GW2 Wintersday 2014 Weapons Gallery

GW2 Wintersday weapon skins from Wintersday 2014. These weapon skins are available from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist for 1 ticket each.

Wintersday Axe Skin


Wintersday Dagger Skin


Wintersday Focus Skin


Wintersday Greatsword Skin


Wintersday Hammer Skin


Wintersday Longbow Skin


Wintersday Mace Skin


Wintersday Pistol Skin


Wintersday Rifle Skin


Wintersday Scepter Skin


Wintersday Shortbow Skin


Wintersday Staff Skin


Wintersday Sword Skin


Wintersday Torch Skin


Wintersday Warhorn Skin


Wintersday Shield Skin


  • rc


  • Pipra

    Love the torch!

  • Nirnaeth

    omg that torch is rediculously awesome!!! D:

  • Me!


  • Sarigar

    I can’t see from work… do the snowglobes have snowflakes animated inside of them?

    • Silvyah

      Yes, it is animated with moving snow.

  • Silvyah

    I almost regret buying the focus skin of the last BLT. This one look great

  • iNQ

    These actually look really good… Shame I only play a Necro so I can’t use most of these D: C’est la vie.

  • T X

    Does the wintersday pistol skin have a speacial sound effect added to like the rifle has?

    • Yes, there is a video of it now

  • Iris Nguyen

    Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

    • Krystal S. S.

      n_n cute

    • COMET


    • Derpington Bear

      Its a scarf that has been datamined. You can preview it in-game with its item code but its not available yet. Im sure it will be released soon though.

  • Lemonlemon

    Hi dulfy, does the Axe make any jingle sound when wielding and swinging it?? ty^^

    • Lemonlemon

      Just to update as i got the axe, it only jingle when you take it out to wield, not when attacking :).

  • nadrian3k

    The swords and bows are awesome. The staff’s design should have beeen like the Torch

  • Omg the axe, GS and shield are amazing.

  • Krystal S. S.

    i’m loving the torch, great sword, shield, and staff.

  • Archi

    that torch is super creative. they need to be thinking like that for all of the black lion weapons releases.

  • Iruwen

    The torch is a bit too heavy for my taste, looks more like an Eightball Launcher.

  • nopikam

    A lovely Focus, for once.

  • Mike

    Dagger and Shortbow are AMAZING. Simple and incredibly stylish. <3

  • Nicol√≤ Gorletta

    They can create what they want but if i i am not sure to find what i paid for with real money, i will not buy anything !

    • Zan7

      Stop GW2 then.

  • commentor

    The shield looks ok, the rest ….not my taste.

    • Person who actually has Taste

      I feel sorry for you. :p

  • AbnerDoon

    Dang I am really digging the focus, shield, staff and torch. Even the pistols and rifle to some extent. I haven’t played in a bit but this style is really pretty.

  • Abed

    I have a question : when they will remove these skins, so i must hurry to buy them or i wait to next year….. Plz answer somebody.

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