GW2 Go for the Gold Golden Badges Achievement Guide

GW2 Go for the Gold Golden Badges Achievement Guide. The guide is now complete with videos for all 30 badges.


Interactive Map
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Badges that can be acquired easier with Experimental Rifle

If you really don’t like doing two of the hardest badges, you can get Experimental Rifle from Agent Livlla in Karst Plains area of Malchor’s Leap. You will need to the event chain with undead chickens that end with Fight the Inquest Ornithologist. Make sure to buy a decent amount as they will come handy (like 100 or 250).

Both #7 and #30 can be made easier with Experimental Rifle. For #30 you can try aim for the ledge from the waypoint to take shortcut and for #7 you can stand under the coin and then jump with the rifle while rapidly tapping F while in the air.

Yes, it will take some of the fun from this badge collecting but there is no need to frustrate yourself over it.

Golden Badge #1 (Easy)

Timestamp-0:00 Show

This badge is on the bottom of the ship. Jump to the bottom floor of the ship and then reach it by jumping down via a hole in the bottom level.


Golden Badge #2 (Moderate)

Timestamp-0:31 Show

Starting from the waypoint, go down to the bottom floor again and jump on the window ledge. There is a series of planks outside you can use to get to another window opening. Inside is a higher plank you jump on so you can reach the stuff hanging from the ceiling. Use them to reach the central tower and go straight down until you see the Golden Badge


Golden Badge #3 (Easy)

Timestamp-1:43 Show
On top of the ship, you will find a fat rope leading to a ledge. Walk across it to the other side, jump down on the beam and then the little alcove to reach it.


Golden Badge #4 (Moderate)

Timestamp-2:42 Show
Use the same fat rope but this time go left and jump on the beam below. Go on the ledge and follow it all the way to the end. You will see a tower with a badge on top of it.


Golden Badge #5 (Moderate)

Timestamp-4:10 Show
Take a right from the waypoint and follow the path pictured below to get to an area with beams on walls you can use to get to a badge inside a basket. Can use experimental rifle for shortcut.


Golden Badge #6 (Easy)

Timestamp-5:54 Show
Follow the same initial path as #5 but at the stairs take a right to go up to the skill point. Across the bridge from the skill point is the badge.


Golden Badge #7 (Hard)

Timestamp-6:29 Show
Follow the same route to Badge #5 but instead of going up the basket, make a long jump to this little beam attached to a rope. You will need swiftness to make it. Once you make it to the rope, jump into that alcove and then jump up the beams and follow it along. There are a bunch of beams you need to traverse and some ledges you need to pass before you can see the badge near the first milestone of the jumping puzzle.



Golden Badge #8 (Easy)

Timestamp-9:35 Show
Jump down from Goldn Badge #8, that is the location of the first milestone of the jumping puzzle. From there you want to take a left immediately and jump in the hole. Inside you will find a cave with a rock that you need to jump to via swiftness. The badge is on top of the rock.


Golden Badge #9 (Easy)

Timestamp-10:15 Show
Take the tunnel from Badge #9 or headback to the first milestone of the jumping puzzle. Traverse the path to the second milestone and you will see this badge on the route right before the second milestone.


Golden Badge #10 (Easy)

Timestamp-10:58 Show
Keep going further into the jumping puzzle. Before Milestone 3 on the top side of the puzzle you will find Golden Badge #10.


Golden Badge #11 (Easy)

Timestamp-13:05 Show
From #11, backtrack a bit and jump back down. You will find Badge 11 if you take a right.


Golden Badge #12 (Easy)

Timestamp-13:56 Show
Go back to where Golden Badge 10 was and this time take a right but don’t cross the bridge to the next milestone. You want to go up on the ledge and you will find Golden Badge 12 overlooking Camp Resolve.


Golden Badge #13 (Moderate)

Timestamp-16:00 Show
Head to Milestone 3 and near it is a ledge you can climb on top with some effort. Beware of a hole nearby you can get trapped in and might not be able to jump out.



Golden Badge #14

Timestamp-16:56 Show
Start from Milestone 3 and instead of going right for the normal puzzle path you want to take a left. After that keep going right until you arrive at a dead end of the sorts with a hole you can jump in. The badge is tucked in the ledge.



Golden Badge #15 (Easy)

Timestamp-18:13 Show
Head to the 5th milestone but don’t jump down to the right when you get close to the milestone. Instead, take a left path on to get on the ledge on topside.


Golden Badge #16 (Easy)

Timestamp-20:46 Show
Go back to the route to milestone 5 and drop in to the cavern that is above the milestone. Take a left and you will find this golden badge hidden in the corner.


Golden Badge #17 (Moderate)

Timestamp-21:26 Show
Reach Milestone 5 and then use swiftness to jump to the ledge next to it. Take a right and then drop down the ledges to the planks below.


Golden Badge #18 (Moderate-Hard)

Timestamp-22:14 Show
This badge is on the route to Milestone 6. Instead of dropping down all the way for milestone 6, you want to jump to the left plank and then follow the beams on the wall. When you reach a corner, you want to drop down on the far ledge and then use the last beam to get to the ledge with the badge.


Golden Badge #19 (Easy)

Timestamp-23:54 Show
Start from milestone 5 and drop down below the ledges that would normally take you to milestone 6. You will find a badge above and to the right of milestone 6 marker.


Golden Badge #20 (Moderate-Hard)

Timestamp-24:40 Show
Start at Milestone 6. Instead of taking a right and going up the slope to head to milestone 7, you jump off right before the slope to land in a rope behind that will take you to some beams and platforms on the wall. The badge is in an alcove on the wall.


Golden Badge #21 (Easy)

Timestamp-26:29 Show
Start from Milestone 6 again and follow the same route as Badge 20. Now instead of falling on the rope, you want to fall all the way down to the very bottom. There is a little cave there on the bottom floor with the badge.


Golden Badge #22 (Easy)

Timestamp-27:32 Show
You want to unlock Milestone 8 and proceed from there like you were going to Milestone 9. When you reach the SW corner of the map, drop down to the very bottom floor and you will find a corner with a badge.


Golden Badge #23 (Easy)

Timestamp-29:53 Show
Go back to Milestone 8 and once again proceed as if you were going to Milestone 9. Past the first skritt hole, you will find a badge on a rock you need to make use of swiftness to jump down to.


Golden Badge #24 (Easy)

Timestamp-32:17 Show
Jump down from Badge 23 and then proceed like normal toward milestone 9. Past 4 skritt holes and you will find a badge tucked away right in front of a big jump.


Golden Badge #25 (Easy)

Timestamp-33:55 Show
Proceed through rest of the skritt holes and reach milestone 9. A bit a head of the milestone is a little slope you can climb up with a badge on top of it.


Golden Badge #26 (Easy)

Timestamp-37:42 Show
Go back to the milestone and jump on top of the ledge above it. There is another badge up there.


Golden Badge #27 (Easy)

Timestamp-38:11 Show
From Camp Resolve, run to the marked skritt tunnel that will port you to Far Silverwastes (if tunnel is not active, need to do a nearby event to open it up). The badge is on top some rocks


Golden Badge #28 (Easy)

Timestamp-40:31 Show
Do some backtracking back to near the tunnel and you will find the next badge.


Golden Badge #29 (Easy)

Timestamp-40:51 Show
Go left from the tunnel to the NW corner of Far Silverwastes


Golden Badge #30 (Hard)

Timestamp-41:35 Show
One of the hardest badges to get to. You need to jump on the rope from the airship (make sure you walk on the left side of the rope as it is a bit buggy and you are more likely to fall off if you just walk the middle) and make it to the stone wall on the other side. Climb up the stonewall using all the beams and then traverse through the ledge on the top to make it to to this location above the waypoint.


Special thanks

The following players were instrumental in helping create the guide and acting as checkpoints for my bad jumping skills.

  • Astrabien
  • Crilt
  • Raven Mercer
  • Jay Sykes
  • guest

    awesome job, thanks a bunch dulfy. you have ignored me in game but that doesnt matter, i still love you. (i actually do for real)

  • TKIB

    for the 30th, you can run on the ship’s windows, it make the jump to the rope less risky

  • Trying something here, inside the spoiler boxes are 30 copies of the same video with different timestamps. If this page crashes or load slow, please let me know

    • Old Man Yawl

      worked great for me. Excellent work as ever!

  • TFMurphy

    The hole in the ship to get to #1 seems like a bit of a shame, since there seems to be another intended route that leads into the room on the other side of the badge, that you then climb out of and make your way along ledges. It’s not all that difficult a route, but I agree that the jump is definitely the easiest way.

    For the start of the #7, it can be easier to reach the rope by going to the basket and then just running off the edge (making sure to keep pushing against the wall so you land on the rope). Of course, getting to the basket can be annoying to do consistently due to the overhanging plank at one of the jumps, so it’s a case of using whatever you’re more comfortable with. Because of the two parts of the route to the badge, I consider this the most difficult one to get… at least, without the Experimental Rifle.

    For #15-#17, you repeatedly mention Milestone 4, but you’re long past that when you’re going for those badges: they’re before Milestone 5.

    I consider #18 to be far more on the Hard than Moderate side — possibly slightly more difficult than #30 once you’re used to traversing its rope — simply because of the awkward and extremely long jumps with no safety net.

    #21 is probably better collected after getting #22. It’s worth noting, however, that if you get #22 and don’t want to backtrack to #21, you can easily climb up from #22 to the first part of the Skritt Tunnel maze, instead of having to start all the way back at Milestone 8 (or further if you don’t want to pay 1g).

    Finally, I mentioned the rope for #30. One of the key things about this badge that makes it slightly unfair is that the rope’s visibility does *not* match what parts are actually solid. The solid part of the rope is actually slightly to the left of what you can see. Hence, climbing it should be done a little left of the center of the rope. Trying to climb up the center invariably leads to slipping off it, which is something that occurred to me far too many times until I figured it out. Once you have that down, getting to the top of the cliff is more Moderate than Hard, and then you just have to figure out the final few plank jumps near the badge itself.

    • Oops you are right it is milestone 5 and not 4. I will get that fixed.

      As for #18 everyone in my group got it first try and it took my under 10 tries to get it. For 30 though we were stuck for hrs. I think the beams are a bit more better distanced and thicker so people were making them easier.

      Indeed you are right about the rope for 30. I will add that left part in

  • Narrrz

    You don’t know how happy it makes me to know i’m not the only one that had such ridiculous difficulty with #7.

    I was jumping to the rope tether from the hanging basket containing the previous badge, though, which you have to make pretty much blind

  • Janar

    For the #7 it is much easier to use experimental rifle from the ground to jump at the coin and press F in the air. No need for the jumping. I got it with ease.

  • Tai

    I know I’m citing different guide, but the comments in this one show which coins can be haxed using experimental rifle. That includes the one in Dulfy’s guide is marked as 30. It’s really easy, so if you’re frustrated then the Rifle will be very helpful. Some jumps can also be done using Engineer’s Jump Shot. Hints in question are located at ao you might want to add info about bypasses if you want.

  • chow

    #30 do-able with experimental rifle

  • chow

    #30 do-able with experimental rifle

    • S

      Agreed, it is doable, hard but doable.
      1. The first jump is easy, walk up the first ramp to the top where there is a small point sticking out the side of the floor.
      2. From there take aim with the Rifle to about the middle of the next ledge. 3. Once landed dont move.
      4. Aim at the single post between the 2 planks, but aim to the very end of it. You should land on it no probs.
      5. You wont need the Rifle anymore. Now turn around go up the steep plank in the direction of where you did the Rifle jumps.
      6. Then normal jump up to a small short post.
      7. Normal jump to the wall and walk down through the plants,
      8. At the very end do a normal jump out and up to a single long post coming out of the plants.
      10. Use swiftness to make the long jump over to the Badge.

      WELL DONE and Congrats.

  • Bane

    Tip for coin #7: You can jump at lower ledge (screen – red circle) right below the coin and taxi yourself to another silverwastes map. After loading you’ll appear on upper edge (screen – red cross). Have a nice day :p

    • chow

      or you can use experimental rifle against the wall from below and spam F

    • Siete

      your tip was awesome, tyvm

    • ron

      awesome thx for the tip

  • Bane

    Tip for coin #7: You can jump at lower ledge (screen – red circle) right below the coin and taxi yourself to another silverwastes map. After loading you’ll appear on upper ledge (screen – red cross). Have a nice day :p

    • Guest

      I <3 you

    • Jules

      Underrated!! 5/5

    • Belle

      You can also character select to glitch up.

    • McPilch

      As per what Janar said a bit below, experimental rifle got me there quite easily, from the upward-sloping rock beyond the swiftness boosting thingie (so from the far right of your image, the further back you go the closer to horizontally aligning with coin/ledge).. just aim target for spot on ledge beyond the coin, spam “F” as you’re flying.. made it second attempt (first was aiming for coin).

      Thanks Dulfy (and your helpers) for the guide!!

    • nyako

      Very very very thanks!!! you are my God 🙂 I tried many week for this point…. and loseness each time. Now i am free .

    • After spending many frustrating hours barely messing up, I finally decided to see if there were any comments that I could vent on. And then it turns out, someone left a solution!

  • Roy

    Hi Dulfy,

    I didn’t solve the JP and chose to collect the badges first, so I don’t have any of your mentioned milestones yet and thus I got stuck at #13. (No milestone 3)
    I guess I will have to solve the JP first in order to take full usage of your badge video guide.

    MAYBE there are a few others like me so perhaps you could kindly add a friendly reminder at the top of this guide to tell us finish off the JP before start collecting badges:)

    • You have to do the jumping puzzle while collecting the badges anyways but having run it before helps to know where to go.

  • Rectar

    don’t jump to the rock,that ivisible rock not so easy to jump.

    • McPilch

      Yup, I found the same thing, easy to get to the rock but then noticed the rock was covering my legs (edge detection fail), and couldn’t make the following jump for some reason. So just jumped direct like you’re showing. Took a few attempts, had to land right in the exact precise middle of that log (landed roughly in the middle a couple times, but “bounced off” somehow haha), so try the jump starting closer to the wall from where you’re jumping from, more chance to land it right.

  • Darak

    fantastic guide, wouldn’t have found some of those without. With 30 being doable with experimental rifle I think 7 can be classified as, if not the hardest, at least the most bothering of the series.

  • elli

    great guide thank you! I just mention that it would be faster to get #6 then#5 and then#7 because 5 and 7 share a part , and also #11 and then#10 and #12 for same reason

  • Do u really enjoy collecting coins? AGAIN? u don t expect something more from GW2?

    i think that some kind of raid or new dungeon would be better ;x am i wrong?
    It`s fantastic game, but why we keep doing such a ****?

    • Ryan Hill

      gem store and new expac? maybe

  • Marco Silva

    On #7 if you’re an Engi you can use Super Speed for that long jump.

  • kabat

    Thanks for the guide. The rifle helps a lot, but sometimes it explodes and pull you back (which means death in most of cases). I am not sure if it is intended to work this way.

    • Ryan Hill

      its is Experimental 😛

  • Björn Eddie

    Could someone help me with a mesmer to port to badge 7? i tried it for a week and didnt get it. im not such a good jumper…my IGN Amaunet Re

  • Xero

    The one failed jump on 18, i could have killed you for that one… why dont you cut the portal use away? -.- not everyone has a mesmer

  • Ryan Hill

    Badge #30 some dev is an a-hole

  • Ryan Hill

    as always your guides are awesome, thank you!

  • Esthellia

    for the life of me i cannot reach badge #5; spent a good 3hrs+ falling to my death even with the rifle.

  • mar

    fuck badge 5, tried it for hours always slip near the end off, although i did every jp.

  • mar

    for “7 just just use experimental rifle from directly! beneath it, so you dont have to jump at allt, spam “f” while ur in the air.

  • Dragonfang

    For badge number 7. You can shadow jump it and get it without even going climbing.

    Just go to the first skritt checkpoint (where the dialog for the checkpoint buff starts) and from there you can see the badge, of course the shadow jump won`t get you there, but if you aim carefully and high enough, during the jump and before landing the badge prompt to get it will show up, so just quickly hit F or whatever button you use. You will get it like that.

  • cereals

    Thank you for the guides! I used both this one and the one for the normal Lost Badges in Silverwastes.

    I would like to point out a possible error that confused me a little. In badge 15, the second picture. It says “Normal puzzle path to milestone 4,” shouldn’t it say 5? Either way, thank you for writing these.

  • Benjamin Brackman

    Hey, just thought I should point out that for badge #30 you can jump the windowsills along the side of the ship. It makes getting to the rope so much easier than falling from the top.

  • Thibaut Nicodème

    Hey, are you going to update this guide with the official numbers used in the game with the HoT update?

  • Johnathan Doe
  • oo4funoo

    I found a way to get #5 easy via experimental gun… just spam F while traveling and you should get that coin 🙂

    • oo4funoo


      • Dizcinger

        It worked! Thank you!

  • Smay

    GUYS there is a bug on the last one.. If you are at the end of the rope at the top, log out and log in again then you will be on the plank above.. not much but it skips some part!!

  • jwillbr

    Thanks for leaving out some stuff, if your going to do this real time is about 2 days. so you know before hand.

  • jwillbr

    Thanks for all the cuts make’s it even harder because you have to keep going back to check points.
    and doing it all over again. maybe next time you can just cut out the whole thing.

  • jwillbr

    Followed this to the T after 3 hours trying to figure out what holes to take real bad job for badge 25.
    but some how I’m still missing badge 18, 26, and 29. so if your going to do this find a different complete guild.

    • Allison

      I’m in the same boat with 25. Unfortunately I can’t find a different or updated guide for this. :/

  • kinue

    If you go to the attached link you’ll find a forum post where you’ll be able to check/compare dulfy’s numbers to arenanet’s. 🙂

    • Ganondolf


    • Sam Cruise

      Best chart ever.

    • Ginger

      The Ingame Gold Badge #16, is NOT Dulfy’s 29, it is actually # 22.

      There are a couple others that seem to be wrong, but I am to frustrated to go back and find them. Done with this one and good riddance!

  • Zero Mutt

    Is….there… like a way to cheese #30?

    • Ducksauce Anonymous


  • Mad

    30 is on a bridge near Skill Point (just nearby Waypoint).

  • Is it just me or did they change this after the last update?

  • MithranAkanere

    This needs a new version with the correct numbering and additional notes for gliding.

    For example, you can just glide to 30 now. No more falling off slippery ropes.

    • eCrité

      You are right, but it is very hard to redo this when you already have finished those Badges once on an account as you will no longer be able to show where those Badges are supposed to be. This have to be done on a fresh account which haven’t done this already to show how to glide and what option there is to take to get to the same badges now.

      Not everybody has Mastery in Gliding at the higher level and might not wish to go to HoT maps to get those XP needed for upgrading Gliding up Advanced Gliding. It is possible it would work with less, but it would require more work to get around as endurance will fast get too low to get to some places and you will fall down to your death. That is one reason that a new guide should include optional paths to complete “Go for the Gold” AP.

      • Ryan Hill

        open a free account?

  • eCrité

    First of all: this achievement will take some time to do!

    Not sure, but each time I get too near a wall or cliff side while gliding I start to fall down. It might be something to do that gliding wasn’t designed for flights very close to walls (vertical surface) which might instead make the game engine think that you are going to land and deactivate gliding for normal jumps. Make sure that you at least have Advanced Gliding (endurance will no longer be limited for normal gliding; don’t hold down forward key as that will eat your endurance) (Mastery from Heart of Maguuma) as it can be tricky to stay in air for a long flight between points without this level of Gliding.

    Some places in Dulfy’s guide is easier to get to with Gliding, but at same time harder as you might trigger unintended gliding instead of a short jump while trying to cross between surface with open space. I didn’t need to use trait for reduction of fall damage and in case you would die you will get rezzed by Skritt.

    Just make sure to pay up Gold when Skritt ask for it by one of those tunnels to get to nearest flag (and make sure you actually pass those flags) to get resurrected there and not at Dry Dock.

    Use Mesmer with portals, if you have one as that will save you some time
    to get up again on ledges and places if you would be gliding or jumping
    too far.

    There is a table for which order badges will be in Hero Panel vs Dulfy’s which can be found in comments down here. This table worked as far as I can tell for me to find badges and coins. Make sure to look through video at least once before you start to look after Badges/Coins and use each video section with time stamp (open up YT version for a more clear view in video and move slider to that section in time for that # of that badge you want to complete).

    Good luck!

  • Ryan Hill

    #20 is wrong. It’ s not number 20 under the anet achieve. It’s not there when i go to where the guide shows and pretty sure i already got that one. My chieve says missing #20 bu this Dulfy guide #20 is not it. Anyone know where the correct #20 is?

  • Ryan Hill

    got this one still no # 20???

    • Darkwarrior Delrathion

      Not wrong, hers simply predated the ANet numbering system in the achievement. When the achievement came out, there was no numbering system in the achievement, so she simply numbered them in the order she felt was easiest to get them in.

      If you want the correlations between hers and ANet’s, just check Kinue’s comment down a bit, it has a lovely chart that will help you find anything you’re still missing

  • LilKen

    #30 use glider from place on pic 1 and land like on pic 2

  • Erdem Akin

    #16 is wrong . I go but i dont find #16 help.

  • Darkwarrior Delrathion

    1) I just used this guide to complete the achievement; took some time, but was very well done. Gliding can be used to make a few quite a bit easier, but following the guide was still a great and easy way to get this done, so thank you!

    2) For anyone complaining about the numbers being wrong, read the comments below; Kinue posted a chart that gives the proper correlation between ANet’s numbers and Dulfy’s numbers. (When the achievement first came out, there was no in-game checklist, so Dulfy’s numbers were the only ones that existed…. plus, doing them in the order ANet lists them in would be incredibly painful.)

    3) LilKen’s pictures work beautifully for a glider-method of getting to Dulfy’s coin #30, and is much easier than the “real” method.

  • talkirc

    the numbers are wrong on these, so you can’t look at your IG list and find the correct path for that badge, i did number 16 on here, and it wasn’t number 16 on the IG list. (had the one listed here as 17 done long before i looked for a guide.) perhaps someone could get the dulfy ppl to do it again and correct the numbers on the guide, as it is now, it looks like i’ll have to trace each damn and forget the #’s on this page.


    • LameGuest

      You can compare numbers here

      • KioJonny

        Thank you so much.. This is going to make life so much easier.

  • Auvit

    There a way to find out the correct numbering now that Anet numbered the badges themselves?

  • StrixNox

    May I make a suggestion on your Videos, could you lighten your Gamma a bit, would make it easy to see where your going for me anyway

  • ruzicka

    oh…my…god! I cannot believe how easy it is to get #30 now with gliding! I was really worried about that one. But if you simply get as high up in the cavern as possible, you can glide right to it!

  • Mythykle Mythryndyr

    Hello Dulfy,

    Thank you again for all your time and effort.

    My Achievement says that I still need number 4 for the SW Golden Lost Badge’s.
    Using the chart made since HoT, this means I need number 8 of your guide correct?
    Number 8 in your guide is the one above the first checkpoint correct?
    I know for a fact that I already got this one. I flew from the thick rope ledge directly across to it.
    I am standing on the ledge it is meant to be at right now, with 29/30 missing number 4.
    But nothing is there…
    Help plz… 🙁

  • Tajee

    Here’s some gliding tips.
    #2 glide from ship top. Jump towards cliff or side and turn towards ship. Lean gliding helps make landing easier.
    #5 after bridge go up rock as far as you can. Advance glide to top plank then only 1 beam jump left.
    #7 can be reached from near #4…jump from ledge beforehand.

  • Chiancy

    Tip first # 30: dont jump directly to slippery rope from the top of the boat, instead walk to the north side and drop down to the platform along the edges of the boat and walk towards the direction of the rope. it is easier to aim you drop to the rope from there.

    once you finished walking across the rope, character select then enter back in and it will move you the the first wood plank. jump until the last plank on the first level. stop there and character select again, when you get back to the game, you will be moved to the top ramp. this trick will let you bypass more than half of those planks.

  • mikegonzalez2k

    For #21 they keep falling and self reviving. How do Mesmers do this? I see some ghoul come and rez them, but I don’t know what passive ability or trait is causing this. Is this some sort of hack?

  • mikegonzalez2k

    #25 There is a second skrit hole if you go forward down the ramp and turn around. That is the one you go into, NOT the one behind you.

    #30 You can do this one is only two minutes. From the WP turn around and climb up the stairs to the very top. Then glide down and hug the right wall. You will eventually land on the incline right before jungle brush. From there jump and glide once more to the platform where the badge is.

    • Allison

      Thank you so much for the tip for #25! I was so confused and spent an hour trying out all the skritt holes wondering what I did wrong :p

    • Katie Briggs

      You are my savior. I had all 29 badges and was seriously just about to give up on #30 when I read your comment. Thank you!

  • Zwerbie

    I would just like to say you are all gods to me! Watching the video confirmed what a crap player I am and I will NEVER get the achievement!

  • Allison

    strangely enough some of the pathways in your video don’t seem to be working anymore! Not sure if it’s bugged or if anet permanently changed some of the skritt holes

  • \///

    I guess the numbers don’t mach the order under achievement description?

  • Behraam Baqai

    Thank you Dulfy and commentors below. I was working on this since it first came into the game and finished just now! FYI, if you are confused on how the #s in game correspond to Dulfy, there’s a good chart in here.

  • Ravon WL

    the guide is sadly outdated! but its still very good

  • dilshad

    how to go from 21 to 22? pls help

  • gorim

    which one is #27 now ? and no, its not 12 like stated in the chart, i checked that


    • gorim

      FYI: its 14!

  • yousuck

    Shit quality videos in dark places, useless.

    • Sgt. Phleminator

      I had no issues, maybe you should turn up the gamma on your monitor so you can see better

  • Sgt. Phleminator

    I am looking for 16, this is my last one.. Does anyone know it’s true location?

  • Answerer

    It would be great if Dulfy could update the numbers corresponding to the ingame list

  • Karya Foxstep

    You can also trick the game by logging out and back in (character select). Not the most beautiful solution, but it’s used in many guides.

  • Kissa

    I’ve gone back to this to finish it. Was confused by the numbers when I finished one but it wasn’t marked off in game. Came down to the comments to see whats up and realized about the numbers. I’ve created a map with both numbers.

    • Oimmuk

      16/22 is not what this map shows I already have that one, but my “IN GAME” list shows I am missing 16…

  • Elmdea

    Just completed this one. Several things.
    First: if you have mounts, the bunny can be a life saver, as can the griffon (judiciously) #30 is now super easy with a bunny. Just jump up there from the Dry Dock WP!
    This gliding video, which is specifically for the JP, is also helpful in some spots:
    BIG THANKS to Kissa who put together the different cross lists for the numbers!

    • Kissa

      Awe your welcome 🙂

  • Oimmuk

    I am so confused with this one…I try to find the Golden Badges by the number, but it seems that Dulfy is not using the same numbering as the Game does, so I found a spreadsheet that helped a bit, but then it seems the numbers again do not match up…..HELP!!! I only have 4 to go…Game #’s 11, 16, 18, 19….

    • Brad Allison

      I’m having the same problem. The numbers do not line up with the numbers in the game.

  • Oimmuk

    BTW if any are wondering the Skritt will not rez you if you die anymore…

    • SirFur

      You forgot to pay them gold first

  • Slackmaniac

    Guide numbers are all wrong 🙁

  • Jonny Looter

    Maybe you could add the actual number to the numbers you created for people that have one part of the collection already? Maybe in brackets or something because maybe I’m dumb or something but I wasted a ton of time looking for badges based on the gw2 list/pic that I already had. Your map pic looks almost identical to the actual wiki one so I thought it was the same pic. I’m sure this would help many that are dumb like me. Love your tutorials/guide btw 🙂

  • Jonny Looter

    Sweet.. didn’t see that map with both numbers yesterday.. weird.. Thanks 🙂 That should help everyone a lot.

  • Silverdevilboy

    Please specify that you MUST have paid the skritt to use this guide. I followed it only to find halfway through that I was unable to go back from jumping down to badge 18 without having paid the skritt.

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