SWTOR Yavin 4 Reputation Vendor Items

SWTOR Yavin 4 Reputation vendor items. Yavin 4 Reputation vendor can be found near the Basic Commendation vendors in Coalition Staging Ground.

Newcomer Reputation

Jungle Treek Customization

  • 100,000 credits
  • Bind to Legacy


Yavin Temple Obelisk

  • 30,000 credits


Schematic: Deep Green and White Dye Module

  • 100,000 credits
  • 500 Artifice
  • Bind on Pickup


Hero Reputation

Shield Warden Armor Set

  • Bind to Legacy, adaptive
Belt 25,000 credits
Body Armor 62,500 credits
Boots 43,750 credits
Bracers 25,000 credits
Gauntlets 43,750 credits
Helmet 62,500 credits
Leggings 62,500 credits




Massassi Guard (Male)

  • 62,500 credits


Jungle Droid HK Customization

  • 100,000 credits
  • Bind on Pickup


Champion Reputation

Schematic: Dark Red and Black Dye Module

  • 100,000 credits
  • 500 Artifice
  • Bind on Pickup


Legend Reputation

KX-7 Recon Walker (Empire Vendor)

  • 100,000 credits
  • Adaptive, Reduces incoming damage by 15%

KX-7 Recon Walker - FrontKX-7 Recon Walker - SideKX-7 Recon Walker - Back

BA-2 Recon Walker (Republic Vendor)

  • 100,000 credits
  • Adaptive, Reduces incoming damage by 15%

BA-2 Walker - FrontBA-2 Walker - SideBA-2 Recon Walker - Back

  • Sivis

    Gief Yavin rep for walker! :O

  • Marcio Alcantara

    No Jedi/Sith armor set, THANKS BIOWARE.

    • Bo Vanston

      Pretty sure there are multiple new sith and jedi armor sets in the game. These are reputation items, and pretty in-line with the usual rep vendor offerings.

    • Luis Rosado

      You just got an expansion you baby, suck it the hell up.

    • Holyfrog

      I bet you hate the BBA vendor also.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Overall, some pretty good items. I might take that helmet to go with my very similar chestplate (Sogan Sur, basically that without the shoulder pads and arm spikes), and I’ll definitely be going for that walker.

  • styffydawg

    That HK skin looks sweet!!!

  • ItsRainingSith

    That Massassi Guard stuff is come decoration?

    • Yes, forgot to add in the pics oops

      • ItsRainingSith

        Oh my.. that one looks like it’s gonna eat my computer from inside. Almost wished you did not post the image 😛
        Thanks Dulfy!

  • Vinak

    heh….glad I didn’t blow 15 million on a walker mount…

  • Sibakero

    Wow, awesome stuff, Thanks for posting this Dulfy!

    Def gonna get that Massassi guard, Jungle HK and Walkers!

    Time to grind some Yavin-4 Rep!

  • Johnny Wright

    Is the Massassi Guard a decoration or a (not so mini) pet?

    And that new HK skin is super snazzy.

    • Sadriel_Fett

      It’s a SH decoration.

  • Sarigar

    I’m glad they specified the Massassi Guard is male, because otherwise who could tell?

  • Good stuff here

  • Archexecutor

    Do the Yavin Walkers require you to own the planet you’re on to use them?

    • yellow-power ftw

      these are REPUTATION speeders, they dont have anything to do with the Conquest runs

  • Darth Ji’inx

    As soon as finals are over, my stronghold is going to be home to several Massassi warriors 😀

    I just hope they don’t hurt Ashara, Jaesa, or Vette while I’m sleeping, (or Khem, for that matter XD )

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