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SWTOR 3.0 Telekinetics Sage DPS Guide by KTap

SWTOR 3.0 Telekinetics Sage DPS guide by KTap of Harbinger.[toc]

Intro to Telekinetics Sage

Telekinetics has been returned to its former glory and is once again a very viable option for any PvE content. The new mobility we have, along with all of the old/new utilities we bring to fights, puts Telekinetics in the best spot that it’s ever been, in my opinion. Very high burst, good sustained damage, lots of useful things for a group and great looking animations, what’s not to like?  

You have a lot of utility to bring to any fight, please use it!


  • Sustained DPS: 7 (8 on short and/or bursty fights)
  • AoE Damage: 10
  • Group Utility: 8 (9 with no Jedi Sage healer)
  • Burst: 9
  • Rotation Difficulty: 5
  • RNG dependance: 7 (lots of procs)
  • Execute bonus: None

This guide will be updated if they tone down Forcequake. I’m hoping they won’t, but I doubt they want it to be viable for single target dps (there’s also a lot of pvp complaints about it). Will also be updated if I find any errors or I figure out something that I currently don’t know (very probable)!


  • Inner Strength – Reduce the force consumed by force abilities by 10%.
  • Force Studies – Attuned to the force, your maximum force is increased by 500.
  • Force Reach – Increases the range of Telekinetic Throw, Project, Mind Snap, and Force Slow by 20 meters. Also increases the duration of Force Lift to 60 seconds.
  • Tidal Force (level 12) – Disturbance, Telekinetics Burst, Turbulence and Forcequake grant Tidal Force when Activated. Finished cooldown on Telekinetic Wave, reduces the force cost by 50% and makes it an instant cast. Available every 10 seconds.
  • Storm Brewing (level 16) – Increases Forcequake crit chance by 15% and critical bonus damage by 30%.
  • Telekinetic Effusion (level 20) – Direct force attack crits grant Telekinetic Effusion, reducing the force cost of your next two non-channeled force attacks by 75%.
  • Concentration (level 24) – Reduces the pushback suffered when activating Telekinetic Wave, Disturbance, Mind Crush, Turbulence, and Telekinetic Burst by 75%. Additionally, you have a 25% chance when taking direct damage to gain Concentration, which causes your next Disturbance or Telekinetic Burst to activate instantly. This effect cannot occur more than once every 8s and lasts for up to 15s.
  • Mental Momentum (level 28) – Mind Crush has a 30% chance to tick twice and make its target vulnerable for 45s. Vulnerable targets take 5% more damage from Force attacks. In addition, when you activate Turbulence, there is a 30% chance the ability will produce a second blast that strikes the same target for 30% damage.
  • Cascading Force (level 32) – Increase the maximum range of your Force attacks by 5 meters. Additionally, Telekinetic Wave immobilizes all affected targets for 0.5s and slows all affected targets by 50% for 6s.
  • Clamoring Force (level 36) – Force Speed give 2 stacks of Clamoring Force which allows Disturbance and Telekinetic Burst to be activated instantly.
  • Telekinetic Momentum (level 40) – Disturbance, Telekinetic Wave, Telekinetic Gust and Telekinetic Burst have a 30% chance to produce a second arc of Telekinetics that strikes the same target for 30% damage. Additionally, Telekinetic Wave overwhelms its targets for 45 seconds. Overwhelmed target takes an additional 10% damage from area attacks.
  • Telekinetic Focal Point (level 44) – Damage dealt by Telekinetic Wave and Telekinetic Gust has a 100% chance and damage dealt by Disturbance and Telekinetic Burst have a 50% chance to grant Focal Telekinetics, which increases alacrity by 1%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 15s.
  • Flowing Force (level 48) – Telekinetic Momentum is twice as likely to trigger while Mental Alacrity is active. Additionally, increases the duration of Mental Alacrity by 5s and reduce its cooldown by 15s.
  • Reverberation (level 52) – Increases critical damage dealt by Telekinetic Wave, Telekinetic Gust, Mind Crush and Turbulence by 30%.
  • Tremors (level 56) – Each Telekinetic Momentum and Mental Momentum reduces the active cooldown of Mental Alacrity by 1s. In addition, being interrupted grants Unshakeable for 4s. This can only occur once every 15s.
  • Mental Continuum (level 59) – Direct damage dealt by your Mind Crush and Telekinetic Wave abilities refreshes the duration of your Weaken Mind on affected targets. In addition, Telekinetic Burst increases your Force regeneration by 10% for 10s. Stacks up to 3 times.

Offensive Cooldowns

  • Mental Alacrity (90 second cooldown) – Grants 20% alacrity and immunity to interrupts for 10 seconds. Use on cooldown assuming you can be attacking for that long (don’t use if there’s only 5 seconds left before some downtime or something).
  • Force Potency (90 second cooldown) – Grants 2 charges of Force Potency, which increases the Force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60%. Each time a direct Force ability critically hits you lose 1 charge. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Attack Adrenal (3 minute cooldown) – Increases Power by 750 and reduces all healing done by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Force Empowerment (5 minute cooldown) – Increases Strength, Presence, Aim, Cunning, Endurance, and Willpower for you and your group members within 40 meters by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.


Skillful – Psychic Suffusion + Pain Bearer + Tectonic Mastery

  • The AoE heal from Psychic Suffusion is great for getting a quick ~1-3k heal on everyone it hits (I normally use during downtime to help top everyone off or when the healing gets extremely intensive).
  • Pain Bearer is a no brainer for difficult content in my opinion, 10% healing received is huge.
  • Tectonic Mastery currently while Forcequake is so powerful.

Masterful – Blockout + Valiance

  • Blockout is great for instances when you know that you’re going to be taking damage. 25% reduction for 6 seconds can save your life.
  • Valiance is also great for taking damage, whether it’s unavoidable or you make a mistake. I can currently heal upwards of 17k using this Utility, and while they might not say it aloud, your healers appreciate having to heal the dps less during difficult fights!

Heroic – Life Ward or Force Haste + Force Mobility

  • Life Ward may not look very impressive on paper, but it’s a very powerful self heal whether used on Force Armor or Force Barrier. With my health where it is (49.4k), the healing ticks are at 1100 per second, with 4400 healing ticks per second with 4 stacks of Enduring Bastion (the buff after Force Barrier ends). Even if you only use Force Barrier for 1 second to avoid damage, you’re still getting 5 ticks of healing (1 stack, so 1100 per second in my case) after you cancel it. I’d suggest using this if your healers are having a difficult time keeping everyone up during a fight.
  • When the healing isn’t as much of an issue (some fights are healing intensive, some are not), I’d go with Force Haste. If nothing else, you’ll have Force Speed and Force Slow available should you need them.
  • Force mobility is another no brainer to me. Turbulence is our highest priority, so getting as many of these per fight on target is crucial. With all the mechanics we must move out of or into during a fight, being able to cast Turbulence on the move is necessary (it works during Force Speed as well).
  • Note – If you do not need Life Ward or Force Haste for any reason, I’d personally go back and put a point to something else from the Skillful or Masterful options.
  • These are definitely at least partially personal preference. The ones I listed are what I personally use for the hardest content (emphasis on damage reduction and healing). Most fights are about staying alive while executing your priority list, not going for the highest dps of all time.

Operation/Flashpoint Utility and Defensive Cooldowns

  • Force Empowerment – Group/operation wide buff, increasing all main stats by 10% for 10 seconds. I recommend using it on your opener. This is assuming mechanics allow for it, your tanks can hold aggro, and you won’t need it for a burn phase within the next 5 minutes.
  • Force Speed – Use when necessary, whether it’s for the speed boost or for the instant Telekinetic Burst.
  • Cloud Mind – Aggro drop, use when necessary to reduce threat or to reduce damage taken with the Blockout Utility.
  • Restoration – Use to get rid of cleansable debuffs that should be cleansed. Can be used on other people in your group if necessary.
  • Force Stun – 4 second hard stun, can be useful in Flashpoints and against some trash in operations.
  • Forcequake – Can slow or even stun enemies caught in it, useful in Flashpoints and some trash in operations.
  • Revival – Use to revive necessary dead players in your group. You should be reviving teammates, not the healers (coordinate with other revive capable dps so you’re not all trying to revive someone at the same time). Revive wisely – if there’s 2 or more people dead, revive the more necessary teammate (normally tank or healer).
  • Rescue – Friendly pull, use when necessary to save somebody from mechanics (they are stuck in a corner, dying in fire/acid, they need to be where you are, etc). Can also be used to lower someone’s threat amount (shouldn’t be necessary).
  • Force Mend – A free, powerful, instant self heal that is off the gcd (global cooldown). There is no reason not to use this is you’re below 80% life and there’s no current downtime in the fight.
  • Rejuvenate – An instant heal and an over time heal in one. This is on the gcd so use sparingly during combat, but if there’s downtime, feel free to use this in combination with Benevolence to help the healers out.
  • Benevolence – An expensive casted heal. Should only be used during downtime or when absolutely necessary (healers are dead or extremely hard pressed).
  • Force Wave – The knockback is very situational, and mostly useless for ops, but the heal while using Psychic Suffusion is definitely a nice utility for some fights. Whether it’s during combat or during downtime, this can really help healers who are hard pressed. It’s capable of being an instant 3k+ heal (with crit) on everybody it hits (up to 8 people including you), which is insane for a dps. It is on the gcd as well, so only use when necessary (or during downtime).
  • Force of Will – Use when necessary to get rid of movement impairing effects or stuns that can be broken.
  • Noble Sacrifice – Should never be necessary, but if you’re extremely low on force, it can be used to get a quick boost to your force pool.
  • Force Barrier – Use when necessary to avoid damage, whether it’s a giant hit at full health, or if you’re going to die if you get hit again. If you’re confident enough to do the fight without needing Force Barrier for protection, it can be used to avoid mechanics and increase dps (example: ignoring a knockback and getting back to dpsing sooner). Can also be used to heal yourself using the Life Ward utility.
  • Force Armor – Use when necessary. For instance, if you get a giant grenade (or some similar unavoidable damage) on you and it’s about to blow up. Also, if there’s no Jedi Sage healer, or they’re otherwise occupied, I try and bubble people who are going to take similar unavoidable damage (only for big hitting things like grenades/bombs/etc, not something that’s going to not hit very hard). You can also bubble your tank(s) if they are dying and there’s no Jedi Sage healer in the group. Can also be used to heal yourself using the Life Ward utility.

We do not have issues with our force pool (under normal circumstances), so don’t be afraid to bubble everybody in your group if there’s sufficient downtime and your force pool permits. This is assuming that there is no Jedi Sage healer who uses more powerful Force Armors.

These utilities can make or break a fight, and it’s up to you to decide what to use and when to use them as the fight dictates. They are all situational. Good luck!


Accuracy (assuming you have 1% companion bonus. If you don’t, get it!) – Personally I think that anything above 109.5% Force accuracy is sufficient. I’m sure the theorycrafters will come tell me how wrong I am, but I personally do not like going over the accuracy cap, and so I do not. It’s up to you if you can live with a slight miss chance.

What I would personally recommend based on gear level:

  • 186 gear (Dread Master) – 7 Accuracy pieces (~109.57% Accuracy) (add one augment to go over cap)
  • 192 gear (Resurrected) – 6 Accuracy pieces + 1 Accuracy augment (~109.61% Accuracy) (add one more augment to go over cap)
  • 198 gear (Revanite) – 6 Accuracy pieces (~109.63% Accuracy) (add one augment to go over cap)

Crit – I’ve done a lot of crit testing over the years (with game play, not math), and for me, the results are normally about the same on average (unless using insane amounts of crit, then it’s lower). I try to just stick around 25% now and call it good, but there’s probably some ‘optimal crit’ according to theorycrafters that I don’t know. I’m currently at 239 crit rating (24.68% crit chance) and usually hover between 200-300. This could change in bis 198 gear, but I’m nowhere close to that yet!

Power – Everything that isn’t crit.

Surge – At least 3 pieces of gears worth (306-360 depending on gear level). Can go higher if you feel inclined through augments (you’ll start hitting some diminishing returns though).

Alacrity – At least 1 piece of gears worth (102-120 depending on gear level). Can go higher if you feel inclined through augments.

Augments – Based on recent numbers from theorycrafters, they say Power augments are #1, with main stat just behind them. You will have more crit (~1.67% for me with full Willpower) with mainstat, more bonus damage with power, so choose whichever you prefer. I’m currently using Willpower.

Augments are also a good way to make up any stats that you’re missing from gear, or want to otherwise increase. I was a bit low on surge with my current gear, so I dropped some Surge augments in to compensate.

Relics – Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution.

Set bonus – 6 piece Force-Master.It’s very possible that the old 4 piece + new 2 piece would be better, but it appears to be bugged on Sage atm and I’m not geared anyways.  It will probably get nerfed if people start using it on Sorcs.

Abilities and Rotations

Main damage abilities for rotation

cloudmind_2 Weaken Mind (WM) – A DoT required to get automatic crits on Turbulence. Refreshes with Telekinetic Wave and MC, so ideally you only need to cast it once per fight, but there are some instances where it will need to be recast after some downtime or target switching.
turbulence Turbulence – Our staple attack, and our highest priority, Turbulence should be used on cooldown.
mindcrush Mind Crush (MC) – Our second priority (with proc), MC is another must use part of our rotation. The guaranteed damage from it is second only to Turbulence (or attacks using Force Potency).
telekineticgust Telekinetic Gust (TG) – A new ability with 3.0, and third on our priority list (assuming Telekinetic Wave proc is not about to wear off). With the crit damage buff from Reverberation, it’s capable of hitting much harder than LB, which is why I use it before Telekinetic Wave. I want to use as many of these per fight as I can.
telekineticblast Telekinetic Wave (TW) – Fourth on our priority list, third on priority assuming the proc is about to fall off (it never should be). Gains bonus from Reverberation, instant cast with proc, and hits up to 8 targets within 8m making it priority #1 for AoE.
telekineticburst Telekinetics Burst (TB) – A new ability given to us to replace Disturbance as our main filler during rotation. Available as a cast or an instant cast using Force Speed (or 25% chance on taking damage).
disturbance Disturbance – Main filler used until level 57, then it gets replaced by Telekinetic Burst.
forcequake Forcequake (FQ) – A channeled AoE that got massive buffs in 3.0, even becoming viable in single target rotations. I generally use on opener and with Force Potency depending on the situation.
pileofrubble Project – An instant cast that can be used with the Upheaval utility and it does more average damage than Telekinetic Burst. Probably ideal for dummy parses or short, bursty fights. I prefer the healing utilities for hard content personally, but if surviving isn’t an issue, Project is definitely viable to add into your rotation.

Ideal Opener

Precast MC > WM > Offensive Cooldowns > Turbulence > TG > Force Potency > Telekinetic Wave > Forcequake > Turbulence > Priority list


Note – You want to use Mental Alacrity before your Attack Adrenal (or any cooldown without a timed debuff on your bar). The 20% Alacrity will reduce the cooldown of your adrenal from 3 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds without any additional Alacrity (The math doesn’t seem to add up, but it is indeed 30 seconds and not 36 seconds). It does not work with Force Empowerment because you’re locked out for 5 minutes either way.

Ideally you’d also have a Commando using their 10% Alacrity buff before the group uses their cooldowns as well for even more time shaved off of cooldowns.

Rotation through first 5 Turbulences

Mind Crush > Weaken Mind > Mental Alacrity + Attack Adrenal + Force Empowerment > Turbulence > Telekinetic Gust > Force Potency > Telekinetic Wave > Forcequake > Turbulence > Telekinetic Wave > Telekinetic Gust > Telekinetic Burst > Mind Crush > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Turbulence > Telekinetic Wave > Telekinetic Gust > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Turbulence > Mind Crush > Telekinetic Wave > Telekinetic Gust > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Telekinetic Burst > Turbulence > Telekinetic Wave.

swtor-telekinetic-sage-3.0-rotationThere’s another promising rotation using Forcequake a lot more, up to ~90 hits on a 1 mill dummy, but I’m not going to go over that here as it’s not nearly as viable for mechanic-filled operations and is in all likelihood getting toned down anyways.

Priority List

Assuming your Telekinetic Wave proc isn’t about to run off, which it never should be.

  1. Turbulence (with Weaken Mind)
  2. Mind Crush (with proc)
  3. Telekinetic Gust
  4. Telekinetic Wave (with proc)
  5. Telekinetic Burst

Mobile Priority List

  1. Turbulence (with Weaken Mind)
  2. Telekinetic Gust
  3. Telekinetic Wave (with proc)
  4. Telekinetic Burst (with proc)
  5. Project
  6. Force Slow
  7. Force Stun
  8. Force Wave

AoE Priority List (3+ enemies)

  1. Telekinetic Wave (with proc)
  2. Forcequake
  3. Force Wave (mobile or low on force)

Force Potency Priority List (single target)

  1. Telekinetic Wave (with proc)
  2. Forcequake (if you can get 3+ ticks on target)
  3. Telekinetic Gust
  4. Telekinetic Burst

Force Potency Priority List (2+targets)

  1. Forcequake
  2. Telekinetic Wave (using this first with 2+ targets will eat both stacks)
  3. Telekinetic Gust
  4. Telekinetic Burst

Force Speed Usage

  1. When you need the instant TB for mobile combat (and you’re not going to need Force Speed for the next 15 seconds).
  2. When a relic proc/raid buff/Mental Alacrity/whatever is going to wear off before your next TB cast finishes (and you’re not going to need Force Speed for the next 15 seconds). This is highly situational and requires awareness + keybinds to pull off efficiently.
  3. Using Force Speed on cooldown under normal circumstances is not a dps increase. The time before next cast is the same as if you hard casted it.

Sample Parse

I tried to get a parse with as close to average crits as possible to show the percentage of totals that you should expect (I’m at 24.68 crit chance atm). Obviously it will vary a bit with crit and all the rng procs throughout our rotation, but you get the idea!
The ability delay for me is horrible on my ship atm (has been mostly bad since 3.0), but the percentages should be close enough. Apm for dummy parses is highly dependant on how many times you use Force Speed. During an actual PvE fight apm varies wildly depending on a multitude of things, so don’t concern yourself with it too much.

I’ve hit well over 4.5k a few times (ability delay permitting) with this rotation and some decent/nice RNG (gear is a mix of 180/186/192 with a 198 offhand armoring), and I’ve also hit 4k with some terrible rng. Don’t be too worried if you’re doing everything correctly and the numbers aren’t there. This spec is still fairly RNG dependant.

About the Author

My name is KTap (Currently playing Veijel, formerly Stomach/Handcuff) and I’ve been playing a Lightning Sorc/Telekinetics Sage off and on since RotHC released. I’ve dabbled with other classes and specs, but this spec is by far my favorite in the game and I’m very glad that it’s once again an excellent choice for any group! I’m in the guild Zorz on the Harbinger server.

This guide is a culmination of not just mine, but other people’s ideas as well. I am not all knowing and had plenty of help from other people, whether it was their insights or they inspired me to do something out of the box (too lazy to find and list everyone, sorry).

If you’re looking for pvp advice, I’m probably not the right person to ask. I’m fairly competent at pvp, but there’s definitely more knowledgeable players out there and I’d suggest posting your pvp questions in the swtor pvp forums.

Please feel free to ask any questions, tell me how wrong I am (I wouldn’t be surprised), etc in the comments here or through private message on the swtor forums (I’m KTap there as well).

I hope you enjoy the guide and thanks for reading!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

176 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Telekinetics Sage DPS Guide by KTap”

I cannot keep my force up in prolonged fights. I am using the same rotation (excluding the Pebble Throw attack and adding Gust when it is up). Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

Maybe your crit is low? This spec gets reduced casting cost after crits. Also Force Potency can therefor be considered a resource gainer with the increased crit chance it gives. Are you using it on cooldown?

Edit: What level are you btw? You get much higher force regen at lvl 59 which is quite late in the leveling curve.

Crit is 20% (0 crit gear as previously recommended on this site). It looks pretty low but a) Turbulence auto-crits and b) Force usage was never an issue until 3.0.

I’ll wait until I’m 60 and geared with critty stuff from the Basic vendor before I worry any more about it. Thanks for your reply.

Maybe a dumb thing to ask but did you retrain the passive 10% force cost reductions “Inner Strength” from the trainer, I missed it when I logged in at 55 and power management does take hit from missing it.

For relics, you mean Serendipitous Assault (not Strike), correct? And quick question; with the Forcequake implementation, are you letting the cast channel all the way out or just using a single initial tick before interrupting?

Yes, that must have gotten mixed up in the translation and I missed it while checking 🙂 I’ll let Dulfy know!

For Forcequake with Force Potency, you want to get as many of the ticks as possible, they should all be critting and it only eats 1 stack of Force Potency!

One more stupid question: the “Proc” metnioned for Mind Crush is just the half-second reduction in cast time it gets from throwing Telekinetic Gust, right? (Been Balance for 2.5 years, old dog, new specs….)

Couple of additional translation slipthrus: In abilities and rotations chapter, you left references to Mind Crush as CD and Disturbance as LT.

Nice guide, appreciate the hard work ^^

Man! I missed a lot of these in my quality checks 🙁

emailed Dulfy, should be fixed soon 🙂

Thanks for pointing these out!

“The 20% Alacrity will reduce the cooldown of your adrenal from 3 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds without any additional Alacrity (The math doesn’t seem to add up, but it is indeed 30 seconds and not 36 seconds).”

There’s nothing odd about this, it’s just the way alacrity works. A 20% alacrity increase does not make your cast times 20% shorter, it makes your casting speed 20% faster. That in turn makes your cast times be 1/1.2 = 5/6 of their usual duration. In the same way cooldowns should be 5/6 of what they usually are, and 3 min * 5/6 = 2.5 min.

If it didn’t work like that, then 100% alacrity would result in 0 second cast time and infinite damage, which doesn’t make much sense. ^^

Found a typo!
•Telekinetic Momentum (level 40) – Disturbance, Telekinetic Wave, Telekinetic Gust and Telekinetic Burst have a 30% chance to produce a second “arc” of Telekinetics that strikes the same target for 30% damage. Additionally, “Chain Lighting” overwhelms its targets for 45 seconds. Overwhelmed target takes an additional 10% damage from area attacks.

The “Chain Lightning” should be Telekinetic Wave. Also think the “arc” might be wrong but I’m not sure.

Naq’s sage Healing guide: Learn your toolbox, dont be afraid to dps if the group is stable, dont focus so hard on those health bars that you dont notice you are standing in things. Practice.

Pretty much, looking forward to seeing if the top people do anything different. Not that the rotation changed much.

There is a typo on guide about relics.

Relics – Serendipitous Strike and Focused Retribution.
It should be Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution.

Also operation vendor Relic of Boundless ages (the ops SM) has incorrect clicky power bonus, it is lower than ruusan relic what is crafted one 🙂

Everyone knows they will nerf Forcequake. They always nerf anything PvP’ers cry over. 10% of the community causes 90% of the changes with their constant whines. I mean, how many decent PvE abilities have been killed because PvP’ers have some little whine about it?

That was little uncalled for. “Rebalance” is justified from pve perspective as FQ is now stupid good. Especially TK isn’t hurting for killspeed even if they remove FQ alltogether (not that I advocate that). Spammable AOE that hits hard enough to fit in single target rota? Come on, now. Orbital got nerfed hard and that wasn’t spammable.

Maybe PVPers should do some ops and see why the changes were made. Middle tree Sages/Sorcs had a hard time in PVP before 3.0, now we kick butt.

I suggest you start your rotation off with Telekinetic Gust and then Mind Crush because it makes Mind Crush cast faster. Sage/Sorc mid tree is pretty much a proc fest now. I have gotten one proc after another many times if you do it right, obliterating whatever you are fighting.

True but there is a difference in dummy testing and real combat eg ops. In ops tanks start the fight not sage. And using Gust makes MC cast faster. Also using mental alacrity before MC is even more no brainer.

Guide is nice but only looks from dummy parse point of view rotation start.

You are wrong, if your tank is not a moron he will do a countdown so you can precast stuff. If he is a moron, then you should start with WM and then Turbulence since it is higher damage and thus has higher priority

Wth are you talking about? .5 seconds of Mind Crush casting faster ALWAYS matters. You get to your next ability faster that way, which means you get more dps. Do this 4 times in a few minutes and you just saved 2 seconds with MORE dps in those 2 seconds.

Look, I’ve done my fair share of operations. Your tanks should be counting down, allowing you to precast any ability. It’s a dps increase to precast Mind Crush without the proc.

I love and hate the changes to the Telekinetics Sage at the same time.
Prior to 3.0, I had my rotation down so I NEVER missed a GCD on Turbulence. However, now, I have no way to get back to that because of Telekinetic Gust’s activation time is too good to pass up, and it has a 12s CD. I’m still playing with my rotation though. Maybe now TK Sages won’t be looked down upon. (Yeah, right.)

Hi im having trouble maintaining high numbers, could you please share the rotation u wud use for 5 more turbulances just share in comments pls

I might say who gives a crXp if there are a few typos, The relevant information is communicated well and much appreciateded.

i found that project is really good under telekinetic effusion proc (high dmg, very low cost and instant), only bad its kinnda hard to keep track of so many procs :/

I noticed a huge flaw on this guide:

Where you said

Sustained DPS: 7 (8 on short and/or bursty fights)
AoE Damage: 10
Group Utility: 8 (9 with no Jedi Sage healer)
Burst: 9
Rotation Difficulty: 5
RNG dependance: 7 (lots of procs)
Execute bonus: None

AoE damage is supposed to be 15!

Ikr 😛

The complaints keep coming in all over the forums, I’m expecting some sort of nerf whenever they get around to making significant class changes (hopefully they’re fixing the weird lag issues first).

Hopefully they just increase the Force cost. Damage reduction makes me sad 🙁

Follow the priority list!

I’ll be making a video sometime soon (on Sorc at least), just waiting for this ship lag/ability delay to go away…

I’m interested to know why force speed is not used as it procs instant casts, also following up Mind crush with force slow as this tends to proc relics. I’m really not convinced with this at all. Force speed should be slotted in before every spam phase of tk burst to allow for instant casts.

The time before next cast is the same whether it’s instant or casted, so it’s not a dps increase under normal circumstances.

As for Force Slow, if you’re talking about the opener, you’d be delaying Turbulence for 1 gcd for Force Slow. Doesn’t make sense to me and your relics will be up anyways 99% of the time after MC and WM anyways.

So I’ve played around with this enough to get it down where I only miss 1 GCD before casting Turbulence. I go MC>WM>Gust>TB>(proc)TKW>Burst(x2 if MC on CD, otherwise 1 Burst and MC)>Gust>TB and go around again. I haven’t yet checked what different amounts of alacrity will do to this rotation, but I’m about half and half in sometimes missed a GCD of Turbulence, sometimes getting it right when it comes off CD.

i dont know what you guys are talking about ……my sage is terrible ….the one exception is an OP’d quake which in itself is also kinda bad.

….and i used to love him btw. His rotation is basically randomized, the ability lag issue is terrible for working on rotations and you’re not seriously advising we put quake into a rotation are ya?…cause we know they’ll nerf it sooner or later. I’m not sure how the new heal was a fair trade for deliverance either.

Author consistently reminds you that Forcequake will likely get nerfed soon so you should take the FQ suggestion with a grain of salt. Can’t believe you missed every reminder.
Also the HoT skill is better, as it only takes a GCD and doesn’t require casting and therefore allowing you to move while healing yourself. Deliverance locks you in place and effectively stops your dps for 2.5 seconds (minus alacrity) so you can hope for a crit heal. In group content you’re not supposed to be healing yourself or others as a dps, so every GCD spent healing is damage lost.
If you expect a tough fight in pve and wish to help your healers, however, TK has plenty of room and force to fit a single GCD HoT in its rotation. This is still a better option than stopping for Deliverance as it takes less time from your dps, although it heals for less.
I actually do consider the trade unfair. Now TK sages have a more useful self heal option than before, not to mention the utility that turns your bubble into a strong self heal.

i caught his warnings thanks …he still kept bringing it up. And I disagree entirely that the HoT is better. Manuverability is nice but one of few perks and as a ranged dps not entirely nesc. With deliverance under alacrity and with the right procs I pulled off 12 to 16k heals on TK spec ….the new heal doesn’t come anywhere near that ….benevolence was costly but useful with procs …anyway YES lots of sages like to “off heal” in a fix….dulfy earlier guide comments on that particular usage of this class. And you are also incorrect about the self heal …it has more oppurtunity but in the end performs worse than a little rotation with benevolence and deliverance under the old spec. Try to be a little less of a smart ass and add something constructive. This guide is up here to help people.

Benevolence has always been and always will be a stronger cast in terms of heals/second if you spam it – its weakness being it costs a lot of force. If you ever needed to heal yourself in an emergency, Benevolence was the superior choice anyway, so what they did was give you a HoT that you can use while running to that corner to heal yourself.

yes thank you …and yeah the manuverability is nice …but the cost of benevolence was easily countered with deliverance …and it produced much higher heals for the extra second so it paid off

…yes yes i know not quite as productive in hp as spamming benevolence ….but maintaining force was worth the slight difference

When you use Telekinetic Gust, you gain Force Gust, which lasts for 12 seconds and reduces the activation time of Mind Crush by .5 seconds.

Tks! I was doing it right, but for some reason I thought he meant a proc similar to the Balance one. and I hadn’t seen it.

I’m really sorry but the more i play my TK sage …the more i question whether or not KTap has ever actually played a sage. I appreciate someone trying to put together this new mess for us KTap but you should’ve spent more time playing first. Dulfy please find someone who actually knows this class.

Once again, the word of KTap, an expert of the class, whose cleared most if not all content with the class is more than the word of a quick to insult person like you.

I can’t believe they removed it lol. I’m sorry if it sounded harsh because it was not intended to be. It’s just that even though I could see where you were coming from after having played for only a couple hours way back, now having played plenty since i’m not sure this guide makes sense. – To start – Tanks will rarely give you a count down. It is sad but true there are not that many considerate tanks out there (i recall literally two in the years I’ve played this game) which means that the casting time for Mind Crush is an issue ….i’m not sure why you woudn’t start with the burst proc to make that .5 quicker instead? is that not viable? (i’m genuinely asking and not trying to be sarcastic) – You’ve tentatively inputed the AOE FQ to all your rotations. Other than the fact that BW will nerf it eventually there are other reasons you need to avoid AOEs at times (ex cc’d and stunned enemies nearby). You mention great animations but we can’t see half of them because of some strange ability lag thing going on and lets be honest they just added two more balls of light to the list. The sage has 5 balls of light to shoot. – You mention having one piece of Alacrity gear but the sage seems to have no resistance to pushback anymore so i’m not sure that’s wise. I wont point out the corrections that have already been made for you. I just dont understand how this is “returning to former glory” for you because now in addition to substandard dps compared to the sentinels/marauders favored by bioware, sages seem to be randomized, choppy and RNG dependant. (so sorry dude i hate to rag)

and shame on you Dulfy for dropping my previous comment – are you employed by bioware to put political twists on their lesser classes? – cause KTap was totally mature about it.

If your tanks aren’t counting down, I highly suggest you remind them that it increases everyone’s dps. If they refuse, I’d start the fight with WM > Turbulence > Gust > MC > Potency > Wave > FQ > Turbulence.

As for Forcequake, yes I’m guessing it will be toned down, but when? Bioware has never been praised for their speedy balancing. Also, I can’t recall any opener where things were cc’d and I couldn’t aim around them, could you be more specific?

I’m not having any problems with ability delay during flashpoints or ops, only on my ship and on planets, so I can’t really comment on this one.

Telekinetiks and Lightning is not substandard dps, whether it’s single target or AoE (they are the #1 AoE class atm). Combined with all of our utilities, I’m not sure why anyone would take a Sentinel or Marauder over us now (assuming equally skilled/geared player).

I accept that we could take a more active role in instructing other players for sure, and our guild places a great deal of focus on guiding our members…..however groupfinder exists and pugging and whatnot and we’re talking about a game played by children as well as adults. Even friendly reminders can be frowned upon by strangers but nonetheless sharing knowledge is indeed important.

As for FQ, I had to laugh ….k it’s cool to take advantage for now ( i enjoy it too) but we gotta do without eventually. I’m not sure why having cc’d enemies around is foreign to you either cause our ops groups make good use of cc’s in mobs all through TFB and dread ops if our gear isn’t quite up there. Strategy over muscle so to speak and in many situations the mobs crowded together. CCing allows you to chew down some targets before taking on the whole mob.

As for the lag um yeah i do spend a lot of time running dailies so on planets. Lots of us do and we have a lively GTN on this server anyway ( can’t speak for others). Of the admittedly few fp’s and ops i’ve run so far there have been similar issues. Either way it’s kind of a pain you have to admit. Particularly when you’re trying to work out new rotations and the like it’s nice to see what shots you’ve gotten free.

And again the cool factor aside of FQ i think we should both do a little more reasearch on Sentinels and Marauders dude cause I’ve seen Bioware Programers in videos openly admitting those classes hold the market on DPS and if you talk to those players they’re loving the changes and that status has not changed. Since I do not play either class myself i will not lay claim to knowing this is true for certain but having run many ops with sentinels and competing to take down enemies (like the adds in TC) I would have to agree with them.

And to add more to the conversation i miss having enough heals to build myself up in like 5 seconds. The new heal arrangement though seemingly superior has performed poorly. I agree that with a ranged dps the mobility added wasn’t worth the trade. Im reminded of the time I over ambitiously joined ops and hm fps when i had 15k hp lol – It just plays squishier. (is that a word?) That’s entirely it in a nutshell too Ktap …..i think the way it plays in the end is ultimately the judge. So far the TK sage has not lived up. I hear the healer spec is wicked 🙂

Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. I happen to think Telekinetics and Lightning are among the best specs for any PvE content atm.

agreed – my original point remains the same though …i’m sure there’s lots of TK sages out there that would like a rotation without FQ – Some more alacrity in their gear, a little more defence or self preservation and some much needed patching from Bioware – sorry

Survivability is fine for PvE.

I did say at least 1 piece of Alac in gear, I didn’t say 1 was necessarily the ideal setup. I will be testing Alacrity heavily once I’m bis to eliminate variables from upgrading gear every week.

If you don’t want to use FQ, just use Force Potency on Gust and Wave.

survivability is not fine dude lol …thats just your opinion but the fact is when you gain aggro of a hard hitting foe you drop like a fly and can no longer recover – this is a change …and an issue – have the time i can’t even cast a heal when under attack – which leads us to a higher alacrity argument

I have zero problems with survivability, perhaps it’s your healers or tanks that are making you think this way?

Any class will have survivability problems if the group is struggling.

see this is why i question whether or not you’ve played the sage enough – i used to be able to heal myself back up if need be and now i cannot – we can’t always have great healers and tanks and you can’t blame all our problems on other playrs KTap – not all of us take this elitest great players only approach – you also dont get healers when you’re on your own dude

I don’t know what to tell you. Thinking you have poor survivability while having poor tanks and/or healers at the same time isn’t a good representation of how well a class survives.

I have excellent tanks and healers, and do not have issues surviving anything so far when I do the mechanics properly (besides Revan HM, but that’s another story).

That is not what you just said. You’re complaining about a problem that I do not have. If you want to give me specific instances where your survivability is a problem, maybe I can try to point out what the issue is.

You suggested healers and tanks were making me feel like survivability was an issue …i said you can’t blame crappy healers and tanks for issues – my point is only that when you are alone OR have crappy healers and tanks you must be able to get out of an attack somehow and currently it has been an issue for all of us – even popping our sheilds doesn’t help with regaining the life lost and going back into battle – it’s funny cause this is common disucussion amongst sages but somehow you seem oblivious

actually nevemind this at all man hahah a…i dont even know why ive wasted this much time here just go do what you do and expect a lovely review with Bioware Dulfy –

If you have bad healers/tanks in group content, you can 100% blame your lack of survivability on them. It’s not your fault if they cannot protect or heal you.

Also, you have plenty of utilities to help you avoid and survive mechanics if things go badly.

For solo content, I have not had issues surviving anything that is soloable level 55-60, are you talking about leveling before then?

you can totally blame terrible healers and tanks in extreme cases – but even GREAT healers and tanks get distracted ot suffer mishaps- we’re talking about those moments where the sage needs to take care of himself – u should be aware of these if you played him as much as you say- actually no stop lol ….i should’ve stopped responding the moment your noses got bent of shape – seriously just nvm dude ….thanks for trying

Could you please be more specific instead of just saying I suck?

This is your last chance if you are really looking for help/opinions.

I see this happen a lot, where a dps decides to keep dpsing, or healing when they get agro, instead of casting agro drops or just outright shielding. For all trash, you should have your force armor up before the pull. That alone should dramatically increase your survivability. Making sure you are attacking aggro’d targets is a big deal. If something is below 50% and attacking you, its not always the best plan to try burning it down instead of using force barrier. Mobs at 5% health can still kill you just as dead as a mob at 100% health when they are hitting for massive dmg. We are in new content. You are not as geared overall as you were. The direct result is you feeling “nerfed”. But I think if you go back mentally to 3 years ago (not sure if you were playing back then) you might remember fights like Mentor and SoA were friggin bonkers the first few times through. Now they are laughable. Familiarity, wise decision making, and remembering your cooldowns are all going to contribute heavily to your survivability.
The guys with have written a few guides, there seems to be a tone of disdain for “theorycrafters” and they have some interesting gearing suggestions, but, they ARE a guild that is familiar with pushing into new content, and with the level cap increase, we are ALL pushing into new content. So perhaps there’s some relevance to everything they are saying, and its worth listening instead of outright insulting them. Perhaps there will be a more “standardized” guide in the future when the dust settles and the patches roll in, till then, relax.

well thanks Naq….atleast you’re aware of the sage issues ….the problem I had specifically is the sheild aggro drop and cooldowns are no longer saving me lol …not that i wanna keep dpsing although i’ve tried that too …..using the oricon heroic as an example for a solo situation …we used to hit our sheilds, heal up and carry on the fight ….the aggro drop is sketchy and usually doesn’t work at all ….(only on low level enemies) but when facing a commander ….i no longer had enough resistance to sheild than heal myself up when under attack …i could barely get a heal off without being interrupted and the commander chews you right down ….i have however solved the problem …and found that i stacked in about 3.0 alacrity and can get my heals off now- and yeah i didn’t meant to insult this guy he just has a rough guide up here that deals with ideal situations only …and he has no concept of sage squishiness and he has Force quake (aoe) in every rotation ( had no concept of using cc’s in a crowd) etc etc and a few of us tried to talk to him and he was being cool and trying to help but Dulfy got rude and immature about it. Im a little pushy i get it …i highly suspect he does not eat sleep and breathe the sage as some of us have for the last 3 years – my sage is my main….i have alts but have never really played them.

…and honestly i’m not an ass …i tried to be nice i really did …when a guide focus’ on ideal situations only and insists other people are the problem with the sage squishiness i just find it unproffesional unrealistic and elitest. My guild is pretty big on taking in noobs and players of all skill levels. -Also dulfy insists i have less play time this guy and that he’s the greates sage in the world but she doesn’t even know who i am ….nor how many (embarassing) hours i log in every day lol – it was like trying to get help from angsty teenagers so yeah i was a little blunt at times.

“Making sure you are attacking aggro’d targets is a big deal.”


As a tank, one of my pet peeves are the DPS that decide to open with their biggest AE attack before I’ve had a chance get any threat on the mobs, then they proceed to run around like headless chickens with a pack of angry silver/gold adds chasing them, usually away from me, thereby forcing me to chase after them.

To those DPS, I say: Please, start by hitting the mob that I engaged first, then give a few seconds longer before using Force Quake. Unlike the weak or standard mobs that you tackle doing your dailies or levelling, silvers and stronger mobs won’t just quiver like jelly till your Force Quake has turned them to mush, and will indeed rip you some new orifices.

..for anyone that loves this class they know they’re squishy ….you have to rely on healers or rely on yourself – you can no longer rely on yourself …somebody who atleast understands the basics of TK sages should be writing these guides

If you want to continue the discussion, I’m all for it, but enough with the condescending remarks.

You’re having problems with survivability, I am not. How does this mean I don’t play my Sage enough?

Ktap is one of the best sorc dps worldwide and has WAY more experience playing class than you. Your arguments are invalid and you should just STFU already. Go somewhere else if you don’t like it.

Here’s the thing, nobody is going to take the word over a moron like you, over the trusted word of KTap, whose cleared most content on NiM. Have you even raided? Sage survival is fine, it’s probably you who just sucks at the class.

Both new operations are pretty unfriendly to Melee DPS (Bulo’s barrel toss and all the nasty stuff around the Sword Squadron walkers, and the Underlurker’s adds doing extra damage to melee DPS trying to kill them, plus being unable to DPS them while running for cover during the Collapse) — it’s far easier, as before, to go with 4 ranged DPS (for an 8-man team), than to deal with all that grief.

And, the reduction in healing for DPS specs of classes capable of being Healers, is shared by Commandos and Scoundrels also, although the Scoundrels can maintain the self-healing better.

Personally, I’m absolutely loving the 3.0 TK Sage gameplay.

Ok lets appeal to the masses – Anyone got a rotation without FQ? and do you know what you’re parsing? a short fight rotation would be nice too if ya got one – Anyone pile in some alacrity to see if it helps with pushback and what not? – anyone got a little healing rotation for a fix? – any bioware guys out there know what to expect in upcoming patches? (and any chance you’ll listen to some whiny pvers instead of pvpers this time? lol)

sorry posted that before refreshing to see your resopnse ..this is not directed at you but the good folks at bioware

Precast MC > WM > Offensive Cooldowns > Turbulence > Force Potency > TG > Telekinetic Wave > TB until Turbulence is off cooldown > Turbulence > Priority list (take Forcequake out of all priority lists)

ha …ok i’ll try to be nice about this tank issue cause you started with mind crush again … might ONLY play with organized and vocal tanks but the rest of us play this game with all walks of life …and wont become “bossy” players to those tanks who dont get it – we play with language barriers, age gaps and ability/experience gaps – we need to take care of ourselves out there – so why not start with the proc for cutting down the time on MC? (is that T gust?) if there is a good reason why this doesn’t work I’d like to know

You’re delaying your biggest hitter. Here you go without precast!

WM > Offensive Cooldowns > Turbulence > Force Potency > TG > Telekinetic Wave > MC > TB until Turbulence is off cooldown > Turbulence > Priority list (take Forcequake out of all priority lists).

This is without Forcequake as well, just for you 😉

Right now I am not putting attention on acc, so that was a great hint for me.
But are you focusing more on Accuracy than on Willpower and Forcepower? Also are there any tips for the skills I should pick? (I want to play PVE)

I’d try to focus on all of your important stats if possible, but accuracy is definitely important for reliable hits on your target.

I’m not sure what you mean by skills you should pick up? You get them automatically / free now.

Ah, so the points should be somewhat even? I was focusing on willpower and endurance mainly and had no idea that acc is an important point in pve.

With skills I meant the new utility points system. What would you suggest to put into the utility slots?

Okay, my sage is geared mostly DF HM gear, ~100 crit, ~300 surge ~100 alacrity (all power mods) also fully augmented with the old willpower augments. My rotation goes like this WM>Gust>TB>TKW>Burst(x3 or x2 if MC off CD)>Gust>TB and repeat. The only problem is I’ve barely parsed over 2.5. I have no idea what’s going on. Missing 1 or 2 GCDs due to lag shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Any help would me greatly appreciated.

Have you tried using the rotation / priority list from the guide?

I also made a video as well, but it’s on a Sorc and on the Lightning guide. If you happen to know Sorc abilities as well, it could help you.

I’m going to try it out, but can I straight up eliminate FQ and still get similar results or should I replace it with something else in the rotation?

Hey KTap. That’s a really helpful guide, very well made.

Pre 3.0, I used to heal on occasions on my sage and with 3.0, I took things up to DPS with Telekinetics and its quite awesome. I had to comm gear since I had healing gear but now I’m in 186s/192s. 25% crit, 71% surge and 109.7% accuracy. Force Bonus damage is around 1830. On my best parses, I reach around 3.8k, so I was wondering if it was acceptable numbers for the level of gear and if its not, I was wondering if you had any insights in the matter.

Thank you in advance

Your bonus damage seems low, I’m assuming you have a lot of comm/unoptimized mods and enhancements? What main hand/off hand are you using and how much power do you have currently?

Without seeing a parse or a video or something, it’s almost impossible for me to tell what’s actually going on 🙂 if you could give me either of those that would be great (video is definitely preferred if you’re capable of making one).

I never parsed with the new comm gear, so I’m not sure what that’s capable of reaching, so you might be doing ok, but again, it’s hard for me to tell without more information.

You’re probably right. I’m slowly changing the comm mods with Ressurected pieces who have around twice as much power as the comm pieces. I’ll look into it but I have the 2 new piece set bonus, the 192 main hand and offhand. My power is at 1267. Thats probably it. I’ll look into getting a good parse sometime around. Thanks again for the insights!

Cool thanks! Also, sorry that some peeps are dick heads when responding to your hard work. They def should have done that crap in private if they had a question

I appreciate that, but I was expecting it 😛

Milas has submitted his guide, so at least Madness should be up shortly!

Hey guys, can anyone look at my screenshot of my parse. My dps seems quite low, I am using basic comms gear with swapped mods/enhancements (from other basic comms pieces) to get close to the recommended gearing numbers and 12/14 power augments (don’t want to aug blue relics).

Your Accuracy is pretty low, have you tried bumping it above 109.5% (maybe swap an Alacrity piece for Accuracy)?

I never parsed in comm gear without set bonuses, so idk exactly what ‘good’ numbers would look like, is there any chance you could make a video of you parsing? It’s the best way for me to see what’s going on.

I remember parsing in the comm gear without the set bonus and the best I could punch out was consistent 3.9s so I think you are at about the right level

ohh crap I didn’t read that right i thought had 3.8. I did 3.9’s but mind due I did have 2 resurrected relics so take those away I think 3.6 would be where you should be at but thats just my opinion.

Thanks a heap for this info, great stuff and so useful coming back to the game after a long break.
Would you happen to have a screen shot of how you have your UI setup that you would be willing to share?

Ok I am so very confused, I have set up by the numbers what should be a beast TK sage, all Stats are right where they should be. However my PARSE, is not showing the numbers that I put out in Ops, how is it possible to Parse less then the numbers in a run. My opening and burst numbers show, but overall I play 500-600 higher than I parse. Not a problem but just confused.

Are you getting an armor debuff from someone in your op group, but not using the armor debuff on the dummy?

Is there AoE in the fights you’re talking about?

I see people using Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw in their rotation.Is that now reliable or people are doing it because of the sage/sorc bonus sets?

I had a feeling but you know I couldn’t judge so harshly because maybe it could of been something reliable that few people discovered.However, the bonus for Tele/Light set is a bit confusing for less experience players.They use the word Disturbance and Lightning Strike instead of Telekinetic Burst and Lightning Bolt and they also gave Telekinetic Throw and Force Lightning a perk on the Tele/Light bonus armor set..I assume is to separate or throw off the people who knows what they are doing in their rotation versus the people who doesn’t.

Even with the reduced force cost of Disturbance from the set bonus, it still costs more than Telekinetic Burst (34 to 27) and does less damage. The Telekinetic Throw reduction is simply there for Balance sages, who use the same set bonus. The real benefit of the four-piece is the reduction in Mental Alacrity, keeping it’s cooldown close to Force Potency’s so they can be used together.

Personally I had stopped using Telekinetic Throw for a while since they got rid of the ability to dual spec Telekenetics and balance hybrid by choosing your own abilities in the tree which had an option for continuous insta cast of the ability which we all loved spamming since it slowed the hell out of attackers, why they probably nerfed it. But started throwing it back into rotation because it actually helps to slow enemies sometimes and helps as a filler when all your abilities have been used and the guy has just a few Hit points left in PVP. I’ve found if I use anything that takes time to cast they have enough time to hit a WZ medpack or a self heal if I don’t just finish the fight right then and there. And since as you are killing them they are also slowed through minute small interupts it makes it harder for them to cast a heal or take their meds in time. It also doesn’t telegraph where it is coming from as obviosly as say Telekenetic busrt so it’s good to use as a sort of sniper thing so you can chop em down slowly then burn out the last of their remaining HP with one of your bursts. It’s deception that sometimes wins fights. They don’t see that you are the one killing em and by the time they realize it it can be too late. I get less damage overall but more kills sometimes, whereas when I try and burn them down with only bursty abilities and internals like WK Mind and mind crush they tend to just barely survive and then get healed by a damned healer or self med. People forget the slowing ability of the rocks and that is probably why people are still using it it helps keep the rest of your group and you alive if the other team is at half speed part of the time. At least in theory…

I use my Force Speed as part of my rotation when I facing a thrash mob or a boss that doesnt need much mobility to proc my Telekinetics Burst.

I’m leveling a TK Sage via pvp only and I have to say that this guide has helped my dps tremendously! I’m only lv46 and don’t have all the max skills but my overall damage went from 150-200k Voidstar to 700-800k after reading this thread. Thats a huge difference and yes I was using Telekenetic Throw…now I’m not. Just wanted to thank you for this guide and I cannot wait till I hit lv60 and get some expertise gears

They are my personal preference for the most difficult content in the game (and will be in Nightmare most likely). Maybe I could get an extra few dps by using other ones, but I’d rather stay alive and help my group any way I can.

If you’re running content that doesn’t require them, or you don’t feel the need to use them, use different ones 🙂

None of the utilities are aimed at directly improving dps anyway, except Upheaval, and that’s very situational. Otherwise, the goal is just to stay alive by avoiding/mitigating damage and improving self-heals as much as possible, and maximizing uptime on the boss.

I usually run Jedi Resistance/Tectonic Mastery/Pain Bearer, Blackout/Valiance, and Force Haste/Force Mobility, though I swap out Jedi Resistance for Psychic Suffusion on a few fights where there’s downtime available to help out the healers.

There are some questions I have:

1. Are some of you using Keybinds or Macros in PvE? Is it allowed to use stuff like that?I even wrote the SWTOR Team but did not receive an answer about that. Others stated in Forums that it is against the ToS (and I can only understand that for PvP).

2. Is it important to use the 186/192/198 gear-sets from the traders or can I also use my own gear with the modifications of the high-end gear – because I don’t like the style XD”? Is the set bonus that of a difference?

Keybinds, yes; I have everything on my quickbars (except like positional markers and some quicktravels) bound to something so I don’t ever have to click during combat. There are a lot of abilities in this game (and some classes have even more) so having a gaming mouse (with side buttons you can easily mash in quick succession) and using shift/ctrl modifiers helps a lot.

Macros, no. Bioware’s position is that you can macro something only as long as one button press still equals one click. So for example, I could macro a button on my mouse to be “H,” which in my case is “throw the huttball,” but I couldn’t macro a button to trigger “Use Mental Alacrity, then .1 second later use Adrenal, then .1 second later use Force Empowerment,” because that would normally require multiple button presses.

For the gear, you can use any orange (moddable) gear you’d like and just transfer all of the inserts (armorings, mods, and enhancements) over from the vendor gear. The set bonus is attached to the armoring itself, not the shell (they changed it a long time ago), so whichever outfit you put those armorings in will then have the set bonus.

Hey, just wanted to let you know, the Alacrity from Mental Alacrity does work correctly in how it reduces cooldowns. It doesn’t reduce it by 20% (i.e. CD x 0.8) but instead removes a 20% duration buff from the cooldown, if that makes sense (CD/(1 + Alacrity)). If you look at it in seconds, it turns out like this for an Adrenal (your specific example): 180/(1 + .02) = 180/1.2 = 150 seconds (2 minutes, 30 seconds).

I’m confused. You say using force speed can actually result in DPS loss, and that using it for the instant cast times are pointless unless fitting the ability into a given window because the instant cast and activated cast are the same… But then you say APM will vary depending on force speed usage. Doesn’t that mean that firing off two instant cast Telekenetic Bursts are faster than two channeled? That means that you get more APM when using force speed… Wouldn’t more APM mean higher overall DPS? So shouldn’t you be using force speed on cooldown?

Force Speed itself counts as an action, so it increases your apm every time you use it. It’s basically ‘fake’ apm as far as DPS is concerned, like your aggro drop and self heal.

Please explain why you would ever augment anything other than power/mainstat? Everything I have ever read is that a point of these is *always* better than a point of anything else. You can always use enhancements to get the secondary stats you need. Put in accuracy or surge augs because you’re looking for a % that “feels” right? Goes against all the theorycrafting I’ve ever read. Math > All. Augments should always be mainstat or power. Please, disagree, I’d just like to understand what I’m missing.

Well in previous versions of SWTOR, Alacrity was pretty much useless, and due to the extra accuracy in the talent trees you had an abundance of Surge available. The 2 combined to mean that at the time, you only augmented Power or Mainstat (with 1-2 accuracy augments if you got greedy for surge) as the other options were either useless or way to far into Diminishing returns to be useful for it.

This then went on to a case where theorycrafters didn’t even bother with checking if Acc/Alac/Surge augments would be better in 3.0. Surprisingly though, people are noting that Full Alacrity Augments with watchman sentinels are getting the same results as Full Power or Full Might Augments, meaning optimal results is actually somwhere in the middle (my current maths says its around 600 alacrity is the sweet spot)

The ideal setup as far as accuracy goes (in full 198s) is 5 enhancements and 3 augments, which will put you at 756 accuracy, or 109.99%. The reason this is (very slightly) superior to just using 6 accuracy pieces and only 1 accuracy augment is because the latter puts you at 772, which means you’re wasting 16 points of your stat budget. In other words, you’re sacrificing 120 points of surge or alacrity to gain 104 power and, at least at the levels I tested, having the 120 surge/alacrity is slightly better.

From the spreadsheet I use, it seems the ‘ideal’ stat setup is 5 accuracy pieces, 3 alacrity, and 2 surge, with 11 power augments and 3 accuracy augments, no crit anywhere. The difference between this and minor variations (such as using mainstat augments or even a few alacrity ones instead of power) is almost negligible, however.

Still not understanding how accuracy or any other augments are in any case better than power or mainstat. It has always been written (that I’ve seen) that a point of power/mainstat is better than anything else. Taking away the 52 accuracy rating would put you at approx. 109.5%, a change of about 0.5% – or 1 in every 200 damaging abilities would miss due to the change in accuracy. (Not to mention there’s a slight DR on accuracy compared to no DR on power/mainstat, if that’s still the case.) On the other hand, adding 52 power provides an additional (52*0.23) = 12 bonus damage to *all* attacks. I know we’re splitting hairs here, but I’m just wondering what if anything changed in 3.0 because all the other guides I remember seeing on this site (pre-3.0) have stated that 14 mainstat/power augs is the most beneficial setup.

OK – I took a look at Oofalong’s guide to watchman sents, and there appears to be a benefit to accuracy or other augs vs. power/main, which is still being theorycrafted as a result of changes in 3.0. We can leave it at that. Sorry for my confusion.

hey dulfy/ktap or whoever will respond lol, what do you think is most desired rdps for ops these days? sorc, merc or sniper?

Probably an IO Merc, they have the best single target DPS and can cheese a lot of mechanics. They are all viable though.

hey ktap its “lowed” i made that question on a guest account and am unable to delete it and feel weird with it on, can you or dulfy or someone delete it please?


How important is the set-bonus for Telekinetics, the first one seem good but the 4-piece doesnt seem that good are they still worth to go for?


thanks for the nice guide but there is something i don’t really get.
I totally forgot accuracy because everyone told me, it isn’t necessary.
However I was looking through the Resurrected (192) gear, to find out which parts I have to change, and it was very confusing to realize, there is no accuracy on it, except the shoes. It’s all Greek to me. Should I get accuracy through the stats which are on the parts from the first or do I have to get it through enhancements etc?
Thanks for your help

If you’re short on enhancements, there are 5 places to get accuracy.

Boots, Offhand (acc/crit), Implant, Implant, Earpiece.

I just recorded my Sage Tk rotation hoping for some advise how to
improve my DPS. It seems I can start with good burst but these numbers
drop to 3300 during continuous Parse while they should be around 4100.
MY basic Sequence :

Precast MC > Force Empowerment > WM > Turb > Tk Gust > Force Potency with Tk Wave (proc) than the filler

Tk Burst > Force Speed Tk Burst x 2 (procs) . Tk Burst > Tk Wave
with (proc) > Tk Burst (one more time) than repeat the sequence.

well, what i can tell you you’re doing wrong is not using Turbulence on CD.
It’s your hardest hitting ability when used with weaken mind on dummy/opponent/boss and should be used as soon as it’s off cd.
Other thing you’re doing wrong is doing the same thing with Tele Gust, while it has lower priority than Turbulence it should be used on CD as it deals nice damage and gives you couple of must-have procs, most important of which will lower your cast time on Mind Crush.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

hi and thanks for the guide. it seems more pve ortiented so I was wondering if you do pvp and have any tips in terms of utilities, stats and rotation?

Agreed! Thank you very much for the guide. It really did help me with my rotation and how to utilize it. My only issue is that it is geared mostly for PvE vs PvP.

I find most of the utilities that were selected were not ones that I would have selected for PvP build spec. If you want a nice break down of the all the Utilities go He gives a great explaination but its mostly set up for raids. Regardless, his explanation helped me pick my utilities. Also, there are stims that you can get. But make sure that you are getting stims for warzones that give you resolve boosts you can also get those from the GTN as well.

In short this was a great “Guide”. If you are going PVP then you need to pick Utilities that would work for you. I feel that is self explanatory. Actually, I will log on when I get home and update with what I use for Utilities. As for rotation. I use this same rotation when in PVP and it rocks. The only thing that is handicapping my DPS right now is my gear. As I do not have all the Ranked gear pieces. Soon, I will have my first ranked piece and I am hoping to see a significant difference once going this route. Ill post an update soon!

i was wondering did you test 2 piece new bonus with 4 piece old bonus versus the new 6 pc bonus?which has higher dps output?

So at 60 i can now completly remove Disturbace and TK Throw from my rotation and replace Disturbance with new TK Burst if i got this right. Do i need to replace TK Throw with something or just dump it all together?

TK Gust basically replaced TK throw in the rotation. Just note its cooldown is longer than the old TK throw proc

Cheers for the guide. Been a great help for getting my rotation down 🙂
Is there anything in the rotation that need changing with the nerfs in 3.1.2.?

Pretty much just remove force quake from your normal single target damage rotation. It received a huge nerf and is only viable for use on multiple targets

Please update the guide with the new post 3.1.2 rotation when you get the chance. Forcequake is obviously no longer useful except for multiple targets, and I’ve considered trying to keep a GCD between TK Gust and MC to allow Turbulence to ‘slip through’ (in other words, making a repeatable 15-second rotation) while never having to delay MC, but while that works in theory, the cooldowns never seem to align in practice and I’m not sure why. I was thinking TK Focal Point might be the culprit, but even waiting for that to get to 5 stacks before beginning the rotation doesn’t seem to make it work.

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