SWTOR 2014 Life Day Event Guide

A guide to SWTOR 2014 Life Day event running from Dec 16 2014 to Jan 6, 2014.

Getting Started

Head to Galactic Trade Market Section of the fleet and look for a Master of Ceremonies NPC near the GTN. He sells the following items


Master of Ceremonies Vendor


Item Price
Life Day Snowball Bomb 1000 credits
Blue Purple Life Day Holo-Tree 20 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Gold Life Day Holo-Tree 20 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Sleigh I Vehicle 24 Snow-Covered Parcels.
Cyan Sphere Vehicle 16 Gray Helix Components
36 Snow-Covered Parcels
Life Day Tree Fireworks 500 credits


Snow-Covered Parcels


Snow-Covered Parcels are the main currency used in this event. You get them randomly by throwing the Life Day Snowball Bomb at other players with a 15% chance to receive parcels. Despite what the description for the snowball bomb says, you can get parcels from other players even if they have the debuff from getting hit by a snowball (you can also click off the debuff manually). However, if this debuff was applied by you then you won’t get any parcels out of it. Throwing snowballs at companions and NPCs also works in recovering parcels.

  • Tip: You can just throw it at your own companion and click off their debuff everytime.

The first time you get a snow-covered parcel you will get a popup window and an achievement. From here on you will see a yellow text on your screen everytime you recover a parcel.

Snow-Covered Parcels are tradeable but the ones brought do not count towards the achievement.


Vectron J0-1Y – Cartel Market (2000 CC)

  • Adaptive, Bind on Equip
  • Costs 2000 CC


Sleigh I – Master of Ceremonies Vendor

  • Adaptive, Bind on Pickup
  • 24 Snow-Covered Parcels.


Cyan Sphere – Master of Ceremonies Vendor

  • Rank 3, requires Champion rank with Gree, Bound to Legacy
  • 16 Gray Helix Components and 36 Snow-Covered Parcels



Hoth Wampa Cub– Cartel Market (200 CC)



See also: http://tor-decorating.com/events/#life_day_2014

Decoration Source
Life Day Ceiling Light (Globes) Life Day Bundle
Life Day Ceiling Light (Icicles) Life Day Bundle
Life Day Holo-Tree Life Day Bundle
Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Blue-Purple) Master of Ceremonies Vendor
Life Day Holo-Tree (Gold) Master of Ceremonies Vendor
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green-Gold) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Pink) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Red) Overheated Life Day Droids
Life Day Holo-Tree (Green) Unknown
Life Day Icicle Mound Life Day Bundle
Life Day Medium Potted Tree Life Day Bundle
Life Day Reveler Life Day Bundle
Life Day Small Potted Tree Life Day Bundle
Life Day Snowblower Life Day Bundle
Life Day Wall Freezer Unit Life Day Bundle
Life Day Wampa Rug Life Day Bundle

Life Day Bundle (1000 CC)

The life day Bundle costs 1000 CC on the cartel market and contains the following.

  • 1 Life Day Ceiling Light Icicles
  • 1 Life Day Ceiling Light Globes
  • 1 Life Day Holo-Tree (Centerpiece)
  • 1 Life Day Wall Freezer Unit
  • 2 Life Day Icicle Mounds
  • 2 Life Day Medium Potted Trees
  • 1 Life Day Reveler
  • 4 Life Day Small Potted Trees
  • 1 Life Day Snow Blower
  • 1 Life Day Wampa Rug

Overheated Life Day Droid

Around Coruscant Senate, Dromund Kaas City Memorial place, and Nar Shaddaa promenade (both upper and lower)  you will find Life Day Droids that you can throw your snowball bombs. They will give you the parcel and disappear after a while. They have a chance to respawn as a rarer version called Overheated Life Day Droid. This guy has the chance to drop decorations and you can pick 1 out of 4 colored Life Day Holo Trees.

  • Apparently you can still get decorations even if other players have used snowballs on him so just keep spamming your snowballs on it for decorations until he disappears. The more players the better since they will need to overwrite your own snowball debuff for you to keep getting stuff from it.
  • The normal Life Day Droids only give parcels with 15% chance but these overheated droids have an addiitional 15% to give you decorations
  • Life Day droids stay around for 5 minutes and then respawn ~4 minutes later as either the normal or the Overheated version
  • Overheated droids will appear as red enemy when they first spawn but do not attack them. The first throw of the snowball will turn them green.

This same droid is also responsible for the Holiday Hero achievement below. However the achievement is buggy and you may need to get several decorations from the droid for it to trigger.



Master of Ceremonies Gallery

Life Day Bundle Gallery


Achievement Pts Description Legacy Title
Jolly Parcel Peddler 25 During Life Day event, find 1 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb Life Day Celebrant
Merry Life Day to All 25 During Life Day event, find 25 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb  
To All A Good Night 25 During Life Day event, find 100 Snow-covered Parcel by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb A Special Snowflake
Holiday Hero 25 During Life Day event, receive a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb  
  • Xorras

    >During Life Day event, receive a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb

    Huh? What decoration?

    • Theeho

      I’m interested in that as well. You don’t get that achievement for the holo trees you can get at the vendor, so my guess is that it is a random drop from the snowball bomb. Not sure yet though.

    • dodgerfn

      Looks like just a new random drop they added this year, a decoration for your SH. Probably pretty rare I’m guessing, but I want it what ever it is πŸ™‚

    • Robert Hindy

      You can get a decoration instead of a parcel by using the Snowball Bomb on certain droids. Some of them are found by the Senate and in Kaas City: not sure if there are any more.

    • theGrimSleeper

      think u get it/them from throwing snowballs at Overheated Lifeday Gift Droids on Dromund Kaas & Coruscant.

  • tde

    Same Sleigh as last year ? Fail.

    • Robert Hindy

      I still want it for some of my characters that don’t have it yet. They shouldn’t take away prizes from events.

      There are new prizes this year. However, all of the new prizes are decorations.

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  • The Natoorat

    That Vectron… It’s on CM? How much does it cost?
    And what is this Life Day Present? Is it the boundle with decos?

    • iceberg265

      That’s what it says, yes.

  • Imber

    Glad I didn’t throw out my 62 snow covered parcels from last year!

    • dodgerfn

      Same here! Was hoping they would do same thing this year

      • Yup they work, saved 50 from last year and used them up on the new decors

        • dodgerfn

          Same. I had 43, so was able to buy 1 each

  • Sarigar

    I need that wampa skin rug.

  • Edrall Norx

    Thanks a lot for the guide, Dulfy! πŸ˜€

  • dodgerfn

    I hope the snowblower is interactive?

  • Havik79

    Oh I get it, vectron joly, ha cute.
    Looks cool though.

  • swtor420

    none of the CM stuff is on the CM yet. any idea when or if they are going to add it to the CM?

    • Anywhere from the next hr or 3 hrs from now

    • ddMcall

      its up

  • Theeho

    In case anyone was wondering, in order to get all of the new decorations from the vendor, you need to get 2,000 Snow-covered parcels. With a cooldown of 15 seconds and assuming the chance is still 15% like last year, you will need to do around 55 hours of non-stop snowball throwing on average.
    Or you could just buy the parcels off of players who are not interested in them.

    • Bail

      There are only 2 decorations for parcels, which gives summary 40 parcels

      • Theeho

        Yes, but you can unlock each of them 50 times. -.-
        Who knows if those decorations will ever come back, so I’m going to try to get as many as I can before the event disappears. πŸ™‚

      • vin b

        For max prestige you need 50 of each deco, thats 2000 parcels for 100 deco from the vendor

  • darkfather

    So, no Wampa rug? πŸ™

    • Not yet, it is part of the life day bundle. CM is not updated yet

  • kingseven

    its kinda fucked up they don’t bring gree but require helix components to get the sphere

    • BobbyOrr

      I was worried about this too but then I remembering hearing Gree starts later this month and this event runs til Jan 6 so they will overlap for a week. That will be more than enough time to get those Helix components.

      • prdc

        Where did you hear that?

        • Robert Hindy

          Currently, the data files for SWTOR state that the “Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia” event is to go from Dec 30 – Jan 6. We just did that one, so people are thinking that another event will take the place of that Conquest Event at the last minute.

          Also, on BioWare’s Instagram page, they stated that the Gree Event is just around the corner.

        • BobbyOrr

          Doesn’t matter now. Drool Bear saw the same thing I did saying its not happening:(

  • kingseven

    and what are the life day droids for on coruscant

    • Robert Hindy

      Decorations: hit them with the snowball and you have a chance to get a decoration.

  • Celery

    How do you get the Vectron J0-1Y? It isn’t on the vendor, is it an achievement reward or something?

    • Hugo A Sanchez

      pretty sure its a CM item

    • Loki

      you pay cold hard cash for it. 2000 coins on cartel market.

  • Cruser

    so its exactly the same even t as last year and the same mounts. am I missing something or is this a big fat joke?

    • Cruser

      you should rename the article to life day event 2013

    • Hugo A Sanchez

      Yeah my thoughts exactly. Rewards are crap and it should be an event on par with Gree, BBA and the Rakghoul, but its really sub-par. If you want Christmas-like stuff its on CM.

      • Cruser

        exactly the event it already totally insignificant. at least add a new mount or something to it. how hard can that be. We have all this from last year’s.

    • Robert Hindy

      New decorations rewards this time. Also, there is a new activity: throwing snowballs at NPC droids.

  • Ben Gimson

    Yeah, Merry Christmas, here’s a load of tat you don’t want available in-game, for all the new stuff that we’ve put effort into please see the CM -_-

    • Hugo A Sanchez


    • Konoha the Wiper

      In celebration of another successful year of bugs and complaints, we bring you life day 2014

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    If you guys are wondering about the Vectron Jo1y mount and the packs.They are not out yet. You can see them in collections but Swtor has not mention on patch notes that the packs were released for purchase.

  • Matthew Ottoson

    My wampa mini pet can be seen playing on my wampa rug

  • BobbyOrr

    Anyone get the Holiday Hero achievement yet. Looks like that one will be much less than 15% chance. No luck so far for me after about 100 tosses.

    • Theeho

      You need to go to the overheated droids on Coruscant/Dromund Kaas/Nar Shaddaa for that one. You won’t get it from throwing snowballs at random players. Dulfy will probably update the guide with it eventually.

      • ManDingoCC6901

        Where are those?

      • BobbyOrr

        The life day gift droids or is there another droid?

        • BobbyOrr

          ahh, different one. There is an overheated gift droid. Got the achievement on my 2nd toss.

      • Dormei

        So If I wanna get that “Holiday Hero” title I need to get one decoration on every single planet right? in that case Coruscant/Dromund Kaas/Nar Shaddaa

    • Medico

      It’s really easy! You just have to toss to Overheated Life Day Droid (around Coruscant Senate and Dromund Kaas City Memorial place).

      • BobbyOrr

        lol, thanks but I take it you didn’t see the other comments. This was figured out in the day between my post and your response;) I appreciate the quick reply though:)

    • Astyra

      I have yet to find one myself, spent about an hour around the Senate Plaza. Someone shouted it out and I got 1 decoration but that’s it so far. Will try my luck later today =)

  • Eanaria

    Life Day Holo-Tree (Green-Gold)Life Day BundleLife Day Holo-Tree (Pink)Life Day BundleLife Day Holo-Tree (Red)Life Day BundleLife Day Holo-Tree (Green)Life Day Bundle

    No. You need to throw snow ball to special red droide in DK NS or Coruscant to gain one of this tree. With luck. They are not in life day bundle. It’s for :

    Holiday Hero25During Life Day event, receive a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb

  • ManDingoCC6901

    The present didn’t show up on the Cartel market.

  • ManDingoCC6901

    Figured out gift droids… Some are overheated and glowing red… Cool them off with a snowball. It lets you choose one reward out of four options… It’s the little trees… Red, Pink, Green-Gold and Blue.

    Not sure how to get the other centerpiece yet.

    • Nguvu

      Yeah it seems they need to be attackable to get the reward, got two so far.

      • Theeho

        No, they don’t need to be red, they just need to be overheated. Even if they are green and already have the snowflakes buff, just throw your snowball. You have the same chance to get the decoration.
        However, if this buff was applied by you, you won’t receive a second one. You can recognize that by the yellow border around the buff.

        The easiest way to farm the decoration:
        – Get a group of at least two players, can be more (any number really)
        – Find an overheated droid (it must be overheated, not the normal lifeday droid)
        – Take turns throwing your snowballs at the droid
        – At each throw, you have a 15% chance to get one of the four decorations
        – Once the droid despawns (after 5 minutes), you need to find another overheated droid

        • Theeho

          And yes, you will continue to get decorations from the same droid, even if you already received one from it, as long as the Snowflakes buff was renewed by someone else since then.

          • Tshaku

            Where can you find these droids?

            • ggetaclue

              coruscant senate area and drummond kaas

              • Silver

                Or on Nar Shadaa

    • ManDingoCC6901

      First one gave me achievement and choice of tree… second one was just a parcel… Must be a percent chance.

  • Castor’troy

    Janurary 5th 2015, you have it up to 2014. no biggie

    • Castor’troy

      6th, i mean

  • Beasthunt

    You sure you can get the packages from tossing snowballs at your comp? I’m on a pretty dry spell right now with him. I’ve even gotten packages from turrets but not from my comp, yet.

    • Yes got tons from companions, you need to make sure to click off the buff off your companion every time before throwing it again

      • Beasthunt

        Ok. I’ve been doing that but I will keep at it. Thanks. It’s a 15% chance but I’ve tossed about 20 of them at this dirty rascal. Nice guide, as always.

        • Robert Johnson

          It took me almost 30 on my comp before I got a parcel, and every now and again you’ll get an error message saying you’re too close. But you can definitely get parcels from your comp, just keep at it! πŸ™‚

          • Matthew Ottoson

            it helps to stand on a crate to keep your companion from getting “too close”

            • Astyra

              I just run around backwards in a circle until I get far enough away. It’s not hard, just takes practice, lol πŸ˜‰

          • Beasthunt

            I appreciate it. Shortly after I posted this, my comp started spitting them out….lol. I have the gree speeder now and am working on other stuff. Not solely from my comp but he does help.

  • Deshik

    recycled from last year.

    • Vodorlo

      Not completely. The droids on the planets are new.

  • Larsenex

    Are lvl 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints (Labs, Meltdown, Hammerstation) still counting for the Galactic weekly @ lvl 60? Do the bosses in those still drop elite comms?

  • Randor

    Anyone know where on DK and NS the glowing red gift droids spawn?

    • Fractal_Eye

      I’m not sure about DK, but on Nar, the gift droids are in the Upper and Lower Promenade. (I just finished getting 1 of each of the decos off of them, so just go to the Promenade and look for the mass(es) of people, heh.)

  • octavian

    Always these decorations -.-
    I want the Life Day outfit and the And th Czerka speeder πŸ™

    • vin b

      the lifeday outfit is a cartel purchase, its been available since last year and is still on the cartel armor list to buy

      • Astyra

        I didn’t think the Life Day outfit was still on the cartel market?

        • bearalzebub

          yeah, I looked for it last night. Didn’t see it anywhere. If it was on the CM, I’m sure Bioware would be pimpin’ it out on the “featured” page of the CM.

          • Astyra

            Definitely xD
            Yeah, pretty sure it was only part of the old CM.

  • prdc

    They’ve not had the Gree event in months yet are expecting us to pay with those tokens… :/

    • Astyra

      I know a guildie who has 60 gray helix components… He’s definitely gonna pick up one of those mounts lol

      • anon

        useless comment is useless

        • Astyra

          Kind of like the comment you just posted? Yeah, I think I know what you mean.

    • Holyfrog

      They did the same thing last year and I had helix components saved from before. I bought the sphere last year. It’s nothing new, it’s a good reason to save items from events.

  • Astyra

    So, when you toss at an Overheated droid and it drops you get to PICK which decoration?

    • Yes

      • Astyra

        That’s awesome, thanks =)

  • Sadriel_Fett

    What’s the Legacy unlock cost for the Vectron Jolly and the Wampa pet?

    • Yuvar

      1000 CC for the Vectron, 100 CC for the Wampa.

  • AriesCZ

    Seriously, what is with Bioware tying so many achievements to rare spawns?

  • tono

    for the “special snowflake” title do you need to obtain 100 parcels on your own or can you buy the parcels off others?

    • SirRobinII

      you can buy/trade the parcels but it doesn’t count for the achievement.

    • You have to obtain them yourself for the title

  • dodgerfn

    I think the Life day bundle is a pretty good deal actually, 15 items for 1000 CC. As expensive as decorations are on the GTN, this is less than 70 CC per item. I can have a whole wing of my Strong Hold a Winter Wonderland!

    • Ben Gimson

      The issue is it shouldn’t be about ‘a good deal’, it’s Christmas. I’ve never played an MMO that sells me stuff for Christmas instead of making a decent event with good rewards. Not exactly festive of them to give us a couple of crappy reskins for the in-game rewards and make us pay for the stuff that’s actually new/nice.

      • dodgerfn

        Umm did you miss the “free” 3rd anniversary decorations?? They are giving us 100 ( 10 each of each item ) with no cost. That’s pretty “Christmas-ey” to me

        • Holyfrog

          Yeah but he doesn’t care about the items that are free he just wants ALL items to be free. It doesn’t matter what BioWare does people will bitch about something.

          • Ben Gimson

            Keep making shit up Holyfrog, it’s what you’re good at. It doesn’t matter what Biofail does, people will always have their noses planted firmly up the SWTOR dev’s arseholes…

          • damagecrab

            Bitching about bitching is still bitching, frog. For someone with such an obvious distaste for complaints, you sure do complain a lot! Log out and go outside, froggy. Seriously.

        • Ben Gimson

          That’s for the anniversary, a separate ‘event’ as it were. For Christmas, we get recolours of items that are years old, with all the new stuff costing cash.

      • Vos_L

        Christmas doesn’t exist in the SW universe. They don’t do events based around real-life holidays. Frankly, they just put this Life Day stuff in because people whine and cry so much if there isn’t a holiday event for every minor holiday under the sun.

        • Ben Gimson

          Life Day existed long before SWTOR started development, which is Star Wars Christmas. Also, wouldn’t call Christmas a minor holiday. Whether Christmas is a thing in SW or not is irrelevant though; my issue is the glaring difference between the quality of the in-game rewards VS the quality of the CM Life Day items.

          I think I preferred it when they just had a sale and no event tbh, as it stands now it’s just a pretend event really. Makes me miss SWG Life Day. That was brilliant πŸ™

          • differentdrummer

            I’m not surprised people don’t remember – with shock and horror and PTSD symptoms – the 1978 Star Wars Christmas special on ABC that established Life Day.

            (I had actually heard rumors that Life Day wasn’t happening this year because Disney EXPRESSLY disavowed the Christmas special and everything associated. :-P)

            • Ben Gimson

              Heh, yeah, only seen parts of it, but the Christmas special was… odd, to say the least.

              • Sarigar

                If you were a kid in 1978, as I was, the Holiday Special was FRICKIN’ AWESOME. πŸ™‚

        • Infernus

          Guess you don’t actually know much about the SW universe then do ya? This Life Day “stuff” has NOTHING to do with whiners and criers….and wow, how much of a d-bag do you have to be to call Christmas a MINOR holiday.

        • bearalzebub

          Actually, Life Day goes back to 1977 in the overrated “Starwars Christmas special”. Its a cute throwback really.

      • Rake

        Yup, there is surprisingly little to this ‘event’. Heck, I got more kicks out of gambling for a Rankor on Nar Shaddaa. Fortunately there is the new expac to keep me occupied through December.

        Trying hard not to draw comparisons to GW – those events kicked serious butt. Candy and cakes and booze and free shitz raining from the sky. Special event quest chains and pvp fun type stuff. Playing till your eyes bleed. Sigh… good times.

    • Rake

      Well I hope they unbundle a few more items… I need more wampa rugs. Hmm, maybe I should get the wampa cub and wait for him to grow up.

  • ggetaclue

    You can’t throw it at your companion because it stands too close to you. I don’t know of any way to make my stupid companion stand where I want it. You?

    • Rob Allison

      Stand on stairs. πŸ™‚

    • michael furious

      Target them, then throw a snowball as you run away from them. They’ll hesitate long enough to be in range long enough to hit.

    • Sivis

      Dismiss and bring the comp back, they spawn the exact distance you need. Just don’t move πŸ™‚

    • Matthew Ottoson

      stand on a crate

    • Goober Jones

      If they’re too close, jump while you toss the snowball. Apparently you jump just high enough to get the distance you need.

  • Theminiature Painter

    where is the regen item present ?

  • Rob Allison

    Anyone know the cost to unlock the fancy new Vectron in collections?

    • Yuvar

      1000 CC. Not even joking, most expensive account unlock I have seen.

      • blue’shift

        wow, that IS greedy

      • Rob Allison

        3000 CC is a lot, but if you look at it, the mount offers “Exceptional protection” which is what the EC Tank offers, but this is 110% compared to 90%, so it’s technically the best mount in the game right now.

        • Uplax

          EC tank is extreme protection, this is exceptional, the irakie renegade and Vectron BL-37 zepher also give exceptional protection

          • Rob Allison

            Ah booooo then.

            • norman

              Don’t all CM mounts (including those from packs) give exceptional protection?

              • Secundum Ave

                *Late* No. Only a few do, but that’s still around 20-40 mounts that do that in the game.

      • AbnerDoon

        Dang may have to rethink it then as it will only be used randomly. That is an expensive unlock when combined with the price. Thanks for this was asking on fleet and no one knew.

  • lord potato

    Will I get a tittle for the overcharged droid ?

  • blue’shift

    Dulfy did you point out the net Sith “pale eyes” racial option from the Cartel market ?

  • Badjger

    Waaaah. I can’t even login anymore. My launcher is bugged.

  • wosidratomt

    I feel so bad.

    I went to the droids. People have been waiting. An overheated appeared. People threw snowballs at hin… then it was my turn. I hit him, boom, got the achievement on the first try.

    • Lucas

      Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to get.

  • ggetaclue

    Just want to take a moment and thank you, Duffy, for taking the time to make and keep these guides up to date πŸ˜€

    • Darkredwing

      Agreed, it’s great that you are willing to put time into the site for us strangers =).

    • abaddonsmummy

      I check this site daily (when i should be working) for updates and info.

      It’s invaluable, thanks Dulfy.

      Merry Xmas πŸ™‚

  • Nuna Bizness

    Really unfortunate that BIOWARE decided to turn on the greed machine and only allow people to obtain the new sleigh via cartel coins. The option to pay for it with the snow covered parcels should have been a no-brainer. If they would stop nickle and dimeing their customers, they would get more. #worstlifedayyet #bioware=regifters

    • y2z

      IMO, they should’ve removed the Sleigh I and had the new one on the vendor.

    • ManDingoCC6901

      You can buy it on GTN… You’ll get fleeced, but you know that will be their defense.

    • AbnerDoon

      At least this one looks worth buying unlike the one from previous years with the snow maker and lights.

      I am waiting to see pricing on the GTN as well with the 1000CC global unlock.

    • Neg Sani

      Actually I’m okay with them charging 2,000cc for this speeder and I’m okay with thinking that’s too much money and not paying it. That’s your choice as well. It’s only a cosmetic item and there are hundreds of speeders that won’t cost you an actual penny including this one, if you’re willing to cough up 15m or whatever people will be charging for it.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Totally agree, nobody’s making me buy it and its not an essential part of the game or gaming experience.


      • Ancaglon

        I am sure some people will be selling it on GTN for credits — on The Red Eclipse 2k cartel coins equates to 2-3k million credits, which is not much compared to the prices of some of the rare thrones and such.

        • Holyfrog

          2-3k million credits = 2-3,000,000,000. K=000. That is 3 billion.

      • Tickle Me Dalek

        I figure people who complain about bioware being greedy because they can’t get everything they ever wanted are children and are in for a hilariously rude awakening when they get out into real life.

        Wait until the company you work for is fucking you over.

        • AveenaSI

          Seriously. It’s like they don’t get that the people who work for Bioware, regardless of what people think of their work, need to get paid. Also, the game has to make money, or it will be shut down. Games that operate in the red don’t stick around for very long.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Yeah… greed and christmas just don’t mix.

      I mean, just go to any mall or shop in the world and they’ll just be handing out stuff left and right for free in the spirit of giving.
      Because christmas is all about giving!
      (well… it’s all about US giving money to corporations for trinkets, so why should it be any different in SW:TOR?)

      • Nuna Bizness

        Guess I’m just getting sick and tired of having Biowares hands in my pockets every chance they get. I already pay a monthly….don’t see why they couldn’t also make the new Life Day Sleigh a reward for participating in the Life Day event. Its bad enough that the game I pay monthly for is bugged half the time, but after three years they still have yet to show any kind of real appreciation to their customers.

        I was really hoping that 3.0 would be a turn in the right direction, but after 2 weeks, what we have is new (and old) content that is still bugged to shit, a canceled gree event, last years life day mount, a new awesome mount that you can get…for an extra 15 bucks, and corporate mouthpieces like Eric Musco feeding us the same bullshit and incompetence that they have for the last 3 years.

        This isn’t just about life day, and I know it’s a business…but when the fuck will these people get their shit together? If you want to make more money, you have to make a better product than the competition. The bottom line is that 3 years should be plenty of time for them to get their heads out of their asses and start making SWTOR something that can compete with a 10 year old game with turn of the century graphics. The Star Wars logo wont carry them forever…and I for one am running out of patience.

        • Tickle Me Dalek

          i pay monthly and i don’t need to have all this crap, the fact that you people buy it is why it exists.

          • Beasthunt

            I wish people would stop buying the crap. They fail to see how exciting things could be if they put this stuff in the loot system instead of the cash shop.

            • Nacelle

              You don’t have to buy it. Someone else will and then put them on the GTN. If you don’t have the credits then it’s your own fault for not playing enough to earn them.

              • Beasthunt

                Reading and comprehension is so easy a lackey like you could do it. If you really tried.

              • Nacelle

                What does hay have to do with the discussion?

              • Beasthunt

                You are lost. Just another child who post out of context. I pity your kind.

              • Nacelle

                WTF are you talking about? You are only proving who the child really is… You

              • Beasthunt

                Go do your homework, kid.

              • Nacelle

                I haven’t done homework in 25 years, thank you.

        • Holyfrog

          BioWare does not have there hands in your pockets. They are not forcing you to buy anything. If they have been feeding you the same bullshit for 3 years and you don’t like it why do you continue to eat it? Go away.

        • Chango

          They’re making TONS of money. SWTOR is the 4th most profitable MMO in the WORLD only under WOW, Lineage, and Tera… You may be running out of patience but millions of players are perfectly satisfied and buying Cartel Coins to get anything they see fit.. the “BRAND NEW SHIT IS ALL THAT INTERESTS ME” players are the .01% of this subscriber-base.

      • Spruce Cycle

        Which has NOTHING to do with the op’s comment, If you wanna be a moron can’t u do so in WoW?

  • Drool Bear

    Kinda makes it hard to get the Cyan Sphere Vehicle with this recent post:

    To those wondering about Gree event return, it’s not happening anytime
    soon. To quote info provided by BioWare in discussion with some guys on

    Q: Why isn’t the gree event up?

    BW: not happening right now.

    Q: I thought it would become a tradition of having it on life day! I want cyan speeders for my Alts!

    BW: yeah.. turns out scaling it to level 60 caused a lot of issues and we decided not to turn it on right now rather than providing a less than awesome experience.

    Q: So it’s getting postponed or…?

    BW: yeah. It’ll be back at some point in the future.

    • Beasthunt

      I happened to have over a 100 components in my bank so this worked out great for me but for those who have not been doing it, it’s a bummer. I find it a shame that we have Thorn, Gree but the bounty hunter event is the one who keeps popping up….lol. I liked the Gree every other month cycle. It’s a fun event. Who doesn’t like killing Xeno II?

      • Jennifer Smith

        Bounty Hunter keeps popping up because it was set to be an event that recur on a set schedule, it isn’t bumping any of the others out of a queue of any sort. The others are all random, although I would like to see them come around more often. Like maybe, every other month we get one of the random events, and then every month we still get BBA. Right now it is so far in between the random events, it gets frustrating.

  • A Reno from Santa Claus

    Loving it! πŸ˜€

  • Brian

    they really did a good job this year its great

  • Kodar

    Instead of “Merry” Life Day, shouldn’t it be “Hairy” Life Day O_o?

  • Greed

    Hi! The Overheated/ Lifeday Gift Droids can spawn at the 3 Enclave Taxi posts (DK), just to inform you! Happy Hunting!

  • Kooler

    how do you get Gray Helix Components?

    • Ancaglon

      They are from the Relics of the Gree event on Ilum but (as per post below from Drool Bear) it won’t be on this holiday season.

      You might want to hang on to some snow-covered parcels just in case…

  • differentdrummer

    Please forgive if this has been posted already, bumping for people who only read the first page of comments: The Promenade on Nar Shaddaa also has overheated droids. Just got a full set of trees there.

  • dodgerfn

    The new Vectron does nothing for me. I mean it would be cool to drive around this time of year, but would I really want to use it the other 11 months of the year? With the covered presents in the back? Think about it……

    • Spruce Cycle


      • dodgerfn


  • Sennant

    How come there’s no guide anymore. The page just has a comments section.

    • Hmm check now?

      • Sennant

        back now.

  • Ark

    Btw, what happens if you kill the overheated droids?

    I’d almost hoped for an achievement, but after killing three (and praying all the people on DK looking for the overheated droids hadn’t seen me do it), I’ve just decided to not be the bad guy anymore and started lobbing snowballs at them instead.

    =/ but if like, anyone’s killed 5, and says there’s a hidden achievement, then hell, I’m getting right back into it.

    • Paikea

      I’m at 100/100 achievement points for Life Day, which would suggest there is no hidden achievements.

      • Ark

        =/ yeah, I’m at 100 percent also. Still curious though xD. Since I thought the hidden achieves were, well, hidden.

  • Sennant

    Answer appears to be nothing. No loot, no rewards. nadda. Some pissed off players around you potentially though.

    • Ark


    • Ark

      Doubt anyone saw me do it, tbh. I. Hope. QQ

  • The Dark Kight

    I bought 2 of the Life Day Bundles and I did not receive the Life Day Holo-Tree (Centerpiece) on any of them!

    • The Dark Kight

      Update: Idk if it was a glitch or lag but it looks like they fixed it and I can see my trees in decoration now.

  • mrrabbit

    There’s a pattern to the appearance of Overheated droids. Here’s the pattern:

    1. At the legacy vendors on Dromund Kaas is a pair of spawn locations – only 25 feet apart. These are the key spawn locations and droids to monitor.

    2. When both Life Day droids disappear or are not present AT THE SAME TIME at that location pair – the next droid that pops up ANYWHERE in Kaas City is VERY LIKELY to be an OVERHEATED droid.

    – Middle
    – Taxi
    – Intel Taxi
    – Top of Stairs in Regular Vendor Area
    – Left Side Opposite Legacy Vendor Area
    – Legacy Vendor Pair Location

    Just twenty minutes ago, I was able to predict for 30 straight minutes when the next Overheated droid would appear. A couple dozen of us had a nice run – easily a 100+ trees picked up in that time span.

    It helps to have 1 person hopping back and forth to the Intel taxi to check as that one is pretty far out location wise.


    • mrrabbit

      – Security Vendor at Entrance

      That’s another spot to monitor when both legacy location droids disappear.

      Also, be aware that legacy vendor NPC Lord Arbyl can be a pain in the arse. 1/2 the time a legacy location droid pops up overheated, Lord Arbyl immediately kills him. If there’s any magical way a pub tank can get to Dromund Kas, please taunt that bastard!

  • Ivan

    For the A Special Snowflake achievement, do I have to have a TOTAL of 100 parcels in my inventory to qualify for it, or do parcels which I have spent (Eg. on Sleigh 1) count towards the 100 as well?

    • Luke Farmer

      Just need to have gotten 100 total drops, doesn’t matter how many you carry

      • Ivan

        Ok, Thanx for the info

  • Cyn

    Now I just want to know where to get the green centerpiece holo tree lol

    • They didn’t release it.

      • Vodorlo

        It’s on there, CM.

    • Vodorlo

      Cartel Market.

  • Stevensen Liu

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  • Eric Fulmer

    So, for the special snowflake achievement, is that 100 parcels on one character, or on the legacy?

  • Eryxx

    For the “Holiday Hero” achievement, it says “During the Life Day event, receive a decoration by using the Life Day Snowball Bomb.” How can you do this??

    • Read the section on Overheated Life Day Droids, it covers that achievmeent

  • Alex Wang

    Is the Wampa Cub a BoP?

  • Clinton Lewis

    I have the 100 parcels.. 99 and another stack started… no title available.. can anyone help?

  • JRP

    What happened to the pictures of the two items that they had planned to make last year, but ended up not adding to the Cartel Market for Life Day 2014? I can’t even find pictures of them — one was the Life Day Holo-Tree (Green), and the other was either decor or a pet (besides the Wampa Cub that did make it in game).

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