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SWTOR 3.0 Immortal Juggernaut Tanking Guide by Artorias

SWTOR 3.0 Immortal Juggernaut Tanking Guide by Artorias of Ebon Hawk. Updated August 2, 2015 for Patch 3.3


Introduction to Immortal Tanking

Immortal is one of the three tanking Disciplines to choose from. Similarly to the other two, it has its own play style and stat specialization. If you take a good look at the Discipline’s passives and the name of the Guardian spec; ‘Defense’, it gives you a fair idea where your priorities lie. The spec has a few rules to abide by both in single-target and AOE situations. We’ll touch on those as we go.


The outlines utilities make use of buffs to assist your job in assisting and protecting the group you are in. You can also choose to take the self cleanse on Enraged Defense, how ever this job should be fulfilled by your healers to allow you to take a more worthy utility. Intimidating Presence above all other utilities is necessary and should always be taken.


clip_image006 Path Carver: Sweeping Slash deals 25% more damage.
clip_image002[1] Warmonger: Getting attacked reduces the active cooldown of Force Charge by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 second.
clip_image002[5] Deadly Reprisal: Taking non-periodic area of effect damage generates 1 Rage. This effect cannot occur more than once every second.


clip_image008 Sonic Wall: Threatening Scream protects all allies within range, excluding yourself, granting Sonic Wall, which absorbs a moderate amount of damage. Lasts 10 seconds.
clip_image010 Emboldening Scream: Chilling Scream increases the movement speed of all allies within 8 meters, excluding yourself by 50% for 8 seconds.


intimidatingpresence Intimidating Presence: Force Charge has a 100% chance to finish the cooldown on Disruption. In addition, Saber Reflect lasts 2 seconds longer and generates a high amount of threat on all engaged enemies within 30 meters when activated.
clip_image002[1]throughpower_thumb[2] Through Passion: Reduces the Cooldown of Enraged Defense by 30 seconds.orThrough Power: Endure Pain increases movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects while active.

The following are varients of your utilities you can take to assist assist against boss mechanics.


  • Single Target Threat: 7
  • Single Target DPS: 4
  • AoE Target Threat: 6-10
  • AoE Target DPS: 6
  • Group Utility: 9
  • Rotation Difficulty: 5
  • Defensive Cooldowns: 10
  • Spikiness: 3
  • Mobility: 7

Gearing and Stats Priority

Accuracy: 10% given from Tank Stance + 1% Companion buff = 101% Melee Accuracy

Tank Mitigation: Defense is the main component of your gearing and shares a tertiary slot in your gear against Absorb, as such for mods, implants, earpiece and enhancements, you will need to decide between Defense and Absorb. Shield is separate and as such is passively stacked along with these stats.

Priority for statting: Defense > Shield > Absorb

A goal to start heading towards in 186’s from the Yavin Vendor:

  • Defense->1208
  • Shield->858
  • Absorb->933

This goal was taken from KeyboardNinja’s optimal tank distribution board and is someone I personally consolidate with for tanking matters and discussion.

Augments: Unlike the other roles (DPS, Healers), your augments are not predetermined and will change due to drastic gear changes you will go through while upgrading your gear. As such you will need to constantly look to your stat pool and see if you’re too low or high on certain stats and make adjustments accordingly.

Set Bonus: Set Bonus is of course the War Leader 6-piece set bonus, purchased from the Strength Vendors. Unlike prior updates, Alacrity and Accuracy are not present in these gear sets and as such these stats should not find themselves into your gear.

Armorings will be high endurance due to your set bonus but you should take Might Hilt and Armorings in your non set bonus pieces which contribute to things such as your Enraged Defense Heals and Sonic Barrier threshold (works off of Force Healing which increases with your strength level).

Mods: Should be unlettered mods. The name should read Resilient Mod 36, not Resilient Mod 36A. Unlettered mods are optimized and give the best stat gain of their field.

Enhancements: Immunity and Sturdiness enhancements have made a return. These enhancements were not available in the (162) Arkanian gear tier all the way to (186) Dread Master. These enhancements are high mitigation similar to the unlettered mods and again, give the best stat gain of their field both for absorb and defense.

Relics: Fortunate Redoubt (Defense Rating) and Reactive Warding (X amount of Absorb Shield).

Form: Soresu

What you need to know

The Immortal Discipline has no stack maintaining unlike Shield Specialist and Darkness. It how ever has the maintaining of passive buffs that will replenish due to procs or rotation. The sooner these can be reapplied and maintained the better, once these are constantly kept active, your resistance to incoming damage is increased as a whole via increasing your various mitigation ratings and granting flat Damage Reduction buffs and absorb shields similar to the Reactive Warding Relic.


  • Aegis Assault: Increases Damage Reduction by 3% for 20 Seconds.
  • Blade Barricade: Retaliation Grants Blade Barricade, increasing your defense chance by 5%. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Rule of Two: Increases armor rating by 15%. Movement speed increased by 30% for 6 seconds when guarded player is attacked.
  • Sonic Barrier: Force Scream grants Sonic Barrier, which absorbs a moderate amount of damage, lasts 10 seconds. (Absorb limit scales with Force Healing).
  • Revenge: Parrying, deflecting, shieding or resisting an attack has a 50% chance to grant Revenge, reducing Force Scream and Vicious Throw cost by 1 per stack, stacks to 3 and lasts 12 seconds. Consumed on use.
  • Consuming Power: Aegis Assault increases absorption by 3%. Lasts 20 seconds.


  • Impaired: Targets damaged by Crushing Blow become Impaired, dealing 5% less Tech and Force damage to all enemies, lasts 45 seconds.
  • Unsteady: Targets damaged by Smash or Sweeping Slash become Unsteady, reducing Melee and Ranged accuracy by 5%, lasts 45 seconds.
  • Trauma (PVP): Targets damaged by Sweeping Slash receive Trauma, reducing all healing received by 20%, lasts 6 seconds.


Juggernaut tanking is about maintaining your buffs and reapplying them as they come off cooldown. Unlike the other tanks you wont be dealing with stacks (besides Revenge) to make your mitigation increase over time as you deal and receive damage.

The rotation isn’t too dynamic and has a rough outline you can continue to follow as abilities do not have a hard premature reset via a proc or ability use, giving you a rough priority system you can follow. The main ability that will grant your two most utilized buffs and buffs that will maintain a near 100% uptime is Aegis Assault, which in turn will build your Rage. Force Scream is also useful when granting Sonic Barrier, allowing you to withstand a decent percentage of the next incoming attack. Retaliation will grant your Blade Barricade, increasing your main mitigation pools percentage. Crushing Blow now applies Impaired to your enemy, reducing the effectiveness of their Force and Tech abilities. Smash will reduce the active accuracy of your target, allowing the chance for them to miss + chance for you to dodge to increase on top of Blade Barrier.

Abilities highlighted in green are new for 3.0

aegisassault Aegis Assault: Grants 3% damage reduction and 3% Shield Absorption. Grants 7 Rage. Deals minimal damage and threat but grants two of your most important mitigation buffs, both lasting 20 seconds.
forcescream Force Scream: Deals kinetic damage and is a high priority. Sonic Barrier applied will fully absorb a partial amount of the incoming damage while it is active. Once the capacity of its barrier is reached, it will fade prematurely, lasting 10 seconds upon every use.
vicious_slash Retaliation is off of the global cooldown in Immortal Spec. Retalition grants Blade Barricade, increasing defense chance by 5% for 10 seconds. With Retalition being a 5 seconds cooldown, there is no reason why a 100% uptime cannot be maintained while doing your rotation.
crushingblow Crushing Blow has been buffed significantly in damage output and is now your hardest hitting ability, more so than even the 3rd tick of Ravage. It is the best damaging-threat generator you have and is also an AOE when Aegis Assault buff is present on you.
thunderfist Smash: One of your two AOE abilities and strikes up to 8 enemies, applying the accuracy reduction to them which lasts 45 seconds. This ability is 360o centered on yourself.
whirlingassault Sweeping Slash: Deals lower damage than Smash, applies Accuracy reduction and trauma and has no cooldown. This ability is a 180o frontal cone
backhand Backhand does not apply any buffs but is routine for your threat generation. It generates the second highest threat of your damaging abilities and does not have a cost tied to it.
bladerush Ravage has had its damage output reduced and Cooldown shortened. As such it can be used a lot more often but generates a lot less threat than before.
choke Force Choke deals slightly less damage than assault but generates 1 more Rage. As the spec now functions to give you plenty of Rage, it’s a small filler/DoT and is not as fundamental now as it was before.
forcethrow Force Push deals slightly more damage than Assault, but generates no Rage. It is a simple filler for you to use if you need to bridge a GCD but you do not require Rage.
saberthrow Saber Throw is used for striking ranged targets and grants 3 Rage. Does decent damage but not decent threat, as such it has no place in the opener.
throwexecute Vicious Throw deals slightly less damage than the buffed Crushing Blow and costs 1 less Rage, best used on cooldown if it does not delay the reapplication of your buffs.
slash Vicious Slash is your best filler most of the time behind Vicious Throw. It does little threat and little damage as such as no place in the opener.
assault Assault builds 2 rage but does mediocre damage and threat. Due to how generous the spec is and due to Revenge, this is next to never used.

Raid Buffs

  • Intercede reduces damage taken on the target by 20% as well as vastly reducing their threat. Should not be used on your fellow tank and should be used on the DPS’ without guard to reduce their opening burst if it in turn does not hurt your threat generation or boss positioning.
  • Sonic Wall grants a similar barrier to your Sonic Barrier on all allies within 15 meters. It has a massive player capacity as such can cover a 16 man operation.
  • Emboldening Scream increases the speed of all allies within range of your chilling scream by 50% for 8 seconds assisting in high momentum required situations.


Managing your cooldowns and using the correct cooldowns are what makes you a good tank. Mindlessly pressing a purple or red button to mitigate an incoming attack or bounce back from a massive spike is not the mentality you want to go through. Each cooldown has its own damage type it specializes in defending against, if you can learn which cooldown to pair with which damage you’re taking, you can reduce your damage taken even further. It takes practise to understand what damage is being applied.

saberreflectguardian Saber Reflect: Reflects all single target Ranged, Force and Tech damage back to the user. AOE’s and raw Melee damage are not fended against. Saber Reflect is possibly one of your best cooldowns as you literally take no damage for its duration if the damage you’re taken respects the damage types its built against. It can either mitigate a series of attacks and allow you to come out unharmed or it can be your trump card against an ability that can deal mortal damage to even you. Lasts 5 seconds, 1 minute cooldown.
lightsaberreflection Saber Ward: Increases Ranged and Melee Defense and reduces all Force and Tech damage taken. Ward is used against Blasters and Sabers to put it simply. Damage that can be dodged is what Ward specializes in. Ward will allow you to take no damage when it kicks in, allowing the incoming Melee and Ranged damage to miss you entirely. Any Force or Tech abilities that fall into an enemies rotation that hit you will also be reduced in their effectiveness but Ward should not be used to mitigate these Force and Tech Abilities entirely. Lasts 12 seconds, 2:30 minute cooldown.
cloakofpain Invincible: Is the other side of the spectrum in regards to Ward’s use. I mentioned above Ward should not be used to purely defend against the Force and Tech damage you’re taking so it works against things such as Force Lightning and Missiles and Explosions. This is where Invincible plays in. Since Force and Tech attacks cannot be dodged, just reduced in effectiveness, Invincible plays into a better role than Saber Ward. Saber Ward reduces their effective damage by 25% where as Invincible reduces it by 40%. Thus if your enemy is hitting you purely with Force and Tech attacks, Ward will do a worse job than Invincible. As such when dealing with pure Tech and Force users, Invincible falls into a higher priority. Lasts 10 seconds (12 with set bonus), 2:30 minute cooldown.
regenerate Endure Pain: Is your loan shark Cooldown, giving you added comfort when bouncing back from a big spike. How ever this cooldown is only as effective as your healers ability to make up for the breathing room it has given you and more. Endure Pain is a good cooldown to use in the higher percentages of your health rather than the lower. If used in the lower numbers, its dropping off could prove very destructive, leaving you with little health to work with. It is worth noting you should communicate with your healers on the duration left of Endure Pain as well as the fact you use it, for example “Endure falling off in 5 secs, need heals.” is enough for them to get you some extra health back so you don’t dip too low. Lasts 20 seconds, 1 minute cooldown.
identifyweakness Enraged Defense: A stacked buff that reduces in number as it replenishes your health. Enraged Defense is on the same level as Endure as a ‘soft’ cooldown. Not doing a lot to fend against massive hits, but Enraged Defense can top you up or at least balance out incoming hits if the heals are in the rough area of the next ten hits. Enraged Defense has a short duration and as such should be planned with care, letting all 10 charges linger and fall is a waste. Lasts 10 seconds, 2 minute cooldown (1:30 with Utility).
lightsaberdeflection Blade Turning (Passive): A buff exclusive to Juggernaut. This passive increases all Ranged and Melee defense by 100% for 1-2 seconds depending on set bonus when Saber Ward is activated. This Buff allows you to take no damage at all from the right damage types. If you try and use Blade Turning purely to fend against a massive Force or Tech hit, it’ll only be reduced by the 25% protection that ward provides.
Adrenal: You should be using the Rakata or Exotech Absorb Adrenal. This Adrenal increases your armor rating and thus gives a flat damage reduction to all attacks that are not Internal or Elemental (both circumvent armor rating). The Nano-infused and Anodyne increase your Shield and Absorb chance, emphasis on chance as the potential buff of the adrenal will not be 100% active as opposed to the armor rating increase which will mitigate all the right damage types. The Adonyne and Nano-infused adrenals are worse than Rakata and Exotech, also keep in mind Rakata is reusable and is better for you in every way.


When opening a fight, it is fundamental to hold aggro on the target and ensure all the damage the enemy is throwing out is on you. As such threat is what you worry about and it’s why certain abilities are used (or even not used) to ensure you’re generating high enough numbers against the massive opening bursts your DPS are doing.

Ability Priority:

  1. Retaliation (off GCD, can be paired with anything.)
  2. Force Scream
  3. Aegis Assault Vs (Crushing Blow w/ 2 pc-set bonus)
  4. Crushing Blow
  5. Smash
  6. Backhand
  7. Ravage
  8. Vicious Throw
  9. Vicious Slash
  10. Force Push
  11. Saber Throw
  12. Assault or Force Choke


The opener above is used purely to make the most threat in the short amount of time you have before the DPS threat catches up and over takes you. Force Charge will close the gap to your target while Enrage grants extra rage to spend, circumventing the use of Aegis in the early opening stage. Crushing Blow generates the highest threat of your abilities follow by Backhand, the second highest. Smash then applies your accuracy reduction and deals the third highest threat.

Saber Reflect is deterministic in its threat generation. The threat generation of Intimidating Presence only occurs AFTER you take damage, as such if you take damage in an earlier stage of the opener, pop Reflect as soon as this happens. How ever if Reflect has use later on to mitigate a big attack or several attacks, its best to remove it from your opener but you lose a rough 10,000 Threat as a result. Force Scream and Retaliation do near exact same threat, Scream has a more useful and applies a buff with a shorter uptime as such, it’s best to get that on the CD as soon as possible.

Retaliation will apply your blade barricade, thus your two defense buffs (accuracy and barricade) are now in play. At this time, your big threat abilities are burned and you’re going to be in a down time threat wise, hence Taunt is used to boost Threat numbers and forcing the target to attack you for 6 straight seconds, allowing you to fit Ravage and Aegis in, now all your buffs are flowing freely. It is time to reapply Sonic Barrier and Blade Barricade and spike your threat with Crushing Blow and secure it with Threatening Scream (AOE Taunt).

You may be asking; “Why don’t I use saber throw?” The answer is that Saber Throw generates barely any threat, only a bit more than Force Leap. In 3.0, the Rage generation of the spec is massive and you do not need any more Rage than what Leap and Enrage grants. You’re delaying the Threat generation of your rotation by 1.5 seconds, which is all the room a DPS needs to rip aggro from you. Saber Throw does a lot more harm than good. It does have its use.

immortal-jugg-opener-3.1-2When Opening from range and letting the boss gap close to you rather than you to them (rare cases where this occurs example; Dread Master Tyrans or The Dread Council). You substitute Saber Throw for Force Charge, you will build the exact same amount of Rage and do a small bit more threat in comparison. But there is only room for either your gap closer or a Saber Throw, not both.


The above rotation is roughly you’ll be following, not precisely in this order but due to how the opener is handled, you’ll notice abilities coming off cooldown in a certain order and if you are not Rage starved or dealing with a large down time, you’ll see a rotation form.

When engaging in AOE situations, the rotations will all depend on your current standing of Aegis. Aegis Assault is what turns your Crushing Blow into an AOE rather than your target having Armor Reduction which is no longer applies by the Tanking Discipline.


With Aegis active going into an AOE situation, the AOE threat generation is vastly easier due to the fact Crushing Blow deals a massive amount of threat and the damage cap of 8 targets meaning you’ll be hitting all possible targets in your vicinity without problem. Following this is Smash, your next biggest threat generator with the Accuracy debuff following Impaired as well as some sweeping slashes for fluff threat. Once you take damage from enough targets to satisfy you, Saber Reflect can be used to shoot up your threat as well as Taunt to secure their aggro for 6 seconds. Finally, the use of Aegis or Enrage to rebuild Rage.

Without Aegis, you may need to delay Aegis Assault and Crushing blow further down the line due to the terrible threat generation it provides. In response to this, it is ideal to use Smash and some Sweeping Slash threat fluff before popping AOE Taunt to lock in mandatory aggro, followed by Saber Reflect to spike your threat. Aegis and Crushing Blow will fall inside this massive threat window as well as some Sweeping Slashes for added damage.

Your AOE threat will only work with the use of Crushing Blow or Reflect, the lack of both will leave a very weak threat generation and target loss, meaning you’ll not be the priority of your enemies, and DPS or healers will.

Things to Know when Tanking

Tanks are like any other role, you need to know how it works before you step foot into an instance. When you’re leveling you should get an idea of how your rotation works i.e. buffs, gaining stacks, what CD’s affect what abilities/damage and so on.

Becoming a tank is not impossible but difficult if you are not ready to learn the basic mechanics of combat. A tank first of all should sit down and look at the class they’re playing as many of the tanks diversify in play style, not by a lot but enough that each tank will feel unique, which is good. To get a better idea of how your tank operates, again look at your skill tree and buffs, even the tank specs tell you how you should be gearing also: Defense Guardian, Shield Specialist Vanguard and so on. But regardless let’s start from scratch.

Learn about threat. It is the mechanic which the entire premise of tanking is based upon. Your job as a tank is to control the boss and make it that the other roles can do their job without having to worry about survival or positioning. Threat is what determines if the boss is looking at you or them, make sure you and your co-tank are the top of the aggro table. Taunt and your rotation determine your aggro and the effectiveness of your rotation will determine how solid your threat is, hence why you see people discussing; AOE threat, high threat opener etc. It’s so they can ensure that upon engaging a target, that target will be fixated on them from beginning to end. And for the love of Lana Beniko’s butt use Target of Target! (Enable it in UI Editor)

Learn about basic mechanics of fights and how to work with them. Fights in this game are not too different from one another. You’ll need to swap, reposition, kite, aim frontal cones away from the raid and pick up adds. If you master these points then you can adapt to any fight.

Learn your rotation to ensure your DTPS (Damage Taken Per Second) is as low as possible. The buffs you gain as a tank are there to minimize incoming damage while not having to resort to your Cooldowns, this is your priority once threat is secure. Rolling these buffs and making sure your damage intake is as low as possible (I.e maintaining Dark Bulwark, Heat Screen or Sonic Barrier.)

Learn when to use your cooldowns. Popping Saber Ward then beginning the fight is the worst thing you can do. Cooldowns are not there to make you remain at 100% for the opening of a fight, they’re there mostly to bounce back from a huge spike or incoming spike. Popping them when damage intake is low so you can maintain a 85%> HP is not needed,

Learn to use Guard effectively and why it is used on certain targets. There is a reason for everything when tanking, DPS always get guarded with the exception of maybe 2 fights in End Game. DPS are guarded NOT for the Damage Reduction, it’s used for the 25% threat output reduction so you do not get pulled off of.

Know when to taunt and when not to taunt. If you’re the main tank, taunting to gain some added threat is fine, but taunting off your co-tank when they’re holding the boss if you are not asked or it is unjustified should never be done. You should also not neglect threat generation while not being the target of the boss, if you do a poor job, once the threat debuff fades, you’ll lose aggro.

Know how to gear. I touched on this above, your class gives HUGE hints of how to prioritise your gearing. If that wasn’t obvious enough read KeyboardNinja’s ideal tank stat distribution.

Lastly, don’t take advice with salt. Tanking takes work, you will make mistakes, a lot. But bounce back from them, accept them and better yourself. Don’t be deluded and think that a DPS pulling aggro is their fault or you not kiting a boss into a mechanic correctly was due to a bug. If you admit your mistakes, you will become a good tank, if you blame everyone but you, you’ll be nothing better than that of a Black Talon tank at the end of the day.

About the Author

My in game name is Artorias/Sinais, depending on which faction you’re on of course. You may have seen me on the forums or /r/SWTOR as Luckygunslinger. I raid with Aisthesis on the Ebon Hawk and have been playing Juggernaut since 1.3 and DPS spec since 1.5 all the way until 3.0. I’ve been tanking as well as DPS’ing on my Juggernaut and Guardian and have been for a long time, tanking from SM’s all the way to Nightmare content.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Since the Fortunate redoubt and Shield Amp relics no longer share a cooldown, wouldn’t the Shield Amp relic be a better choice than reactive warding?

I’m currently running both, and have witnessed them proccing at the same time on several occassions. As a result, I’m running a bit higher in Defense than suggested here, and making up the absorb through the relic. I’m planning to push my defense chance to a solid 25% before I start focusing on my absorb again.

Those 2 relics could always proc at the same time, its just the RW relic was always the best of the 3. The only time since the RW relic was released that you would use a SA Relic was Nightmare Brontes, where you weren’t defending against anything anyway.

SA relics were changed as far as i know so now you only have to shield an attack to get absorb procc, which is more likely to get as PT and Sin, so for those wouldn’t it be better to use it? For juggs i guess RW is good cause they have less chance to shield

Reactive Warding is always the best relic. It gives you a flat shield similar to the sonic shield. It would be silly to pass that relic up for something that only gives you a CHANCE of reducing damage.

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying the guide!

Just a quick typo on my end, the retaliation info is meant to say “Now on the global coodldown” rather than ‘low’. Regardless, hope this helps!

Brilliant as always. Thank you very much for taking the time to put it all together. Cant wait for the Guardian Defense as well as the other ACS guides.

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In my humble opinion Saber Reflect is underestimated by you. Juggernaut/Guardian has two kind openers: one for melee and second for ranged mobs. Yours rotations are for melee. If Juggernaut/Guardian use Saber reflect after jump against ranged mobs it is not possible to steal agro by DPS. You need to consider that mobs do higher damage/dps like Tank can do.

Not underestimating at all. The reason Reflect is late is due to the bug plaguing Intimidating Presence, which requires you to take damage for the threat to work. I tested this in 2.0 and 3.0, if a mob does not deal damage to you, they will not get the 10k threat. Popping it as soon as they spawn is not going to do anything.

I’ll give you the short version for jugg tanks,
1. charge in middle of the groups
2. AOE Taunt
3. Saber Reflect

for this to work you need your sound set to maximum and giggle in wicked way like you hate smurfs.

Great guide! Thanks.
But i have a question. You recommend Emboldening scream as masterful utility but you never mention the usage of Chilling scream. I take it you use it as filler ability similar to Vicious slash? I personally rarely used chilling scream in PvE and Crushing fist seems to me a little more appealing. Or did you choose it only for buffing your raid party and it has little other use in fight?

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the matter?

No no no. 😛

I use Chilling scream PURELY for situations that require the raid to move faster. For example, the boss yanks the entire raid in and places a red circle beneath himself that does ticking damage, at that point I’ll pop Chilling Scream to give everyone 50% speedboost to run out and then I’ll Intercede to a target. I don’t use Chilling Scream as a filler because it does about 1800 less damage than Vicious Slash. Chilling Scream does like 88 damage which is 176 threat, my dog can do more by wagging her tail.

Also keep in mind that we no longer grant armor reduction. Crushing Fist will slow the targets and majority of trash in end game is Boss Immune so it won’t affect them. Crushing Fist is better as a DPS where you can apply armor reduction to multiple targets.

*facepalm* Boss Immunity.. I knew i was forgetting something. Thanks for clarification. I was a little baffled why you picked Emboldening scream a now it makes much more sense to me. Its a pity the best discipline is for very rarely used skill.

Your ratings seem off. My Defense Guardian is pulling almost 6k AoE DPS on trash and is usually top 3 in my raids on trash, so AoE DPS should be a 10. Mobility only 7? With two leaps?

I disagree with your opener. If you start with leap->aegis/warding->crushing/guardian->sweep/smash it is just as much threat and you also start rolling your defensive buffs faster. Not to mention that means you don’t have to waste your enrage/combat focus at the start and can save it for later.


Keep in mind that you’re delaying the Crushing Blow Threat by using Aegis, there is literally no reason to do this. Yes Aegis will grant your buffs but what’s the point in having them if your target turns away and smacks a DPS? And Combat Focus is not being wasted, it’s being used purely to not having to waste a GCD to generate Focus, keep in mind the rotation is silly generous for granting resource so there is no reason to save it

Mobility was something I debated, keep in mind out speedboosts are tied to a defensive cooldown and RNG damage output. Leaps are fantastic but not controlled, if you need to move in an arc or refrain for moving too quickly, for example in Sword Squadron where rapid fire occurs, using leap can actually be a bad thing.

OK, but wouldn’t the offtank be using masterstrike instead of hilt strike for more DPS? Also there is the fact that you can chain taunts to have the boss taunted for pretty much the first full 18 seconds of the fight. Especially if you have the 4piece bonus.

No, even when opening as off tank, I do my rotation the exact same rotation because I need to build threat in case I need to taunt. If my threat is behind due to favouring my damage output, once my taunt falls off, the boss will jump back to the main tank.

That is not how taunt mechanics work in this game. You are thinking of WoW mechanics. In SWTOR mechanics, taunt puts you at 110%(or 130% from ranged) of the current threat leader’s threat, even if that person is yourself.

This is accurate to my knowledge, though having less threat before you taunt (even as the MT) will reduce your total opening threat output, it might still be favourable to use the threat heavy opener even if it sets your buffs/debuffs back a full rotation’s worth of GCDs.

Exactly. Plus it isn’t even a huge rotation difference. He’s pushing it back until the initial burst threat is up. Once burst threat is up and taunts are out and maxed DPS won’t pull. 3% delayed for an extra few seconds is trivial.

Regardless, generating more threat should always be the goal of a tank. If he generates more tank, that’s more aggro for the main-tank to gain if he taunts. Plus sometimes taunts are needed for mechanics or tank swaps can only occur at certain points so being required to blow both tank’s threats just to hold aggro isn’t ideal.

As a DPS I’d much prefer a tank to generate as much threat as possible early on (since later on threats make pulling impossible) without his taunt than have to relay on his taunt to hold it.

As for Arty’s point, you CAN lose aggro after a taunt. If you go up to 110/130% at the start of taunt but then someone passes you up, once it ends it will drop to them. I’ve seen it before with a tank that threw both taunts early. It ended then as a DPS I was being beat on because he used taunts too soon for the guaranteed lockout rather than using a taunt for the massive aggro boost.

I’m sorry I didn’t feel the need to state the obvious that sometimes you have to save your taunts for tank swaps.

I’m sure as a DPS you much prefer that, but what about your healers? If I’m taking less damage than Arty, that means my healers have time to get themselves into positioning, set up a more efficient rotation, or even throw some DPS.

Its not like it matters if I am ahead of you by 100k threat or by 106k threat.

Plus, to be perfectly honest, DPS pulling aggro is the DPS’ fault. The tank sets the aggro ceiling, and its the tank’s job to make that ceiling as high as possible, but its the DPS’ job to stay under that ceiling.

I disagree with his opener, but I don’t really have a huge problem with it. My biggest issue is that he clearly lacks an understanding of game mechanics and yet is writing guides for a site of this popularity.

The minor 3% isn’t a huge deal compared to the massive DR difference between DPS and a Tank. I don’t know any Healer that would rather the tank take an extra 3% for one or two hits than the DPS get nailed. Look at the math he gives you with the 26519 threat. Are you telling me a DPS can’t generate that much just as fast?

And no, the tank’s job is to hold aggro. The tank losing aggro is completely his fault. I’ll balance my aggro as best I can with aggro dumps, but if the tank is doing an opener with terrible aggro and loses it that isn’t my fault. Aggro dump only goes so far and holding back your DPS because your tank isn’t doing his job is 100% his fault.

Plus I’m pretty sure you totally misread his post so your assumption of the aggro is off. He was saying that the threat will pump him up, but if someone passes him up it will drop back.

If you generate 10k threat then taunt you’ll get the 110%/130% to your own aggro (assuming you are top), but if in the six seconds I put out more threat it’ll fall right back. He never said it counted the lowest and you’re really putting words in his mouth. As someone who tanks with him, I know for sure from talking about how threat works that he knows that it sets it to the top even if he is the top. (Fun fact: taunt at over 4m from center of boss’s hit box will give you 130%)

If a tank told me “Hey, I’m going to put out crap aggro so I can have a tiny damage increase, sorry if you get nailed, just don’t DPS much” I’d tell him to fuck off.

I’ll use an easy fight just because I’m sure most people have done it. Nightmare Nefra. If I pull because the tank goes for a 3% damage over more threat the entire raid is cleaved for massive damage. I guarantee you the healers would rather deal with an extra 3% on the tank than an extra 30% on everyone.

I’m facepalming so hard over your little self righteous rant. Also I love how your “fun fact” to try to somehow put me in my place is something I already said.

It IS the DPS’ job NOT to pull aggro. It is the tank’s job to try to ensure that you cannot, but if you pull aggro, it is YOUR fault. This is basic stuff here, I’m not sure where you learned to raid, but I’m glad I don’t know you or raid with you.

Basic rule of raiding; if the tank dies, its probably the healer’s fault. If the healer dies, its probably the tank’s fault. If a DPS died, they probably fucked up.

I know today’s generation of uber leetzorz haxorzing “big numbers” DPS struggle with that, but it is the truth.

“Fun fact”: I said that the offtank should be the one trying to do extra damage, not the main tank.

So, let me get this straight…if a DPS pulls aggro, is the dps’s fault. And if the Boss enrages because the DPS are holding back so they don’t pull aggro…are you going to blame them too? If the tanks knows what he’s doing, the DPS have no need of managing their aggro.

While I haven’t tanked an operation in 3.0, as I canceled my sub when I didn’t enjoy early access gameplay/plot, I have to say, you are getting confused because the guide is about maximum opening threat generation, incredibly important in fights with tight enrage timers.

You are probably use to hm/sm where tanks usually out gear the DPS, so holding threat isn’t as hard. In NIM DF/DP, when you’re DPS are set bonus ideal stat gear(which is needed for enrage timers), your DPS will get SMACKED SMACKED SMACKED if the tank doesn’t maximize their opening threat. Also, most fights do not smash heavy hits as opening rounds, and your healers will start with a full energy pool, and you have a full health bar to take the opening hits, but your dps can be one/two shotted.

Question: My friend crafts relics and I know what Reactive Warding is suppose to grant you, but the one she has listed grants 800 Primary Stat for 6 seconds. Is there an issue with the relics right now or…?

The tooltip is bugged on reactive warding (green quality) in French and Deutsch. It says main stats but it’s not. The blue and purple have the correct tooltip: create a 14xx absorb shield.

The Premium (green) Reactive Warding relic is bugged, the tooltip lists the proc effect of Focused Retribution; now whether it does actually proc main stat instead of the absorb shield I never bothered to check, but the Artifact (purple) relic works just fine and that’s the one you should be using anyhow.

Big thanks for this one. Can’t wait for Sentinel Watchman guide as
curious to see what kind of setup u have for that one now that it’s so
messed up after 3.0 landed. Juggy tanking forever <3

Wish u good weekend 🙂

Thanks for the guide Lucky.

In regards to utilities, what do you think of warmonger instead of pooled hatred? I’m not finding I get snared for long enough periods to take advantage of the damage buff. Warmonger could have at least a modest impact on mobility in comparison.

Warmonger has been something I have thought a lot on. I was debating on it purely because if I suddenly need to gap close and Charge is on CD, I just Force Push and done. I don’t deny Pooled Hatred is a bit useless as well.

This is my fisrt tank ever in any mmo any tip buil/path for leveling or something motivational. Besides cool work i would want to be like you i wont never be but nvertheless when i was playing in wow a cool section they have in icy veins was tips for specifics class for ops (i’m levelening nothing that concerns me if you have time for sure) what is spikiness btw ??

Spikiness is how suddenly you’ll take a massive ‘spike’ in the loss of your health, suddenly losing say, 30-40% of your HP.

Thanks for the guide man, it’ll help optimize my Jugg when he starts raiding next week. Bookmarked for future reference.

Another good tip for all tanks is to use an ATTACK adrenal just before jumping in, This Increases Power by 375 for 15 seconds.
This will help punch you above the DPS in threat straight away, Ive found this handy as an Assassin tank many times 😉

I disagree with you fully. You’ve just wasted a cooldown as you could use that with the exotech absorb adrenal. Threat is no longer an issue for Juggernaut Tanks, with Reflect + Crushing Blow and Backhand being massive threat spikes, there is no reason to take this precaution. Also keep in mind this adrenal reduces your healing done, which is your Enraged Defense and Endure Pain. So it’s crippling CD’s even further. There is no reason to take any DPS Adrenal or Stim into a fight with you.

Quick question on those Defense values: with crafted 186 gear and augments, it’s actually quite easy to blow past them. Do we want to keep stacking beyond those values? Or should we try and grab more offensive stats to boost ED and damage/threat?

Never stack offensive stats in place for mitigation unless its a trade of mainstat for endurance, not mainstat for shield, defense etc. Always go for mitigation.

Could anyone be kind and translate / convert the “Defense->1360 – Shield->737 – Absorb->603” into Percentages ( % ) ?

Not sure of baseline values for each, so just make sure when you hover over your tooltip it will say:

Defense: (Base Value) + 14.19%
Shield: (Base Value) + 9.34%
Absorb: (Base Value) + 13.41%

Okay? Not sure how I should understand your responds, but cheers anywho.
My current stats are : Def: 22.11% – Shield: 41.30% – Absorb 33.94%
I was just wondering if I’m going in the right direction with this, or completely off track.

If you mouse over the percentage value on your character sheet it will tell you your ratings you get from gear for that stat. No need to convert to percentages.

I will have to disagree with this opening rotation.. Aegis Assualt procs shield as well as the aoe for crushing blow. putting it further in the rotation does not utilize this. As a Jugg tank procing your defense and shield while maintaining agro is the rotation..

As well as maintaining retaliation after crushing blow to proc defense stat. I would not use the rotation off this guide.

Aegis Assault procs absorb first off, not shield rating. The AOE for crushing blow adds nothing for single target. Putting it further into the rotation does not utilize this yes but it does make use of threat generation which is the point of an opener. And I disagree, mid-fight rotation is about proccing your buffs, the opener is about maintaining aggro at any cost. What use is 3% DR/Absorption if the boss slaps a DPS? As for Retaliation, Blade Barricade lasts 12 second, Retaliation has a 5 second CD and will constantly proc, even without Crushing Blow, there is little back seat reliance on its proc.

Again, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If the DPS you’re running with aren’t doing enough damage to pull off you when you’re using Aegis, then use it.

AOE for crushing blow is for adds yes, but for single target agro is tied to the amount of dps the tank can put out.. Any DPS can pull off a tank not pulling over 1k. On average the rotation I use hits about 1.8k as a juggernaut tank. and running a vengeance with tank gear.. ive hit almost 3k. with no defense mitigation proc on retaliation. Aggro doesn’t work by the type of attack but rather the amount of damage the attack puts out. Crushing blow Crit for 8k will but a huge amount of aggro on the boss then following an auto from Retaliation. followed by the force screams, back hands, and so forth.

Also throwing in sweeping slash in the single target rotation as well to help add aggro and slight dps to the target.

This is not really a bad rotation.. just something I wouldn’t use as for me Jugg tanking getting my shield and defense procs up quickly is my priority in my rotation.

Hello, thank you for this guide. I now have a lvl60 Juggernaut with full purple 186 equips but no Augments and with a 47k HP as of now. By following your guide, my Stats currently have: Def Rating 21.80% (1308+13.80%), Shield Rating 41.81% (1020+41.81%) and my Absorb Rating at 22.60% (103+2.60%). I could increase my Absorb Rating or Shield Rating with Augments. Are my stats ok? I’m a bit of concerned with a 47k HP at lvl60 and my Shield Rating is a bit high. I used Immunity Enhancements.

Your Absorb is VERY low, borderline useless. You need to slap at least 450 absorb rating on there. You can dump shield if you need to but you really need to get some absorb into your gear ASAP.

tnx for your reply Artorias, i’m currently crafting Absorb Augs right now,i’ll update my new stats in an hour 🙂

Here are my Final Stats complete with Augments:
Def Rating: 1453+14.74% = 22.74%
Shield Rating: 1020+17.81% = 41.81%
Absorb Rating: 728+15.71% = 35.71%
No buffs and no stims, just Soresu Form

Until we can get the full new War Leader’s 6-piece bonus, aren’t we better off running the old 4-piece and a new 2-piece bonus together? I would think the 20% to absorb of the old is still too big a bonus to lose…would like your thoughts.

I ran 4 old + new 2 for like a week, personally I found no damage change in my intake but that being said the nerf to lack of 6% strength has killed the effectiveness of sonic barrier so it’s a tad less powerful than it was in 2.0

Awsome guide. I am a quite keen tank love it. But today i was loosing agro alot and was wondering why as i was running the same rotation from before 3.0 and keeping aggro.

This guide sorted me out straight away. thanks

Artorias What is you’re intake on the upcoming class changes? It feels everything is getting buffed greatly and so will you edit the guide?

There will be minor tweaks but it’s not a great buff. Priorities will change slightly as will the Utility selection but the core rotation and opener will not change. Choke will be used once more in rotation and Vicious Slash will have bigger benefit. The one that may take a dive in effectiveness is Sweeping Slash but that’s not a big deal.

Choice of relics: reactive warding? is that a typo? If I’m not mistaken reactive warden grants X on primary stat, wouldn’t shield amplification be better?

Focused Retribution grants X amount of Mainstat, Reactive Warding grants a shield that absorbs X amount of damage. And no, Fortunate Redoubt is still the most ideal stat buffing relic.

Aaaah I just found another bug I suppose… The craftable Reactive Warding Relic has the same description as the Focused Retribution Relic, whereas the Relic from the Operations Gear Vendor has the correct description^^ Thanks

So what were your stats with the war leaders set piece gear without augments? I’m looking ahead to purchase augments for when I get the full war leaders set but all my google searching hasn’t lead me to a reliable source of which augments I should buy for the 198 set piece gear to hit the levels above.

It purely depends on your distribution of stats at 198. As I mention above, there is no perfect distribution of Augments, it all depends on what your current gear is providing + what your stat distribution at the current time is.

Going for might armorings doesnt seem to be that good anymore as sonic barrier doesnt increase much, especially with the new set bonus you loose 30% of the absorb. So you might be better of with the guardian armorings + hilt for more hp which is necessary for some HM bosses

Might also increases your Enraged Defense heals. Guardian Armorings will give you more HP yes, but more Mainstat will benefit your heals more.

Hey Artorias, How is the new 6pc set bonus beneficial over the old 4pc + new 2pc? Seems the old 4pc 20% red. on sonic barrier is a good one to keep.

Well the gain in straight DR from using the new armorings as well as the gain of endurance and Might in my opinion is worth it. The loss of the 6% Strength semi-nerfed sonic barrier but I can see the reasoning. I personally run the 6 piece.

I want to ask, what about Sundering Assault? You didn’t even mention it. Is it so useless without armor reduction debuff?

I’m finding gearing my Immortal at the 192 level quite frustrating. The 192 items are horribly optimized for Immortal/Defense, and I see now that I am going to have to continuously swap out augments to try to fine-tune Defense and Absorb. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to craft any more 186 augments for this character, it seems wasteful. Considering the content I normally run, I may be better off just taking the 192 armouring and not worrying about the mods/enhancements.

I know they will never give us correctly optimized gear from vendors. I just wish it was easier for people who don’t regularly run Operations to gear the way they want to, instead of being stuck with mods and enhancements that are very far from optimal, especially in a spec that requires pretty specific values to perform well.

“I see now that I am going to have to continuously swap out augments ”

Welcome to tanking. Big upgrades will have you shift your augments a lot. Also keep in mind that optimized gear is made specifically for running the HM raids. A full optimized chest piece would serve a HM Raider more than someone running HM Tython. I’m happy with the current state of our gear since it doesn’t have Alacrity or Accuracy.

I’ve been tanking since EQ, so the role is nothing new. 😉 But Defense/Immortal requires a LOT more tuning than the Vanguard/PT tank specs. The thing I don’t like is that instead of feeling like “Yeah! I got an upgrade!” when I add a new piece, it’s more like “OK, now I gotta move this, replace this, craft this…” It’s not as much fun as dropping in a new piece that is a straight, clear-cut boost to what I want (like you tend to get with DPS gear).

I wholeheartedly agree about no Alacrity or Accuracy, I am VERY thankful they did not burden us with stats that are complete trash.

Hey, im wondering what is better on reactive warding relic than shield amplification? Do i understand it right, that reactive warding will give you shield with like 2000 HP once per 30s? why is this better than 8xx absorbtion rating for some time?
ty for answer

To begin. Juggernaut gets no benefit from shielding an attack, it doesn’t grant us a buff like Dark Bulwark or Heatscreen. Secondly the Reactive Warding Relic will flat out absorb the damage you take, as in it’ll reduce the next incoming attacks effectiveness. The shield amp relic will increase your Absorb and Shield -chance- meaning even in a proc window it may not do anything, it’s the same reason why the Anodyne Adrenal pales in comparison to the Exotech.

The green version states it is primary stat increase. Whether this is an incorrect tooltip, or not, I do not know. Regardless, blue and purple versions have the correct tooltop (and said shield).

Yo, nice guide, I see that you’re advocating mean mitigation as a pose to end padding in all situations.. have you tried revan HM with this build? How does it cope with the spikes?

Nope. Also keep in mind Revan deals a lot of Force damage which is where Guardian can fall down at points. I’m still getting through Mid TOS at the moment so when I get to Revan, I’ll let you know how it goes.

yeah it was kinda a loaded question, i’ve had a few tries tanking the fight and you kinda want a bit of a buffer :)… but as you say jug isn’t the best there anyway lol.

Sadly when I got to Revan HM we swapped to HM Torque then to Master / Blaster 🙁 In good news though, HM Commanders is GREAT for Guardian, especially if you’re tanking Lord Kurse since his hardest hitting ability can be reflected.

Yeah, you can also reflect the ability that deron does about 10 seconds after he drops down, although I wouldn’t taunt him unless your SR is up. Have you tried saber reflecting the fire on torque? that shit is broken OP there lol. Pretty sure 8 jugs doing that would kill him in two rounds of fire.

I pulled off my co-tank. He told me not to taunt so early, my response “That was pure Saber Reflect threat.” 24,000 per tick, 7 ticks = 189000 threat, plus I generated threat from his “Sick of you!” Which was a massive 64,000.
I haven’t fought Revan in HM, but in SM I noticed especially on Second Floor, 90% of his damage can be reflected.

This is great info. But here is a ?? Not ever playing this game or this toon till patch 3 was here and since it seems as this is assuming we are level 50-60 or so. A lot of the abilities I dont have yet. How to you prioritize the abilities level by level? Example, whats a good level 20 rotation to use? then as you add abilities how do u plug them in right priority, until you get the entire tree opened?

All of guides on Dulfy assume you’re 60 because an optimal rotation doesn’t form until level 57. Prior to getting to 60, it’s just roll your face on the keyboard because battles don’t typically last longer than 2 minutes vs 8 minute operation fights.

With Retaliation back off the gcd, and Force Scream beating out smash in threat I was playing with something like:

Enrage+Leap > Crushing Blow+Retal > Backhand > Force Scream >

Putting another 2 gcds after Force Scream and before Ravage would give time for Retaliation to come off it’s natural cooldown, so it doesn’t light up during Ravage just like pre 2.0.

I was thinking of going Aegis+Taunt > Force Choke > Retal+Ravage to get the damage reduction buff rolling sooner (with taunt duration covering Aegis>Force Choke and the Ravage channel) and pushing Smash back, but that delays the unsteady debuff. Force Choke could come later, but I kinda like the combo of it ticking following into a ravage.

Or, Aegis could get pushed back due to the buffs only effecting you, and having a reduced importance at the start of a fight when heal pools are high.

There is no “I have reached x% of y stat, should I focus more on the other pools?” As your gear gets better, all of your stats should increase, what changes is your distribution of your stats, for example. (Defense <- Shield <- Absorb)

1500 <- 1200 <- 850
1670 <- 1265 <- 890
1710 <- 1315 <- 920


Because typically when you get optimized set bonus pieces you're passively increasing Shield, Absorb and Defense will obviously need to catch up which can be done with Augments, but there is no "I have reached my goal in Defense so I'll ignore it from now on."

Has anyone had trouble keeping agro since the patch?

I was in Tactical (I’m in a mix of 192/198 gear), but I was losing focus to the rest of the group (all under lvl 60).

Some abilities have been weakened in values i.e Crushing Blow by 10% but these few damage nerfs are not big enough to cause threat issues.

Hello Artorias, I’m leveling with 3 friends and we mostly run flashpoint (targetting hardmode and then Operation) – currently lvl40. I have some questions:
Why are you not using Furious Strike (that share cd with Aegis Assault), I’ve been using it in my rotation after the use of Aegis Assault.
Are alacrity, crit, surge useless? if a piece doesn’t have Def,absorb,shield, which one should I choose?
I’m trying to find more details, should we focus End>Str>Defense > Shield > Absorb>Pow? (I know some are primary stats but some piece don’t have them)
Are Str and Power affecting our survability?

Alacrity, crit and surge are next to useless for tanks. As for stat priority, I would it around Defensive stats(Def, shield, absorb)>Endurance>Power=Strenght
Strenght and Power do increase survivability; they improve the sonic barrier granted by force scream and increase heals by enraged defense.
Additionally Furious Strike is only for rage juggernauts (and doesn’t share a cooldown with Aegis Assault). If you mean Sundering Assault (which does share a cooldown with Aegis Assault) well, it is worse than Aegis Assault in every way and they share a cooldown.

Thanks for the stats explaination 🙂 Yes, I meant Sundering Assault I was using it for the: reduces the target’s armor by 20% for 45 seconds. After reading over some internet post it seems to not work for Tank?

Yes, the armour reduction works only ífor dps specs since 3.0, which makes it useless compared to Aegis Assault, since Aegis grants buffs and gives more rage.

Aegis hits harder, grants more Rage, grants tanking buffs etc. Sundering Assault pales entirely in comparison to Aegis Assault.

Alacrity, Crit, Surge are one entirely useless, if you have a piece that has none of the tank stats, go to a vendor or GTN and buy a viable piece.

Your focus for gear is Defense > Shield Absorb. Endurence and Strength will come naturely. Power and Strength do nothing for your survival, only barely benefiting some healing which isn’t enough to warrant stacking them over Mitigation,

Damage and threath from force chocke are increased by 100%, right? Doesn’t that make it a pretty useful ability for generating threath and rage?

It does, I still have to calculate the level of threat in comparison to others, it’s an amazing ability now, better filler than Vicious Slash so I’m using it on CD pretty much as soon as threat is secured.

I looked into it, it does more damage and threat than Aegis and Basic attack but not Vicious Slash. So it’s not better but not amazing.

Don’t know why you’re using TS so early …. Taunt didn’t even go off.

Ravage is a 3 Sec cast (I cancel it at 2.5) , CB > Ret > FS together won’t take longer than 2sec. We’re @ 5.5 (and Taunt lasts 6sec).

Any ways,by the Time you Taunt you should be Top Threat all ready and using TS so early … is a waste of CD (in my opinion).

It’s not about Taunt going off, it’s about sky rocketing your threat. You can push it out further but with Aegis reducing active CD constantly, worrying about Taunt’s cooldown is a thing of the past.

Well,I’m still kinda unsure … but it’s your Rotation so I’m gonna respect that :P.It does def help boosting yourself,but not really necessary.(In MY! opinion).

I’ve tried it out on multiple Fights,I didn’t really notice any Difference.I didn’t lose Threat either way,but yea,I guess it might Help/Improve some Peoples play-style.

Nvm,you’re right with the second Taunt.This actually helps a lot in HM’s (specially at Sparky) to keep you top Threat.Noticed I’m losing Aggro very quick at Sparky (specially after he’s Shield is down) .

This’ll prevent ST from pulling Aggro off you as well,so it’s a good Rotation.Best you can get probably.

I wouldn’t mind knowing what current stat points and percentages you have. I am running roughly 1100 on Shield and Absorb – and around 1250 on Defence – giving stats of 21.5% Defence, 43.5% Shield and 44% Absorb – just trying to get a better idea of builds. Am Always looking to improve – however am currently finding my survivability to exceed the PT’s I run with – and also my own PT – although I have got her at roughly the same stat atm (due to lack or gearing).
Also, I like the way you’ve done the rotations for AOE and Mid Fight, I wonder about your opener though – Crushing blow gets all it’s extra power from Aegis/Smash Debuff – would it not be more beneficial to recommend building threat with backhand, then Aegis/Smash then crushing blow – I guess in a single target fight it doesn’t matter – but tis a bad habit to get into in case mobs are around… I also have a very bad habit of always using Smash and Aegis as the opener together – from the days of having to build 5 stacks of the armor debuff for crushing blow to work fully- so am recommending one or the other – not necessarily both.

For AOE sure, but there isn’t a lot of bosses in the game if any that have Adds from the get go. So if you do a single target rotation on a single boss, you’re not losing sleep on the AOE not being there and since you should be aiming for 100% of Aegis, especially when adds are coming up, that’s when you can start using the AOE for actual use.

I started playing Immortal Jugg just before the release of 3.0. All of the other level 60s in my guild have told me that the Defense stat is basically useless, that I should focus purely on Shield and Absorb. Now, mind you, I do more PvP than PvE, so I know stat priority is a bit different. I guess what I’m asking is, in this guide, why is Defense more important than the frequency of Shield proc and how much damage is Absorbed by said Shield?

I can’t seem to find a guide that walks you through leveling from beginning to end. I’m a new player and I keep getting frustrated because all of the leveling guides that I find are for characters that are level 50-60. I need help with rotations for lower level characters. For instance, I have a level 14 Sith Juggernaut. I play mostly solo PvE. I’m looking for a build with good survivability and DPS for solo leveling. Can anyone help me with that, please?

Force Charge – Smash – Sundering Assault/Aegis-Assault. Force Scream. Use these 3 on CD. Use Assault when short on Rage, use vicious slash when you have rage to spend. When expecting damge, use Saber Ward.
Just kidding. How many skills do you have at level 14? The six ones I mentioned? One or two more? Do you really think you need help with these?

Artorias, what is your opinion on using the old 4 set with the new 2 set on the juggernaut, providing you have at least 180 or 186 armoring for the old set. Compared with using the full 6 set pieces of the new set, which would have better overall damage reduction?

Full 6 piece in 192’s and especially 198’s is better. I’d stack the old 4 piece vs the new 4 piece until you get the new 6 piece then jump to your 6 piece entirely. Do not how ever go into HM’s with the old 180 4 piece, 186’s maybe but the 180’s are going to strain you.

Could you pls update tue guide?
Maybe new stats für 192 ans the NEW ops or at least a link to KBN maths?
And maybe you could add some advices for the new blosses? Maybe there exist some, not already listed in the zorz stupides?
Thank You

Question for you, just real quick. Starting out Juggernaut tanking, what is the least painful way to get a decent set of tanking gear? I picked up most of the 190 as dps, so I just wanna know if there is a less painful way of grabbing mods that you know

Optimized Mods and Enhancements ONLY drop from Set Bonus Gear. SM Ravagers and TOS is you best bet of doing this. To get a decent set of gear for TOS and Ravagers, get a full set of 186’s augmented. From there just swap out the unoptimized 186’s for 192’s, the augments will cushion your squishiness until then. The augments are not necessary but they do help.

So, don’t worry to much about getting it perfect, and slap in some 186 def mods/enhancements until we get rolling?

Worry about perfection for HM. SM is where you will get a full set of Tank Gear, all optimized, then use your augments to balance out the stat budget outlined by KBN.

Gotcha, gotcha. My friends and I were complaining that the com gear for Jug Tank was not very well itemized

I can see the use for them, KBN runs with them in his group and I run unlettered in my own set. I do how ever have about 6 B mods (revanite) in my cargo hold for when I feel I want to transition to a B mod build. You can go either way, but avoid lettered enhancements.

Hey Artorias. Fairly new to SWTOR and I got my Juggernaut to 60 a few days ago. I wanted to know what was better ,the 190 gear from Ziost or the 186 commendation gear?


190 Gear from Ziost is better even though it’s blue. But harder to get in bulk because of the Holograph requirement, both are decent enough to do SM Ops though.

Is this guide good for PvP as well? I’m about as scrub as you can get when it comes to PvP, but I wouldn’t mind trying from time to time…

All I know in PVP is stack Endurance augments as a tank. Beyond that? I can’t help you sadly.

i hope you’re still reading this 😛 seems a couple weeks since you wrote. As a pvp tank fortitude augs are best. defense stat should be minimal in pvp since most attacks are yellow (force/tech) rather than white (melee/ranged). The basic deal is that yellow is shielded, white is defended. Hence shield/abs are your top mitigation stats. As noted elsewhere here, power has a slight effect on healing and sonic wall but generally won’t be higher priority than other stats.

With relics, use the reactive warding and shield amplification.

Utilities can be tweaked depending on personal preference, but what’s here is solid.

Hi Artorias, thanks for that guide.
It really helped me for my rota and in general for all tanking stuff.
I have been tanking since a while (about three years by now ^^) and nearly avery day I learn something new (thanks to your work)
But what I wanted to ask: Is there a guide value of threat a Jugger should generate in about, let’s say 4 min, or an average boss fight?

Depends on the fight, depends on situation. Threat as a finished number isn’t a big deal. The big deal is snap threat i.e picking up adds and holding them or making sure the boss always goes after you. I ignore my total threat because things like Reflect bloat it and AOE taunt for shield.

Thanks for the answer.
This question just came up because I had been looking into different tanking guides lately and some of them have parses of about 1 Mio threat in 4 minutes and therefore I wanted to look for myself, stood at my ship and tried an average boss fight (about 5-6 mins.) and when I looked at my result I was shocked. First thought I did something wrong or Star Pars did not work correctly, so i did it over and over with Parsec as well and then I tested it in fight durings ops and everytime the same results were shown.

So i wanted to ask if there is some point of reference because some showed about that one million and after I did some research on my char I got way over that cap.
Depending on the boss and the fight it’s nearly three times bigger.

But I think it also depends on the DDs you have with you.
If they can play their class and know who to use their offensive cooldowns a fight is much easier.

I remembered last time when we were in the Palace HC with me tanking alone and an assassin for taunting, the group was really good and as far as i now no enemy ever reached them.

The biggest problem for a tank is to make sure all treath stays on him. And what many DDs do not know: just keep going up the ladder, meaning they should focus the weakest adds first and than move on to the stronger ones.
But most of the time no DD does that and than we have seven goldies around and 4 DDs attacking each one of them and guees what, threat on the tank’s gone 😀

You don’t actually care about how much threat you’ve generated across the fight, or at a given point in time. You don’t even care about how much threat the DPS have generated. What you care about is, second by second, do you have more threat than the DPS? If you don’t, what could you have done to quickly generate more threat so you didn’t lose aggro?


Also this guide is up to date with the Retaliation and Threat/Damage changes of 3.1 So no, it’s not old.

How does this guide change if I’m looking for a Tank Spec for more of a PvP use? Or is there someone who can direct me to a seperate post for PvP Speccing for the Jugg Tank?

Looking at your Utilities i’m curious why you are using the buff for chilling scream but not actually using chilling scream in any rotations.

prolly because he uses chilling scream when the raid needs to move but wouldn’t use it when he is just concerned about maintaining buffs and debuffs and holding threat

Chilling scream is not rotational, it is situational. It deals less than 100 dps hence generating nearly no aggro/threat. It is used for giving your raid/member a speed boost as needed. Ex: Underlurker for rocks or HM walkers after a gravity pull

defense rating is the most imortant stat but is it even for the lv 60 raids? or do i need to change my gear?

Absorb and shield are actually much more useful at some point, look at kbn’s numbers. Defense loses it’s value pretty quickly. Some b mods might be nice to give healers a little more breathing space.

Defense is NOT as important as this guide stresses. ESPECIALLY for the current endgame PvE content. The ONE total mitigation spread listed at a rating of 2700 is incorrect, and as you get more mitigation, you most certainly will NOT continue to gear in that fashion unless you want to be a poorly geared sm hero. your percentage in BiS 198 gear will be roughly 20% give or take very little.

Defense rating is important but not as much as we’d like. Absorb + Shield is now becoming more beneficial due to the amount of Tech/Force attacks in raids. Defense will still have some priority but as your budget increased, you’ll be pooling more into shield and absorb since most fights will be using abilities that cannot be dodged. I have sent updates to Dulfy, one of which is a new starter point for gear that favours more Absorb and Shield.

Question on gearing (this may not be the right thread but ill give it a shot). can Set Bonuses only be purchased from the vendors? what i mean is when i inspect some players they have Weapon Master set bonuses but with cartel market items, therefore customizing their look, or is that just because they did the outfit designer? if it is possible to get that bonus on CM gear how does one go about doing that? it confuses me because i see in the listing for the Weapon Master set in said characters they are listed as the CM items, or story gear such as Yavin Gear.

Set bonuses are purchased through earning un-assembled pieces acquired through clearing sm/hm/nim operations. the cartel market sells gear/vanity items for APPEARANCE purposes only. They do not come with any set bonuses or mods/enhancements for that matter.

ok but is it possible to take the mods, armoring, enhancements, etc out of the set bonus items and put them in appearance armor/weapons? i Know it’ll take the bonus off of the bonus set piece, but does the armoring add the set bonus to another piece? I don’t want to waste an unassembled Revanite piece by taking the hilt/aromring out, and putting into something else if that doesn’t grant the bonus. this sounds kind of ignorant but its just that ive noticed people with the bonus not wearing the set piece.

Yes, you can change mods and so out. The set bonus carries over with the armoring, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the set bonus, just don’t lose the armoring ^^

Are the min/maxing from Keyboardninja’s thread still viable? Are there new numbers coming out in your guide?

Thanks in advance.

KBN’s 3.0 numbers will likely not be viable in Knights of the Fallen Empire. I will not be referencing KBN’s numbers in the guide. There is a reason for this which you will see soon but it revolves around the fact one tank stat (defense) is not a part of the gearing process due to how prominent it is in gear, as such 3 stat distribution now collapses into 2.

Appreciate the time you are taking away from gaming and real life to write up this and previous guides.

Happy hunting in KoFE

would you happen to know if anyone is working on a sith inquisitor lightning and/or corruption guide? also i like your guide.. But with out a skill compairison for jedi guardian’s defense spec. I got some of the spells but some of them i dont know.. is there a way for you to make a cross faction guide? just for people who are dumb like me? i know its alot to ask. but maybe it might help some other people too.

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