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SWTOR 3.0 Commando DPS Guide by Fascinate and Marisi

SWTOR 3.0 Commando Gunnery and Assault Specialist DPS guide by Fascinate and Marisi.


Introduction to 3.0 Commando DPS

Commando DPS has undergone some changes with the transition to 3.0 but fundamentally the two disciplines function the same as before; Gunnery is suitable for multiple targets and/or frequent target switching whereas Assault Specialist is suitable for sustained single target.


This discipline is optimal for fights where target switching is prevalent and/or there are periods where high burst is needed in a short amount of time. The basics of this discipline has not changed with its newest iteration; Curtain of Fire (proc for Boltstorm, which replaces Full Auto in this discipline) still procs every 8 seconds and because cell management is extremely light, it makes this discipline very forgiving. A couple of changes have been made that is of importance, Curtain of Fire now ONLY procs off of Grav Round, whereas before it procced off both Charged Bolts and Grav Round. Another change that is worth noting is the inclusion of Supercharged Cell into the rotation, where the usage of it may either accelerate or hamper your rotation due to the alacrity bonuses you gain from it. A new ability, Vortex Bolt, which was added into the newest iteration also plays a vital role, as it deals a good amount of damage, and makes the next Grav Round activate instantly.

Assault Specialist

For the most part when you want to use this discipline in operations content has not changed; if there is considerable sustained single target focus or there are multiple targets with relatively high HP pools then this is probably the more optimal spec. This discipline is currently the highest parsing discipline in the game and is thus capable of putting out very high sustained numbers.

The basics of this discipline have not changed too much with its newest iteration; the overall goal still is to proc Ionic Accelerator (IA) every 7.5 seconds (up from 6) and because the cell management is still quite tight, deviating from your rotation can lead to depleting quite quickly, and unlike Gunnery, this is still quite punishing. One of the larger quality of life changes received is that now IA has a guaranteed proc with Full Auto, Charged Bolts and Hail of Bolts instead of a pseudo guaranteed chance which frees up the rotational blocks for additional abilities and allows your periodic effects to remain on the target much more than was previously possible.

While Assault Specialist is optimal for pure single target fights, two AOE combos have been added which spread your two primary dots to all affected targets; Sticky Grenade spreads Serrated Bolt and Plasma Grenade spreads Incendiary Round, which means that in fights where there are lots of high hp targets in can be beneficial to focus on AOE instead of single target.


The bolded utilities we feel have an important use in an Operation; with Cell Capacitor, Charged Barrier, Heavy Trooper, Advance the Line, Forced March and Shock Absorbers being taken on almost all fights, if not all, with the seventh one changing depending on the fight; Concussive Force is useful in more reliably dealing with blades in Revan and Chain Gunnery is great for fights with multiple targets for the increased damage on Hail of Bolts, particularly for Gunnery, for example.


  • Parallactic Combat Stims – You recharge 10 cells when stunned, immobilized, knocked down or otherwise incapacitated.
  • Cell Capacitor – Recharge Cells now immediately recharges 15 additional cells and grants 10% alacrity for 6 seconds.
  • Charged Barrier – Charged Bolts, Grav Round, and Rapid Scan generate a Power Barrier that increased damage reduction by 1% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Tenacious Defense – Reduces the cooldown of Concussion Charge by 5 seconds and Determination by 30 seconds.
  • Concussive Force – Rocket Punch immobilizes the target for 4 seconds. Direct damage caused after 2 seconds ends the effect. In addition, Concussion Charge’s knockback effect is stronger and pushes enemies 4 metres further away.
  • Heavy Trooper – Increases Endurance by 3% and all healing received by 3%.
  • Chain Gunnery – Increases the damage dealt by Hail of Bolts by 25%.


  • Advance the Line – Increases the duration of Hold the Line by 4 seconds.
  • Suit FOE – When you activate Field Aid on yourself, a Foreign Object Excisor reduces all periodic damage taken by 30% for 12 seconds.
  • Med Zone – Increases all healing received by 20% while Reactive Shield is active.
  • Combat Shield – Reactive Shield now further decreases ability activation pushback by 30% and makes you immune to interrupts.
  • Electro Shield – When activated, your Reactive Shield charges with electricity, zapping attackers for X elemental damage when it remains active. This effect cannot occur more than once each second.
  • Efficient Conversions – Removes the Energy Cell cost of Concussion Charge, Concussive Charge, Field Aid and Cryo Grenade.
  • Nightvision Scope – Increases stealth detection level by 2, melee and ranged defense by 2%, and reduces the cooldown of Stealth Scan by 5 seconds.


  • Reflexive Shield – When you take damage, the active cooldown of Reactive Shield is reduced by 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. In addition, when taking damage, you have a 20% chance to emit an Energy Redoubt, which absorbs a low amount of damage and lasts 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Reflexive Battery – Increases the damage dealt by Concussion Charge by 30%. In addition, taking damage reduces the active cooldown of Concussion Charge by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Kolto Wave – Concussion Charge heals you and up to 7 other allies within range for X – Y.
  • Forced March – Allows Full Auto, Boltstorm and Successive Treatment to be activated while moving.
  • Shock Absorbers – Reduces damage taken from area effects by 30%. Additionally, while stunned, you take 30% less damage from all sources.
  • Supercharged Reserves – Reduces the cooldowns of Field Aid and Disabling Shot by 3 seconds. In addition, you build up to 10 stacks of Supercharge over the course of using Recharge and Reload. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
  • Overclock – Reduces the cooldowns of Concussive Round and Tech Override by 15 second charge, making your next two abilities with an activation time activate instantly.


  • Accuracy: As close to 100/110 as possible; ~750 with companion bonus which equals 7 186 pieces + 1 augment, 7 192 pieces or 6 198 pieces + 1 augment. These combinations take you slightly above 100 so you can take off an augment if you wish.
  • Surge: With the high number of periodic effects in Assault Specialist keeping the 10% surge bonus from the Advanced Targeting passive is almost a guarantee. Gunnery, however, has a chance of this effect dropping off but it still enjoys this the vast majority of the time, so maintaining pre 3.0 levels can be done with as little as 2 pieces in either discipline.
  • Alacrity: While alacrity can be useful now, no significant difference can be noticed between 0 to 2 pieces
  • Crit: Both Gunnery and Assault Specialist have always benefitted from above-average crit levels so 400+ is recommended
  • Augments: Aim, with up to 1 accuracy depending on the number of accuracy pieces

While Accuracy used to be obtainable in several pieces of Commando DPS gear prior to 3.0 it now can only be found in the Chest and the Vanguard Main Hand which makes your Implants and Earpiece the primary sources of Accuracy. The accuracy Implants, however, come with crit instead of power which means you only need either a single mod or enhancement to supplement the crit from both Implants to reach the crit target.

In regards to set bonuses, the old 4 piece no longer has much benefit with Assault Specialist as Charged Bolts is no longer used as often as it used to be and High Impact Bolt is not used at all which makes replacing the old armorings a high priority particularly as you can replace several of them with non-set piece armorings, losing the old 4 piece set bonus in the process of doing so, and gain DPS from the increased Aim you get from the newer ones.

On the other hand, Gunnery still uses both Grav Round and High Impact Bolt frequently in the rotation which means that both set bonuses are still quite useful in increasing damage which puts a higher priority in obtaining the new belt and bracer set piece armorings before replacing the old set bonus.



  • Single Target DPS: 7
  • AoE Damage: 6
  • Group Utility: 3
  • Rotation Difficulty: 5
  • RNG Dependent: No
  • Burst: 9
  • Sub 30% Talents or Buffs: No

Discipline Changes

For the most part Gunnery plays the same now as it did previously but there still are a few changes to how it plays:

  • A new ability to replace Full Auto – Boltstorm
  • A new ability – Vortex Bolt
  • Cell Charger now regenerates 2 energy cells every 1.5 seconds instead of 8 every 6 seconds
  • The addition of Supercharged Cell as an offensive cooldown
  • High Impact Bolt now costs 5 cells instead of 10
  • Grav Round and Demo Round now cost 15 cells instead of 16


boltstorm Boltstorm (BS): Not only your highest damaging ability but it also consumes less cells than it costs over the duration and causes your next GR to crit automatically once every 60 seconds. Replaces Full Auto and costs 16 cells.
sonicgrenade Grav Round (GR): Your basic filler attack; builds stacks of Charged Barrier, procs Curtain of Fire and builds stacks of Supercharged. Should be used if no other higher priority abilities are available and you have cells available. No cooldown, costs 15 cells.
democharge Demo Round (DR): The highest hitting ability in Gunnery and should only be used if the target is affected by the gravity vortex from your GR. 15 second cooldown, costs 15 cells.
highimpactround High Impact Bolt (HIB): Deals a large amount of damage particularly with 5 stacks of Charged Barrier, each of which increases this ability’s damage dealt by 6%. 15 second cooldown, costs 5 cells.
vrotexbolt Vortex Bolt (VB): The third highest of Gunnery’s instant abilities, this one also makes your next GR activate instantly. 18 second cooldown, costs 12 cells.
electronetcommando Electro Net (EN): One of the highest damaging abilities per cell cost and should be used as regularly as possible. Due to its lengthy cooldown, however, delaying it for a few GCDs if higher priorities are available is not damaging. 90 second cooldown, costs 10 cells.
hammershot (1) Hammer Shot (HS): Cell management overall is much smoother in Gunnery now and while this still does need to be used to effectively manage your cells, it is definitely less than before.
bodyguardhealproc Supercharged Cell (SCC): Requires and consumes 10 stacks of Supercharged to increase armor penetration by 15%. Additionally, damage dealt by GR, DR, BS and CB temporarily increase alacrity by 2% for the duration with a maximum alacrity boost of 6%.
blasterpowerpacka Reserve Powercell (RPC): Your next ability consumes no cells. Should be used with Full Auto where possible simply because it costs the most cells. 90 second cooldown.

Key Discipline Talents

  • Charged Barrier: GR grants Charged Barrier which increases HIB damage by 6% per stack with a maximum of 5. HIB should be used with 5 stacks wherever possible. Received at level 12
  • Blazing Barrel: Increases the critical chance of Hail of Bolts by 15% and its critical bonus damage by 30%. Very useful for AoE heavy situations particularly when paired with the Chain Gunnery utility. Received at Level 16.
  • Gravity Surge: GR applies an additional stack of both Charged Barrier and the Power Barrier utility if relevant. Received at Level 28.
  • Curtain of Fire: The Gunnery rotation revolves around proccing this talent as close to every 8 seconds as possible as it not only finishes the cooldown on BS but also increases its damage dealt by 10%.
  • Burst Mode: Supercharged’sarmor penetration is increased by 5%, damage dealt provides a 2% alacrity bonus and the maximum bonus is increased to 6%. Received at Level 44.
  • Ironsights: Increases damage dealt by grenade attacks, round attacks, and VB by 10%. VB also places a debuff on the target which increases ranged damage dealt by 5% for 45 seconds. Received at Level 48.
  • Decoy: Grants your Diversion a 100% chance of completely absorbing the next direct force or tech attack within the next 10 seconds. Received at Level 52.


The rotation for Gunnery does not have a static rotation compared to Assault Specialist. However, it follows a simple priority system that should be followed for the highest possible dps. Additionally, the bonus alacrity that is given when Supercharged Cell is procced plays into the rotation and alters the timing of Curtain of Fire, depending on where you popped Supercharged Cell. Depending on the timing of when you used Supercharged Cell, either before or after Curtain of Fire was procced, the bonus alacrity may omit the usage of 1 additional GCD to proc Curtain of Fire, circumventing the non-integer 8 sec proc timer. Below is the opener where you can see that popping Supercharged Cell right after Curtain of Fire is procced gives you enough alacrity with the following skills so that the proc timer is as close to 8 seconds as possible, instead of 9 seconds. Additionally, since cell management is extremely light, the priority list can be followed for quite some time before Recharge Cells is required.


(pre-cast) GR, SCC + Adrenal + DR, EN, VB, BS, GR, BS, GR, HIB, DR, GR, BS….


From there it follows this priority list:

  1. Boltstorm (proccing Curtain of Fire every 8 seconds)
  2. Demo Rounds
  3. Electro Net
  4. High Impact Bolt (5 stacks)
  5. Vortex Bolt
  6. Grav Round
  7. Hammer Shot

Maximizing Your Damage

The key to maximizing your damage in Gunnery is following the priority system. If you have to delay the usage of such abilities like Demo Rounds or High Impact Bolt to proc Boltstorm, do so, and just use those abilities the gcd after Curtain of Fire is procced. The usage of Hammer Shots is EXTREMELY light, and the only time you will be using Hammer Shots is when the two next subsequent gcds will put you under 60 cells while maintaining the rotation, this would only truly apply for a Grav Round to a Demo Rounds because it depletes the most cells within 2 gcds in this discipline. However, with low cell costs to most abilities and the amount of talents and skills that benefit cell management, the amount of Hammer Shots you will have is minimal.

One thing to note about Vortex Bolt is that since it makes the next Grav Round cast instantly, if that Grav Round procs Curtain of Fire, you must keep in mind that the proc occurred at the START of the gcd, not at the end of it. In other words, hard casting Grav Round to proc Curtain of Fire will be at the end of that gcd, while an instant Grav Round, either instant by Vortex Bolt or by using Tech Override, will be at the start of the gcd.

Another important thing to note is that, while highly unlikely, Advanced Targeting (10% surge bonus) may fall off due to bad crits. While Assault Specialist does not suffer from this due to constant dot uptime, the single tick damage of many abilities in Gunnery may cause Advanced Targeting to not be up, or cause it fall off due to bad rng.

The last important thing is the usage of Recharge Cells in the rotation. Ideally, Recharge Cells should be popped one gcd before Curtain of Fire is procced, and/or used in conjunction with Supercharged Cell. This way, even if you emptyyourcells, using both Recharge Cells and Supercharged Cell while channeling Boltstorm would recharge nearly all your cells.

Sample Parse Analysis + Video

*Disclaimer: Due to neither of us having commandos, this portion is taken from the merc guide.


For this part, two parses will be analyzed due to certain inconsistencies. The main differences in these two parses is the APM for both of them. There is a difference of about 1.6 APM between both parses and it highly impacts the results of the parse. The parse that should have been higher is the one with higher APM, but due to crits, the lower APM parse was higher.

As you can see though, both parses follow the priority system for maximum damage, and minimal cell management. These numbers were achieved with a mix of 192/198 gear, and 2 186 acc/pow enhancements.


Assault Specialist


  • Single Target DPS: 10
  • AoE Damage: 4
  • Group Utility: 3
  • Rotation Difficulty: 10
  • RNG Dependent: No
  • Burst: 7
  • Sub 30% Talents or Buffs: Yes (Explosive Round execute, increase in dot ticks)

Discipline Changes

Assault Specialist has undergone a number of changes including:

  • A new ability to replace High Impact Bolt – Mag Bolt
  • A new dot – Serrated Bolt
  • Decrease in Incendiary Round’s dot time from 18 to 15 seconds
  • Removal of the dot attached to Assault Plastique
  • Mag Bolt can be used on any target instead of one suffering from periodic damage
  • Increase in IA’s internal cooldown from 6 to 7.5 seconds
  • Decrease in Scorching Bolt’s cell refund from 8 to 5
  • An added execute – Explosive Round
  • The addition of Supercharged Cell as an offensive cooldown
  • Charged Bolts, Assault Plastique and Incendiary Round now costs 15 cells instead of 16
  • Full Auto costs 24 cells instead of 16


magbolt Mag Bolt (MB): Does high weapon damage, recharges 5 cells if it hits a burning target and is free with IA. Replaces High Impact Bolt.
fullauto Full Auto (FA): Costs more than previously at 24 cells but also does more damage and also causes your next MB to crit automatically once every 60 seconds. 12 second cooldown.
image Charged Bolts (CB): Due to IA not requiring 2 CB or FA/CB in one block this ability is no longer used as often but due to it building stacks of Supercharged should still be used fairly regularly. No cooldown, costs 15 cells.
serratedbolt Serrated Bolt (SB): The stronger of your primary dots and also increases all ranged damage done by 5% for 45 seconds. Should be kept on the target at all times where possible. Costs 15 cells.
firebomb (1) Incendiary Round (IR): The weaker of the primary dots and increases all elemental and internal damage done by 7% for 45 seconds. Should be kept on the target at all times where possible. Costs 15 cells.
security Assault Plastique (AP): It no longer has a dot attached but the damage has been increased accordingly. Use it as often as your cells allows as a filler. 15 second cooldown, costs 15 cells.
electronetcommando Electro Net (EN): One of the highest damaging abilities per cell cost and should be used as regularly as possible. Due to its lengthy cooldown, however, delaying it for a few GCDs to fit better into the rotation or for Supercharged is not damaging. 90 second cooldown, costs 10 cells.
riflegrenade (1) Explosive Round (ER): Sub 30% this ability’s cell cost is halved and the damage increased by 75% every 15 seconds. Should be used as often as your cells allows as a filler. Costs 10 cells.
hammershot (1) Hammer Shot (HS): Cell management is much more costly to manage effectively than prior to 3.0 so unlike previously where you didn’t have to auto attack much or at all to manage cells, this now needs to be used quite often when your cell management abilities are not available.
bodyguardhealproc Supercharged Cell (SCC): Requires and consumes 10 stacks of Supercharged and increases all dot damage for 10 seconds and applies an additional 5 second dot.
blasterpowerpacka Reserve Powercell (RPC): Your next ability consumes no cells. Should be used with Full Auto where possible simply because it costs the most cells. 90 second cooldown.

Key Discipline Talents

  • Explosive Dissemination: Increases Sticky Grenade and Plasma Grenade damage but more importantly spreads your SB and IR dots respectively to all affected targets as long as one of the affected targets has it already applied. This skill isn’t particularly useful in most encounters but is incredibly useful when there are lots of grouped targets with high HP pools. Received at Level 16.
  • Scorching Bolts: Increases armor penetration on MB and grants it a 100% chance of applying CGC and recharging 5 cells. Received at Level 20.
  • Sweltering Heat: Makes IR applying a debuff on the target which increases internal and elemental damage dealt by 7% for 45s. Received at Level 24.
  • Ionic Accelerator: The cornerstone of your rotation. Using FA, CB or Hail of Bolts makes your next MB free and should be procced every 7.5s. Received at Level 28.
  • Hyper Assault Rounds: Periodic damage below 30% makes your next ER cost 10 less cells and deal 75% more damage. 15 second cooldown. Received at Level 40.
  • Assault Trooper: Increases crit damage of the bulk of your rotation and applies a debuff on the target which increases ranged damage dealt by 5% for 45s. Received at Level 44.
  • Degauss: Increases defense chance by 25% for 6s; not particularly reliable for single large hits but can be very useful to resist numerous smaller hits. Received at Level 52.
  • Blazing Celerity (BC): MB makes your next SB or CB activate instantly. As it’s on a 15s CD like your rotation it should be kept on the same ability at all times where possible for overall consistency. Received at Level 56.



(pre-cast) SB, IR, Adrenal + MB (proc BC), FA, SCC + EN, AP, MB, CB (use BC), MB, IR, SB, CB, CB, MB (proc BC)


Heat Ramping/Cell Emptying

FA + RPC, AP, CB (use BC), MB, IR, SB, CB, CB, MB (proc BC), FA, AP, CB (use BC), MB, IR, SB + RC, CB, CB, MB (proc BC)



FA, EN/AP/ER/HS, CB (use BC), MB, IR, SB, CB, CB/HS, MB (proc BC)


Essentially the rotation can be outlined as:

  • Opener
  • Heat Ramping/Cell Emptying
  • Cycle through the General rotation until RPC is off CD at which point it moves back into the Heat Ramping/Cell Emptying variation.

It is possible to use Hail of Bolts on a non-target prior to entering combat to proc IA and make your first MB free and Recharge Cells but while this makes your starting cells higher, it makes no overall difference to your rotation.

Maximizing Your Damage

The key to maximizing damage potential in Assault is making the most of your available cells through not just knowing what you can and can’t use at any given moment but also knowing how long until your cell management abilities are available again and planning around that.

If Supercharged is or will be available after the next CB then you can use an additional AP or ER in place of a HS without worrying about depleting and if RPC is coming off cooldown then you can ignore HS entirely in place of your higher priority abilities as the way the rotation is structured both RPC and RC come off cooldown right when they are needed.

The downside to this approach is that if something goes awry such as using an ability when you don’t have the cells to afford it, it can severely hamper your output as you will need to replace several abilities with HS in order to get your cells in a manageable enough state to continue with your rotation.

You can delay Electro Net to combine it with SCC to maximize its usage but you should not delay SCC unless you know there will be a change in the fight which will cause you to stop DPSing within the 10s window, i.e. Revan phase transitions, Blaster shielding. During these downtimes you should build or maintain your stacks by using Kolto Shot, which comes with the added benefit of healing your target. When SCC becomes available or can be used may differ depending on how many CB / HS you did as well as any external factors in the fight such as the previously mentioned downtimes.

Blazing Celerity should be kept on the CB in the FA block wherever possible but it is also possible that it can shift to the 1st half of the rotation because of things like messing up the rotation, getting stunned, interrupted, LoS’d etc., in which case it should be used on Serrated Bolt and then you can simply move the 4th GCD filler to anywhere from 1 to 3 and have CB as the 4th to proc IA and then continuing the FA block as normal.

Care must be taken with RC usage to ensure it is used directly before the ability you are going to use to proc IA because of the way alacrity works in that it does not adjust cooldowns retroactively and if you use it too soon the combined length of the regular rotational abilities will fall under the remaining time of your IA cooldown and you will need to use another ability to proc IA which will affect your overall cell position as well as pushing everything in the rotation by an additional GCD.

Your rotation during the final 10% of the fight can vary considerably depending on your cells going into it. If you have cells available or if you have RPC or RC coming off CD soon, but you won’t be getting 10 stacks of SCC before the target dies, you can swap out the CB from the first block with an ER to maximise both it and AP’s usages during the final portion of the fight. If SCC is nearing 10 stacks, you are better continuing to use that space for an additional CB until you reach the 10 stacks.

In order to maximise their damage, your primary dots shouldn’t be reapplied when there is less than 50k HP left on the target per as under this substituting a CB in their place is more effective. This can be extrapolated to 50k per target in an Operation’s fight although this number will vary depending on the composition of your group. EN is slightly different in that it ticks once every second instead of every three like the other two applied dots and therefore should not be applied below 25k.

Sample Parse Analysis + Video

*Disclaimer: Sample parse and video are created by Nepthen from Old Republic Dads


This parse was done with the exact same gear as Gunnery, mix of 192/198, and 2 186 pow/acc enhancements. As you can see, the three biggest damaging abilities are all your main weapon damaging abilities, where the next three biggest damaging abilities are all your dots. The priority for the parse is to have constant dot uptime, while proccing IA every 7.5 seconds, and remaining above 60 cells while RC is on cooldown.


Fight Specific Roles


Like the previous iteration of Operations content, no one Discipline is ideal for all fights and both have their places.

The Ravagers

  • Sparky: Assault; most of your focus should be on him and can use FA/CB/AoEs on adds where needed
  • Quartermaster Bulo: Assault; your entire damage output should be on the boss as killing adds is the tank’s duty
  • Torque: Assault; if you are focusing on him and Gunnery if you are tasked with cleaning up adds
  • Blaster: Assault; fight revolves around two targets with no frequent swapping between them
  • Coratanni: Assault; see above

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Malaphar: Assault; most of your focus should be on him and can use FA/CB/AoEs on adds where needed
  • Storm Squadron: Assault; #1 is up long enough between shields for your dot applications to get their full effect
  • Underlurker: Gunnery; easier to burst down the adds between Collapses although they do have a large enough HP pool for Assault to work also
  • Revanite Commanders: Gunnery; a large portion of this fight involves killing adds and none of them have enough HP to warrant the usage of Assault’s dot spreading
  • Revan: Assault; with long sustained damage phases there is no reason to run anything else

About the Authors

We are Fascinate and Marisi, both members of <Zorz>, an endgame progression guild that has claimed multiple world-firsts since its creation, including Nightmare Dread Fortress speed title, Nightmare Dread Palace clear and speed title, and most recently, Hard More clears of the two newest Operations: The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice.

We both created Mercenaries during early access and have used them as our main progression character through every tier of content and and are always looking to expand on our knowledge of the class and to find new ways of pushing its capabilities as far as they can go through experimentation.

Any comments, questions or concerns you may have about the content of this guide can be asked either here or addressed to our SWTOR forum users, BreakingNews and Kinslayer, respectively.

Thank you for reading our guide!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

145 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Commando DPS Guide by Fascinate and Marisi”

For Assault. In 198 token gear. BiS is 13 main stat augment, 1 accuracy augment (can also be a main stat if you want to accept a 0.4% chance of missing), 120 alacrity, 555 crit (so you can go anywhere between 500 and 600 without changing more than the last digit on your DPS.
You could have used the advanced display on your parse.. It is amazingly hard to find how many, Unload, Mag Bolt or w/e you did with the random OH hits…
Also.. Why aren’t you using Unload to proc IPA?? Your rotation has one mor GCD than it should have.

I checked your parse closely.. There is kind of an odd problem.. Seems like my maths were done with wrong coefficients for about all the abilities…. Odd.. Miner hasn’t changed the calculator with the new coefficients

They’ve done enough parses to know what’s BiS as well as their most optimal rotations possible. Kindly refrain from posting math please.

Refrain yourself from commenting theorycrafting post if you cannot whistand maths.. Or they are simply too hard to understand for you. This game is built around math. I am using math to understand its inner workings….
As far as my comment about top gear.. You will notice that before I found out how far from live my coefficients were I still haven’t said anything against Fascinate and Marisi recommendations.. I just pushed them with numbers that were right on the PTS whatever version Miner took his coefficients from…
And as far as rotation goes. The rotation they shows is perfectly good.. I merely wondered why they aren’t using Full Auto to proc IA instead of Charged Bolts. Having two fillers allows higher peaks around your regen CDs while sparsing your Charged Bolts and using only one filler allows for higher lows but lower peaks. It also eases the energy management some.

The old rotations for assault were Marisis own with full auto and the regular rotation with charged bolts and auto-attacks to fill in the ammo losses eventually.
Marisi’s rotation called “Cruise Control” have always had worse high peaks but stable dps whilst the regular rotation had higher peaks but also lower lows. But the higher peaks speaks for it in terms of it being “the best” since it can do more dps.

It’s how it was before 3.0, I’m not sure how it is atm but if it is like they’re saying that not much has changed then it might still apply.
Marisi used to compete with Pizzadahutt for the top spot on the merc parsing boards on torparse and the swtor forums, pizza has quit the game but he was making good use of the regular rotation ad marisi with her own. Both rotations in the link here –>
– But Marisi would surely be better to talk about this then me, im sure she reads the comments here.

Holy moly, is this the Mercmando I’ve been hearing about? The one that shares skills and talents form both Merc and Mando? Because the amount of wrong names is quite staggering.

Most of the ones I saw were related to the resource pool, i.e. “vents heat”. I’m sure a rereading by you or the authors will be able to find the mistakes.

Start with replacing every ‘heat’ with ‘cells’ or ‘ammo’ or whatever you used in previous Trooper guides. Following that logic, ‘vents’ should be ‘generates’ or ‘regenerates’. These alone will make the guides a whole lot better. I see some mentions of other Merc terminology, but too lazy to point them out :S

Thank you (I was getting pissed)for pointing that out I’ve been waiting for this guide since the 3.0 drop, and as I’m reading it there using imp terms show us commandos some respect.

If the damage is the same as it was just before 3.0 then mercs and more so commandos are going to be quite low on the leaderboards compared to the other classes and not really deserving a 10, if the other classes hasnt been nerfed that is.
According to some speculation mercs have a higher probability to proc their plasma dot due to having more shots hittig their target, every merc ability wagers in the offhand blaster and thus have a guaranteed chance of doing more hits with every attack even if the offhand misses some shots which in turn means more possibility to proc plasma dots, which is preferable to “more” damage to regular hits from the assult cannon.
If you look at the old leaderboards then highest up were sin/shadows with powertechs/vanguards, at the lowest you can see juggs/Guardians with slingers/snipers, a bit above the lowest were the mercs. It’s not a huge difference but it’s several hundred dps.

Could I get a stat priority breakdown please for the gunnery spec? I understand it starts at ACC to 110> but the stat priorities listed above only say crit to 400+. Surge is mentioned but the desired level is not and power is not listed at all.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

Hearing that Alacrity can cause problems with the Assault Specialist’s rotation. Do we need to avoid Alacrity at all costs? Is a little okay? I have a ton of Alacrity on my healing set but wanted to be able to switch to DPS with as few gear changes as possible.

Problem is only with alacrity procs (so Supercharged Celerity and Recharge Cells with Cell Capacitor.. You just have to make sure to use them before you proc IA..

For secondary : crit to 500 > Power
For tertiairy stat : Accuracy to 100/110 > one Alac enhancement > Surge

You can’t change Surge for Power outside of augments.. they are separate stat pools.

I’m fairly sure the alacrity won’t change much once I get my hands on the correct coefficients but crit could get anywhere between 400 and 650… I’m not too sure about augments right now.
PTS coefficients are maxed by 1 accuracy aug and 13 main stat aug… But I have yet to math out the live ones…

Nope.. Sorry.. I’m currently building a sim for Rage and IO.. Should make it easier to keep track of everything and allow for a more accurate prediction than what I can do with absolute averages.. It’s just long and tiresome to code everything I have to keep track off in VBA.

ok 1 question why aim augment my hubby raids with execssion and they have all been saying power so he made me power one do I now need to sweet talk him into making me aim ones other wise nice guide been waiting for it I was close on rotations just a little off as I was useing full auto to proc ia and the use cb when I had bc so just wander why aim and not power

Don’t worry Kjay, I’ll get tiger to make you Aim augments 😛

Its mainly because you get almost a 40% surge boost on average, as opposed to most specs which are between 0 and 30% surge boost on average. Because of this, the slightly more crit provided by mainstat is going to be better for a commando. If Mandos weren’t running with 400+ crit rating, then the difference would be almost nothing, as opposed to the 15-20dps that Aim Augments are going to give ya.

I am probably missing something but the Assault Specialist rotation presented in the guide does not work for me. Namely, in a rotation named “General”, you are supposed to use BC proc for CB in FA half of the rotation. When I try to execute that, my insta-cast CB does not finish the cooldown of MB because, naturally, the internal cooldown of IA is not yet off (been only 6 seconds since the previous IA proc). If it had procced, however, then the second part of the rotation would not work as intended because the next MB would proc after the first CB (7.5 seconds after the previous proc) and not after the second CB as the guide suggests.
Do you guys have your combat logs uploaded somewhere? Would be great to see them.

During the dot application half, are you using MB as soon as it procs? If you do that then move into the FA half without putting another GCD in before as a filler then the instant CB won’t proc IA like you said.

Great guide, very detailed and in depth, thanks for providing it! Two questions, if I may ask:

1. Where does Supercharged Cell go in the regular rotation? After Full Auto like in the opener or simply on cooldown right after the Charged Bolts that give the 10th stack?
It doesn’t boost alacrity (anymore), so it can’t mess up (internal) cooldowns like Recharge Cells right?

2. Where would you put Supercharged Celerity, if it’s supposed to be activated right in the beginning of a fight? Simply instead of Supercharged Cell right after Full Auto, so Cooldown of Electro Net is reduced? (I’m guessing in that case IA’s Cooldown isn’t messed with as it was triggered by Full Auto and won’t be reduced retroactively?)
Any harm in activating it right after Serrated Bold/Incendiary Round precast?

3. You’re writing FA + RPC in the Burning Ammo part, I assume Reserve Power Cell is supposed to be activated BEFORE Full Auto, like you said in your introduction?

For my Commando Gunnery Rotation, it goes something like this:
Vortex>(proc)GR>GR>GR>Demo>HiB>Bolts and by the time Bolts finishes its cast Vortex is again off CD so I can go again. This way I always get 5 stacks of damage increase to HiB and get Demo every time it comes off CD. I’ve never been low on energy, like ever. Where am I going wrong?

You’ll find that, once you get your 2-piece set bonus, you want to be using Demolition Round as early as possible to get the 2% damage bonus. The armor debuff and Boltstorm proc from Grav Round are slightly more important (especially in raids so you get the Sunder up early) than just using VB and spamming GR until the internal CD on Curtain of Fire comes off. The rotation used here aims to do as much damage on the get go and start the HiB and Electro Net CD’s asap.

I have the 2 piece set bonus (and disappointed with the 4 but that’s another story) and I can follow my current rotation and get my HiB Bolts VB GRs and sometimes another Demo Round under the bonus. Also I recently cleared NiM DF and HM Sparky and there is a DPS requirement to clear those so I must be halfway decent.

For assault spec.. for gear between a combination of 186/192s.. how much surge would be ideal? currently sitting around 361 surge with 366 crit.

I would say.. Drop one surge enhancement for alacrity and go to maybe 400-450 crit.

You should aim for 25% of your surge/alac budget in alac and about 25-30% of your power/crit budget in crit. Augment for main stat.

Got to 60 yesterday and started playing around with this rotation. Couple minor questions:

Why do you switch to Incendiary Round before Serrated Bolt when you start off with Serrated Bolt first in the Opener? Is that just a preference or does it somehow give more damage?

When do you use Tech Override in your rotation? Or does having another instant not really help since this rotation is timed so precisely. Maybe save it for DPS’ing while on the move?

My guess is that Serrated Bolt is used first in the opener because it can be pre-cast, and because it gives a 2% bonus to all dps through the set bonus. In the later rotation, they are switched around, because SB->IM gives a nasty heat spike (SB gives 15 heat at the end of cast, IM at the start of cast). The other way around you lose all heat from IM before the SB kicks in, making it easier to stay below 40 heat.

All your non-channeled abilities are 1.5s cast time already, so TO won’t change your dps, and is indeed better saved for casting on the move, or squeezing in an extra shot in fights that have a dps window. Don’t use it for the PS proccing your Mag Shot though, or it will be too early and won’t proc.

That makes sense. A heat spike could cause problems. After playing around with this rotation over the weekend, I’ve found it to be VERY finicky with one mistimed ability or buff causing everything to fall apart. I think it’s going to take a long while before I start feeling comfortable with this discipline. Right now I can barely keep track of everything on the dummy. Add in an operation boss and I’ll probably have a meltdown.

i wish dulfy did not use initials instead of the actual words i hate having to learn a new language to do a rotation ….Supercharged Cell should be Supercharged Cell not scc ….lame

I have one question. Why in the screen shots does the total damage done on the left NOT match the total damage done on the right in BOTH screen shots? I have parsed 15 straight 1 mil parses and not ONE time has it had those numbers different. I mean why would they be different!!! unless they have been doctored in some way and are not true parsec screenshots. I have tried to duplicate these numbers and although my % of damage and # of attacks are nearly identical to that screenshot…that screenshot is showing that it did 1 mil damage 57 seconds faster than I did 1 mil damage with nearly identical stats on the page other than my parse does NOT have misses on any of my attacks. Maybe this can be explained?

I don’t know what your looking at maybe threat total?
when I look the damage on left side says the same as on the right side on all three screen shot the damage on left side is up the top the one down the bottom is threat not damage so is a little high then the damage done also look at you apm if its lower that is why your hiting less iam in all 186 coms gear with stats were they said to be at and bis acc enhancement with aim and 1 acc augment and so far my best parse over 1 million was 4200 dps but my apm is only siting at 37.5 iam guess that got to do with my lag as I have 190 to 250 ms

The miss % comes from the fact that it is a mercenary parse and not a commando parse. The offhand weapon does some of the damage for some of the abilities. It has a lower hit % than the mainland weapon.

I know this is a DPS guide but has anyone toyed with crit on Combat Support? just trying to get a general consensus of what healers are rocking. Currently in a mix of 192s and 186s with 2 set bonus pieces sitting at 304 crit or roughly 24.38%

I know this a pretty stupid question but what do u mean with (Pre-cast) Serrated Bolt? U pop TO before using SB? Cause really don’t know how u can Pre-cast Serrated Bolt

It basically means you open with Serrated Bolt, which means that the fight doesn’t start will SB hits the target.

Why nobody Mention that the Gunnery-Rotation is just wrong? There is more possible with another Rotation and other skills.. you miss to use some Skills in your Rotation which boost your DPS as gunnery

Ok, another question, so I pretty much mastered the “Opener” rotation and 1st half of general one for assault, though when I do the last MB on 1st half of General rotation I follow the rotation till the 2nd IR, after I use the 2nd IR I run out of ammo to use SB, am I doing anything wrong? Or should I move RC after SB, after the 2nd IR?

I find for me the general rotation that works and keeps my ammo nice is
FA/AP/CB(use bc)/MB/IR/SB/CB/HS/MB(proc BC) then repeat.
I find if I try to ever do the 2 CB I quickly run out of ammo so I only ever do the 2 when RC is like 10 sec left to came off cd.
then I put EN in were AP is when its off cool down and once under 30% health on boss I use ER with it proc
this seams to work well for me and I use scc when it procs normal I high it just after I proc it before I do the MB so it CB/SCC/MB if I do it after MB it can sametime stuff up the proc of MB hope this helped .

So I read on the forums one of the other rotations that is a bit more mobile from Greeto:

With the Zorz Opener

Ammo Burning:

CB > IR > SB > FA > CB > MB > AP > CB > MB >

Ammo Conservation:

filler (a) > IR > SB > FA > filler (b) > MB > filler (c) >

(a): CB, HS, EN, ER (sub 30%), (AP– only if a ‘c’ filler emergency was used)

(b): CB, HS, EN, ER (sub 30%), (AP– only if a ‘c’ filler emergency was used)

(c): AP, (HS only in emergencies)

As I’m a (new and) Preferred player (and not intending yet to sub, money issue) I can’t post on the swtor boards to ask Greeto more directly or any other who has some insights on this.
So my question: Why isn’t Reserve Powercell and Recharge cell in the Ammo Conservation part?

SO can someone check the parse for gunnery/assault he has posted there seems to be too many rail shots for the amount of time taken. 3:39 = (3*60)+39=219s RS/HiB CD is 14.5s which means that in that fight the total number of RS/HiB can only be a max of 15, 219/14.5=15 so can someone explain the big difference? ty

I counted about 25 in above vid, and it’s not the Rail Shot he is using but the Mag Shot which technically replaces it due to shared cooldown, still doesn’t match up with the parse of 54 shots

Thanks but it is the gunnery parse that is out of whack in the first part of the guide care to explain that while you are there? Thanks

Aren’t you forgetting about offhand hits? Its a Merc parse, every (or almost every) weapon skil (white damage) have an OH hit with about 30% chance of missing on it. Thats why you can’t simply multiply it by 2 to get the real count. If they used Advanced Parsec showdown, you could see it more clearly.

Thought it would be such which is why IMO when class guides are made all videos and parses should be done with that advance class not a mirror class. Just to save confusion and continuity within the community as it has already been pointed out the terminology is also incorrect at times and I find it disappointing that at the very least these checks were not done beforehand

Well it is kinda hard to make video or parse with AC you don’t have, don’t you think? And it’s not that hard to learn the mirror terms either. The game is out for 3 yrs… Be glad they did the guide in the first place, cuz Im pretty sure they weren’t paid for it.

lvl 28 discipline-path passive skill finishes the cooldown on RS / HiB after use of PS/CB, Un/FA, SB/HoB, so it can be used more often when using those skills in the rotation

So, quick question about Gunnery – are we no longer mixing in Plasma Grenade and Mortar Volley on single-target as ammo and regen cooldowns (Reserve Powercell, Recharge Cells) allows? Or is this intended more as a guide for beginners, and that’s a more advanced tactic not being covered?

I’ve upped my Gunnery Mando’s crit rating to around 300 and basically everyone I raid with is practically screaming at me to lower it, but following this guide you say 400+ so I’m confused….

there stupid and don’t now mandos we have always run if high crit I have 440 and I think it the sweet spot hiting over 4800 on a dummy over 1 million as a Assault Specialist

I run about 3500 on those same fights with no DoTs ticking and I lowered my crit again so i have roughly 200 crit rating less than you.
I guess everyone’s different.

I only do a total max damage of 3,9k but most of the time my commando is at 3,6-3,7k with 192er equip and 4 pieces set-bonus. Is that normal ? 😮

I don’t understand something. On the rotation part of the guide it says pre cast. But how the he’ll can you pre cast grav round?? Not to mention you would need to cast grav round 10 times to get stacks to use supercharged cells.

Perhaps I’m being dumb but I been gone for ages and just returned but I just don’t get this rotation.

pre cast just means to cast it as the tanks are pulling so get your tanks to do a 3.2.1 pull count you start the abilty on the1 so that by the time the tanks pull you hit just after or sometime and for the 10 stacks you use your med shot on your self to build the 10 stack before pull

****Blazing Celerity should be kept on the CB in the FA block wherever possible but it is also possible that it can shift to the 1st half of the rotation because of things like messing up the rotation, getting stunned, interrupted, LoS’d etc., in which case it should be used on Serrated Bolt and then you can simply move the 4th GCD filler to anywhere from 1 to 3 and have CB as the 4th to proc IA and then continuing the FA block as normal.****

Is the “first half of the rotation” where you apply/reapply dots? Continued by the “second half of the rotation” which is the “FA block”? Or what exactly are those?

What exactly is the 4th GCD filler? If you for example apply the dots in order, IR(1st) -> SB(2nd) and onto CB(3rd) it’s going to proc BC and after that you’re using the “4th” GCD filler(which also kind of seems like the 1st filler/ability GCD onto the next BC proc), so is that then the 4th filler? I’m just confused.

I’d also want to ask when it’s beneficial to switch from single to multi target and for how long you should continue to do aoe whilst abstaining from your general single target sustained damage rotation(in both gunnery and assault). Like when exactly is it beneficial to deviate from the rotation to do aoe, any time when there’s more than 1 target? Or do you switch when there’re more than two or three targets and continue do so until they’re dead or until your energy can’t support it anymore? I can understand switching and focusing on something specific if mechanics require it but i’m wondering pure dps-wise.

I’m full 192 equiped with 6 piece set bonus but I don’t get the numbers the Samüle-Parse shows with lower gearing.. any ideas? :/

based on your apm i assume you play gunnery but still a bit too low. so check first why this happened. Also, unless we see how much dmg you do (screen of dmg dealt) there is not much to say at this point.
your lovely Azuryas 😉

What about this? Would that help to point out problem? Otherwise I have to keep searching for the reason to solve that problem. I reached this 4K dps with Gunnery spec, yep!

Sometimes I delay the procced Boltstorm for the Demo-Round 6 piece bonus proc (Delay: 0.3-0.4 sec)

I’m not a pro or anything but personally I prioritize demo-round ahead of boltstorm even without a guaranteed crit. You have to also keep in mind that comparing parses with near-to-bis geared experts is unfair and complex, since you don’t have the same gear as them unless you’re doing nightmares on a weekly basis. If you’re also parsing in assault spec mate then you should have at least a 400-500 dps difference between them with gunnery being the inferior one in that sustained dps comparison on a 1m dummy.

I find it way easier to comprehend the rotation of assault specialist in this way:
opener: dots -> mag -> full auto -> best filler x2-> mag -> charged -> mag
rotation: dots -> chargedx2-> mag->full auto->filler->charged->mag

Actually it resembles to the rotation of dirty fighting gunslinger “two-dots-as-a-block rotation”

Any chance of getting the Assault Specialist video done with, ya know, a Commando running Assault Specialist? I get that the merc is a mirror class, but the animations (and icons) are different enough that I don’t recognize them right away and so it isn’t very helpful to me. Would love to be able to use that rotation effectively, but I’m a pretty visual/kinesthetic learner.

Assault Commando video has been added. I’m working on a Gunnery one next… will take some time since I’ve never messed with Gunnery outside of leveling.

Got to love how they call it a “Commando build guild” then continually use the terms for the Merc skills instead of the Mando skills. I mean I get it, it does the same thing… but maybe, just maybe, you should use the damn terms for the class you are doing the guide for on the off chance that the person reading doesn’t have a Merc and has no clue what the corresponding skills are.

Smh at the copy/paste laziness

I recently switched from my Sentinel to a Commando DPS and this guide has been extremely helpful. Just wanted to say thanks!

Hey Marisi/Fascinate very good work here thanks folks. I have a question on your parses I see very low usage of filler ability (rapid shots on merc) while the mando equivalent uses far far more like 4 vs 12 for similar. Is it a bug making the heat vent in a faster way for mercs or its common player ability cause u have perfected rotation ? This thing seems very strange to me and many other mandos cause I have one. Its simply impossible to do 1mil dummy parsing with 4 Hammershots. Thanks

Here’s my parse with low hammershots usage. You are probably trying to do too much early on and overtaxing your ammo

As u said “If you have to delay the usage of such abilities like Demo Rounds or
High Impact Bolt to proc Boltstorm, do so, and just use those abilities
the gcd after Curtain of Fire is procced”

But in your priority list, you mentioned Boltstorm is at the highest position. So when I procced Boltstorm and have my Demo Rounds/High Impact Bolt ready to use, what should i cast next? boltstorm or others?

I find it confusing

Getting the proc for boltstorm is the highest priority, but once you have it procced if demo round or HiB are ready to use hit those first before using boltstorm.

I’m coming over from sentinel to commando. This might sound dumb but what is heat ramping?? And what order would you do this rotation in?

Something they just made up, it has no reference to anything besides the picture of the rotation up there. They’ve divided the rotation in 3 steps, just to explain the different parts of the full rotation.

The opener is what you always begin with, since it’s the opener :P. Right after that you come into the thing they’re calling “heat ramping”, after that you’re in the “general”. After a while you’ll come back to “heat ramping” once your cooldowns come off again, it just goes round like that and repeats itself. It can be different if you’re in a fight that have downtimes though.

Thank you! This guide is a little harder to understand cause they’re using therms into really familiar with. My parsing hasn’t been that high either , only 3.8k in full BiS 192

hi are you gunnery or assault ?

iam guessing assault it with case your apm should be 38 to 40 and iam in bis 192 with same bis 198 pieces have 350 surge 480 odd crit and iam hiting 4700 to 4800 on a dummy over 1 million

the rotaion is not easy you have to get it right on the head or you will drop dps it basicly like other guys said opener then heat ramping basic

I do the opener the heat ramping then the basic

but were they say after full auto to do either

Assault Plastique /electro net /or hammer shot

I find 90% of the time it Assault Plastique then electro net if off cool down or explosive round when its proc and only use the hamer shot if below 50 energy after full auto

were they say after sarated shot to do either charged burst X2 or charged burst then hammer shot

I always always always do charged burst then hammer shot then as it help keep energy up only time I do two cb is after use the energy recharge

“this can be extrapolated to 50k per target in an Operation’s fight”
What does this mean exactly? per team mate, or per enemy target? i dont get it

OK, maybe I’m missing something in the Gunnery initial rotation, but how can you use SCC (Supercharged Cell) right at the start of combat? It takes 10 charges of Supercharged, which don’t build up that quickly. Is this just another copy/paste issue from a Merc ability that is available at start of combat?

Also, took me a few mins to realize that Advanced Targeting is Target Lock for the Commando. Really, sloppy with the copy & paste.

OK, saw my question was answered below, use Med Shot on yourself to build the stacks. Since I rarely (if ever) use my Commando’s healing abilities, was not very intuitive 🙂

I edited this guide at the start of the week and sent a copy to dulfy, fixing up all the sloppy copy & paste mistakes and rewording bits due to the differences in the way cells/heat work. Hopefully it gets fixed up soon 🙂

Yeah I fixed up all the mistakes like that, as well as a few ability names, acronyms and discriptions; the ‘heat ramping’ terminology in Assault Specialist; put Charged Bolts back in the table; and got rid of the all the extra “s” the “Assasult” in Fight Specific Roles (this one really annoyed me haha).

I’m having trouble I’m copying the rotations, I’m full 192 gear and assault specialist but I’m averaging 2300 on dummy I have the right aim, accu, crit and stuff so bit really sure what’s going wrong?

My trouble is I rejoined game about 8 weeks ago after 2 year gap and my spec changed a lot and I’m wondering if I’ve missed something as my damage is way to low so any help would be greatly recieved 🙂

Hi, do you have the plasmacell equipped? I have a crit rating of 33 with 416 points invested. It seems you have the wrong cell or no cell at all equipped.
Also your crit multi is way too high. Just read the guide and change your gear accordingly.

Well I take it it’s right

Accu 100.37
Crit chance 25.69 (crit rating 405)
Crit multi 75.17 ( surge rating711)

way to much surge 350 surge rateing max I have the same ac and crit as you but only 350 surge and then power and in a mix of 192 and 198 and hit I hit 4600 on a 1 million dummy you need aim auguments , 7 power ac enhanments, surge in the earpiece and implant with either crit or power want ever is need to get crit to 400 odd hope this helps

I do more DPS with my own rotation (highest 4880); highest parse with the rotation above (4484). Maybe I’m doing something wrong. 😀

I will when I finished improving my “feeling” for the guides roation and when I’m 200% sure I’m not doing it wrong. Will post a Parsely rota log then.

I would always start my rotation Electronet>Boltstorm>Vortexbolt>Grav Round>Demoround>Boltstorm

you really should start with either grav round or vortex into grav round so that you have the armor reduction on the target before blowing electronet or boltstorm

for assault spec I go with
0 alacrity
405 crit rating
350 surge
the rest in power
I have been told I could drop same surge for 1 piece of alacrity but I haven’t tried that yet

Hey, just started learning this spec and have a couple questions.
1) When I get down into the “General Rotation” I seem to experience energy issues when I only use HS on the second CB on the tail end of the rotation. Is it suppose to be use more during the general rotation? First couple of cycles seem to be fine but going into the 3-4 cycle I seem to start getting into trouble.
2) My second question is Gear related. I’m currently 453 surge and 442 crit. I only have the 4 piece set bonus as of right now with only about 30% of my gear min/maxed. I have 192 relics and 1 Resurrected implant. The other and earpiece are comm gear. Should I keep my surge where it is or put those points into power and the same with my crit levels.
Thank you

To anyone who knows,

Is it a viable option to gear out a commando in Assault Spec in alacrity build? If so, what should your Crit/surge/alacrity/power all be and if you should just augment fully for alacrity or accuracy Thanks for any input.

Will this be updated for 3.1.2? Curtain of fire for gunnery now can be triggered from haul of bolts. Also, why do you use bolt storm only, shouldn’t full auto have some place in priority system/opener ect?

Boltstorm shares a cooldown with Full Auto and does more damage. It completely replaces the ability.

So what set bonus should ppl use for these? I know it’s clear for pro’s but you could still say it outloud in gearing part like other guide makers do 🙂

Agreed. I’m trying to get Assault down since Gunnery, using this guide, isn’t very good for Ops. I can’t break a 4:20 TTK on the dummy. I’m not fully min/max and missing 3 augments. Maybe that’s my problem. I dunno. Still. It leaves me to question the reliability of the Gunnery guide if the Assault guide isn’t updated either.

The gunnery rotation from this guide is very viable in current ops. Nothing has changed in terms of the core mechanics of commando dps since 3.0 came out. Use gunnery on Underlurker, Revanite Commanders, and Torque. Use Assault for all other fights. Also, if you are the only person in your raid group who has an armor debuff, then use gunnery in every fight, to ensure their is always an armor debuff (grav round) on the boss. I’m certainly not saying I’m amazing at gunnery, but if you wanna know how this rotation looks in action with min/maxed 192 gear, you can check out this parse.

Hope it helps!

It is possible to go up to 700 Critical index. But I think it did not cost effective compared to the loss dmg bonus.
With 700 critical index you can make better parses, but they are less regular. (too many differences between the parses approximately 150/200 Units DPS) on boss is not profitable.

I have played mando dps for a long time and with 3.0 I have noticed that the 6 piece in gunnery doesnt take affect when you use demo round. any ideas why?

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