannot seem to find this daily – and Darkspanner is outstanding for me. What am I missing?

You encounter only 6 daily missions out of the 8. The remaining 2 becomes available after you defeted Raven as well as the weekly mission for Yavin.

Anybody having trouble with the Massassi Blood Warrior one? I’ve killed him twice and the achievement still hasn’t popped. I’ve already defeated all of the other mobs required for it, but he just doesn’t want to do it for me.

Today I received the “Secure the Commanded” achievement on Yavin 4. Looking at the exploration achievement I concluded that there are about 12 hidden achievement that can be found on Yavin 4. I hope that people can help on information of other achievements

A few of us got the achievement “Censure the Commandant” for killing Commandant Jennarin, over by the temple. That also showed up as a hidden achievement under the Exploration tab.

You got the imperial espionage and republic espionage achievements mixed up. Imperial espionage is the imperial only one and republic espionage is republic only. Great guide though, ty

Is “Seeking Out Prey: Defeat 18 unique opponents of Elite difficulty on Yavin 4” able to be completed? You only have 12 unique opponents listed under it, unless you count the walkers in that as well?

Guys i found something odd on Yavin 4:
An “Ancient Sith Artifact” on a cave near one of the dailies (the relics one, on temple grounds). You can interact with it to get a small story of 2 images, but it says it has 5 slots for items. Yet, i don´t know what items are required and it doesn´t allow anything to be done at this time.
Can someone shed some light on this matter?

I believe this might have something to do with the next KotFE chapter in the recruitment mission for the Dashade as he is hiding out on Yavin 4. Obviously a guess, but we’ll see soon =)

Hope you can answer this one. Is there really twelve (12) Lore achievements on Yavin 4? Can both Pub and Imp obtain them? What are they exactly? I have identified nine (9) items, if you can even get the “The Dark Legacy of Yavin 4: Parts 1-5. Please advise and thank you in advance for your help.

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