GW2 Retrospective Runaround Jumping Puzzle Guide

GW2 Retrospective Runaround Jumping Puzzle and achievement guide. This jumping puzzle was added with Seeds of Truth episode on Dec 2, 2014.

Getting to the new JP

Retrospective Runaround is next to the Drydock Grotto WP, the new waypoint added with this patch. You can reach it from Camp Resolve by following the dotted line and going though an underground tunnel at where the line stops.

If the gate to the tunnel is closed, the recent event with the skritts might have failed and bandits took over the area so you will need to wait a few




To get this achievement, you need to hit all 9 Milestones. This is a fairly long jumping puzzle with Milestones scattered all over. If you made a bad jump that prevent you to get back to your original route, you can WP back to Drydock Grotto Waypoint and then talk to a skritt a bit past the airship. Paying him 1 copper will return you 3 stones back from your furthest milestone. Paying him 1 silver will return you 1 stone back from your furthest milestone. If you pay him 1 gold, he will return you to the furthest milestone you have unlocked.


Skritt Holes

From milestone 8 to 9, you need to cross through about 11 skritt holes. These holes offer quick transport between different areas but can be very disorienting. Make sure you follow the video closely.

  • Nekami

    I did it without your help Dulfy and I’m so proud of it 🙂 But waiting for video tutorial about new barges 😉

    • C. Kain

      As did I, from a certain point of view. There were 3 tags and a good 20 people all in the last area with the skritt holes working together trying to figure it out. We did, after an hour. By no means a solo effort and no regrets. Awesome time.

      Cheers to the Toast

      • The barge thingie is just a fun activity, no achievements etc connected to it right?

        • Saith of Dusk

          I think they meant new badges? And there is an achievement worth 30 ap like the previous one.

          • Oh badges, there is apparently a barge you can float too or something so I was confused

          • Narrrz

            A couple of the badges are significantly worse than the JP itself.

            • Jules

              Oh agreed. One particular badge drove me nuts last night. It’s in a net hanging near the very top of the cave.

              • Sadrileti

                that one is easy. I got 29/30 and i can’t find the last one!

  • Lynx

    I did the skritt hole part by drawing a small map for myself and crossing out all the holes that threw me back to the cauldron 🙂

  • bob

    Do it without a video, much more enjoyable! 🙂

  • aimasira

    south of blue keep, below surface there is a new poi, and there is a vast area only with sand. did anyone discover anything there?

  • UroshUchiha

    I also agree to do it without the guide. This JP is the best thing in the patch 😀 you will only ruin your experience with the guide 😀

    • Patrik Andersson

      If you like JP’s maybe. I found the update the stuff of nightmares. And those coins..

  • Guest

    I would like to suggest shorter way from 4th skritt tunnel directly to 7th tunnel.

    • Jade Prince

      This is what I wanted to share as well. I did not read all of these to see that someone else pointed it out. Thank You for sharing.

  • shishiga

    Took me a while to find the skritt that can teleport back – he is standing just as you get off the airship, on the bottom-right ledge. There is also a skritt tunnel entrance beside him

  • Drychsyllu

    Which skritt will port to checked off milestones for the jp? Logic is pointing me to the little kit by the first flag but it won’t speak to me other than static npc dialogue. None of the skritt I talk to have an option for paying to jump to a milestone.

    • It is the guy right before the 1st milestone. He is right after the airship but you jump down to the right instead of continuing to the first milestone

      • Drychsyllu

        thank you so much!

  • Rasselbande

    what item do you use to get back to life, when you fall down and die?

    • A skritt will surface and rez you. The entire JP is designed like that no matter where you die

  • This puzzle is awesome, except for the skritt holes that are just time consuming and annoying ^^

  • El Sitrik

    thanks dulfy, nice guide … I would like to ask if you can make it daily to open chest or with alts to get that new torch

    • Boogie

      I can confirm that it is daily. I got my second one last night while helping a guildmate. I had to restart the game to get the new build tho otherwise I couldn’t open the chest as it was already opened.

  • Stormtrail

    Longest Jump puzzle in the game by far. Thank you for this one Dulfy. First time posting.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Most awesome puzzle ever ^_^ I kept thinking it was over and it never really was but then when I stopped thinking it was over, it actually was over. There’s like 3 or 4 chests. Wicked.

  • voonith

    Best map (and JP) ever. Gorgeous landscape and design. The exploration element of discovering this myself was much missed and longed for.

  • bleeters

    Do you think you might consider having a torch or some other item that lights up the area around you when making guides to these kinds of things? I only ask because there are parts of the jumping puzzle that are very dark, and it’s difficult to see where I’m meant to be going.

    • mazut

      The Mad king back item is the perfect tool for that 😉

      • Kasteros

        yep, it is best 1 or torch from QJ

    • Ryuu Shun Hayashi

      Cobalt and the Ascalonian Catacombs equipment all light up.

  • Wiked Stik

    How long does it take (avg) to complete?

    • If you follow video, probably 30 mins or so

    • Murth

      If you’re trying to ‘speed jump’ it, it would take around 10 mins. Still not worth the reward though :p

  • Jules

    Best JP ever!

  • Rhum

    i notice that most of the skriit hole with stuff near it lead to the cauldron.

  • npast

    Screw the stupid puzzle! How do I get to the bloody Drydock WP? Duffy, you are taking things for granted that for some of us new players are not obvious at all. Spend a minute and explain clearly how to get to the WP, please!

    • I did explain it, it is under how to get to the JP. Are you not able to see the pics/maps?

      • Element

        I guess his browser or whatever did not load an image or something.

  • Trystiana

    I found the kit that is supposed to teleport you, paid him and nothing happened…. I was on milestone 6. I verified I didn’t miss any by doing puzzle again to that point (then I fell again)… Am I missing something with the teleporting kit?

    • Xemu

      After you pay him, you use the tunnel right next to him.

      • Trystiana

        I did that the first time and it took me out to the silverwastes. I don’t think it was an area related to the puzzle, but I will try it again and see. Thank you

        • Trystiana

          I tried it again and it worked…. Maybe just buggy the first time. Thanks for the help

  • Korinu

    What do you do with the Dowsing Rod?

    • Keneth

      You give it back to Kri’chta, but you don’t get anything in return afaik. It’s just for the sake of completion.

  • Shwantz

    I used this guide, thanks! Funny thing, after I defeated the veteran skritt and got the keys it says I didn’t have all the checkpoints even though I got the achievement.

  • Zietlogik

    With the buff it gives you, does that mean that you cannot log and farm the chest daily with an alt?

  • Roxxy

    I just discovered something; not sure if anyone has mentioned this but… If you fall from a jump, you don’t necessarily need to waypoint back to Drydock Grotto. You can wander on the bottom until you find a Kit and its tunnel. Talk to them and pay the copper/silver/gold to get back to your milestone.

  • Jade Prince

    “From milestone 8 to 9, you need to cross through about 11 skritt holes.
    These holes offer quick transport between different areas but can be
    very disorienting. Make sure you follow the video closely.”

    You have a few extras that are not necessary. Wiki shows your extra ones as well.

  • Marko

    Good guide made it simple, thanks ^^

  • Jade Prince

    Dulfy, I see my post was deleted. Does this mean you don’t care and wont be teaching the shortest route? Please respond so I will know in the future not to waste my time informing you.

    • Youtube links are auto filtered, post it again and I will enable it for you.

      • Jade Prince

        Hey man, your good. I see that it was previously pointed out by a guest farther down the page. Good Luck with your game man. Cheers!

  • \///

    I don’t get it, got all 9 milestones, and still get a message at end, that I missed at least one of them …

    • Krystal S. S.

      some of the mile stones are a bit buggy while some appear to activate from a distance, others you’ll have to get super close for them to activate.

    • Guest

      This is a bug I do the puzzle everyday and get this message everyday, even tho my buff bar shows that I have 9

  • Krystal S. S.

    the sixth skritt hole wasn’t needed at all. you could have kept on running to the left to get to the seventh one instead of to use the sixth one to run across those rocky ledges and having to jump down.

    i put a video of the JP before yours was out for the chests and milestones. though i guess it wasn’t used much. as long as i tried to help out those that were having trouble before you put up your vid n_n

    • aquastratum

      I take that shortcut every time now! Thank you so much.

  • Trystiana

    Anyone having trouble getting milestone 6 to “activate”

  • Guest


  • andres

    Funny, when i was doing the gold golden collection achievement i already got all milestones and got achievement on my #25 or #26 golden coin XD

  • Christian Bradley

    Oh damn i went through the wrong hole, (at 13:39) is there any way back?

    • Christian Bradley

      nvm i found the first hole again 😀

  • historyshowsus

    I can’t get over that high chasm at 8:20. I never seem to be able to jump far enough and cant seem to get there before the speed buff from the water fades. The Mesmer teleport doesnt work.

  • Serenity Maria

    did they change the skrit porting? I fell and talked to the skrit but there were no port options.

    • Jeremy Holmes

      the other skrit. 🙂

  • PingWin
    • Christopher Cesario

      Gliding wasn’t in the game yet when Dulfy made the guide ya fagoot. Make your video without gliding then call Dulfy’s guide bad.

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