GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Wintersday Collections Guide

GW2 Wintersday Collections Guide featuring Wintersday Toy Weapons Collection and Toy Tonic Tippler collection.[toc]

Wintersday Toy Weapons Collection

To start this collection, you will need Heirloom Toy Chest. You can either buy this from the TP (costs coppers at time of writing) or buy them from the Wintersday merchants for 45 Ugly Wool Sweaters, 120 Ugly Wool Hats or 500 Ugly Wool Socks.

  • Consuming the item unlocks the Basic collection Wintersday Toy Weapons Collection.


To complete the collection, you need the following weapon skins. They are all very cheap on the TP (coppers for each skin) or you can buy the Unsafe Wintersday Gift from the Wintersday merchants or acquire them from Wintersday presents as random drops.


  • Wooden Dagger
  • Bell Focus
  • Candy-Cane Hammer
  • Pop Gun
  • Princess Wand
  • Toy Staff
  • Toy Sword
  • Slingshot

Reward: 2 AP, Mini Skritta Claws


Toy Tonic Tippler

To start this collection, you will need Fancy Holiday Tonic Cabinet. This is a drop from the Wintersday Gifts but you can buy it on the TP for a few silvers.

  • Consuming the item unlocks the Rare collection Toy Tonic Tippler


This collection require you to acquire 5 Endless Toy Tonics. You will need a 400 Artificer and lots of gold to acquire the recipes to make these Endless Tonics (unless you want to try your luck with the wintersday gifts which drops them very rarely). The tonics are account bound on acquire so you must make them yourself.

  • Endless Toy Ventari Tonic
  • Endless Toy Soldier Tonic
  • Endless Princess Doll Tonic
  • Endless Toy Golem Tonic
  • Endless Plush Griffon Tonic



Buy them from the TP or try your luck with the Wintersday Gifts. They are quite expensive at the moment. Remember you need 400 Artificer for them.


Each Tonic’s recipe is exactly the same, you need for each tonic

  • 20 Bottles of Elonian Wine (vendor next to Mystic Forge)
  • 100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
  • 100 Flawless Snowflakes (buy from TP or get them from Wintersday gifts)


So in total for 5 Endless Tonics you are looking at

  • 100 Bottles of Elonian Wine (25 gold)
  • 500 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
  • 500 Flawless Snowflakes

Ouch, I hope you do have deep pockets.

Reward: 3 AP, Endless Gift Box Tonic



For the Children

To do this collection, you must have completed Day 3 of Warming Grawnk’s Heart and received the Holiday Display Case used to unlock the collection.

The items you acquire are from various jumping puzzle or hidden chests with the appropriate theme (i.e. sylvaran, asuran, iron, gold, etc). There is a full guide on collection here.


  • Orphan’s Generous Gift, which contains Gift of Magnanimity (tree) and Star of Gratitude that eats multiple 50 Empyreal Fragments per day
    • You can receive a Winterday Gift from the tree once per day per account.
  • 5 AP
  • Title: The Magnanimous

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31 replies on “GW2 Wintersday Collections Guide”

actually yes, both the mini and you (if you’re transform into the doll) can *fall scream* just by jumping. though, you’ll have to fall of a decent size place for the mini to scream.

Yeah, 3 AP and a tonic with no skills isn’t worth the cost, in my opinion. Still, for the truly dedicated AP hunters, it’ll be a nice gold sink for the economy.

ok, roaming the gw2 inside is pretty nice… this also reminds me of one movie in particular “What’s in the box!”

on another note, do the size of the player change the size of the box? or is it one fits them all?

some people threw triple digits gambling for just ONE tonic during 2012 wintersday. price now is a joke. throw in 700 gems for the 2 lost minis.

and this is why I’m an orphan.

You need to unlock the collection first, by using the item Heirloom Toy chest. Then, the colletion will appear

i spent soooo much last xmas to get the princess tonic. it deserved every single copper since it’s a humanoid small form which can jump too. this makes it perfect for the jp . and it’s cute too. i

i just crafted the Endless Gift Box Tonic ~ [i used it on my asura, norn, and char] the box does not change size, it stays the same.

Hi Dulfy, does the Mystic Forge endless Toy tonic recipe still work (with Frame, glue, stuff and dust)
I still have previuous toy frame and I wonder if it works before buying glue and stuff.

The Endless version is rare outcome, and the material is’nt cheap(no new supply). with more then 5 gold per try. Not a good way to get them.

The total cost of all 5 recipes is less then 50 gold now.(2014/12/24)May be lower before this winter event end if you can wait.

It showers you with gratefulness. And while doing so, it spits out bags for every 50 empyreal thingies. The content of those bags goes from junk to quite precious items (usually junk and blues and greens, though).

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