SWTOR 12 Days of Daily Cartel Market Sales

SWTOR will be doing 12 days of daily Cartel Market Sales starting from Dec 18 to Dec 29. The Cartel Market will be updated at 11:am CT each day. Check ingame or here for details one each sale.

The 12 Days of SWTOR | 12.17.2014, 08:06 PM

Happy holidays everyone! Beginning tomorrow, the Cartel Market will have daily surprise sales for the next 12 days (12/18/2014 – 12/29/2014). You can find out what’s on sale in game, but we will also be posting here and on social media the items going on the Market that day. The Market will be updated at 11:00am CT each day.

  • Day 1 (Dec 18): For the first day, we will be putting the Crime Lord and Blockade Runner’s Cartel Packs back onto the market! They are available both as single packs (250 CC) and Hypercrates (5400 CC).
  • Day 2: (Dec 19) The Skip Tracer and Space Pirate Cartel Packs (singular and hypercrates) are available today only! (5400 CC for hypercrate, 250 CC for single pack)
  • Day 3: (Dec 20) The Enforcer and Vice Commandant’s Contraband Packs (singular and hypercrate) are available today only for 5400 CC per hypercrate and 250 CC per single pack.
  • Day 4: (Dec 21) The Archon and Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Packs (singular and hypercrate) are available today only for 5400 CC per hypercrate and 250 CC per single pack.
  • Day 5: (Dec 22) The Freelancer and Pursuer’s Bounty Pack (regular and hypercrate) are available today only for 5400 CC per hypercrate and 250 CC per pack.
  • Day 6: (Dec 23) The Tracker and Opportunist’s Bounty Pack (regular and hypercrate) are available today only for 5400 CC per hypercrate and 250 CC per pack. Black/Black dye modules also available for 1500 CC and White/White dye modules available for 750 CC
  • Day 7: (Dec 24) The Starcluster and Club Vertica Nightlife Packs are available until Dec 26. 4536 CC for hypercrate and 210 CC per pack.
  • Day 8: (Dec 25) – Christmas – no sales!
  • Day 9 (Dec 26) – Boxing Day – no sales!
  • Day 10: (Dec 27) – Dogfighter and Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack are available for today only. 5400 CC per hypercate and 250 CC per pack.
  • Day 11: (Dec 28) – Space Jockey and Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack are available for today only. 3869 CC per hypercrate for Space Jockey. 4536 CC for Hotshot. 199 CC per pack for Space Jockey, 210 CC for Hotshot
  • Day 12: (Dec 29) – The Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack are now available for today only. 4536 CC per hypercrate or 210 CC per pack.

May the Force be with you!

Edit: The deals seems to be related to packs, as seen in this email Bioware sent.


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167 replies on “SWTOR 12 Days of Daily Cartel Market Sales”

maybe on the last day they will put the new holiday speeder on sale….ya know, just to piss off everyone who bought it already 🙂

I genuinely would not be surprised. Then they’d release a new batch of cartel packs early and at a discount as an apology. Only 7000 CC a hypercrate, reduced from 10000! 😛

We can dream. But from the wording it sounds like it will just be packs and hypercrates. I have everything I currently want from the packs so this presents no excitement for me. I was hoping for the pictures or stronghold decoration bunches to be in that list.

I’ve purchased a lot of packs in the past….many with coins, many off the GTN with credits. But I’ve finally given up buying packs because it just takes way too long to unload all the stuff you get that you don’t want. I have far too much inventory tabs stacked with this stuff on various alts. They keep bringing pack the old packs way too often to create any kind of decent demand on the GTN for 98% of this stuff. They really need to allow us to vendor these CM pack items for a decent price.

That and its just cheaper overall to buy stuff off the GTN. This last pack I spent 55.00 in packs. Got nothing I wanted. Bought the items I wanted off the GTN for 10-50k each. Should have just saved the $40.00 and spent the 100k or so on the GTN. Typically I end up spending less on the GTN than I do buying the packs. There is so much useless crap in the packs now.

Absolutely agree. I gave up on “gamble packs” (I love that monicker) after I got burned with lots of useless garbage way back in beginning of the CM. (It has gotten better since, I admit.) I’ve recently resubbed and took a gamble on ONE pack from this last set and managed to grab two different Starforged weapons; a minor payback for the 5k+ CC’s I wasted on that hypercrate so long ago…

so instead of having people log in for 12 days to gain some free goodies each day that they have created, you can pay them for 12 days for the stuff they put on the cm

maybe im biased but i am pretty sure other f2p/freemium/b2p games have this kind of event with goodies each day that are different for logging in for several days in a row, i could be wrong and all the other f2p/freemium games i played had the same thing as swtor is gonna do but i know i am right about this 😛 as i have experienced first hand this kind of event for several days where you got different goodies for logging in the game

I play Marvel Heroes and they are doing a 12 Days of Christmas event now and while everyday is not super awesome, there are some days I am getting more in one day than SWTOR is doing for their Anniversary and Life Day combined. It’s pretty sad actually that a completely free to play game does more promotional giveaway type things and does them better than a game that makes a ton of money off of subs and CM purchases.

Yea this is where you really see EA’s and BW’s greed. They absolutely SUCK when it comes to holiday events and rewarding players.

Other games: free items upon login, across-the-board 20%-50% sales on everything, special promotions, special events.

EA/BW: we pay them for items, snowball fights, nothing really discounted or even special

I hope they’re gonna put a FEW more things on sale besides just packs and crates. Random item generators are my nemeses.

Ohh no! Look it’s EAWare being greedy! Look out people the Grinch is here!!! How dare they put stuff on sale. Even worse I bet some of it will only be like 25% off.

I wouldn’t say it’s greed as much as foolishness. But who’s the bigger fool, BW for selling crates at 5500cc or the person that buys them thinking it’s some kind of special sale?…a “gift” from BW for the holidays. That’s how it’s being marketed anyway. Twelve days of gifts…right.

Put crates up for 2,500cc and call it whatever you want, maybe I’d buy one then. 5500? Not so much.

It’s foolish greed. Sadly, people will still lap this up. You could sell dog shit with the Star Wars IP, fans are that brain-dead :S

I’m just curious to see how long this will continue and how bad it will get before people start to wake up. ‘New chapter of your class story, only 5000 CC per character!’

Fans of Star Wars/SW EU have been beat up mamed starved waterboarded and dragged thru the mud by Lucas since he made the prequel movies and sold out to toddlers ..on top of all this he goes and sells the entire thing to Disney who (within purchase week from lucas) shuts down Lucas Arts entire employment saying they’re not interested in video games.. Then manage to light a flamethrower to our innocent shattered corpses by saying Expanded Universe is no longer relevant and swtor and games are now considered “legacy”… So please leave the fans alone and let them spend CC on SW dog shyt, cuz that crap belonged to a SW “dog” that was all our best friend and is now butchered and will be sewn and zapped into a Franken-SW-dog-apede with ep7

George Lucas has been beat up, maimed, starved, waterboared, and dragged through the mud by the “fans” of Star Wars since he made the prequels. Which is why he sold to Disney. I am amazed by the people who say how bad the prequels were but then turn around and say that Lucas “sold out” by selling off Lucasfilm. I’ve got news for you about Disney saying the EU isn’t relevant, Lucas did the same thing!! Have you never heard of Jaster Mereel and Concord Dawn? Boba Fett had a backstory that was erased with Attack of the Clones.

^so true, I can’t imagine that 4 billion dollars they gave him had any influence on him selling the IP. lol.

And yes, i’m being sarcastic about agreeing with you.

I never said money had nothing to do with it. After all the crap people gave him over Indy 4 he retired. Rather then let the multi billion dollar empire he built wither and die because he was done with people bitching about everything he does he sold it. Would you sit on billions of dollars and not sell it? You’re an idiot. And no I’m not being sarcastic.

No, you said that he sold it because the fans turned on him, it was only about the money and if you think otherwise then you my friend need to open your eyes to the world at large.

money AND fans for sure. He was definitely getting tired of all the crap he was taking. He made statements about it. He was done with it because of the fans, so that’s why he sold it. Otherwise he would have just continued making the money with the IP himself. But he went bat sh*t crazy and would have ruined the thing more than he already had. So I’m glad he sold it…now there is a chance (no matter how slight it might be) that it can be improved upon again.

Indeed, one year from today we get to find out if we are in for a good 10 years or so, or if we are just fucked on ever having decent SW material again.

That’s all right I am going Heston with my EU books. They can pry them from my cold dead hands. Until then it still exists for me. 😀

He retired because everyone turned on him and it was pointless to continue. Why should he hold on to something that he can’t do anything with? What is wrong with selling it and let someone else try? You just hate on him because he is successful and has something you don’t and will never have because of your socialist leaning. There is nothing wrong with having 4 billion dollars. Go live in Cuba.

Odd, I don’t see anywhere in my comments that I said there was something wrong with selling a business, or having money, or even hating on him, but keep jumping to conclusions, maybe you should look at getting into politics, or being a Fox News anchor lol.

Why bring up 4 billion dollars? You are hating on him because of it or you wouldn’t have said it.

Well lets see… I was disputing your post saying that the reason he sold was because of how you think he has been treated by the fans, and my point was that he wanted the money, he would have kept on taking the abuse you clearly think he was under and selling ewok toys to children for massive profits if Disney hadn’t been willing to part with 4 billion dollars, it’s been about money for him since he filmed RoTJ, it’s obvious to anyone that knows anything about the Star Wars universe that he created for us, has nothing to do with hating on anyone, much less Lucas, that would imply I care about him one way or the other to hate on him lol.

You are ignoring everything I have said. Once again you bring up the sale figure indicating your true feelings. Keep beliving the only reason for the sale was greed because as a socialist all you believe in is equality.

I’m ignoring everything you said because you haven’t made any valid points worth considering, my 4 billion dollar point is very valid to your original comment, I’m not sure what sheltered life you lead that you don’t realize that money is the only thing that makes the world go around these days, perhaps when you are older you will start to see the world for what it is.

Well boba was about what 6 how much backstory u want before that? And Lucas Arts was making 1313 have a character creator made and george walked in one day and said nope it’s gona be Boba’s Story. Then off with his head too by Disney.
Honestly I’m 50/50 about their motives .. I believe somehow they are deleting most EU from after RotJ particularly because of the absolutely astronomically stupid idea of the yuzzon vong bullshyt. It takes every post RotJ fantasy and vongforms (Rapes) the living hell out of every single SW planet, plus they’re immune to everything >>it’s not SW material period!<< and if I had just bought SW from Lucas I would find a way to permanently OFF them from lore effective immediately! In a sense here's a childish idiot writer who essentially sticks his non SW idea right through the galaxy like its a glory hole!! …but then I see the pink and purple streamers and confetti from Disney things and toyland galore and think that maybe it'll be jar jar all over again and everytime I search google for SW info I'll get %80 shopping sites selling mOar SW Legos and mOar SW Lego Games.. So yea sory bout the rant but I'm 50/50 with it being good/bad being out of GL's grip.

Wait, you’re saying George Lucas had non-Star Wars ideas? He invented it. If he wanted to say that the Flying Purple People Eaters were the creators of the Force then they were the creators of the Force. Just because you don’t like some aspect of it doesn’t make it non-Star Wars. As far as Boba Fett goes the point I was making is that Boba Fett was Jaster Mereel. Lucas erased that with AotC. My point was Disney wasn’t the first to say the EU was irrelevant.

SWTOR is hardly comparable to all the actual decent stuff in the EU that GL and Disney have shat on. Personally, I wish they’d shut down SWTOR when they decided to burn the EU. But nope, we just lost all the good stuff. If you’re pining for the Star Wars that was, I can’t see why you’re playing SWTOR.

“Personally, I wish that had shut down SWTOR when they decided to burn the EU.” Then why are you playing? WTF?

I’m not. Cancelled my sub after I finished the xpac. Hoping it happens though, then maybe they’ll make a different Star Wars MMO that’s run on a proper engine.

I still enjoy SWTOR. There’s a very good chance another SW MMO will be released sometime in the next few years. Of course it won’t be based on the SWTOR universe but rather the timeline would be set somewhere around episodes 1-9. That part is a near certainty. SWTOR 2? Not so much.

However, given the massive expenditure this one incurred and how it turned out at least initially, it’s hard for me to imagine EA/Disney budgeting that large a sum of money for a future SW MMO.

So that means what – less voice acting? less story? If it’s not going to be built on a cutting edge engine and be given a massive budget, I’ll take a pass. And I don’t want to see it anytime in the next 2-3 years until SWTOR is ridden out more. If it’s meant to be let it be decidedly next gen.

Lemme guess the really good things 15% the kinda good things 25% the things that everyone looks at and goes meh 50% and the thing no one ever buys 90% ?

75% obsolete crafting mats.
15% ugly emotes and toys
5% useless companion gifts
4.9% useless boost items
0.1% semi-decent stuff
100% regret

1 cc?? Really??? Seriously, ya know anything less than 5 cc is just highway robbery and completely unfair to Bioware. Insert sarcasm voice for full effect 🙂

Haven’t most of the crates been 5400cc in the market recently?

So basically for Life day we get to pay 100 extra for them.

Ok so for day 1 the “Sale” is 2 embargoed packs for 5400 each. Same price as the newer packs. Not really so much a sale rather than a re-introduction of 2 year old items that trickle into re-release quarterly. I am glad I grabbed several crates 2 years ago for the pre-embargo price of 1800cc’s each. 🙂

Well, this is sad and disappointing on multiple levels. BW, basically, took the easiest and laziest route they could for a “Sale”. BW has to, at some point, put a little effort into the game.

I wish they did not re-sell embargoed packs. I have 20+ double lightsabers from some pack (Warmaster’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber), they go for around 1M creds when they’re rare, but because of constant re-supply I was buying them like candies for 100-200k every few months when that pack re-appeared for “sale”.
I want to sell them with a good profit, and I can’t do that when Bio constantly throws more of them into the market.

Make some new stuff BW! Leave old stuff gone.

Agree. I know some people call it being greedy. I call it smart. Every time they bring a pack back or release these crystal/mounts/weapons packs the market goes upside down. Some people might consider it being greedy but they should be rare for a reason.

On the flipside I think that the drop rates on some of the items need to be increased a bit. Some items are just impossibly insane rare.

Ugh. Like many people I’m traveling for the holidays and will miss nearly every chance to pick up an old pack. I need a Christmas in July sale.

They will be littering the GTN in 36 hours. Probably at a decent price too. I was selling my old shipment 1 embargoed packs off at 500k a piece recently. You will be able to grab them for less than 220k again now that they are re-re-re-re-re-released.

Laptop. Local library. Wifi. McDonalds. Make it happen haha. Im traveling too. But if a good item falls on a certain day you better bet Im taking my laptop somewhere just to buy it! 🙂

While I am sure some players are really excited about being able to pick up old packs, I am sure most of us when we first saw this announcement were going “Oooo! Flash Sales!” Pretty disappointed. I dont want to waste my CC’s on more random packs of stuff I already have. I want some GOOD discounts on stuff Ive been holding off on buying, such as mounts, renames, unlocks, and decorations. Too bad they couldnt find the effort to include just an overall CM sale like other games do during the holidays.

Strangely enough – some of us simply weren’t around the first time those packs came out and feel quite happy to purchase stuff from embargoed ones….

Happy gambling.
I have a lot armor sets, pretty much all ultra rares but i bought them when people were buying newest packs and prices were cheap. Even with discounts now the prices arent going to drop much. Most people buy NEWEST packs and by large amounts. Getting a set from gambling is like winning a lottery jackpot.

I personally want to THANK Biofail for their laziness on this joke of a xmas sale. It now means I can devote all my spare xmas cash to Steam Xmas sales!! 😀

And you think being the only one who thinks it isn’t a lazy sale makes you cooler then OP or some sort of rebel? Well to each their own. Though you do bring much shame to the McBurney name with such a sycophant point of view for Bioware. Now excuse me while I go find someone to roshambu me and your mother……..

Oh son of my loins, I didn’t raise you to be that ignorant did I?

Let’s see……..There are plenty of pages in each section of the Cartel Market (Starfighter, Packs, Decorations Unlocks, Equipment and Consumables). If they posted say one or two from each category at a nice discount like they did during past sales where it was 50%+ off for each day of the 12 days sale, that would qualify as a good sale that I am sure even you Will Jnr can attest to.

However as everyone has said bar you my facepalm of a son, Bioware went the lazy route and just posted Cartel Packs to try and maximise as much cartel coin sales as they could while not being really much of a “Sale” in the process.

New items we haven’t seen before would be a good start. Like instead of putting all that Christmas crap in a pack like they did, sell each one each day.

Certainly not Bioware’s current “Here’s another chance to buy all of our old crap again.

Because “12 days of christmas” sales in shops are usually only on completely new items that have never been available before… right?

Your comment borders on farcical Chakra. What does it matter what other shops do? Am I going to compare sales at a Car dealer with those at a clothes shop? No, that would be as stupid as the point you raised.

The shop in question is the Cartel Market and regardless of what “other” shops do (both virtual and in the real world), Bioware set an expectation with past sales which involved singular cartel items with great discounts. It is why when they announced this sale that people were hoping for certain items in the market to be on sale with a nice discount and hence why after revealing it was the cartel packs of past shipments (Which have gone on sale earlier this year I might add) that most people turned away in disappointment and held onto their existing cartel coins or purchasing more coins.

This sale however with the embargoed packs smacks of greediness coupled with abject laziness – nothing more, nothing less.

And as Will McBurney Snr pointed out, a better sale could have been achieved with having select items from each section of the market go on sale for the day which would then change the next day with a whole new set but alas.

I find it amusing that you describe it as “lazy” that they chose to discount one old item over another old item.

Why is it “lazy” to sell the embargoed packs at a discount but not “lazy” to sell the direct-buy items at a discount?

No your whole post smacks of entitlement and resentment over not getting “the right christmas present”.

“No your whole post smacks of entitlement and resentment over not getting “the right christmas present”

Hardly Whelp. What was that? An Al Gore moment? Where you gave it your best in replying but your best simply wasn’t good enough.

Not once did I say I wanted XYZ item on the market. I couldn’t care what item was on sale as long as it wasn’t something done before. No what I was commenting on which many people felt also was how Bioware were selling again the embargoed packs, packs they already had a sale on earlier this year and doing the same thing again for 12 days straight this time which is indeed lazy especially when there is a plethora of things they could sell, things that have not been on sale to date since the C.M. began. Now I would agree with you if they put the same things that they had on past flash sales up (Treek for example or the Veractyl) during the 12 days instead, that would be lazy as well. What I would liked to have seen is all new items chosen (I don’t care what) and there is a ton of them to be chosen that have never been on sale. Immediately the one’s that come to mind are those ugly (IMO) Green Czerka guns or some unlocks. And selling unlocks or passes would have been a good way to get f2p players involved and enjoy more content over xmas but alas.

Your desperately reaching for validation or perhaps looking for an argument defending the indefensible is petty (and laughable) when the fact is this sale is lazy, no two ways about it which is why so many people are not buying up during the sale compared to past sales. It is not entitlement to actually want to see Bioware put in some effort. but hey nice try Chakra but Al Gore didn’t win and neither does your silly comment!! 🙂

Is it exciting and original? No, I agree with that but some people are really looking forward to buying these so it’s good for them. And since he’s comparing to Steam sales which tend to be the same things as well, his whining is pretty stupid.

Difference between Steam and the C.M. is that in Steam sales, the variety of games on sale (and the level of discount) and while every Steam sale they always post the usual games that are always discounted (Bulletstorm I am looking at you), there are plenty of games and especially applications that I get during Steam sales that I would not otherwise buy at their normal price. All those little detective or puzzle games that seem to come out like the plague in particular that the wife enjoys come to mind. I also look on Steam for what good friends/family on my Steam list want for games and usually buy them some when it is nicely discounted. But yeah the sale for Steam over this Xmas does seem a little soft this time round but hey, I got the latest 3DMark on special so I am happy just a few days in!! 🙂

As long as you’re happy, spend your money where you please. I don’t think anybody is going to dispute that.

Almost all the items on the CM has been up for sale at some point or other.
And it wouldn’t have been less “lazy” to put up those items for sale either, for that matter.
Since claiming that they are “lazy” implies that they are not putting up an effort, and putting anything that’s already in existance in the CM up for sale is hardly an effort in the first place.
The only way you could say that it was “lazy” on their part would be if you think they should have put entirely new items up for sale instead.

No, this simply boils down to you not liking what’s on sale and calling them “lazy” for not doing things your way.
No amount of fancy rhetoric will make you sound less petty.

Almost all the items? LOL ok, well next time you log in, have a look at every individual page of every section. There are plenty that has not been on sale in particular the species unlocks, certain armors and more. And they could have had a great chance to give a treat to f2p players (I am subbed but I do have f2p guildies) by selling weekly passes but oh well.

As for me not liking what was on sale, like I said, don’t care what was on sale but posting things that were on sale earlier this year does indeed make it lazy.

You don’t agree? Great. We’ll leave it at that and agree to disagree. You trying to define “lazy” is petty and now boring and tedious so we’ll leave it there with two people with two different opinions but I thank thee for your comment all the same! 🙂

Actually, most of those that you list have been on sale… just not massive sales.
They’ve been discounted plenty of times before.

But it’s pointless to argue with you, because you’re just upset that they didn’t do it your way. (something I sense happens alot in your life)

Upset??? Hardly. Funny how stooges like you equate an opinion for being upset. And yet it was you who cried over my opinion of this being a lazy sale so tell me again who is upset? Nah, don’t answer that. You proved it. Now agree to disagree and move on! 😉

Calling me a stooge because I don’t agree with you?
And no, I didn’t cry over your opinion to call this lazy, I simply spoke up against it, but I guess you have to downgrade anyone who doesn’t agree with you since you can’t really defend your choice of words.

It’s not lazy by any definition of the word.

The only thing you can say here is “it’s not the way you’d do it”.
And that’s about it.

Nice edit there, guess you found your temper eh?

But no, considering your original comment, I’d say you’re the one with entitlement feelings.

Well I thank the gods that I put together a lot of full sets of the armor I had that was rare and traded all but 1 set for stuff from the last pack.

The only hope I have coming from this is the few rare emotes I am missing will flood the market just enough to make them purchasable. I’m sure all the standards are going to come in and drop the prices back to the low thousands. There’s only a handful left that I want but they are usually in the 2 to 4 million range when I see them.

I hope, after this two weeks of old packs GTN will overflow with nice items and sets like Frenzied Zealot (Helmet and gautlets)? Ceremonial Mystic (Helmet, Chestpeice and gauntlets), ’cause now there are only 4 or 5 slots on GTN with this item an all of them cost for more than 3mil.

I don’t get why people are so mad. We have a bunch of decorations we can get a bunch of decos that are easy to earn, cartel ones, and some old packs returning for fairly cheap. What more do you all need.

SWTOR has never had real holiday events they toss this one in and let people have a little winter fun. Snowballing on the starting planets or Nar Shadaa for a few hours you should have more then enough packages for everything and trees from the droids.

We also just got the anniversary vendor come up at the same time and a new expansion should be plenty to do. Also the housing for the two starter planets is almost free to get into right now.

For people to open dem packs! I am checking the GTN regularly hoping for more stuff from these to come up but I think a lot are hoarding for now.

I must be the only one happy with the sale, lol. I hope they release the Nightlife packs! The release pattern looks to be going straight down the list 2 at a time.

If I’m right day 10 is going to cost me a pretty penny, with any luck with it’ll be the nightlife pack and a chance to win me a rancor. Of course I could just call my ex if I want to mount a rancor but still…

Releasing the Revan robes that should’ve been the fix for the first ones is yet another example upon thousands from BioWare Austin Studio’s massive list of lack of morality. The amount of Cash Shop items and quality being released to the amount offered from in game questing rewards etc. are about as immoral as you can get.

Rather than this game being about what MMORPG’s are known for, Here it is all about buy your way to rewards, and no questing required. Enter your blind faith in a Studio that cares less about Subscription satisfaction/meaning, and significantly more about items and features offered in their Cash Shop. Obviously not the way to run an MMORPG the way it was meant to.

So lazily, rather than fix their mistakes that brought them to their knees in the first place. They’re using fools to fill in that enormous gap of lost revenue they can never get otherwise.

Hello Corporate Commander! Your SWTOR game is still viewed as amateurish in design and in execution all around for an MMORPG in this day and age. I hear you want extra money for features and items that are already part of a Subscription for many many other legitimate AAA MMORPG’s. Why should I pay you extra on top of my Subscription for things I can get elsewhere that are already included? hmmm? That’s right. And thats why you can’t go out and play with the big boys. Cause you can’t compete.

It may be early, and it may be the lack of coffee but whaaaa!? I fail to see how you ‘buy your way to rewards’ The cartel market only sells stuff that is purely cosmetic, some of the best items are rare drops in game (DF NiM, EC NiM etc).

Not to mention all the end game mods and enhancements are acquired purely via in game means. On the same train of thought you don’t actually have to spend money on the CM, literally everything you can buy from packs or the market end up on the GTN for credits.

Right time for coffee I think.

Everyone keeps trying to use that excuse. But you don’t have to spend more money, but you don’t! Ah but here’s the kicker, that item doesn’t magically appear in the cartel market right? How do you think it gets there?

Fact of the matter is, if you start defending immoral behavior then you’re lying to yourself to keep from finding a fault in their decision to go a certain route. We all wanted this project to be legendary. History tells a different story however. Plus 8 others so far agree with my statement.

Just another whiney entitled brat. Stop playing and giving money to “Corporate Commander” then if you’re so butt hurt you can’t run around pretending to be Revan.

Your reply has no relevance to the subject matter being discussed. Judging by your response you don’t have knowledge of the significance in the history of the item you’re referring to. However, Concerning the Cartel Market as a whole, you definitely lack knowledge and the significance of it’s existence. Therefore when you post replies

dictionary much? Lack knowledge and the significance of its existence? Cm, you buy skin to make your toon look cool, that’s it. People with your knowledge and significances gives idiots like me cancer. Jk you’re a moron.

LMAO! This is the best “duh I’m a dumb monkey and I eat glue” reply I’ve ever seen. Especially when you call yourself Notsosmart. Hey, I’ve got a toy ball. Maybe you’d like to bounce it?

I can only assume your still popping those poppers, the short and skinny of it is you dont have to pay to have the best gear, mods, weapons or anything else in this game. People sell shit on the GTN (the +41 crystals) and even those are craftable and obtainable via drops.

Mods, enhancements and armorings come via drops in operations, comms and FP’s so still not paying to win (subscription and passes dont count in my book). If you want a good example of pay to win look at STO.

There is nothing in this game that allows you to ‘buy your way to rewards’ end of.

I see you’re confused. It’s quite common when individuals become defensive about something they didn’t know that was placed there, in the game for the purpose to exploit others financially. Not at all surprising coming from EA though. But you should know better. By the way, rewards don’t have to be something that gives you an edge over another player. You knew that right?

Everything as you put it, desirable or sought after is available on the GTN using in game currency which is gained via in game means. No one is being exploited financially everyone who buys cartel coins know what they are doing and they know its a chance to get something good, ok or just crap.

Oh and I’m not confused about anything but thanks for trying to sum my state of mind when you have never met me, nor ever will. The fact is no-one is forcing you to buy packs in the slim hope of getting some revan reborn gear, or any other rare armour for that fact. Just because you most likely spent an insane amount and got sweet FA you feel the need to come here and complain.

The solution is very simple and thousands of others have done it, buy the armour of the GTN and line some random persons with some fake currency 😉 There is no morale issue here, nor any exploit or anything remotely like it.

O_o Uhh… you really are confused. Exploited is to make full use and benefit from for your own personal gain. I don’t see how you can possibly mistake that truth. Again, you are attempting to use the GTN as a way out. I’ve already mentioned that there is no way to get that rare item set on there without dropping a large amount of money on I don’t know how many hypercrate gambling boxes. Your logic is so flawed it’s insane. Sorry but no. That’s just what Corey Butler wants you to think. To keep going back to the GTN story bs. You either fell for it, or you’re helping them with their campaign. Good luck to you in the future.

Lol, such a hard on because you didn’t get a Revan’s mask. Please actually unsub instead of whining constantly. Also, stop talking about logic. You don’t know anything.

Holy Jesus, you are a miserable jealous prick arn’t you. Just because he’s telling the truth, you have to get defensive and try to attack a perfectly sound image of you losing a weeks worth of pay and getting less than the dog crap on your shoe from gambling boxes. Do us a favor and stfu already.

It’s really cute that you try to use words and concepts bigger than your intelligence can handle. You’re painting “morality” with some pretty broad strokes there. I think you may want to take a few moments of your precious time and devote it to researching what immoral means. Instead of crying here and making yourself look childish and foolish you may educate yourself. Cheers.

On the contrary, it is you that needs to look up the word. If you had the intelligence to understand what is at stake you would see things differently. As it stands you fail to grasp the fundamentals of the truth. Ergo, it is you that ends up looking foolish and wanting. Trust me, if by now you don’t understand, then there is nothing I can do to help you. However, in order for you grasp what EA is doing through BioWare Austin to its player base you’ll just have to remove your blindfold and put things in perspective by using logic. It may be a game, but on the business side it’s a gross use of immoral actions. The worst part is, for those that are unaffected, it is so very easy to turn a blind eye and continue as if it’s all just a normal and common thing that there is no harm. Wrong. Ever since the changes began, nothing has gotten better for subscribers.

Only the Truth. You may not like it, but that’s too bad. You’re going to be told anyway weather you like it or not. I don’t care how you take it. Just know that it was done.

Since you have to quest to get *every* mod in the game save color crystal, and every gear level, there is nothing in this game you HAVE to pay for. Since your main point seemed to be “Here it is all about buy your way to rewards, and no questing required”, I would point out that there are no rewards you can actually buy. The closest thing might be the fact that f2p needs passes to run operations, but that’s borderline at best for ‘buying rewards’.

But hey, your image was entertaining, so I brought one of my own.

He is absolutely right! Every time I make a new character the first thing I do is grab an armor set and lightsaber from collections. The power difference is insane; easily strong than those other level 1 noobs who don’t have my leet gear. Gives me like 30 extra armor at level 1 and I swing for at least 2-3 more damage with my lightsaber. I kind of lose power creep when they get their first, maybe second piece of gear… But for those 2 minutes prior I AM GOD!

Don’t gamers hold the ultimate power over the developers? If a game is bad, or if the developers are engaged in bad practices, then gamers stop paying/supporting that game. Gamers bitch and moan and complain, but still open their wallets to the tune of BILLIONS, so developers have no reason to change the way they do business.

This is a capitalistic society where companies exist to make profits…if EA and Bioware were to make everything free in this game (the 5th most expensive game ever made), how would you expect them to actually survive? Everything is not free here, and if you don’t like that maybe you should invest your money into something else. And in terms of morality, you are the immoral one for being so…communist. Also, I’m confused as to what your problem is with ‘Corporate Commander.’ Think about life without the corporations we have now.
And finally, if you do not like working for your money, maybe you should move to North Korea.

Hey John, no one is arguing that a business needs to make a profit. However, their methods being utilized here are lazy. Remember what lead the Studio to desperation. Why they didn’t fix the mistakes they made during development. They gambled, and lost. Free to play was a contingency plan to save investors money and EA’s a**. They were looking at losses at Square Enix proportions if they didn’t do something and quickly. The game failed and is on life support. One thing we agree on is that the cartel market is just that. A life support system. Gambling boxes are morally wrong and the lazy way out.

They had the numbers before but couldn’t hold on to the subscriptions. Why? For a lot of reasons. Most of which is because the decisions made during development coupled with their lack of experience and talent. The results are two Founders running for the hills and mass layoffs. You have no clue what you’re saying. You think you do, but you don’t. I can say that because you just demonstrated above that you don’t know anything.

Maybe you should check yourself for trying to twist the truth of the situation the game is in and trying to use labels to justify your blindness. I let the truth out and there are always going to be people like you that are afraid to hear that truth. Your reaction is typical, and not unexpected. It’s been repeated throughout the history of the United States for example. They attack what they fear. Your post is no different. Now that I’ve put you and your ridiculous thoughts in their place, I can put this public service announcement to rest.

Good day 🙂

Just a wild guess:
Day 7: Wingman and Galactic Ace
Day 8: Space Jockey and Hotshot
Day 9: Star Cluster and Club Vertica
Day 10: Gatekeeper and Constable
Day 11: Seneschal and Architect
Day 12: Everything for free, because we have conscience 🙂

I decided to treat myself to 3 crates of Starcluster. I should have sold them, lol. Worst spanking I have got in a while. Mounts were all Irakies and Ikas no credit flip no pets. In 3 crates I did not get a single piece of armor that was above the waste. Every box was lower or supplementary and the loose stuff was just belts/boots.

I am glad I haven’t exchanged presents in real life yet so I got something to look forward too. : D That and beer plenty o-beer.

And tonight I pick up credit flip for just under 100k a worthwhile investment for sure. Ah well everyone gets a UHF moment on occasion. :p

I’ll take the box. The box!

You took the box? Let’s see what’s in the box!

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! You’re so STU-PIIIIIIIIIIID!

Got one on my first pack. Muhahahaha. Jealous much? Good luck though. Maybe if you sell all the junk you can buy one on the gtn

My guess is that the one person who was left in the office over Christmas simply had to much “coffee” (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) and couldn’t be bothered to klick “next offer” button.

But yea, you’re right about false advertising: the ad clearly states “Different packs will be on sale EACH DAY from December 18th to December 29th.

seems that the emailed picture sent only has the 7 images stacked together, which we only have had 7 days of pack sales, so I don’t know if they plan on bringing back the stronghold packs for the sale event. I wouldnt hold my breath for anything enticing up to the 29th.

its not that there were no sales its that 24th 25th and 26th was the same sale, they actually said themselves that it those packs would last those days

Day 7: (Dec 24) The Starcluster and Club Vertica Nightlife Packs ARE AVAILABLE UNTIL DEC 26. 4536 CC for hypercrate and 210 CC per pack.

its not that there isnt a sale on 25th and 26th, The sale from the 25th carries over because it is the most popular pack due to the hard to get rancor

Did not see this mentioned, but the current Shadow Packs have been on sale for the listed 5500 price for hypercrates the entire duration of this sale event.

So what will be released today as the final sale? Will they bring back the Gatekeeper packs that have been gone for a few weeks now? Maybe one final bombardment of ALL PACKS EVER RELEASED one day only, for the low low rate of 5400cc. Maybe?

Correction: 10 days of Christmas deals honey boo booiware (Bioware :)), 25th and 26th, nothing happened = No sales = – 2 days = 10 days. <3

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