GW2 A Very Merry Wintersday Achievements Guide

A guide to the A Merry Wintersday achievements introduced with Wintersday 2014.

Meta Achievement– Adept Toymaker

Complete these 11 achievements. You will note that achievements that require you to repeat an activity do not counts toward the meta. Achievements related to the jumping puzzle or the Snowball Mayhem also do not count as part of the meta.

  • Honorary Krewe Member
  • Dolyak Defender
  • Nothing but Broken Toys
  • Ringing the Right Notes
  • Toy Quality Control
  • Wrapping Everywhere
  • Wintersday Wrecking Ball
  • Donation Defender
  • Golden Generosity
  • Silver for the Season
  • Finders Keepers

Reward: 40 AP, Adept Toymaker title, Tixx’s Toybox

Divinity’s Reach Achievements

Silver for the Season/Golden Generosity

  • Both achievements are related to Ho-Ho Tron in Divinity’s Reach. Ho-Ho-Tron is in a corner away from all the other Wintersday NPCs. He is only there when there isn’t a Dolyak escort event and his collecting funds event is running.


  • Silver for the Season requires you to donate 1 silver 3 times and give you 5 AP and 3 Giant Wintersday Gift as reward.
  • Golden Generosity require you to donate 1 gold 3 times and give you 25 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gift as reward.
  • Beware that if there are a lot of players donating, the funds donated bar fills very quickly and you have very little time to donate.

Donation Defender/Finders Keepers

  • Both achievements are related to the Dolyak Escort event that occurs after Ho-Ho Tron raised enough funds. The Dolyak will start from Ho-Ho Tron’s location and then head towards Crown Pavilion waypoint.


  • To get Donation Defender, you have to kick the skritt that spawns by pressing F near them. Using snowballs to hit them doesn’t seem to be very reliable and I was not able to get credit for the event until I kicked them. Completing this achievement will reward you with 3 AP and 5 Giant Wintersday Gifts


  • For Finders Keepers, you need to collect 25 Dropped Presents. The Dolyak will drop presents while walking to the waypoint. If you go ahead of him you will miss them so it is best to follow behind him and press down ctrl key so you can see the presents when they spawn. Completing this achievement will reward you with 6 AP, 1 Giant Wintersday Gift and title Finders Keepers (old title).


Wintersday Activity Achievements

Dolyak Defender – 5 pts

  • Survive Toypocalypse with at least one living gift doylak. Fairly easy achievement to get as even the most horrid groups can keep at least 1 dolyak alive.
  • You get 5 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gift for completing this achievement.

Nothing but Broken Toys – 5 pts

  • Survive 50 waves of Toypocalypse. Note that the waves do not corresponds to the rounds in Toypocalyse. Each round can have several waves of toys so you only need to do 1-2 Toypocalypse to complete this achievement.
  • You get 5 AP and 5 Giant Wintersday Gift for completing this achievement.

Toy Quality Control – 10 pts

  • Destroy 100 Toys. Easily done in Toypocalypse as the snowmans and catapults you build there will kill toys for you.
  • Reward is 10 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts.

Honorary Krewe Member – 5 pts

  • Defeat Toxx in Tixx’s Workshop which is located inside Tixx’s Infinirarium. Note that this activity is designed for a group of 5 players but you can probably do the instance with 2 players.
  • Reward is 5 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts


Wintersday Wrecking Ball – 5 pts

  • You need to do this inside Tixx’s Infinirarium by destroying every single tree/buildings inside the instance. You can do this after you complete the instance as well.
  • Reward is 5 AP and 5 Giant Wintersday Gifts

Ringing the Right Notes – 10 pts

  • You need to ring 500 correct notes inside Bell Choir. Can be a bit time consuming.
  • Reward is 10 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts

Wrapping Everywhere – 9 pts

  • You need to unwrap 40 Winterday Gifts. You can earn gifts easily by doing the winterday activities above so this achievement is really a freebie.
  • Rewards 9 AP and 10 Giant Wintersday Gifts

Achievements not counting towards the meta

Toypocalypse Survivor – 3/15 pts

  • Complete 30 rounds of Toypocalypse. You basically need to run through 3 full Toypocalypse for this achievement. You can repeat this achievement a max of 5 times for 15 AP.
  • Rewards 3 Giant Wintersday Gift and 3 AP per completion

The Bells of Wintersday – 3/20 pts

  • Complete 30 songs in Bell Choir. This achievement can be repeated up to 6-7 times.
  • Rewards 3 Giant Wintersday Gift and 3 AP per completion

Snowball Mayhem – 3/15 pts

  • Complete 30 rounds of Snowball Mayhem. This achievement can be repeated up to 5 times for a max of 15 AP.
  • Rewards 3 Giant Wintersday Gift and 3 AP per completion

Winter Wonderland Mastery – 3/15 pts

  • Complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle 15 times. This achievement can be repeated up to 5 times for a max of 15 AP.
  • Rewards 5 Giant Wintersday Gift and 3 AP per completion.
  • Guest

    What is the meta reward? Is there any at all this year?

  • Thomas Leo

    What does Tixx’s Toybox look like? Is it a mini pet or something?

    • hoosyerdaddy

      its a 20 slot bag

  • narg

    if i read description right, after you open Tixx’s Toybox, you can choose one of trixx toys minis (soldier, golem, griphon,princess, centaur its from Trixx or toypocalypse)

    • Ares Zax

      Correct. You can choose from a) Princess Doll mini, b) Toy Golem mini, c) Toy Soldier mini, d) Toy Ventari mini, e) Plush Griffon mini, or f) 100 Giant Wintersday Gifts

      I got the 5th and last mini this year. 🙂

  • umbriel84

    so, basically, for the repeatable achievs it’s 15, 35 (counting 7 repeats) ,75 and 150 full runs.

  • Guest

    “Achievements not counting towards the meta” it means that after the festival gone, we will not see those achivements in the history list, right?

  • Phobia256

    Anyone know how long it will take approximately to get “Ringing the Right Notes” when you’re horrible at Bell Choir? Other than that the meta can be done in a day.

    • narg

      it will take forever, i rage quit every time after half an hour (same like winter jumping puzzle), i hate it all

      • Anthony Gray

        It just takes patience and practice. I should know, i hate doing JPs yet id managed to complete all of them in the game, winter and clock tower included. Just keep at it.

    • Man

      The Notes match the keyboard’s layout, so imagine it is a typing game.
      If it is still hard to you, only do the first 4 keys. That way you atleast have about 50% correct rate. You may need double the time then others, but not too bad.

      • Phobia256

        Thanks a lot. So it is still the same as last year? The JP I can handle, but for some reason I always screwed up with Bell Choir.

  • sandstar

    If you’re having trouble with the choir, do the middle part. I found it extremely easy to get lots of notes correct in that position.

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah, I find the middle to be easier than either the high or low positions. Some of the later songs get tricky, but the early ones come fairly slowly and the notes are placed close together.

    • MarkBecks

      I also hated this to start with, but adjusted the camera angle up, then put fingers left hand on 1-4 and right hand 6-9, which made the world of difference, and from getting kicked out on easy songs, im getting average of 560-570 per round

  • Twilight

    Guys, what’s the new update about?

  • Raivis Carriedo

    any one else not getting Wintersday Wrecking Ball??

    • Braghez

      There’s some tiny stuff that is just almost invisible…lol…but i got it, so it works.

      • Norton Norton

        where is it at? i’ve spent forever running around hitting air

        • Braghez

          It was in general, some of the objects are just so tiny…many of them are a little above the “core” of the infinirarium…tiny walls and stuff.

        • camhaji

          Use a staff guardian and systematically go over every inch of the infinirarium

    • Silvyah

      Wreck seriously everything you can. I remember last year searching for a damn last tree we overlooked in a corner.

  • Cenarion Child

    So it appears the snowball mayhem is bugged… after you finished 2 sets for snowball mayhem (60 games) on the 3rd set it wont progress again after hit 2 games, stuck at 2/30… Anet always give us a buggy content…

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