GW2 Arctic Explorer Outfit from Gemstore

A gallery of the GW2 Arctic Explorer Outfit from the Gemstore introduced with Wintersday 2014. They can be purchased for 700 gems.















  • Kioga Mariano

    This + Belindas Sword = Monster Hunter Freedom Starter equipment.

  • King Demo

    No costume brawl toy :(? Cool outfit but for 700 gems if it has no toy with it its kinda a deal killer for me. The previous winters day one and all the Halloween ones have toys.

    • Braghez

      Well, there’s still time…remember there’re at least 3 more weeks of winterday 😛 before LS patch roll out on 13th..Plus it would be more fitting to put wintersday stuff the 23th, since it’s closer to xmas

      • notbob

        The “23th” :’)

        • Braghez

          Oh, I made a mistake on my not first language, so much fun. Now go back into the hole you crawled out from.

  • Elias

    If anyone wants to have a look what this outfit looks like on an Asura in a video, not only photos, take a look at this video:

  • Lisko

    Waiting for those Popo&Nana cosplays from Asura players now…

    • Viu

      • BroGuy89

        They need to have hammers. Preferentially plain brown ones.

  • Dagos

    I can’t wait for good Ygritte impersonations

  • Sylar^

    How did you remove the hat for the female human pic?

    • Rambler

      I assume you just uncheck your helm in the equipment section to hide the hat on your outfit.

      Also, I am so getting this for my Norn!

      • Sylar^

        wow, totally did not know you could do this til now Lol
        Idk if this is new, cause i always hide my helm and outfits have never had the headpiece hidden til today

        • Kolzi

          It’s always worked this way.

  • nopikam

    If only it wasn’t an outfit…

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