Patch 3.0 SWTOR The Ravagers

SWTOR Coratanni Ravagers Operation Guide

SWTOR Coratanni Ravagers Operation guide. Only storymode guide is available currently.




Basic Info

Gear Recommendation

  • 186 Dread Master gear is sufficient


  • Coratanni: 1.73 mil (1732192)
  • Pearl: 1.4 mil (1445422)
  • Ruugar: 2.55 mil (2551046)


  • Unknown


  • 1x Unassembled Resurrected Chest (192)
  • 1x Random Massassi gear (192, no set bonus)
  • 1x Exonium (crafting mat)
  • 4 Elite Commendations

Basic Overview


Coratanni fight is divided into two distinctive phases. In the first phase you will fight Coratanni and Pearl. This is a two tank encounter with an interesting Ricochet Shot mechanic to prevent players from standing too close to each other. You will want to get Pearl to a low% before pushing Cortanni to 19% as she will escape and cause Pearl to enrage (if you kill Pearl first, Coratanni will enrage). Use the escape pod to get to phase 2 where you will face off against Ruugar. Avoid stacking too close as Ruugar throws out AoE Corrosive Grenades, Land Mines, and explosive Death Mouse droids. If Ruugar holds someone hostage, stop attacking Ruugar or you will transfer all the damage to that player. Fight is finished at 7% when Ruugar self-destructs the ship.



Phase Division

  • Phase 1: Fight Coratanni and Pearl until Cortanni reaches 18%. She will then leave and Pearl will enrage. Click on escape pod to transition to next phase
  • Phase 2: Ruugar, becareful to not kill your party members when he holds someone hostage

Basic Mechanics

Mechanic Description
Ricochet Shot Ricochet Shot is an ability casted by Coratanni every 10s with a 2.5s cast time to a random raid member. It applies a debuff called Double Down that will also spread to the nearest player to the targeted person. If they get hit again with Ricochet Shot with Double Down debuff, they will likely get instantly one shot.
Suppressive Fire 3.0s channeled conal attack with a big telegraph, need to face Coratanni away from the raid. 15s cooldown.
Flame Grenade Casted every 30s starting at 30s into the fight. Flame Grenade applies a burning debuff to everyone in the raid. You can remove this by using the panels in the back to spawn blue circles to remove the buff.
Corrosive Grenade Poison DoT applied to a random target. 15s CD. Very low damage and can be ignored.
Deck Guns Four cannons will activate on a 20s cooldown one side of the room when Coratanni reaches 66%. They have big yellow telegraphs you need to avoid.
Acid Spit Conal attack from Pearl, need to turn him away from the raid as well. 15s cooldown with 2s cast time.
Frenzied Onslaught 4.5s channel from Pearl that pins the target down. 30s cooldown.
Pearl’s Poison DoT applied to whoever Pearl is attacking. 30s cooldown
Activating At exactly 732192 HP (around 18-19%), Coratanni will stop taking damage and run to the escape pod. You have a few seconds to kill Pearl before he enrages and deals 300% more damage.
Land Mine Orange circles placed on the ground by Ruugar, anyone stepping inside them will get a Burned DoT
Corrosive Grenade AoE poison around the target from Ruugar, can be cleansed. 15s cooldown.
Corrosive Dart A stacking DoT from Ruugar applied to the target with main threat. 10s cooldown. Tank swap mechanic
Cull 3.0s channeled attack from Ruugar with 20s cooldown. May force a tank swap since it causes all poison DoTs on the target to deal damage as well.
Knockback Standard knockback from Ruugar, 30s cooldown.
Hostage Situation Ruugar grabs a random raid member, any damage dealt to Ruugar will be transferred to that raid member. 60s cooldown.
Death Mouse Exploding droid targeting a random raid member during fight with Ruugar. Deals massive AoE damage and cannot be taunted.
Self-Destruct Occurs when Ruugar reaches 7% HP. Fight is over.

Boss Abilities (Coratanni)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Suppressive Fire Conal 15s
Flame Grenade Internal Direct ~4k every 3 seconds 30s
Corrosive Grenade Internal Direct ~4k every 3 seconds 15s
Deck Guns Kinetic Telegraph ~10k 20s

Boss Abilities (Pearl)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Acid Spit Kinetic Conal ~4-7k 15s
Pearl’s Poison Kinetic Direct ~2k every second 30s
Frenzied Onslaught Kinetic Direct ~3k per tick for 6 seconds 30s
Peck Kinetic Direct ~1.6k x3
Swoop Kinetic Direct ~4k

Boss Abilities (Ruugar)

Ability Damage Type Damage Source Damage Cooldown
Corrosive Grenade Internal AoE ~5k every 3 seconds 15s
Corrosive Dart Direct 10s
Frag Grenade Kinetic Direct ~7k 10s
Hostage Situation Kinetic Direct Varies 60s
Death Mouse Kinetic AoE ~19k
Knockback Kinetic AoE ~7k 30s
Jet Charge Kinetic Direct ~15k
Cull Energy Direct ~2.5k per second 20s

Detailed Mechanics

Cortanni and Pearl

Both bosses will need to be tanked so two tanks are required here. There isn’t any tank swapping mechanic on storymode but Pearl will become immune to taunts from time to time and go after random raid members. The tank will need to grab Pearl back.

Cortanni’s filler attacks is mostly Ranged Attack while Pearl’s are a combination of Swoop and Peck.

Ricochet Shot

Ricochet Shot is an interesting mechanic. Coratanni will target a random raid member and casts Ricochet Shot, which has a cast time of 2.5 and a cooldown of 10s. The ability itself doesn’t seem to do any damage but it applies two debuffs on you: Double Down and Split City.


Double Down lasts for around 20s and Split City lasts for 8s. Split City will apply Double Down to the raid member nearest to the player with the Double Down debuff. This will cause two raid members to have this Double Down debuff with every Ricochet Shot attack.

If you get hit by Ricochet Shot again with the Double Down debuff, you will take quite a bit of damage and might be instantly killed. Coratanni won’t target the same person again for the next Ricochet Shot but she might have a chance to target the player who received Double Down debuff via Split City.

To counter this, everyone should spread out to avoid getting hit a second time by the Ricochet Shot mechanic. If you know who is the target of this Ricochet Shot mechanic, move away from them.

Suppressive Fire/Acid Spit

Suppressive Fire and Acid Spit are two telegraphed conal attacks from Coratanni and Pearl respectively. They should all be pointed away from the raid to prevent unnecessary cleaves and raid damage.


Flame Grenade

About every 30s starting at 30s into the fight, Coratanni will apply the Flame Grenade debuff to everyone in the raid. It ticks for about ~4k damage every 3 seconds. If your raid team is decently geared, you can ignore this as it doesn’t do a lot of damage. Otherwise, you can have one person go to the panel in the back to spawn blue circles in the room. Step inside the blue circles to remove the Flame Grenade DoT.


Deck Guns

Four cannons will activate from a specific place in the room when Cortanni reaches 66% HP and every 20s after that. Their telegraphs cover the width of the room so you will need to find gaps between the telegraphs to avoid damage. They do quite a bit of damage and has a knockback component if you do get hit.


Corrosive Grenade/Pearl’s Poison

Both Coratanni and Pearl have a poison DoT attack. Coratanni applies Corrosive Grenade attack to a random raid member on a 15s cooldown that deals around 4k damage every 3 seconds. Pearl applies a long last Pearls Poison DoT to the tank that deals about 2k damage every second on a 30s cooldown.


The damage these DoTs deal is fairly low on storymode. Unsure if either of them can be cleansed.

Activating and Enrage

Once Coratanni reaches 732192 HP (around 18-19%), she will stop taking damage and run to the escape pod to cast Activating. There is nothing you can do to stop her but you will need to kill Pearl ASAP as it will enrage in a few seconds and deal 300% more damage. You want to bring Pearl quite low but not enough to kill it and then bring Coratanni to that HP mark to enter the next phase of the fight.

  • If you kill Pearl first, Coratanni will enrage

You can survive a few seconds with enrage if your raid screwed up but it is not recommended as you may lose players for the next phase and stealth rez is not reliable here.


Once you killed Pearl, have everyone click on the Escape Pod to transition to the next phase.

Land Mine/Corrosive Grenade

Ruugar will drop Land Mines (yellow circles that turns orange) on top of raid members. If you step into these circles, you get a burning debuff. These circles can pose a problem for melee but for ranged they are fairly easy to avoid.


Ruugar also have an AoE attack called Corrosive Grenade that target a single player and anyone around them. This grenade can be cleansed but it is on a 15s cooldown so it is fairly frequent. To reduce the amount of players that get this DoT, have everyone spread out.


Death Mouse

To further encourage everyone to spread out on this fight, there is  Death Mouse droid that spawns on a 25-30s timer and will run to a random person in the raid to explode on them. The explosion will hit for about ~20k damage so if everyone is stacked up, it is quite a lot of raid damage.


Corrosive Dart and Cull

This is potentially a tank swap mechanic in hardmode but it is ignorable in storymode. Ruugar will apply a stacking Corrosive Dart dot to the tank with main threat and follow it up with Cull. Cull will cause any poison effects on the target to also deal damage. So if you are the main tank with stacks of Corrosive Darts and possibility a Corrosive Grenade, Cull will hurt quite a bit.

The damage increase isn’t noticeable in storymode so we do not do tank swaps here.


Hostage Situation

Hostage Situation is a fun mechanic. It is a debuff applied to a random raid member for 5s with a 60s cooldown. Whoever has this debuff will absorb all the damage done to Ruugar for the duration of this debuff. This is a raid awareness check on your DPS but can be a source of fun to try and kill the debuffed person before it wears off.



Phase 1

Have tanks grab Coratanni and Pearl and turn them away from raid to prevent their Suppressive Fire and Acid Spit from cleaving the raid. Raid need to spread out to avoid getting Down Under debuff from Ricochet Shot. The goal here is to get Pearl to a low % (i.e. ~10) before damaging Coratanni too much. Avoid the Deck Gun telegraphs and use the console to remove Flame Grenade DoT if the damage is too much. Coratanni will escape at ~19% and Pearl will enrage a few seconds after that. Tanks should prepare their cooldowns for this enrage.

After finishing off Pearl, have everyone interact with the escape pod to get ported to the next area.

Phase 2

Finish off the elite adds before engaging Ruugar. Avoid the land mines from Ruugar and spread out to lessen the raid damage from Corrosive Grenade and Death Mouse. Depending on your tank/healers, you may or may not need a tank swap when stacks of Corrosive Dart get too high. Watch the screen and if you see the red text of someone getting held hostage, stop attacking Ruugar for 5 seconds.

At 7%, Ruugar will activate self-destruct and the fight is finished.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

35 replies on “SWTOR Coratanni Ravagers Operation Guide”

They can’t be cleansed. in phase 1.

Cue that guy that will say “I wonder if this is working as intended”

Im really getting tired of hearing that.

Hit an interesting bug where there were no deck guns, and Cora didn’t leave until 6%, at which point everything exploded and we died. The game then determined that we all were still engaging the boss and needed to reset the instance. @_@

Attempt 3: Boss complete. We also noticed that in Attempt 1, the cutscene door was not there and we were able to just walk into the boss room and engage.

May I ask something? I am not ingame since I can’t play the game … yet (soontm I’ll be able too, huzzah! :D). But that Macrobinocular’s view … how exactly did you obtain that item? Wasn’t suppuosed to be an only quest item and not a regular one to use wherever you want to? Cause it seems you used it on all bosses to take a shot of ’em, for example,

Anyways, thanks for the guide Dulfy! 😀

You can use it whenever you like, not just when doing the macrobinocular quest. This is only true if you finished the quest line and actually acquired it as an ability I believe

Yea, just as long as you keep the mission in your log, and never dismiss it for the remainder of the game unless you finish the quest line.

Yes, but that’s the last quest of the story line. So if you want the item for free, you have to do all of the quests anyway. Or, like I said above, you can never do the quests and keep the earliest one and use it as a mission item.

Twice I have been in an ops groups that has found a fight breaking bug here. If you approach the cutscene door to Cortanni and you see both her and Pearl before clicking on the door to trigger the cutscene, you are going to experience this bug.

We thought that waiting for people that could see the door to click in and land in the room, respawning the door for the rest of our group would work, but it still led to the bug where after you click into the escape pod to move to Ruuger’s room, a random number of your raiders would advance into that room, while the other portion would be sent back to a reset Cortanni/Pearl room and be taken out of the fight. No way to click the escape pod and join the other part of the raid team.

I say random because over two attempts with the same bugged instance, one of our raiders made it to the second room the first time, but was reset back to the first the second attempt.

We’ve tried resetting the instance and re-clearing trash, only to have the door there for all 8 raiders and we click through, but see the same bug.

We have reported this bug multiple times so far, but haven’t heard about any possible patches coming in 3.0.1 or 3.0.2! You have been forewarned!

Edit: so here may be the issue. We killed Pearl before Cortanni escaped. A raid member did an alt raid last night where they burned Cortanni down before killing Pearl and said it didn’t bug. So don’t try and kill Pearl first, I suppose.

When we do it, we always split melee on Cora and range on bird, once Cora is at 28/30% we kill the bird and push cora out, for it not to bug we all heal up and stack up by the pod and click it at the same time. That way we avoided the bug

One thing I noticed:

When Pearl becomes untauntable, she knocks back the 4 players closest to her one at a time. After that, she random targets onto a member of the raid. So as the bird tank, watch for the fourth knockback and be ready to taunt immediately (the tank will always be the first knockback)

LOL 186 gear will do? freaking pvp gear max is 174 for ranked. which ‘should’ be enough for story mode content. if not bioware needs to change something

186 gear is overkill for it Joe. We just 6 manned her with our only 2 dps in 186 gear. We got an enrage timer around 6:20-ish with Pearl consistently at 20k HP and Corotanni at the point where she would run off.

We invited 1 random person from fleet and oneshotted it with him. So yeah ….. don’t worry 1 single bit lol.

Joe, PvP Gear is meant for PvP, PvE gear is made for PvE, I do not think you would appreciate me, entering WZ’s with my Mara and get 2018 Expertise Index without having a single piece of PvP gear, right ?

We ran into some kind of bug. Throughout this fight the deck guns never appeared and at the end Corotanni wouldn’t run away. At 2% health, she ran to the escape pod, at which point we proceeded to kill Pearl. Afterwards Corotanni was stuck at 2% and enraged. We could not damage her, nor could we take the escape pod. We did notice that after we all died, she just kept attacking the escape pod.

Anyone know if there is a solution for this?

A quick note: If you approach the fight and see the two enemies already in position (I.e. no clickable cutscene door), your entire raid should Exit Area. Do /not/ reset the phase, but wait for everyone to exit before returning. If the door hasn’t appeared, repeat the process; you probably had a straggler. This appears to solve all the reported game breaking escape pod bugs.

We tried this fight 4 times last night, and all 4 got bugged with Cora not entering the escape pod. It would be really nice for Bioware to ACTUALLY FIX their bugs. This has been going on for weeks since SoR’s release. Utterly frustrating.

Just ran this 8 man SM, she wouldnt flee and just went to the escape pod. One time we killed her and she vanished, we killed the bird and then just kinda sat there with nothing happening. What the fuck bioware?

I have run this several times and coratanni has always stayed in place and never moved. A couple of nights ago though I did a run where coratanni jumped around the room and did not go to the escape pod until she was in single digits. We called it for the evening, came back the next day after a phase reset and she was still doing it. Has anyone come across this, was it something we were doing or just a bug?

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