SWTOR Scheduled Maintenance for Dec 16 Patch 3.0.1

Scheduled Maintenance on Dec16 will bring 3.0.1, which includes the 3rd anniversary vendor and start of Life Day 2014.

Scheduled Maintenance: December 16th, 2014 | 12.12.2014, 07:30 PM

Hey everyone!
We will be taking the servers offline on December 16th in order to apply Game Update 3.0.1. The website will also be unavailable during this time.

DATE: Tuesday December 16th, 2014

VERSION: 3.0.1
This update includes numerous bug fixes, as well as the 3rd Anniversary Decoration vendor, and the start of Life Day 2014!
Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

By Dulfy

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33 replies on “SWTOR Scheduled Maintenance for Dec 16 Patch 3.0.1”

Well, for those of us that haven’t gotten to participate in it yet, we are quite excited for it to come back.

And those of us that has been here for 2+ years dont want to see loads of people driving Gree sphere mounts and using Gree legacy weapons (I know, Im being a dick now). 😉

You’re overreacting.

1. A lot of patching is to be expected after a new version patch. All softwares are the same in this regard.

2. There has not been 2 days between patches. Since 3.0 there has been 1 patch every tuesday.

Some games do maintenance a lot more often than this with no one complaining. Hell, EVE Online does it EVERY day (11 GMT).

Saying other games do such and such more the this game is strawman. Asking why SWTOR goes down for maintenance every single day is a reasonable question that is NOT answered by pointing to B rated mmos.

EvE online is one of the last >>Origional<>after expansions<< unless u wana wait 5-6 moar months so they can polish it like wow does.

MMOs (all of them, even TOR), do maintenance because leaving any computer/server running 24/7 will start to have issues. Taking it down to give it a chance to reset makes things a lot more stable. It is also done for patches. You are getting really pissed off over nothing, when what we said seemed like it was not on subject, even if it was. Calm down, take a breather, go outside or something, really no reason to get this mad over nothing.

Also, not for nothing, but I was not backpedaling, I was restating my original point in a different way cause you apparently did not get what I was saying the first time. I did not change anything I said.

Again, nothing you have typed has anything to do with the original comment that bc Eve and other mmos do “x” we should give SWTOR a pass when they fail in their obligations toward players.

Stay on message or better yet take ur ADD meds, sick of your imbecilic wandering.

And again, you are getting really angry over nothing. TOR has not ‘failed in their obligations toward players’, show me where it says “we promise to have the servers available 24/7/365 no matter what!”. As other people have stated elsewhere, it has been ONE maintenance each Tuesday since 3.0 went live. People acting like it is down every single day and completely unplayable…

I don’t have to show you anything, especially not to a Free to Play inferior like you. You called on ur b.s. now deal with it.

Congratulations, you just showed you know nothing. My sub has been going since day 1 of Early Access. Please, keep showing your ignorance and stupidity, it is really quite hilarious.

You’re a F2P noob who got called on his bullshit and is flailing in his public humiliation. GTFO, noob.

Throwing out a term like ‘strawman’ at what I said, shows you really did not get the point of what I was saying. My point was that many other games do maintenance far more often than TOR, I just pointed to EVE as an example due to them doing it daily. City of Heroes had maintenance quite often as well, in fact I believe they had it scheduled for every Tuesday at the very least. Regardless of other games, this one really does not have maintenance all that often. Once since 3.0 launch is nothing. If you look back at any patches, they always call it a maintenance when they are loading a patch. Very rarely is a game able to load a patch to the game while the servers are up.

What you just typed has NOTHING to do with what it is being discussed. You are merely backpedaling trying to cover your terrible logic.

It doesn’t matter one whit what other games do, we are talking about SWTOR. No one brought up patching and whether servers can still be played, that is ANOTHER strawman your throwing out there.

i remember that last year they had the Life day event and Gree Event together due to the stuff you got with both the packages and the gray Helix things. They might do that this year too. would be nice.

I hope for this coming new year in this MMO that they develop a monthly event calinder. I want an event every month minimum to one based on real world holidays with Star Wars twist etc. Life Day should come with a 16man world boss of a Santa Wookie or some shit. He’ll even a life day area full of revelers and mini games would be awesome. A goal I’d hope they try to set.

This is not Wow.. I like events greatly but they don’t need to mimic American holidays. Life-Day is cutting it close as it is, if they want a darkmoon fair type area it should be themed from Star Wars and not a gimmicky bull-sht land that makes fun of itself.. plus the point of darkmoon fair was to obtain tickets to spend on heirloom gear that adapts each level you attain for an alt.. it wasn’t for a Santa outfit or such things.

I’m sure there are more holidays during the year then just life day in the star ward universe. The majority of holidays are gimmicky and has a ton of commercialism implanted into it. That doesn’t change in the Star Wars universe. Having a weekly event based on holidays just draws more revenue through attracting players into getting the game and vein able to obtain goofy seasonal items without paying cartel coins for it.

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