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SWTOR 3.0 Saboteur Gunslinger DPS Guide by Camel

SWTOR 3.0 Saboteur Gunslinger DPS guide written by Camel of Begeren Colony.[toc]

Intro to the Saboteur Gunslinger

*Updated for 3.2!*

Out of the three disciplines, Saboteur was changed the most, by far. Sabotage has been reworked, so now it deals damage, rather than reset CDs of Cool Head, Hunker Down, Defensive Screen, and Hightail it. Right there, you can tell that this spec lost a good chunk of its defensive power. The burst is still reliant upon sabotage charge and speed shot, and that isn’t a ton. If you want burst, check out the other specs.

For those of you new to the spec, Saboteur is an AoE/Dot based discipline. It relies heavily on Incendiary Grenade to burn up foes while poking a few people with some Sabotage Charges and Speed Shots. On single target, there is a minor ramp-up time, but the results over a long duration fight are fantastic, whether or not you wish to include Hightail it in the rotation. This discipline competes with others for the highest DPS overall.

Important Changes from 2.0

All of this will be touched upon later in the guide, but here are a few other key things that haven’t been stated yet. The mobility of the spec is wonderful, to say the least. You no longer need to be in cover to use Sabotage Charge, Speed Shot, or Charged Burst. However, this does NOT mean you should use the latter of the two out of cover. Remember, you don’t suffer from pushback penalties while in cover. With that in mind, based off the new(ish) rotation, you only need to be in cover for 3 seconds at a time, every 9 seconds. This is critical, since Sharpshooter is entirely stationary and Dirty Fighting requires roughly 2/3 of the rotation to channel abilities, such as Wounding Shots or Speed Shot. Also, you will find energy easier to come by, thanks to the inclusion of the re-worked Sabotage. It gives you a free Thermal Grenade every 18 seconds, which is key to energy management.

Changes in 3.2

The only change occurred in 3.2 regarding Saboteur included reducing the damage dealt by Scatter Bombs by 80-90% (per bomb) while allowing all five bombs to hit a target. Bombs also root enemies. This is both a significant DPS loss in PvP and PvE, however, the extra root in PvP is very handy. This will be explained more in the abilities section.

Author’s Note

This is for mostly PvE purposes only. If you want to talk PvP, go talk to someone who PvPs. I’m still a scrub at Saboteur PvP. Also, to those returning to the guide, a few edits have been made to explain how to ‘slinger a little bit better.


  • Single Target DPS: 9
  • AoE Damage: 8
  • Group Utility: 7
  • Single Target Rotation Difficulty: 6
  • AoE Rotation Difficulty: 10
  • RNG Dependent: No
  • Burst: 6
  • Sub 30% Talents or Buffs: Yes

Useful Utilities


  • Ballistic Dampers – Entering cover grants 3 stacks of Ballistic Dampers. Each charge absorbs 30% of all incoming damage. Cannot occur more than one every 1.5 seconds. Cannot gain Dampers more than once every 6 seconds.
  • Cool Under Pressure – While in cover, you heal for 1% of your total health every 3 seconds.
  • Cover Screen – Upon exiting cover, you increase your ranged defense by 20% for 6 seconds.
  • Efficient Ammo – Increases damage dealt by Sweeping Gunfire by 25%


  • Heads Up – When Hunker Down ends, or when you leave cover while Hunker Down is active, you gain Heads Up, which increases movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects. Lasts 6 seconds.
  • Hot Pursuit – Upon leaving cover, you are given 4 charges of Hot Pursuit, which negates the energy cost of your next 4 Quickshots. Lasts 15 seconds or upon usage of all 4 charges. Using one charge of Hot Pursuit triggers a 20 second rate limit on this skill.
  • Hotwired Defenses – Increases damage absorbed by Defensive Screen by 30%
  • Lay Low – Decreases the cooldown of Hunker Down by 15 seconds, and Pulse Detonator knock enemies back by an additional 4 meters.
  • Dirty Trickster – Surrender now also purges all movement-impairing effects upon activation.


  • Riot Screen – Decreases damage taken while in cover by 6%. Also decreases the cooldown of Scrambling Field by 30 seconds.
  • Holed Up – Decreases area of effect damage taken while Hunker Down is active by 60%.
  • Hold Your Ground – Reduces the Cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Defensive Screen by 4 seconds, and Pulse Detonator by 5 seconds.

Gearing Priority

100% Accuracy is a priority. To reach this, you need a minimum of 750 points into Accuracy.

  • 186’s (Dread Master) – 7 Accuracy Enhancements + 1 Augments
  • 192’s (Resurrected) – 6 Accuracy Enhancements + 2 Augments
  • 198’s (Revanite) – 6 Accuracy Enhancements + 1 Augment

Critical rating is 100% NECESSARY for this spec. Nearly every tech ability in the spec gains a +30% critical damage boost. (Exact points still to be determined.)

  • 186’s (Dread Master) – 175 to 350 Crit Rating
  • 192’s (Resurrected) – 200 to 400 Crit Rating
  • 198’s (Revanite) – 250 to 450 Crit Rating (My preference is around 350 points.)

Alacrity: There are 3 options here:

  1.  111-120 Alacrity. (One Alacrity Enhancement)
  2. 222-240 Alacrity (Two enhancements)
  3. 740-860 (1 or 2 Alacrity Enhancements with all but one Alacrity Augment. The final Augment will be for Accuracy.)

Augments: If you are not running with the High Alacrity build, then build Overkill (Power) or Skill (Cunning). The difference between these two is minimal. However, if you run Sharp more often, then I’d suggest power, since that spec doesn’t benefit as much from tech crit as Saboteur. (Same applies to Dirty Fighting. Only a few abilities in that spec are tech damage.)

Relics: Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution

  • Boundless Ages is a good backup for burn phases, however, in 3.0, I do not see much of a benefit to using them.

Set Bonus: 6-piece Field Tech/Professional

  • These set bonuses work together, meaning if you hold one Field Tech set piece, and one Professional set piece, you will obtain the two piece set bonus.

Offensive Cooldowns

  • Cool Head – This ability grants you 50 energy over a 3 second duration. You should only use this if you are dipping below (or going to dip below) 60% energy. Otherwise, you will be over-generating energy. Also, try to avoid using this during a Sabotage Charge into Speed Shot combo. You will gain about 20 energy over the duration of the Contingency Charges, plus the 50 energy from Cool Head. Unless you fall below 40-30%, do not use this combination. Wait until after the channel of Speed Shot. (Be wary of the free Thermal Grenades as well.)
  • Smuggler’s Luck – Activating this ability gives you an Auto-Crit on your next Sabotage Charge (in this spec), so it should be used on cooldown for maximum DPS, or saved for important burn phases. The six-piece set bonus grants you another charge of Smuggler’s Luck, granting  you another Auto-Crit Sabotage Charge.
  • Illegal Mods – Increases ranged and tech accuracy by 30% and armor penetration by 15% for 10 seconds. I would recommend using this immediately after using the first two DoTs in the second GCD block of the rotation. Alternatively, you can save this ability for important burn phases. This is a good ability to use in combination with Smuggler’s Luck.

Defensive Cooldowns/Utilities

  • Defensive Screen – A basic shield capable of absorbing a moderate amount of damage for 10 seconds. This is almost equivalent to the Sorc/Sage’s Force Armor, so be sure to use when you know damage is coming.
  • Dodge – Increases ranged and melee defense by 200%, in addition (New to 3.0), decreases damage taken from force or tech attacks by 75%. This ability no longer acts as a self-purge, but it able to deflect much more direct damage than before, so be sure to use this if massive damage is inbound.
  • Scrambling Field – Decreases all damage taken to all friendly players inside the bubble by 20% (10 meter diameter). Lasts for 25 seconds. This is VERY important to use if massive AoE damage is inbound (Final Phase for Dread Council, for example), and normally can only be used once or twice during a fight, so make sure to use the duration of the ability to the fullest.
  • Diversion – Deploys a smoke grenade reducing accuracy to enemies within the 8 meter radius by 45% for 8 seconds. This does not affect operation bosses, HOWEVER, this can be used on hard-hitting adds to counter some damage. Use at a healer’s discretion.
  • Hunker Down – As long as you remain in cover, you are immune to all controlling effects and physics for the 20 second duration. If Holed Up is taken in the utilities tree, then this also acts as an AoE Defensive ability. Try to anticipate when this ability will be the most beneficial. This is one of the Gunslinger’s most powerful defensive abilities, so use it wisely.


firebomb Incendiary Grenade: This is the most powerful DoT in the spec. While the grenade only lasts for nine seconds, and seems less damage dealing than its competitor Shock Charge, the grenade deals Elemental Damage rather than Energy Damage, so the damage dealt by this grenade isn’t affected negatively by armor, unlike Shock Charge. This also applies a debuff on the target that increases all AoE damage dealt to the target by 10%. It is affected by these talents:

  • Independent Anarchy: Increases Damage Dealt by 15%
  • Arsonist: Increases critical damage dealt by 30%
  • Dealer’s Discount: Reduces energy cost by 5
sonicprobe Shock Charge: Another important DoT in the spec. This lasts for 18 seconds, and can only be applied to one target at a time. However, targets taking damage from this buff are vulnerable to Sabotage, which will be explained shortly. It is affected by these talents:

  • Sapping Charge: Reduces target’s movement speed by 30%
  • Arsonist: Increases critical damage dealt by 30%
  • Dealer’s Discount: Reduces energy cost by 5
unload Speed Shot: A high damage-dealing channeled attack. This ability should be used on cooldown to maximize damage output. It is also crucial for maintaining Blazing Speed, which burns the target for six-seconds. This is affected by:

  • Blazing Speed: Burns the target for X damage over six-seconds. This stacks up to three times.
  • Jury-rigged Mods: Reduces CD by 6 seconds, and energy cost by one per second (one per damage tick)
sabotagecharge Sabotage Charge: A hard hitting single target ability. In addition to its primary detonation, it drops four contingency charges, which can be detonated by continuous blaster fire. Each detonation returns 5 energy. With Smuggler’s Luck popped, the next Sabotage Charge will automatically crit. This ability is also enhanced by:

  • Independent Anarchy: Increases damage dealt by 15%
  • Arsonist: Increases Damage dealt by 30%
  • Dealer’s Discount: Energy Cost reduced by 5
detonateprobe Sabotage: This ability has been changed from a utility to an offensive ability. Now this deals direct damage to the target that is taking damage from Shock Charge. In addition, this ability makes the next Thermal Grenade free. This is also buffed by:

  • Arsonist: Increases critical damage dealt by 30%
bloomingshot Vital Shot: The final DoT of the spec. (Lasts 18 seconds)This is important to apply because not only for the damage itself, but it increases all ranged damage dealt to the target by 5%. This is not a high-priority move, however, you should keep this DoT applied to your main target to maximize DPS. This DoT can be applied to multiple targets, unlike its similar counter-part.
remotedetonationmine Thermal Grenade: This is a low damaging, low energy cost “single-target” ability. The AoE now only affects targets of Strong difficulty or less, so don’t use this on big trash mobs. This is mainly used as a filler, but this is key to maintaining energy in the spec. When followed by Sabotage, the ability costs 0 energy, and with it’s in tree buffs, it gives 5 energy after use. This also keeps the Blazing Speed dot applied to the target. This is affected by:

  • Saboteur’s Utility Belt: Increases Crit chance by 10%, and gives 5 energy after successfully hitting it’s primary target.
  • Independent Anarchy: Increases Damage Dealt by 15%
  • Hot Shot: Applies one stack of Blazing Speed
  • Scatter Bombs: Costs 5 less energy
  • Seize the Moment: After Sabotage, this ability costs no energy.
disengagegunslinger Hightail it: This is no longer a viable DPS ability during boss fights, even if all five bombs strike the target. However, on the training dummy, it is still useful to use to replace a Non-free Thermal Grenade, Free Quickshot or Flurry of Bolts.

  • Independent Anarchy: Increases damage dealt by 15%
  • Arsonist: Increases critical damage dealt by 30%
freighterflyby XS Freighter Flyby: This ability is an AoE Dot ability. Ticks 3 times (every 3 seconds) and lasts for a total of nine seconds. This can be used as a precast opener into a single target fight, but should not be used for single target fights otherwise. However, It is a great multi-target ability. This is affected by:

  • Independent Anarchy: Increases Damage dealt by 15%
  • Arsonist: Increases crit damage dealt by 30%
  • Spacer: Cooldown timer reduced by 15 seconds, and cast time reduced to one second.
sweepinggunfire Sweeping Gunfire: A filler AoE ability. This does cost a good chunk of energy overtime, so be sure that energy will not be an issue while using this ability. Combined with Efficient Ammo (25% damage boost), it can help make short work of large groups.
quickdraw Quickdraw: The Gunslinger execute ability. This is a hard hitting filler only usable under 30%.
chargedburst Charged Burst: For the meantime, it’s pretty much useless. It’s a good ability to use if you a) Get lost somewhere in the rotation, or b) Find an odd hole in the rotation, and your Thermal Grenade is on CD. But if played right, you should never need to use it. It does give a stack of blazing speed, so its use will be slightly beneficial.
hammershot Quick Shot: This is a weak damaging ability, and should only be used if Hot Pursuit is being taken from the Utilities tree. Otherwise, use Flurry of Bolts where Quick Shot is normally used.


What you need to know beforehand

The spec is really entirely dependent on the rotation. But there are a couple things to keep in mind.

  • Speed Shot must be used on cooldown. It is the hardest hitting ability of the rotation, and keeps the structure of the rotation intact.
  • You can only use Sabotage on targets that are being affected by Shock Charge.
  • Activating Sabotage makes your next Thermal Grenade free.

The Rotation

This rotation revolves around the use of Speed Shot. This ability should be used on cooldown if possible. Then the rotation is split into two GCD blocks. This is the priority list:

(Editor note: the numbered list don’t show anything beyond 9 so 0, 1, 2, 3 are actually 10, 11, 12, 13)

  1. Sabotage Charge
  2. Incendiary Grenade
  3. Shock Charge
  4. Sabotage (Energy Reasons)
  5. Vital Shot
  6. Quickdraw (If under 30%)
  7. Thermal Grenade (Free)
  8. Freighter Flyby (If energy allows)
  9. Thermal Grenade (Regular)
  10. Hightail It (Dummy only)
  11. Charged Burst (If freighter & Thermal Grenade is on cooldown and energy allows)
  12. Free Quickshot (With Hot Pursuit Taken)
  13. Flurry of Bolts (If none of the above is possible)

Quick Analysis/Pointers: Energy isn’t strenuous in this spec. However, you may wish to toss a thermal grenade before applying vital shot (for ex.) in order to maintain energy.

There are two different openers you can do, which will affect the rotation slightly. Both are viable, it just depends on how much a target will move within the first 18 seconds of the fight. If it moves within the first 6 or so seconds, then use opener A, if not, then use opener B.

Opener A): (Pre-cast) Fly-by > Smuggler’s Luck + Illegal Mods + Adrenals > Sabotage Charge > Speed Shot

Rotation A: Incendiary Grenade > Shock Charge > Sabotage >Filler> Speed Shot > Incendiary Grenade > Vital Shot > Filler >Sabotage Charge > Speed Shot


Or Opener B): (Pre-cast) Fly-by > Smuggler’s Luck + Illegal Mods + Adrenal > Sabotage Charge > Incendiary Grenade > Speed Shot

Rotation B: Shock Charge > Vital Shot > Filler > Incendiary Grenade > Speed Shot > Sabotage > Filler > Sabotage Charge > Incendiary Grenade > Speed Shot

Rotation Analysis: Simple right? Let me just break down a little bit more. As you can see in rotation A, IG was used 1st during each GCD block. If you remember to apply it, your IG will ALWAYS ware off at this stage of the rotation. (Oh look, each GCD block + SS is nine seconds long. What a coincidence. Then the rest of the rotation is similar. Shock Charge will always ware off at the 2nd GCD of the two GCD blocks. Sabo will come off CD at the third… and so on. You have two places you can fiddle with the rotation, which are indicated as fillers. These fillers are indicated as priorities 6-12. Overall, as long as you are using Speed Shot on CD, you should have 1 set of 4 GCDs before every Speed Shot.

Here’s a tip: The spec is much easier on energy management than it was in 2.0, so now you can effectively use Cool Head as a mini-dps buff. Which means, if you hit a filler in the rotation, cool head is up, and you feel like burning some energy, you can toss in a Freighter Fly-by to add in a little additional damage. Doing so will most likely require you to use Cool Head. This should only be used during Filler slots to keep the structure intact.

One final Note: The bolded abilities can be swapped depending on the circumstances. There is no DPS loss swapping these two abilities around,so feel free to experiment if you so desire. As you might have seen, I accidentally flipped the VS and Sabotage from rotation A to rotation B (too lazy to change it now :3), however doesn’t affect the rotation at all. This just changes changes burst set up and DoT application.

AoE Rotation Priority

  1. (Pre-cast) Freighter Fly-by
  2. Incendiary Grenade
  3. Sweeping Gunfire

Fly-by still prevails over the three, even with the buffs to Sweeping Gunfire. It gains the AoE damage boost, and the Crit Boost from the tree, making this ability still a very powerful tool to use. Incendiary Grenade is a nice low cost AoE, unlike Sweeping Gunfire, which costs much more energy, but still beneficial to use in some circumstances either with or without the damage boost in the Utilities tree. This is just the basic form of the AoE Rotation. Maintaining energy while pulling optimal DPS requires a very solid knowledge basis of the spec.

Parse Analysis

  • The top two abilities as seen are Speed Shot and Incendiary Grenade. As previously mentioned, the whole rotation revolves around the use of Speed Shot and for good reason.
  • Sabotage Charge and Shock Charge follow up right after. It’s important to note that Sabotage Charge also drops the Contingency Charges, which deals an additional 7% (in this parse) damage, so it almost competes with Speed Shot and Incendiary Grenade. Shock Charge might not do a lot by itself, but it is important to keep applying to use Sabotage.
  • Your next two DoTs, which are Blazing Speed and Vital Shot should be fairly close together. Then the rest are simply the fillers of the rotation. And by looking at the chart, you can tell that there are a lot of them. If you noticed, Sabotage surprisingly does not do a lot of damage itself, however, the ability is still important to use to maintain energy in the spec. Thus why it is prioritized over Vital Shot.
  • If you are running the High Alacrity Setup APM should be about 39-40. This was a little on the low end, but still inside the typical range. If you are running with just 120-240 alacrity, then it should hover at about 37-38.

About the author

I’m the one known as Camel. I’m the GM of Don’t Worry Bout It on Begeren Colony (Yes it’s a RP-Server… I know), and we are among the few remaining PvE Guilds on the server. I’ve been playing Saboteur ever since I fell in love with it in 2.0, and I’ve used it in pretty much every fight where I don’t accidentally kill myself with the rolls. Even then, I sometimes do it because… why not?

Also lesser known, I’m a very experienced GSF pilot, however, “retired”. I started to re-live the space-sim age ever since I found FreeSpace on Steam, and pretty much dropped GSF after that. And I’m sorry to say that I’ll probably not fly again for a while.

Friend me on Elite: Dangerous!

CMDR Camelpockets

56 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Saboteur Gunslinger DPS Guide by Camel”

Any eta on a sniper version? Just as a comment, Scatterbombs is not hard to master, you just have
to remember your alotted run space and strafe safely.

I too would like some more detail about the gear for the parse as well, like optimised 186’s or basic 186’s, augment levels etc. Also he may have meant when he compared the rotations he was in 186’s, but the parse may have been done at a later time with better gear.

AMR doesn’t have 3.0 accounted for, but this is what I have currently:
With new +10 Cron thing and Fancy Stim

3848 Cunning
24.9% Ranged Crit & 24.36% Tech crit (250 Rating)
67.04% Surge (298 Rating)
0 Alacrity (Haven’t put anything here yet.)
~1550 Power
New Green Relics (Better then Dread Master)

To simplify it, This is full Dread Master Optimized, with the 100% Accuracy, both 186 Barrels, and mostly lvl 55 Cunning Augments, with one or two 60 Augments. This is also what I did the parse with.

Nice guide man, I too love Saboteur since I made my gunslinger and I’m not changing. I find it hard to believe that Charged Burst is not included AT ALL in your pie chart, especially since it crits pretty often and it can activate instantly after the pushback ability.

That’s because thermal grenade is our new charged burst. Kinda …
It does more damage, is cheaper and provides 1 stack of the blazing/electrified DoT.

Also there is little to no room to use all abilities in your rotation. You can use up to a maximum of 3 abilities per block. And you have only 2 blocks to work with. Besides IG and SS you have many more other abilities.

Not sure where to post this, but Dulfy your website is being flagged as a malware site for some reason. Do not know why.

An attack site called soaksoak dot are you is attempting to run scripts;
thankfully I use a script blocker. Without a script block you are
probably now infected. Get a blocker and see how many sites try to run
crap on your machine w/ every visit.

dont know where to post this but whoever makes the healer guides can they include a small dps rotation for solo content.
when i level my sorc healer in pve with HK i use a rotation of lightning striked cliped with shock and thenforce lightning, or force storm on a grouped enemy but i have no clue how to use my scoundrel healer

No one will ever let me use saboteur in a raid. It pisses me the hell off.
The very fact that I have to use scatterbombs, they’re like “No”

we only allow camels to use sabo cuz he is camels lol. he pulled off Nightmare brontes pre 3.0 in sabo. he is the only exception!

If thats the only reason for not allowing saboteur ….
You don’t have to use scatterbombs as sab so tell them to piss off and let you do your job.

Hey camel, you might want to slightly change the note on flyby: You mention it should only be used in the opener for a single target fight, yet my Orbital is hitting harder than my Plasma Probe, so unless there’s a faction imbalance couldn’t you swap Incendiary Grenade for Flyby if you have the resources for it (and the target is already AoE debuffed)?

I did not think about that. I’m planning on making adjustments once I finish up my remaining files. I’ll be sure to include this among the variety of changes I need to make.

Regarding the damage dealt itself… even if you have the energy to swap it, I find it much more beneficial to save it for a filler, rather than swapping it out entirely for IG.

Nice write up Camel 🙂
Maybe you could also include the use of smugglers luck in your guide? Its great for precasting purposes.

Atm only got 1 issue with your (openings)rotation.

Opener: (Pre-cast) Fly-by > Sabotage Charge > Speed Shot
Rotation: IG > SC > Sabo >Filler> SS > IG > VS > Filler >SaboC> SS

This is all correct but your pictures are not correct.
According to the picture you want to use sabotage after sabotage charge. Also Vital shot has a different icon (but that one is less confusing)

I’m actually not in charge of the pictures :3

Dulfy did that for me. I’m going to re-type the rotations portion so that now everyone understands what I’m talking about.

Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! Please let me know if I missed something, or if you come across any new information!

For Kwerty: If you can’t tell… I don’t like numbers. At least, attempting to understand them in this game. If you happen to hear some better numbers let me know. Mine are probably a little off.

i have found that i loose alot of dps wth Incindiary charge due to movement on the bosses, even where they move very little. what would you recommend to do? reapply incindiary charge ? before continuing with the rotation

It depends on the situation. For Bulo for instance, if he leaps right as I re-apply it, I’ll do it again if it doesn’t interfere with sabotage charge or speed shot.

Dulfy… I just happened to notice that I put Hightail it in twice. Could you take out the first one? The second one is a bit more descriptive.

Speed shot is not in this priority list because it does not fall in said GCD Blocks. The whole rotation revolves the use of Speed Shot on CD. That is why it is not in the list.

Guide has been updated. I included the Offensive CDs and Defensive CDs and made some minor changes here and there. Let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see. I will be posting a video here soon!

It’s a shame that Thermal grenade, a core ability in this discipline, is not affected by the 30% crit multiplier talent.

Hello, i wish you an happy new year, thank you for your work on this gunsligger’s speciality.
I would like to know if your rotation is the same under 30%, wehn did you use quickdraw ? in the filler ?
Sorry for my english, im french player and didnt speek for many years…

In my experience, the rotation doesn’t change under 30% IF you have the energy for it, then you can use QuickDraw during the filler.

Guide is really just all over the place. You talk about rotation being one thing in 1 paragraph and the next minute the rotation goes bananas and drops key abilities. I would recommend re-writing it so people can understand it better. By the way, Hightail is just some fun extra “fluff” damage while rolling away. Its not intended for you to roll up and get yourself killed because you want to try to parse the highest. Im not trying to speak rudely, just being honest.

The author clearly states that this spec isn’t right for every fight. He also says that hightail it is still in development for a good rotation. Using this guide, I’ve beeen rivaling the parses of commandos in similar gear. It took a lot of practice and work on putting hightail it in just the right place, but the results are awesome. Parsing on a dummy and fighting a boss are very different though.

That being said, I still only use it on some fights (and even then hightail it is situational). I’ve done awesome damage in this spec on the new sm boss fights. You can take advantage of the mobility of the spec to set up your rolls. Be the guy designated to attack unit 2 in the 2nd boss ToS and you’ll parse your little heart out in this spec.

Thanks for the guide Camel. You didn’t come push my buttons for me, but you instead sent me in the right direction to discover the potential of this spec for myself.

Eh.. im confused, the rotation list mentions one order (priority?) then further down another priority with icons, and they dont look the same.. which one do i go for? First one goes: Sabotage Charge,Incendiary Grenade,Shock Charge. But the other one switches to Incendiary, shock charge, sabotage.

Not talking about the number one list and the number two list, im aware there is two different rotations listed in the guide, but each one shows two different versions. :S

I’d honestly ignore the priorities list. I see what Camel was doing there, but the rotation and not the priorities list is what is key. In the first filler block when I’m not using hightail it, I use thermal grenade. In the second filler block I use a free Quick Shot. You can go all day on a dummy parse doing this without worrying about energy. I parse consistently just over 4k doing this with the occasional 4100 parse in full 186’s with no set bonus (offhand 192 though).

So, the write-up is nice…made me take a chance in ops with this spec, especially due to the AOE utility it gives other DPS in raid. I have slightly tweaked your rotation and with mostly 192 gear (full 6 set) I was able to parse 4340 Thanks for the startup!

So, the write-up is nice…made me take a chance in ops with this spec, especially due to the AOE utility it gives other DPS in raid. I have slightly tweaked your rotation and with mostly 192 gear (full 6 set) I was able to parse 4340. Thanks for the startup!

For some of these fights, it depends on your role (what you’re going to be dps-ing and when). That being said, I stick to Sharpshooter on Torque, Underlurker, and Revanite Commanders. Sparky is generally in place long enough that you get the full effect of your IG on him. He is also one of the easier bosses to do the Hightail It rotation on. I’ve only done 5 of the hm fights so far though, so my opinion on which boss you can do what on may change with more exposure.

Been running engineering/saboteur for awhile now and I really enjoy it. After some experimenting, I’ve found that the experimental rotation has some drawbacks the way it’s presented here. Mainly, sabatoge has a static, 18 second cooldown, so “rotating” hightail it past it gets kind of wonky. If you raise sabatoge above hightail it in priority the rotation smooths out again, but then you lose the opportunity to use thermal grenade for energy management. A fix I have found for this is to change the order of the rotation:

SS > IG > ShC > VS > (filler) > SS > IG > SAB > (filler) > SC > (back to start)

This allows hightail it to rotate through and delay (if necessary) ShC, VS, and either filler. Using this rotation, hightail it is used on cooldown for 4/5 of rotations (as opposed to 2/3 rotations if using the standard saboteur rotation.

In situations where AoE is important, an alternative to any of the listed rotations (or the one I have above) is to change the rotation from an 18-second rotation to a 20 second rotation. This pushes back all of your abilities by 1 gcd every rotation, but allows covered escape to be used on cooldown. While this along is a slight dps loss, every other pass through your rotation, Orbital strike will be off cooldown and can be cast without the use of energy cooldowns. The end result is damage approximately equal to the standard engineering or experimental engineering rotations but with increased AoE potential. The rotation ends up looking like:

SS > IG > ShC > SAB > TG > HI > SS > IG > VS > (filler) > SC >
SS > IG > ShC > SAB > XS > HI > SS > IG > TG > VS > SC > (back to start)

Using the free proc’d thermal grenade before vital shot after using XS is to limit time spent in the secondary regen range (can generally avoid it entirely). While at first glance delaying VS in the XS-containing pass through the rotation seems like a DPS loss, in fact, as you normally let the dots fall off for a GCD in the 20-second rotation, it’s exactly the same as the next pass through re-applies without a GCD delay.

Another quick trick with this spec for AoE situations is using sabotage charge in combination with sweeping gunfire. Putting contingency charges up on a target will make the energy drain from sweeping gunfire far less severe, allowing you to more easily continue into a single-target rotation or use sweeping gunfire longer before requiring energy cooldowns.


Shall have to try this out tonight once I’m home, don’t know if you’ll read this Camels, but its Zig

Eyyy finally actually reading the comments and updating this thing!

Adding in pictures later. I think the text is good. Just let me know if anything seems awkward. Thanks!

how is it Possible to run with an apm 37? i am running with 111 alacrity and cant reach above 32 Apm (with rotation a) any tipps (i just do the rota and the opener o.o

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