GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Warming Grawnk’s Heart Wintersday Guide

A guide to the newly introduced time gated mission Warming Grawnk’s Heart with Winterday 2014.


Seimur Oxbone’s Location

Depending on the day you are doing this, Seimur could be in several locations. Just ask Grawnk/Orphan and they will tell you which racial city he is likely in.

Black Citadel

If he is in Black Citadel, he will be near the Mustering Ground Waypoint.


The Grove

His new location in the Grove is on the bottom level of The Grove, next to Ronan’s Waypoint. Select the bottom level of the map and then teleport then there to check if you have the waypoint unlocked. If not just keep going down to the very bottom level.


Divinity’s Reach

if Seimur is in Divinity’s Reach, he will be near the Commons Waypoint


Rata Sum

Next to Magicat Court Waypoint at the top level of Rata Sum


Lion’s Arch

Close to Sanctum Harbor Waypoint


Diessa Plateau

Near Village of Butcher’s Block in the NW section of Diessa Plateau


Day 1

Open your mail and you should see a new one from Orphan Laine. The mail will direct you to your home instance (i..e for humans it is Salma District of Divinity’s Reach).


Once you are inside your home instance, talk to Grawnk and he will tell you to find Seimur Oxbone. Read the hint to figure out which racial city he is in.


Find Seimur in whichever city he is in (see above).  Ask him for something to help with the grawl problem and he will allow you to purchase his Bowl of Bloodstone Broth for 1 Tiny Snowflake which you can get from the TP or from Wintersday Gifts.


Return to your home instance and hand the broth to Grawnk. He will tell you to return tomorrow.


Check back at the daily reset.

Day 2

After the daily reset, head straight to Ascallion Waypoint in Harathi Hinterlands. You will need to access the Renowned Heart vendor there that sells the Masterwork or Fine version of Shiny Frying Pan.


Purchase this pan and head back to Seimur Oxbone. Tell him that the Grawl is still there and he will sell you Cup of Bloodstone Soup in exchange for Shiny Frying Pan (he has two tabs, one for masterwork and one for fine version).


Go back to your home instance, talk to Grawnk again to give the soup to him. He will tell you to come tomorrow.


Check back at the daily reset

Day 3

Seimur Oxbone now wants a Superior Sigil of Mischief for his next powerful meal, the Chalice of Bloodstone Chili. This sigil can be found inside Giant Wintersday Gifts or be purchased on the TP for a few silvers.


Return to Grawnk after you are done to hand him his last meal. This will grant you an achievement and a new collection starter, Holiday Display Case.


Consuming the Holiday Display Case unlocks a new collection For the Children


For the Children Collection

The items you need acquire are found in jumping puzzle chests or hidden chests in the appropriate maps all over.The jumping puzzle listed below are just examples. Other jumping puzzles or hidden chests of the same racial chest will also drop them.

Each jumping puzzle will give you a Mysterious Grubby Package, which has a high chance to drop the item for the collection (not 100%). You must have the collection unlocked with the Holiday Display Case or the Mysterious Grubby Package won’t give you the item.

Doll – Golden Chest – Belong to some lazy rich people


Tinsel – Asuran Chest – Fancy Glass and Short ones with sass

  • Item you need to acquire is Sparking Tinsel Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Spekk’s Laboratory jumping puzzle in Caldeon
  • Can also drop from Chaos Crystal Cavern jumping puzzle in Iron Marches


Purple Ball – Sylvari Chest – Inside a plant

  • Item you need to acquire is Purple Ball Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Morgan’s Spiral jumping puzzle in Caledon


Rocking Horse – Knotted Chest – Hard to make without really big hands

  • Item you need to acquire is Rocking Horse Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Shaman’s Rookery jumping puzzle in Wayfarer Foothills
  • Can also drop from Shattered Ice Ruins jumping puzzle in Frostgorge Sound


Gold Ball – Orrian Chest – Corrupted wood and sea smells

  • Item you need to acquire is Golden Ball Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Buried Archives jumping puzzle in Cursed Shores


Green Ball – Iron Chest – ook-ooh, iron’s the clue

  • Item you need to acquire is Green Ball Ornament
  • Drops  from the chest at end of Pig Iron Mine jumping puzzle at Fireheart Rise
  • Can also drop from Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle in Plains of Ashford


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

182 replies on “GW2 Warming Grawnk’s Heart Wintersday Guide”

You can actually go to home instance of any race. At first i went to asuran homeinst with a sylvari character, and after i got Bloodstone Broth – i went straight into charr homeinst. Troll and boy npcs are EVERYWHERE! :-0

>time gated mission
So, is it strictly everyday log-to-feed-troll-whatever mission or i can miss a day or few? 😉

Define without issues. I missed day one, did it tonight (post reset), and it won’t let me do day 2 until tomorrow.

Simply put, you can advance it once per day. Missing a day doesn’t cause any issues, but it means that you will complete the entire arch 1 day later than if you didn’t miss a day.

But how many days are there in the arch? I also started one day late due to not knowing it was time-gated, will I be able to actually complete the whole thing?

Currently unknown. If I were to guess I’d so 5 minimum and 10 max so they are sure most people have time to get it.

There is only three (minimum); I have fully completed it (Received and used the gift of magnanimity AND gotten the Star of Gratitude). After three days; you complete the time-gated part and then it’s just the JPs to complete the collection.

Confirmed. The second tab on his page has him trading the Fine version (Blue) of the Shiny Frying Pan for the same item as the Masterwork version. Save yourself some Karma by purchasing the Fine version and trading that to him.

day 3 item is a superior sigil of mischief (the new one from the gifts, can be bought from tp). gets you a chalice of bloodstone chili.

You don’t have to wait until reset to obtain the items from the cook. He asks for a Superior Sigil of Mischief, and hands you “Chalice of Bloodstone Chili”. You just have to wait for daily reset to hand food over to Grawnk.

Aye, just got round to doing this and spoke to the chef again after leaving instance. Hopefully means tomorrow will be super quick!

i think you dont need go to your character home instance, i start in Divinity (as human) and finish in Black citadel, and all works, so i think, you can stay in Black citadel home instance forewer

btw any1 knows, how long we need feed the troll ?? cuz this christmass event are very lazy work from anet (again), toypokalypse or trixx are fine, but its 2y old content, dolyaks escort moved from LA and shorted to 1/5 of LA track, wtf WHY??? only one things saved anet from my hate, i drop ho ho tron from my second giant gift, so i am fine for this christmass 😀 I really hope anet is working on something BIG (and when i mean big, i mean REALLY BIG)

This is my very first day doing something. My hint doesn’t match the ‘Day 1’ hint you have above. Did I miss a day, and now I’m behind and can’t finish?

If Seimur doesnt appear in your server, I guested to fergusons Crossing server (NA) and he was in the grove for day 2

I found the Tinsel Ornament in Iron marches Jumping puzzle and the Purple ball in caledo Forrest Morgan Spire Jumping Puzzle

Dulfy the Rocking Horse Ornament is in the King Jalis’s refuge JP in Snowden drifts,also you can only get the ornament if you have the collection unlocked when I did the JP yesterday I got the box for it and it gave a broken ornament but when I did it today w/ collection unlocked I got the Horse.

once you give grawnk the last item, the kid will give you clues for where the ornaments are.
doll: ‘in a golden chest, possibly belonging to lazy rich people’
tinsel: ‘in an asura chest’
purple ball: ‘inside a plant’
rocking horse: ‘inside a knotted chest’
gold ball: ‘hidden somewhere with corrupted wood and sea smells’ – guessing orr
green ball: ‘ook-ooh iron’s the clue’ – guessing iron marches

i know a lot of people don’t like jumping puzzles, though i absolutely love them. i’m glad getting the collections lead to more of them.

do you have to have the Holiday Display Case in order for the items to drop from the chest?

thanks sweetie, i ran the first two jumping puzzles without the Holiday Display Case and i was only received * 2 wrecked wintersday ornaments* big hugs, love you lots for the guides. >.< i'll wait until tomorrow then.

Just a heads up

I did this while giving a port to a friend, apparently you won’t get any of those chest if you haven’t unlock those collection, me and my friend did all of the JP and she only got 2 chest at first we’re struggling if its RNG then we figure it out because she on Day 2 and haven’t done Day 3 to get holiday display case.

I got all the chest, because i did my day 3 and unlocked the holiday displace case for the collection

Why do we murder Grawnk? He seems like any average nanny, he just want some peace and quiet 🙁
I guess he’ll have to die tough, my bankspace demands it

You can also get the ornaments for the last part (the collection) by opening any Race Themed Chest in the world. Like the chest at the archmage in Cursed Shore or the Norn chest in Wayfarer Foothills, without the need for doing JP’s (some people are very bad at them due to crappy pc’s etc) xD

then why are you playing? since you seem like can’t do anything in game, no jp no dungeons no wvw, i assume no map farm and pvp as well?

pve works for me , and i can do some in wvw, and i play because i love the game,even if there are areas i cant play in there is plenty for me to do,and have fun ,might be a bit disappointing for some things , but what game dosent have disappointments? why would you assume no map farming or pvp? , the lag generally only effects jumping for me.

Happened to me, too. Don’t remember the name, but a commander jumped down from the entrance of the Scavenger’s Chasm jumping puzzle and helped me revive a downed player underwater at the POI. We both got the Gold Ball Ornament after, shouted out about it on map chat, and a bunch of others came and got it, too.

Really funny, Seimur Oxbone is the cook who argues that you can prepare meal with Bloodstone Dust in Echoes of the Past Living Story.
I did not notice it before, just when I see the meal offered.

and if you remember it completely, norn says, there is no cullinary benefit from eating blood dust foods, well, that grawl died after 3 days, afterall 😀

Dear Dulfy , the gold ball ornament also drops from the chest within the Grenth Temple. wich is in my opinion easier to get to than the jump puzzles.

I got the Doll Ornament from a dropped chest that came out of the intermediate chest in the grawl fractal. We didn’t let any villagers die and if you don’t have the collection unlocked yet it seems like you get a “Wrecked Wintersday Ornament” Trophy (soulbound, vendor for 1 silver).

I obtained the items from these locations:
Doll – Weyandt’s Revenge JP chest
Rocking Horse – Tribulation Caverns JP chest
Green Ball – Crimson Plateau JP chest

Why is it that I have the collection unlocked and i have never gotten any of the ornaments before but everytime I do a jp i get “wrecked wintersday ornament”??

Found the package for the Sparking Tinsel Ornament from the Grand Chest after the 5th milestone jumping puzzle in Silverwaste. I’m assuming there is probably another/same one after the 8th milestone.

Seimur’s also showing up next to the Magicat Court Waypoint in Rata Sum (where I just handed him a tiny snowflake for his delicate girlish hands). Might be best to ask a guildie or the grawl where he is before just porting around now, he’ll probably go everywhere…

Any easier puzzles for tinsel besides the two listed? I did them for the meta way back when, but they aren’t on my list of ‘puzzles I can do’.

“The items you need acquire are found in jumping puzzle chests or hidden
chests in the appropriate maps all over.The jumping puzzle listed below
are just examples. Other jumping puzzles or hidden chests of the same
racial chest will also drop them.”

in any case many people are giving free ports for the various jps. if you can’t find one on your map put up a lfg stating you need a port

Spekk’s Laboratory is pretty easy if you have good timing for jumps 😀 just there is a little catch, near ends are few platforms, which you must run around by piece of rock near and then jump to end, and defeat low lvl veterans

crystal caverns are some of hards JP, cuz if you fall, you die :/

This really needs to be reworded:

Each jumping puzzle will give you a Mysterious Grubby Package, which has
a high chance to drop the item for the collection (not 100%). You must have the collection unlocked with the Holiday Display Case or the Mysterious Grubby Package won’t give you the item.

while it is correct, people apparently don’t have very high reading comprehension. A suggested alternate:

Each jumping puzzle or hidden chest will give you a Mysterious Grubby Package (even if you have not received the Holiday Display Case yet), which has
a high chance to drop the item for the collection (not 100%). You MUST have the collection unlocked with the Holiday Display Case or the Mysterious Grubby Package when used will just contain a broken ornament that will not count for the collection.

I did all the jps last night and have the packages that I haven’t opened. After reset teq I’ll get the case and open all the packages to see if they are broken or not. Regardless I think you should also put in a suggestion that people can “park” their characters at the end of jps in advance because some people are panicking and thinking they need to get it all done at once. xD

Also I think it would help if you put your personal difficulty rating next to each of the jps you mentioned. That will help people who are new/not as familiar with the jps. c:

I just opened all the packages that I got last night (the ones I had gotten but had not opened *before* I got the case) now that I DO have the case, and they contain the collection items. 🙂

Good idea, but difficulty depends on each person, so that wouldn’t help that much. When my friend and I first started, our first jump puzzle was Spelunker’s Delve. he could do it, and I couldn’t. We got to Morgan’s Spiral/Dark Reverie, and I was doing better than him. So someone who can do Spekk’s Laboratory would say it’s easier than someone who can’t (another one my friend did a lot better than I did).

Darnit! I’ve been opening these and selling them as junk for the last few months. Annoying, as I’m a hoarder, but looked it up and decided to bin them. I should have done what I do with all the other rubbish I find, and kept them. Now I’d probably have a great start on this collection. Ahh well, nvm. I’ll try some JPs I haven’t done yet, repeat some not-too-hard ones, and look for other chests 😉
P.S: So glad Dulfy is here: I find wiki for GW2 greatly inferior to the GW wiki 🙁

oh and one last thing!!
probably could mention somewhere that all the collection items are Rare accessories with celestial stats. 🙂

BTW, You don’t have to finish a jumping puzzle. Find a chest within the map and it will give you a Grubby Package too.

So if these ornaments don’t have a 100% drop chance does that mean I can just open any chest and do any jumping puzzle and get those ornaments out of those chests? Or do I really have to do those jumping puzzles?

so all i need is the gold ornament but all of my jp chest have been opened already and i didn’t open them. what are we supposed to do because this is starting to piss me off. all jp’s have no chests

Saturday 21st Dec the Sous Chef is in Butchers Block (Diessa Plateau, NW corner of map, he is actually just south of the vista in the village).

Its also worth noting that the original orphan letter was being used by ppl in wvw to remain invunerable (while reading it) and capturing objectives – so its been disabled (you get the message, “this content has been temporarily disabled please try back later” when reading it now). You DONT need to read the letter to do this quest – just go to your home instance, the orphan and grawk will be there with massive candy icons on their heads!

Hmm… is there any lowbie alternative to the Golden Ball? Every other ornament has a “normal” option and a low-level option for the jumping puzzles. It certainly seems like this collection was designed for all players and levels to participate, as jumping puzzles mostly just take time and jump skill, not fighting ability. Are there other, lower-level areas that might have Orrian-style chests?

Today’s comment refers to “meats and cheese at a charr party with booze,” which puts Seimur at the Butcher Block waypoint in Diessa Plateau for Meatoberfest.

I just received the Sparkling Tinsel Ornament (Asura variant) from the Vizier’s Tower. Stranger yet, following that, I went to the Buried Archives jumping puzzle and found I couldn’t open the end chest. As I haven’t been on that map in months, I’m wondering if those two puzzle chests somehow share a lockout????

i got Rocking Horse from Kings Jalis’s Refuge, its looks, like you need do just each racial JP and got items for achi ..

A small update: you can also get the Golden Ball from the chest inside the Royal Tombs in Cursed Shore, after defeating the Risen King in Loana chain. I missed only that piece and was on my way for the jumping puzzle… but I found it before! 😉

Any idea if this collection will be doable after the end of winter festival? I see the achievement will probably be gone so you can’t get the collection unlocked, but will the jumping puzzle reward bags be gone after the month?

HI Dulfy,

do we know if the two achievement (for completing the grawl food and obtenaing the wintersday tree) count toward the meta achievement ?

alerady finishes the meta when I did this part.

I got the golden ball ornament at the end of the event: “Escort the Pact squad to the conservatory” in Straits of Devastation/Blighted Battleground.

And look for the spiral “Wintersday” lollipop icon on the map once you
get there. I ran around Hoelbrak for 30 minutes yesterday before I
realised that he wasn’t exactly hiding from me.

Word of caution for those with bags that are full (like me). If you attempt to open the Grubby Packages with insufficient inventory space, you will probably lose the ornament for the collection. Instead of becoming encumbered, I noticed when opening the Grubby package (when in my last slot in my last bag) it’s spot would be replaced with the wrecked ornament — and that was all. I thought it was just incredibly bad luck with the drop rate. But, after it happened the 5th time, I asked around and realized since the Grubby Package is trying to drop 2 things (both a Wrecked ornament AND the Collection ones) where there is only space for 1, it dawned on me that perhaps the other item was just getting automatically deleted. Sure enough, once I made more bag space, I started getting both drops in my bags. Really unfortunate you do not become encumbered, since this is the behavior when opening any other type of loot bag. I reported this as a bug, but not sure I described it in a way that makes sense.

TLDR: Opening Grubby Packages once you have the collection without enough bag space will lead to frustration.

So I went through the whole thing. started the jumping puzzles for the orniments and don’t get any. When I looked to see if the collection was unlocked I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m wondering if some how my game is bugged? Did I throw away the display case? Is this something I can start over?

At murdered dreams way point (temple of grenth), there is a chest directly east at the buried archives POI. Just get the grubby package from that, no orrian jump puzzle needed 🙂 Worked for me anyway!

For those having problems with finding Seimur Oxbone.
Seimur Oxbone locations are based on which day of the week it is:
Hoelbrak (on Monday)
The Black Citadel (on Tuesday)
The Grove (on Wednesday)
Divinity’s Reach (on Thursday)
Rata Sum (on Friday)
Lion’s Arch (on Saturday)
Diessa Plateau (on Sunday)

Has anyone tried mystic toileting the “For the children” collection
after completing the achievement? Or has everyone just salvaged them?

Something seriously wrong, how can my girlfriend went through maybe 20+ orrian chest and not get the gold ball!? The rocking horse took at least 6 and the chest that gave it was a non jp chest in the windy caves of Lornar’s pass! We dId most of the Orr JPs btw. I like most people acquired the goods 1st correct chest.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK Cant believe I missed out on this fuckin shit, No one told me and I was too busy. Isnt there anyway to still get this achieve?

First off yeah it is not Anet’s fault, they gave a set time of how long this achievement is available and it was up to the players decision if they wanted to partake in it or not. Next time don’t be lazy.

I’m not lazy I have really shity internet you ass, secondly theres only certain times i can get online, limited data, shakey scedual, and people to kill like you.

I live in Australia, have an average of 300KB/s so my internet is shitty. Also why would you want to kill me.

You’re lazy! It’s been up for an entire month! Suck it up, buttercup, you need to actually play the game to get the rewards.

You have a warped understanding of lazy. Playing games more than a few hours a week is lazy. Playing games in general is lazy when compared to things like the gym, or socializing.

Catch a clue man.

Not sure about all of it, but you can still finish collecting the ornaments. I had 5/6 and today just did the Pig Iron JP and got the Green Ball Ornament which gave me the tree and Star of Gratitude.

well i have the letter from orphans but Grawnk is not living in my home instance anymore :/ so its not possible to make that thing anymore (and im looking for it since a month+)

I know it’s trivial, but you read the letter, right? I remember I didn’t, then Grawnk got removed for some reason, and then I got the letter again, and after reading it, he was there

Ofc i was reading even each race i was trying, different combinations, yet still aint appearing =/ i have no idea what to do…

I am currently doing it as of two hours ago. This is bow doable again, as of 15th, December 2015. Can’t guarantee it’s back to be repeatable. 🙂 Goodluck!

Would you need to complete the jp’s for the “For the Children Collection” during Wintersday to get credit or can you do it after?

I just got a Rocking Horse from a splendid chest at a Sons of Svanir campfire under that vista east of Halvaunt WP in Wayfarer’s. Someone told me he got Tinsel from a chest near a poi in Orr but he doesn’t remember which one. I wonder if anybody know of any other similar non-jp chests?

I got the rocking horse at the same location. The one in Orr was in a chest by a Balthazar statue in Lyssa’s Garden. I got the tinsel ornament from Vexa’s Lab minidungeon.

I did pig iron mine, diessa plateau and the loreclaw expanse and I didn’t get the green ball. Is there a problem or is my luck just terrible? >.> It’s the last one I need.

I actually received the Gold Ball Ornament from the chest at Conservatory north west of the Lone Post Waypoint in Straits of Devestation.

Grawnk actually kills himself, you never force grawnk to eat bloodstone in the first place, he asks for it

‘You must have the collection unlocked with the Holiday Display Case’ what is meant by this?

I have the collection unlocked but didn’t get the ornament from Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle… -.-

Is Seimur broken in the Charr area. He isnt there even though the grawl keeps saying he is. When he is in any other city he is there where he is supposed to be but not in the black citadel.. I went by and then came here to Duffy and still cannot find him. Winters Day is almost done and I won’t be home tomorrow and so this is frustrating to me.

The day changes at midnight server time .. not reset time:

Hoelbrak (on Monday)
The Great Rise:
Upper Balcony Waypoint — [&BAgFAAA=]

Black Citadel (on Tuesday)
Mustering Ground:
Mustering Ground Waypoint — [&BKUDAAA=]

The Grove (on Wednesday)
Ronan’s Bower:
Ronan’s Waypoint — [&BLwEAAA=]

Divinity’s Reach (on Thursday)
District Promenade:
Commons Waypoint — [&BCoDAAA=]

Rata Sum (on Friday)
Creator’s Commons:
Magicat Court Waypoint — [&BLQEAAA=]

Lion’s Arch (on Saturday)
Western Ward:
Sanctum Harbor Waypoint — [&BC8EAAA=]

Diessa Plateau (on Sunday)
Village of Butcher’s Block:
Butcher’s Block Waypoint — [&BF8BAAA=]

Seems now that New Years hit you can NOT find Seimur Oxbone anymore even though that Grawl is still in home instance if you did not finish feeding him. The tree will show up IF you finished finding all the ornaments and clicked the thing you get from that.

He still appears, he just changes his locations each day. Today (1 / 3) I found it at the Black Citadel.

Links for larger versions of the photos aren’t working. Also, Seimur’s location is determined by the day of the week. Mon – Hoelbrak, Tues – Black Cit, Wed – Grove, Thurs – DR, Fri – Rata, Sat – LA, Sun – Diessa.

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