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SWTOR 3.0 Sharpshooter Gunslinger Guide by Shulk

SWTOR 3.0 Sharpshooter Gunslinger Guide by Shulk of Harbinger.[toc]

Intro to Sharpshooter Gunslinger

Armed with the steely fortitude required to set up the perfect shot, the Sharpshooter is the Gunslinger at its most devious. Aiming from distant cover, the Sharpshooter goes for a devastating opening salvo, following up with vicious trick shots and penetrating rounds, putting a definitive end to the fight they started.” – Sharpshooter Lore 3.0

Sharpshooter in 3.0 has gotten better than its 2.0 iteration. The best target switching spec in the game has been augmented with Penetrating Rounds and Honed Shots. Our single target DPS has improved its sustainability in raids, making us ideal choices in terms of raid compositions. Also, Sweeping Gunfire becomes our best AoE ability to use in add heavy fights with Accurized Blasters and Efficient Ammo (overall utility), putting XS Freighter Flyby in utter shame (hehe).

Overall Rating

I follow five areas: DPS, Surviability, Raid Viability, Rotation Difficulty, and Utility. Scores are rated between 1-10 followed by a brief but analytical explanation.(In all areas, 1 being the Worst, 10 being the Best. In Rotation Difficulty, 1 being the Easiest, 10 being the Hardest).

DPS Balancing: 8/10

Explanation: Our DPS balancing has improved from 2.0’s iteration, especially when all changes are centered to augment our single-target rotation specifically. With no more reliance from XS Freighter Flyby and Sabotage Charge, those fillers are replaced by Charged Burst. Charged Burst becomes your 2nd/3rd highest damaging ability in your average parse. Moreover, Penetrating Rounds w/ Armor Sunder bonus is all the more reason Sharpshooter Gunslingers are very viable in a raid setting. It really isn’t better DPS than currently Tactics Vanguard and a Telekinetics Sage, but the target swapping and burst make up for it.

Survivability: 7/10

Explanation: Our survivability relies on cover, Defense Screen, Dodge, Hightail It, and Diversion. Our defensives are somewhat limited compared to other classes’s defensives. Fortunately, some of our defensives are very strong if used efficiently. Defense Screen is used to mitigate moderate damage while Dodge (in cover) is used to mitigate massive spike damage. Hightail It is your anti-mechanic ability. If timed right, you can resist incoming damage 100% of the time. Lastly, Diversion can mitigate some damage from adds that are aggro’d on you for some time.

Raid Viability: 9/10

Explanation: Gunslingers have been heavily prized for raids, and the devs even acknowledge their popularity. With Diversion, Hightail It, and especially Scrambling Field, Gunslingers are perhaps the best ranged DPS to take in most of the raiding scenarios, and this still holds true in 3.0. You’d still almost always want to take one Gunslinger in every progression session.

Rotation Difficulty: 2/10 (for beginners). 6/10 (for advanced)

Explanation: For beginners trying out this spec, Sharpshooter is very simple and straightforward. Anyone learning about this class would almost always try Sharpshooter as their very first spec to pick. Great for leveling, and convenient to use in friendly casual raiding.

For advanced players who seek to maximize the potential of Sharpshooter, it is slightly difficult when it comes to dummy parsing. Players who wish to make a name for themselves in the leaderboards would need to countlessly parse day and night to time their cooldowns (resource, offensive CDs, etc.) right. It isn’t as challenging as a Combat Sentinel but it’s not as faceroll easy as a Balance Sage.

Utility: 9/10

Explanation: All utilities help our Gunslinger become a defensive turret. Some of the utilities are centered around augmenting Hunker Down capabilities with 60% AoE Reduction, 50% Speed Boost, and reduced CD. Other utilities are centered around increasing Shield Probe damage absorption, cover defensives, and Ballistic Dampers. Efficient Ammo is almost a must have to take for Sharpshooter due to AoE talents associated with Sweeping Gunfire.

Gunslinger Passives

1.) Bravado: Increases maximum energy by 10.

This is now one of the Gunslinger passives. A nice addition to our resource management.

2.) Steady Shots: Increases the damage dealt by Charged Burst, Dirty Blast, Speed Shot, and Penetrating Rounds by 5%.

A great passive that globally increases our core skills in all of our specs. In this case for Sharpshooter, Charged Burst and Penetrating Rounds get the most benefit.

3.) Hold Position: While in cover, ranged defense is increased by 20%, you cannot be leaped to or pulled, and you are immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback. In addition, Dodge reduces the damage you take from Force and tech attacks by 75% while in cover.

In 3.0, we get some nice QoL buffs for Hold Position. This adds another layer of benefit for Dodge which is all the more reason for a Gunslinger to be in cover at all times within burn phases.

4.) Crack Shot: Increases the range of Quick Shot, Flash Grenade, and Distraction to 30 meters, and additionally increases the range of all blaster, grenade, and charge attacks by 5 meters. In addition, Vital Shot marks its target for 45 seconds. Marked targets take 5% more damage from ranged weapon attacks.

This passive defines the Gunslinger class in a way our abilities can hit 35 meters as opposed to the traditional 30 meters from other classes. It also allows Vital Shot to be used more efficiently because it has a 5% increase in ranged attacks. In Sharpshooter, you will be using Vital Shot a lot in your rotations, so hence this is a better change for this discipline.

5.) Ready for Anything: Upon entering cover, your stealth detection level begins to increase gradually, reaching up to 30 additional levels of stealth detection over the following 30 seconds. This effect ends when you leave cover.

This passive is the best passive for PvP in case you need to track down stealth-based classes in warzones and ranked arena play. In PvE, this is somewhat useless to a degree unless you encounter NPCs with stealth.

Offensive Cooldowns

1.) Smuggler’s Luck: Increases the critical hit chance of your next Aimed Shot, Sabotage Charge, or Wounding Shots by 100%. Lasts 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 1 minute)

This is one of your core offensive cooldowns in generally your Gunslinger rotations. In this case for Sharpshooter, this buffs Aimed Shot’s critical hit chance by 100%. For this, it is mandatory to pop Smuggler’s Luck before opening up with Aimed Shot in your MAX DPS rotations. With the 6-piece set bonus, Smuggler’s Luck gives your two opportunities to crit Aimed Shot which is definitely a plus.

2.) Illegal Mods: Increases ranged and tech accuracy by 30% and armor penetration by 15% for 10 seconds.

Another great offensive cooldown. Typically, you would only use with in conjunction with Burst Volley (double Penetrating Rounds). With the set bonus, you will have more options to use Illegal Mods in terms of energy management.

3.) Cool Head: Keeps a cool head, recovering 50 energy over 3 seconds.

A resource gain cooldown that lets you gradually gain back 50 energy over time. Very good cooldown in a couple of scenarios:

  1. Rotation complications that cause energy problems
  2. Burn phases in raid fights

Defensive Cooldowns

1.) Defence Screen: Projects a defense field around yourself, which absorbs a moderate amount of incoming damage for 10 seconds. Does not break stealth. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)

This defensive cooldown is great for mitigating small to moderate incoming damage, regardless of any damage type. Only use this when you can predict miniscule damage, and be very efficient with it.

2.) Dodge: Increases your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 200% for 3 seconds. Does not break stealth. (Cooldown: 1 minute)

With Hold Position, Dodge gains the benefit of mitigating Force and tech attacks by 75%. Therefore, it is imperative that you use it only for massive incoming damage as well as staying in cover for maximum potential.

3.) Scrambling Field: Deploys an acquired scrambling field that disrupts the energy signature of conventional weapons. The field spans 10 meters around you, reducing the damage taken by all allies that remain inside by 20%. Lasts 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes // 2 minutes 30 seconds if specced into Riot Screen)

Your raid wide cooldown for your operations group. A very situational, but powerful defensive. You would ideally save this for burn phases where damage gradually takes a toll on your group, and making healers’ lives easier.

4.) Hunker Down: Hunkers you down into cover, becoming immune to all controlling effects. Only grants protection while in cover. Lasts 23 seconds (Cooldown: 1 minute // 45 seconds if specced into Lay Low)

Hunker Down is your jack-of-all-trades cooldown with a myriad of utilities to support it. Immune to crowd control, movement-impairing effects, and physics, this cooldown is one of the best defensives a Gunslinger can have. There are plenty of utilities to list from:

  1. Stay Low (LEVEL 52 Talent) (Sharpshooter Exclusive): Increases the duration of Hunker Down by 3 seconds. In addition, when you enter cover after using Hightail It, you gain Hunker Down for the first 3 seconds.
  2. Heads Up: When Hunker Down ends or you leave cover while Hunker Down is active, you gain Heads Up, which increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects. Lasts 6 seconds.
  3. Law Low: Reduces the cooldown of Hunker Down by 15 seconds and Pulse Detonator knocks targets back an additional 4 meters.
  4. Holed Up: Reduces all area effect damage taken by 60% while Hunker Down is active.
  5. Surrender: Puts up the front of surrender, instantly lowering your threat by a moderate amount.

Your main threat dropping ability. You would want to use it immediately after you perform your MAX DPS Opening Rotation or if you somehow pull threat from your tanks. Really, don’t be a hero and expect to pull threat from tanks. Use it immediately.

Crowd Control and Active Abilties

1.) Pulse Detonator: Detonates an emergency charge that knocks all nearby targets back several meters and immobilizes them for 5 seconds. Damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely. Only usable in cover. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)

This is your CC defensive in case you want to escape from all NPCs bunching up on you. Very useful for knocking players and NPCs out of the edge into their own timely deaths.

2.) Flash Grenade: Lobs a flash grenade that blinds the target for 8 seconds. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. (Cooldown: 1 minute)

Your other CC ability that stuns the target for many moons (unless you damage it of course).

3.) Dirty Kick: Stuns the target for 4 seconds and deals X kinetic damage.

Your "hard" CC stun ability ("Hard" means a stun that persists through damage). In certain PvE situations, this is useful. In PvP, this is one of your core CC abilities you want to save this for burning your opponents in ranked.

4.) Leg Shot: Fires a shot that deals X weapon damage and immobilizes the target for 5 seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely.

Often times, you want to use this to keep NPCs in place to prevent incoming damage or activating mechanics. This has more better use in PvP.

5.) Hightail It: Roll forward 18 meters, purging movement-slowing effects and landing crouched behind cover. While rolling, your chance to dodge attacks is increased by 100%.

Your anti-mechanic ability which allows you to be invulnerable in a short window of rolling. This has the best of both worlds, both PvE and PvP.

6.) Diversion: Reduces the accuracy by 45% and exposes from cover up to 8 enemies within 8 meters for 8 seconds. Cannot be used on Operation bosses.

Diversion has been buffed to become an AoE utility skill, so this is a welcomed change. In certain raid fights with adds, this is a valued cooldown you need to save. In ranked, you should also save this to prevent incoming burn damage from other opponents.

Utility List

I have broken down these following utilities into PvE and PvP. Please note that I have no experience in Ranked PvP play, but I am looking in getting into it post 3.0! I invite the experienced PvP Marksmanship Snipers to share their input. Do also note that my rating should not affect the way a player proceeds with the utility tree, but rather consider their choices in PvE and PvP situations.


1.) Ballistic Dampers: Entering cover grants 3 charges of Ballistic Dampers. Each charge absorbs 30% of the damage dealt by an incoming attack. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds. Ballistic Dampers can only be gained once every 6 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 9/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

This utility has the best use in PvE by adding another layer of defensives in Hold Position. You will have the most use of it in many fights, and some moderate use in PvP.

2.) Snap Shot: Entering cover makes the next Charged Burst or Dirty Blast activate instantly. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds

  • PvE Rating: 7/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

This utility is pretty situational. Every six seconds, you have the opportunity to gain an instant Charged Burst which is pretty great if you need to kill of an add or boss quicker in burn phases. However, it’s really not that great of an utility. A misconception is an instant channel ability would lead to a DPS increase. This is pretty wrong. It’s really an APM increase. A Charged Burst takes a GCD to cast the ability regardless, so generally, I sort of undervalue this utility.

Still, with Honed Shots, this is, at the most, good enough reason to take this talent, so I would pretty much take it in most (but not all) scenarios. In PvP, this is a slightly better pick as PvP is all about fast-paced control.

3.) Cover Screen: When exiting cover, you increase your ranged defense by 20% for 6 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 3/10
  • PvP Rating: 4/10

It’s a pretty underwhelming utility. While the bonus to 20% ranged defense is nice outside of cover, it’s really lackluster. There really isn’t much variety to this utility in terms of other damage types. If there was such a thing (like reduces Force and Tech damage for example), I would definitely take it. But, as it stands, it’s pretty useless.

4.) Flash Powder: Reduces target’s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Flash Grenade ends.

  • PvE Rating: 2/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

This utility has little situational use in PvE, so I won’t go too in-depth on that. In PvP though, this is good in terms of duration and accuracy loss. Combine this with Plan B & C, it’s a decent soft stun to hold in ranked PvP. I would pretty much overvalue this utility, but some professional PvPers may disagree.

5.) Cool Under Pressure: While in cover, you heal for 1% of your total health every 3 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 2/10
  • PvE Rating; 1/10

This utility is pretty much bad. Normally, you would spec into this if the glitch still existed. However, this is a pretty pathetic choice to take. 1% of restoring health every 3 seconds bears nothing in PvE and especially PvP.

6.) Reset Engagement: Slapping a target with Blaster Whip grants Reset Engagement, increasing your movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. Additionally, the final shot of Speed Shot and Penetrating Rounds knocks back the target if they are within 10 meters.

  • PvE Rating: 3/10
  • PvP Rating: 9/10

PvE will see little use with Reset Engagement, so I rated a 3. In PvP though, this is a beastly. Ranked arena is generally about CC control, and this takes the cake. Combine this with Compounding Impact, this is almost mandatory to pick both utilities.

7.) Efficient Ammo: Increases the damage dealt by Sweeping Gunfire by 25%.

  • PvE Rating 9/10
  • PvP Rating: 7/10

With the Sharpshooter talent, you have Accurized Blasters which increases the Critical Hit Chance of Sweeping Gunfire by 15% and increases its critical damage by 30%. This is all the more reason for you to spam it in add phases, even more powerful than XS Freighter Flyby. In PvP, this can be quick good to prevent objective captures in Regs, and some great area of affect control in Ranked Arenas.


1.) Heads Up: When Hunker Down ends or you leave cover while Hunker Down is active, you gain Heads Up, which increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement impairing effects. Lasts 6 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 8/10
  • PvP Rating: 7/10

In some raid scenarios, this utility will allow you to infinitely abuse the Hunker Down’s duration by cover dancing, and resetting the speed boost duration. A pretty powerful utility in PvE. In PvP, you would certainly want to take this in case you need to escape from your opponents burning you down.

2.) Hotwired Defenses: Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Defense Screen by 30%.

  • PvE Rating: 8/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

This utility allows Defense Screen to absorb even more damage, so at best, this allows the defensive itself to be used for moderate to slightly high damage. Both in PvE and PvP can benefit from this most of the time, so I would take this talent.

3.) Dirty Trickster: Surrender will also purge all movement-impairing effects when activated.

  • PvE Rating: 3/10
  • PvP Rating: 6/10

I see this utility as very weak in PvE, so I will leave it at that. In PvP though, this has some decent use. However, I would argue that Heads Up is a better alternative than Dirty Trickster mainly because that utility can also prevent movement-impairing effects during the duration. Still, I would see some use outside of the Hunker Down’s duration, so pick this one if you want to.

4.) Pandemonium: Activating Pulse Detonator makes the next Charged Burst or Dirty Blast activate instantly.

  • PvE Rating: 1/10
  • PvP Rating: 4/10

Wow! This utility is pretty garbage. Again, I want to emphasize that an instant GCD really doesn’t make a difference other than short executes. That being said, I would definitely not touch this talent at all in PvE. Otherwise, why are you picking this Gunslinger class? In PvP, this is slightly better as it synergizes pretty well with other utilities with Pulse Detonator benefits, but still much worse than other PvP utility top picks.

5.) Lay Low: Reduces the cooldown of Hunker Down by 15 seconds and Pulse Detonator knocks targets back an additional 4 meters.

  • PvE Rating: 8/10
  • PvP Rating: 9/10

This utility is pretty good both PvE and PvP wise. Hunker Down benefits much with its cooldown reduced by 15 seconds, thus allowing even more uptime of its defensives. PvP gets the added benefit of having Pulse Detonator knock back targets by 4 more meters. Thus, it has a slightly higher rating than PvE, but both can benefit from this utility.

6.) Hot Pursuit: You gain 4 charges of Hot Pursuit upon exiting cover, which reduces the energy cost of Quick Shot by 100%. Each use of Quick Shot consumes 1 charge, and consuming the first charge triggers a 20 second rate-limit on this skill. This effect lasts 15 seconds but is also removed by consuming all charges or reentering cover.

  • PvE Rating: 7/10
  • PvP Rating: 6/10

Hot Pursuit is a pretty decent utility, mainly because in damage based boss fights, you would want to take this for better damage than Flurry of Bolts as well as a free 4 Quick Shots. In PvE, this is decent if you want to stay mobile in between boss phases. Outside of that though, I personally believe it’s a waste of space. I would value survivability more than damage in HM/NiM fights for the sake of progression. Still, this is a worthy point to invest in.

In PvP, it has a slightly worse value. I can’t comment much how this can make a big difference in PvP, but this utility is more PvE than PvP.

7.) Trip Shot: Reduces the cooldown of Leg Shot by 3 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 2/10
  • PvP Rating: 6/10

Yet again, this utility see rare uses in PvE scenarios. In PvP, this combined with Kneecappin’ is a decent utility to invest in. Outside of that, Leg Shot is sort of underused than other CCs in PvP.


1.) Holed Up: Reduces all area effect damage taken by 60% while Hunker Down is active.

  • PvE Rating: 9/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

This adds another layer of defensives in Hunker Down, so with 60% AoE damage reduction, healers will laugh at how little of a damage you’re taking within the duration. Both PvE and PvP can benefit from this utility. I think in ranked Arena, AoE is fairly as common as CCs stuns, so this see’s almost a must-have to take this utility.

2.) Riot Screen: Reduces all damage taken while in cover by 6% and reduces the cooldown of Scrambling Field by 30 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 9/10
  • PvP Rating: 9/10

This further augments your defenses while in cover, so another reason why you should remain in cover as often as possible. A reduced cooldown in Scrambling Field is a welcomed plus in PvE and PvP settings.

3.) Kneecappin’: Increases the Trauma duration of Flourish Shot by 8 seconds. In addition, when Leg Shot’s immobilize effect wears off the target’s movement is slowed by 70% for 3 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 1/10
  • PvP Rating: 8/10

Overly useless in PvE, so therefore it has the lowest rating of 1. In PvP though, Flourish Shot is your primary ability to reduce the amount of healing done to a single player. Given that healing has been nerfed post 3.0, Trauma becomes a deadly ability for healers. An additional effect of Leg Shot’s immobilize is welcomed, and combined with Trip Shot, you can continue to immobilize players at a faster rate.

4.) Hold Your Ground: Reduces the cooldown of Escape by 30 seconds, Defense Screen by 4 seconds and Pulse Detonator by 5 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 7/10
  • PvP Rating: 9/10

Somewhat a decent utility for PvE since Escape and Defense Screen are used often in raids. It has even more value in PvP because of Pulse Detonator too. Stun breaks are very valued in ranked, so hence why it has a higher significance than PvE.

5.) Plan B & C: Reduces the cooldown of Dirty Kick and Flash Grenade by 15 seconds.

  • PvE Rating: 4/10
  • PvP Rating: 9/10

In PvE, there is rarely enough targets to CC in raids, so I would give it a four. In PvP, this is your go to utility to invest in. You want to have as much stuns and CCs as quickly as possible, so go with this one.

6.) Compounding Impact: Each shot of Speed Shot and Penetrating Rounds snares the target by 20% for 3 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

  • PvE Rating: 4/10
  • PvP Rating: 7/10

Not much use for stacking slows in PvE.

PvP on the other hand, Penetrating Rounds becomes a deadly ability among other players in ranked. The stacking slows that can total up to 80% of movement impairment for 3 seconds means it’s often a guaranteed death sentence for that slowed player. With Reset Engagement, it synergizes very well for knocking the target 10 meters away from you.

7.) Crippling Diversion: Diversion slows all targets by 50% for as long as they remain in the area.

  • PvE Rating: 3/10
  • PvP Rating: 7/10

As with other slow-based utilities, not much use in PvE. In PvP, it adds a bonus to Diversion where it slows all targets within its AoE range (like Kolto Bomb). This is very good in regs. In Ranked, it has a even higher value due to the nature of focuses and CCs.

What is Exclusive?

Key Abilities:

1.) Aimed Shot (LEVEL 10) – Fires a high powered shot that deals X weapon damage.

Aimed Shot is officially a Sharpshooter exclusive skill. Pre 3.0, this has been a global skill to use for all three specs. Now, this is (and has been) one of your primary burst skills in Sharpshooter. Nothing has changed on this skill other than the fact that you will be using this as much often as the Pre 3.0 SS rotation. (Cooldown 12 seconds)

2.) Penetrating Rounds (LEVEL 26) – Fires a number of blasts that deal X weapon damage and sunder the target for 45 seconds. Sundered targets have their armor rating reduced by 20%. Consumes 20 Energy over the duration of the channel. Shares a cooldown with Speed Shot. (Cooldown: 12 seconds)

The advanced "Speed Shot" of Gunslingers, except in Sharpshooter only. A 2.0 second base cast over the course of 5 shots fired, an additional Armor Sunder debuff, and a 12 second CD makes this skill very lethal, and very critical to our rotation. Again, nothing has been changed in terms of priority, but this skill is an obviously replacement for Speed Shot.

3.) Trickshot (LEVEL 41) – Fires a wild follow-up shot at the target that deals X weapon damage. Only usable within the 5 seconds immediately following a Charged Burst, Aimed Shot, Quickdraw, or a complete Penetrating Rounds. (Cooldown: 9 seconds)

A powerful filler skill. This is your 2nd highest damaging ability in your optimal rotation.

4.) Burst Volley (LEVEL 57) – Immediately finishes the cooldown of Penetrating Rounds, increases base energy management rate by 2 per second, and increases Alacrity by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 45 seconds)

The top tier talent ability of Sharpshooter. You will use this all the time in terms of offense and resource management.

Key Talents:

**NEW**Accurized Blasters (LEVEL 12 PASSIVE): Increases the critical chance of Sweeping Gunfire by 15% and increases its critical damage by 30%.

With this talent, Sweeping Gunfire becomes your most lethal AoE ability in a Sharpshooter Discipline.

**NEW**Percussive Diversion (LEVEL 24 PASSIVE): Targets affected by Diversion continue to be affected for 3 seconds after leaving area of effect.

A nice bonus to Diversion with Sharpshooter discipline.

**NEW**Honed Shots (LEVEL 59 PASSIVE): Charged Burst grants Honed Shots, increasing the critical hit chance and damage done by Charged Burst by 5% for 20 seconds. Stacks up 3 times.

An excellent talent for Sharpshooter. With this, this is more than enough reason to cast more Charged Bursts in your rotation. Charged Burst also becomes your 2nd highest hitting ability in an average parse. This is the reason why Sharpshooter is like playing Annihilation.

What’s Changed/Removed/No Longer Accessible?

Key Abilities:

1.) Diversion:

Diversion is no longer a Sharpshooter Exclusive Utility skill, and this is a good thing. In add heavy fights, you would almost want to use this to benefit your raid group. I will stress that Diversion is like providing a defensive cooldown most for your tanks, but also for your raid group. With its improved effects that can hit up to multiple targets instead of one and its 45% Accuracy Reduction, Diversion is a very powerful utility skill to use.

2.) Sabotage Charge:

Sabotage Charge used to be our core filler skill where we ideally place this in our Burst Volley windows. With 3.0, this ability is now exclusive to the Saboteur Discipline. Although we lost one of our potentially damaging burst abilities, the void is filled by Charged Burst.

3.) XS Freighter Flyby:

Previously our XS Freighter Flyby was able to be casted in a GCD as well as our second viable filler in our rotations. Now with 3.0, this is (finally) redesigned per BioWare’s Stage 2 plan. With the base cast of 2.0 seconds, a 20 energy cost, a 60 second cooldown, and a slight damage buff, they have done an excellent job in discouraging its single target rotational use. With that said, Sharpshooter is stripped of beneficial XS Freighter Flyby talents (now in the Saboteur Discipline), so we can no longer rely on this skill in our single-target rotations. This void is, yet again, filled by Charged Burst.

4.) Vital Shot

Vital Shot has a global effect where it provides the Marked debuff that makes targets susceptible to ranged attacks by 5%. That being said, you really want to provide this debuff as early as possible, not to mention the decent uptime of damage it provides.

5.) Flourish Shot

Flourish Shot is redesigned where it no longer gives its global armor penetration bonus. Instead, it’s changed to simply reduce the amount of healing by 20%. Honestly, this has much better use in PvP than PvE (which is very rare). With Penetrating Rounds taking care of the Armor Debuff, Flourish Shot officially becomes a useless skill.

Key Talents:

1.) Recoil Control: Firing Charged Burst twice in a row, firing Quickdraw or Aimed Shot once, or completing a Penetrating Rounds now finishes the cooldown on Trickshot.

Recoil Control is changed where it no longer provides the 30% Alacrity increase to Speed Shot. Not really much a worthy noting, but it is a major impact to leveling your Gunslinger to a degree.

2.) Charged Aim: Charged Burst gets your blasters charged up, reducing the activation time of your next Aimed Shot by 0.25 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.

Previously, Charged Aim reduced the activation time of your next Aimed shot by 0.50 seconds per stack. With 3.0, this reduced the amount of seconds by 50%. However, this isn’t really a nerf considering that Aimed Shot is now a 2 second cast for Sharpshooter, so the change is generally negligible.

Gear & Stats

Order of Priority from Top to Bottom:

Resurrected Gear Set

1.) Accuracy:

a.) 777 Accuracy (7 iLVL 192 Initiative/Acute Enhancements)

b.) 710 Accuracy (6 iLVL192 Initiative/Acute Enhancements + 1 iLVL186 Accuracy Augment)

2.) Surge:

*a.) 401 Surge Rating (333 Surge Rating (from 3 iLVL192 Adept/Battle Enhancements + 2 iLVL186 Surge Augments) (71%)

(*Disclaimer: I honestly don’t care about Diminishing Returns graphs. I found this setup worked well for me in terms of parsing and raids.)

b.) 333 Surge Rating (68%)

3.) Critical:

200-350 Critical Rating. I recommend a set up of 2 iLVL192 Battle/Acute Enchancements and 2 Eviscerating Crystals as a good place to start (302 Crit Rating).

4.) Alacrity:

a.) 111 Alacrity

b.) 222 Alacrity

5.) Augments:

a.) All Mainstat (iLVL186 Skill Augments)

*b.) 12 Mainstat + 2 Surge (iLVL186 Skill and Surge Augments)

*The reason I put 2 Surge Augments is because nearly all of your abilities will Crit half the time (Honed Shots Critical Bonus from Snipe, Laze Target Critical Bonus from Ambush, and Headshot Critical Bonus from Penetrating Blasts). I feel that the extra 108 Cunning is negligible at this point, so I swapped to 2 Surge Augments which boosted my critical damage bonuses from 68% to 71%. Through testing, I found better results than going all mainstat, so I highly recommend going with this route. Otherwise, if you truly value every Mainstat, by all means go with Option A.

I also want to bring out that with this tier’s iteration, despite the same stat formula as 2.0’s, you should not feel restrictive to use whatever augments you want. Experiment them around as you gear out your Sniper more, and realize there is more than one way to be nearly BiS.

Set Pieces: Gunslinger 6-Set Bonus

Revanite Set:

In Working Progress


1.) Revanite Relic of Focused Retribution (RECCOMENDED)

2.) Revanite Relic of Serendipitous Assault (RECCOMENDED)

3.) Revanite Relic of Boundless Ages (In case you need it for burstier fights)

The Rotation

Dummy Rotation

MAX DPS Opener:

Smuggler’s Luck / XS Freighter Flyby -> Aimed Shot -> Vital Shot / Attack Adrenal -> Trickshot / Illegal Mods -> Penetrating Rounds -> Burst Volley / Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds –> Trickshot


Now here you have a couple of routes to pick. Remember that without XS Freighter Flyby and Sabotage Charge being reliable fillers, the rotation is more heavily centered around filling those gaps with more Charged Bursts. With that said…

a.) Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Charged Burst -> Aimed Shot -> Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot -> Vital Shot -> Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Aimed Shot -> Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot -> Vital Shot -> Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Charged Burst -> Aimed Shot -> Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot/Burst Volley -> Penetrating Rounds –> Trickshot


b.) Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Charged Burst x2 -> Aimed Shot -> Trick Shot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot -> Vital Shot -> Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Aimed Shot -> Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot -> Vital Shot -> Charged Burst x2 -> Trickshot -> Charged Burst -> Aimed Shot -> Trickshot -> Penetrating Rounds -> Trickshot/Burst Volley -> Penetrating Rounds –> Trickshot


Generally, those two voids are filled with two Charged Bursts. The reason is our rotation centers around Honed Shots, which stacks up 3 times in terms of damage and critical chance. You want to increase your frequency of Charged Bursts as often as you can, but not too much or else you will overshot your energy resource and your timing of CDs.

The key thing about Vital Shot placement is you have to do a countless number of parses to know when to place Vital Shot or not in terms of energy management. In fact, though dummy parsing, you have to auto-attack (or Quick Shot if specced to Hot Pursuit) once in order to continue with your flow of rotations. Unless you have Illegal Mods or Cool Head ready to use, do NOT use Vital Shot in the third sequence. Doing so will result in risking your resource management below 60% as well as delaying your rotation a bit.

Raid Rotation priority

Unfortunately, dummy rotations do not equal raid rotations since every boss fight doesn’t act like a perfectly static simulation. I’ll leave you with this piece of advice:


If you perfectly apply the dummy rotation to boss fights, nearly 100% of the time, you’re going to fall rock bottom due to mechanics. The developers have stated that the current iteration of operations are going to be harder than the previous tier, so I want to stress this bolded fact.

For this, I have ordered the priority system for all Sharpshooter Gunslingers to look out for.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Vital Shot (Reason: Marked Debuff)
  2. Penetrating Rounds // Burst Volley (Reason: PR is your highest hitting skill and it goes on CD for 12 seconds. If BV is up, you should ALWAYS use it for a 2nd wave of PRs.)
  3. Quickdraw (Be wary of your energy management when using this)
  4. Trickshot
  5. Aimed Shot (2 stacks of Charged Aim)
  6. Charged Burst

AoE Rotation

  1. Sweeping Gunfire (Spam it. With Accurized Blasters and Efficienct Ammo, this will hit like a chipotle-powered truck).
  2. XS Freighter Flyby (If you can predict incoming uptime for add phases, use it. Otherwise, you should really use it strictly for pre-casting).

Analytical Rotation Breakdown

It is generally the same breakdown as with my old guide. However, there are new talents and skills I want to stress on.


With 3.0, there’s is one change. First, you’ll notice that our set bonus here:

"(4 Piece) Reduces the energy cost of Takedown or Quickdraw by 4."

…no longer exists. While our new 3.0 set bonuses are better, faster, stronger than before, our Execute rotation now loses its "grit" to a degree. In fact, it’s a bit tougher to manage than having that set bonus.

However, let me remind everyone that we had to deal with this back when XS Freighter Flyby did insane damage, and we had to take the 2-pc PvP set bonus (Additional 3 second duration of XSFF) for the sake of maximum XSFF damage output. Therefore, it was somewhat difficult to manage the execute rotation, but the gains were phenomenal at the end.

My point is, stick with replacing Quickdraw with Trickshot if you can. If you have high enough energy to justify that method, use it. Some alternate ways you can do are…

a.) Quickdraw > Trickshot -> Next skill

b.) Trickshot > Quickdraw > Trickshot -> Next Skill

c.) Trickshot > Quickdraw -> Next Skill.


Generally you want to avoid method ‘b’ unless you’re in too deep with your energy.

Honed Shots:

This talent is a worthy LVL 59 Talent. With 5% Critical Chance and damage per stack, you’ll be dealing a total of +15% Additional damage and 15% Crit chance with every Charged Burst up to 3 stacks. A great Sniper once commented that this is the reason why Marksmanship/Sharpshooter plays like a Marauder’s Annihilation/Sentinel’s Watchman, and this is legitimately true! With 20 seconds to maintain, you have plenty of time in between boss phases to land another Charged Burst in order to maintain the stacks needed. That’s why Charged Bursts fill the voids of the SS rotation where Sabotage Charge and XS Freighter Flyby previously filled.

Charged Burst:

You’ll find yourself using 2 more Charged Bursts than the previous pre 3.0 rotation ever before. Thus, with Honed Shots, Charged Burst will find itself as the 2nd highest hitting ability in many average parses.

Sample Parse



Above displays one of the parses I have done. Due to the intermittent lag currently in Harbinger, I wasn’t able to get close as accurate as possible. My APM should be around 41 when the parse above displays 40. Still, this should give you a good idea on how you should use your abilities accordingly.

Note that the parse was done without Cool Under Pressure, and it’s something I don’t recommend you do. Exploitation of additional numbers is something that would leader to unfair balance with other classes, data inaccuracies, and future out crying of this class needing buffs should the devs fix the relic problem. Outside of that, in 192s, Sharpshooter can pull between 4.1k-4.3k and in 198s, I forsee it breaking into 4.5k – 4.6k (god forbid 4.7k).

Raiding Tips

  • You should ALWAYS make use of your utilities (Diversion and Scrambling Field) whenever necessary to your raiders’ discretion. Don’t leave them off just because you want to e-peen and gain big numbers. Use them immediately.
  • Never meter pad during progression. EVER. I don’t care if you’re the best player in the world. Chances are, you’re going to be kicked off from your raid group, or even worse, your progression guild.
  • Keep your Honed Shots buff on at all times. Again, I’ll stress that this plays like Watchman to a degree. If you find yourself running out of time with Honed Shots, try to cast a Charged Burst.
  • Vital Shot first to take advantage of the Marked debuff, then Penetrating Rounds to sunder the target (ideally should go to a boss who will last for many moons).
  • If there is a mechanic that will potentially kill you, cancel your rotation immediately. Often times, it’s human nature to have a form of tunnel vision when performing your rotation, so start to break that habit, and be mechanically aware. This reinforces Tip #2.
  • Always use your defensive cooldowns smartly. This means don’t go around spamming defensives like Defense Screen or Dodge carelessly. With so few in our arsenal, only use Defense Screen for moderate damage, Dodge for heavy damage (in cover), and roll in order to evade a mechanic or incoming unavoidable damage.

About the Author


I am Shulk, a member of <Zorz> and a former raider of <Intrepid>. My in-game toon name is Lumyne, my Sniper Imperial Side (or Prompto, my Gunslinger Republic Side). I have cleared 5/5 DF and 4/5 DP with Intrepid Republic Side, and have finished off the Dread Council (as well as obtaining Gate Crasher and Dread Master) with Zorz Imperial Side.

I previously mained a Mercenary since launch, but have re-rolled to my Sniper in 2.2 where I have fallen in love with the Marksmanship spec. Since then, I have learned from the best Marksmanship Snipers of the game, and have gotten to where I wanted to be. I hope this new guide will be of great use for people who are looking to optimize their new rotations in 3.0 or for people who are looking to re-roll to this awesome class.

Fun fact: I was originally from the Bastion server where I enjoyed PvE competition around the time SuckaFish existed. With PvE gradually dying, I’ve decided to transfer to the Harbinger in order to sate my thirst for progression. I am also a fun troll, so look out for me preaching the joys of Chipotle Mexican Grill. 🙂

Credits and Acknowledgements

Fellow Snipers who have shaped my gameplay:

Yolo, Thrax, Zahik, Gomerik, Claimed, Shay’m, Zejim, Aksana.

I also want to thank other contributors who have helped me with additional info for this guide:

Waratte (for translating my guide to Sharpshooter terms)

Kamiinnouuu (for converting my DPS rotations into visual images)

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

123 replies on “SWTOR 3.0 Sharpshooter Gunslinger Guide by Shulk”

I think that those last screenshots in your damage parsing section are for a sniper, and not a smuggler. Good article though – thanks!!

Yeah haha. I just recycled the parse from the Marksmanship guide over to the Sharpshooter one because I wasn’t able to level my Gunslinger for many moons. :3 Thanks!

Hey shulk,
You might want to fix your opener. While the burst is good… It’s not practical.
Illegal Mods > Penetrating Rounds > Trick Shot > Burst Volley > Penetrating rounds > TS > Vital Shot > Smugglers Luck > (POP cover optional) 2x Charged Burst > TS > Aimed Shot and Repeat.

Starting a cold aimed shot is a good way for your tank to hate you and this way, it’s easier to follow up and you can build semi-equal Threat with the tank without overshooting him.

This opener has served me well for almost every pull in pre-3.0 and current 3.0 content.

I fail to see my opener not practical in any way. If anything, that is a problem that lies in the tanks, not Gunslingers. It’s good that you think your opener served you well in your experience, but my opener has better potential in terms of DPS and use of offensive CDs.

The problem with yours is that not only you’ll lose out a potential opening burst damage from a auto-crit Aimed Shot, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the DPS charts. I know I’ve stressed mechanics > DPS, but really, who really doesn’t want to start off strong?

Have you tried parsing his method? I use one very similar. The thing about leading with Aimed Shot / Amubush with your method is that you miss out on (1) 5% increased damage from Vital Shot, (2) 20% armor reduction from Penetrating Rounds, (3) 33% increased DPS from Charged Aim, and (4) 15% Armor Pen from Illegal Mods.

I understand that Aimed Shot deals the most damage out of all our abilities, but IMO it’s more important to get those about four off first to maximize DPS across all abilities.

Have you tried parsing something like that? Numbers speak much better than anecdotes, as a counter to my own point. W/o Orbital Strike + Ambush

Compared to… My opener

Also, this analysis is flawed. In dummy parses, you always have an Armor Debuff Module up which means opening up with Penetrating Rounds and Vital Shot is pointless (If you haven’t noticed, hover over your Armor Debuff Module and see what new effects it has). In raids, you’d always open with simply Ambush in order to start your rotation.

Getting those four factors out is also pretty senseless (Also, you are wrong on your 3rd Point. Charged Aim doesn’t increase DPS. It increases the activation time), because we are talking about extra damage before you start your PRx2 (if you take a closer look, I activate Illegal Mods before I start my PRx2), and it’s sustainability falls off a bit easy either method.

Hugely appreciate the parse here. My rotation is very similar to JD’s, and i find it serves me well in ops boss fights, but i might take another look at use of xs freighter as an opener.

Charged Aim does increase Aimed Shot’s DPS. As you said, it decreasing activation time, which by definition increases Aimed Shot’s DPS! I’m also not sure what you mean by “senseless” – clearly activating Illegal Mods right as you open increases damage from all the abilities you cast before PRx2, and IMO you definitely want Illegal Mods up for Aimed Shot.

Thanks for the parses, but I feel like it’s hard to make any conclusions from a single parse. I feel like you have to parse a given rotation dozens of times to weed out the ups and downs from ability damage variability from the Weapon Damage and Standard Health portions of the damage.

I gotta say, your attitude kinda sucks.. I’ve read your replies to my comment, and some of Evan’s… I’m going to give you some advice.
1) If you’re going to do a guide, be ready to be told you’re wrong in some cases.
2) Don’t tense up when people are telling you either additional info, or Different info.
3) Your way isn’t the only way.

There’s a difference between being a scumbag DPS looking only for numbers, and a useful DPS that can achieve the same numbers overall than opening strong. Scumbag DPS die first… and you won’t be doing much in the way of DPS if your dead because you over pulled and the Tanks weren’t ready.

Pot meet kettle much?

Sorry, but please learn to get over my blunt comments. I know they’re hard to swallow, but you really shouldn’t advise me on how I behave or how I write my guides. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve already refuted such suggestion with a parse of your rotation between a parse of my rotation. Kudos to you for saying your rotation has served you well, but unfortunately, I’ve provided enough evidence to not change my guide whatsoever.

Also, I don’t tense up when people tell me additional or
different info. If you haven’t noticed I gladly take constructive comments in
the past in this thread:
and this thread too:

The reason I do not like your suggestion is that not only
you lose out potential DPS, but you also haven’t provided me any concrete
evidence whatsoever. I have never pulled from a tank despite using my opener as they know how to maximize their threat and rotations. If anything, it’s a Sniper’s fault for the following reasons:

1.) They pull without tanks being ready

2.) They don’t threat drop (You have it for a reason…)

3.) They don’t use their CDs well (This too…)

I appreciate the insult that my rotation is “scumbaggy”, but honestly, why should I accede to your condescension? My guide is meant to maximize Sniper potential, not to dumb down anything because a tank is incapable of generating threat.

It might be me but it feels there is way to much text in this guide. Its a nice write up for sure but just to extensive. Its discouraging to read trough imo. For example I still don’t understand what stats you are advertising to use. Please take this as constructive critisism.

Regarding gearing. You might want to try
300-400 crit
333 surge
777 accuracy
0 alac

Unless my spreadsheet is not correct the above would be good to use. (its theorycrafted while assuming ability activations from several operation fights. Meaning it should be quite accurate provided i didnt screw up math to much).

I appreciate the pointers, Mace. I originally felt that offering two ways in each stat would help a player to their stat optimization. However, I actually see that it’s beginning to be more complicated in terms of text. I should have been just as simple as offering just one ideal path rather than multiple.

I’ll make an attempt to edit the guide sometime this week, but due to holidays, I may not have much focus on games for the time being.

I like it the way it is. It is much to read, but it is worth it.
For the two gearing suggestions you could make clear if it is either a or b or if they may be mixed.

i tought Pandemonium was a usefull skill. i mean insta charge burst isnt that good. you can fire it twice after getting in cover. and its available after every 2 rotation.

i tought Pandemonium was a usefull skill. i mean insta charge burst isnt that good? you can fire it twice after getting in cover. and its available after every 2 rotation.

Well, Snap Shot is a better alternative here mainly because it isn’t ability reliant. Since Gunslingers tend to be in cover for most of the time in PvE and PvP, it’s much easier to have access to instant Charge Bursts.

The main reason I highly don’t recommend speccing into Pandemonium is because of ability clutter. By that, I mean being reliant on Pulse Detonator is a really bad thing. There are two reasons…
1.) More focus on using that ability when it should have been potentially used for adds.
2.) There are far better utilities (Lay Low, Heads Up, Hotwired Defenses, etc.)

Generally, instant GCD abilities doesn’t lead to a DPS gain, but Snap Shot is a far superior utility to take over Pandemonium. Unlike Pandemonium, Snap Shot isn’t a waste of a utility in its own Skillful tier, whereas Pandemonium does in its own Masterful tier.

hey there shulk. thx for taking time to answer me. i really appreciate that.

when i first started to play after 3.0 came live, i specced both snap shot and pandemonium. my tought was to make 2 insta charged burst after gettin in cover (1 from snapshot and other one via pandemonium). i didnt really tried this on a dummy yet but i think, in theory, it can gain you most of the time you spend casting charge burst. (i know its not really long cast but if you can save 20sec/fight it would give you the time to dps with some other skills) i dont know if it affects sharpshooter’s overall dps. maybe i can give it a try tonight on a dummy and tell you my results.

like i said this is all my tought, they are in theory

It will sound silly but, as my main language is Spanish I don’t understand the second Raiding tip… 😀

“Never meter pad during progression”

Thank you for the guide, I’m gunslinging a sharpshooter from the very start of my SWTOR adventure. Great work it’s a pleassure to have someone there in somewhere to compare with. Some days I think I’m the only one playing a gunslinger xD


Basically it means if you dont need to damage the adds because they’ll die from mechanics, don’t use sweeping gunfire, as other attacks are better off. “Meter Padding” is making it look like you did more DPS than you actually had to. For example, in SM Temple of Sacrifice on the “Malaphar the Savage” fight, Meter Padding would be staying in the buff circle, and making sure you used AoEs on the adds instead of just using the red circle to kill them.

I think I’ll have to put a sub-section relating to what I meant by meter padding later on, but this pretty much hit the nail of the head.

I speak English and I didn’t know what that meant either. Thanks for the explanation. And thanks to you Sulk! I run a lot of toons but the slinger is still my fav, great guide.

A gearing question, what’s the opinion on hen non-set gear overtakes set gear? ie: At what point should I retire my 168 set armoring in favor of the non set armorings? 192? 198? Only when I start getting the 3.0 set gear?

I would value set bonuses more than getting high level Armorings. Even though you have a non-set upgrade for your 168 set armoring, I would advise that you keep your set bonus. However, you can upgrade mods, hilts, and enhancements of course.

Nice Guide Thank you very much 🙂
1 thing i like to know your APM is 40.2 i never get over 30 is that because i need more alacrity or is my rotation to far off ( very much same rotation like yours ) ?

It’s primarily due to rotation issues, so I do recommend practicing more. Let me know what problems you encounter, and I’ll work with you whenever possible.

I’ve been contemplating about making one since I have been PvPing a lot with my Sniper, but it probably won’t be anytime soon unfortunately. If I have enough experience and time, I’ll consider making one. 🙂

Noob question but at what point should i use burst volley if say i get into a situation where there is 10 or 5 secs left (or any amount of time tbh) on the cool downs of penetrating rounds at what point should i hold on to it and what point should i not?

If you have >10 seconds, I would definitely use Burst Volley.

If you have <5 seconds, I'd hold on to it UNLESS you enter a burn phase in a certain boss fight.

Burst Volley part of your offensive CDs to use, so the advantage of this is whenever you need something killed off ASAP, you can activate this CD to do another set of PR (and its Alacrity bonuses).

quick question about the stats.. where would you get the alacrity from? implants/ear piece? i’m assuming so since you talk about enhancements and augments everywhere else, but i just wanted to double check.

I meant to say enhancements, yes. Quick Savant (+Power/+Alacrity) or Volition (+Critical/+Alacrity) are the ones I highly recommend.

So far I’v only scrolled though the guide for the most inportant thing that I was after which was the stats and then looked down at the rotation to see how I could improve and it looks like we very much use the same but yous can be better twiked agains champion bosses I imagen 🙂 However I find one thing suprizing about the stats and that is alacrity as I’v never used that on any DPS before. I’v heard that there was changes made to the stat however just can’t remember what but what makes alacrity important enough to replace some of the power you use now?

Before we needed(correct me if I’m wrong)
25% crit
70% surge
100% accuracy
and rest feel to main stat and power and Endurance last. Is this still the case and where do I fitt in the alacrity?

I haven’t reached BiS still (because holidays #RIP), but you should be able to slot into an Alacrity enhancement in full 192s BiS.

Also, surge should be 68% with 3 enhancements, but feel free to slot in Surge augments to experiment your Gunslinger more. At most, two augments are good enough to reach 71%.

Priority should be:

Accuracy > Crit > Surge > Alacrity > Power / Mainstat.

Well thx for clarifying the minimal changes when it comes to stats priority. gunslinger may be my main and favorit but I never focused to much into endgame with only a DPS so this very helpfull 🙂

I might try the alacrity but not sure what it will help as I will lose some damage to gain a lil more DPS so will try and see if the lose is worth it. But I’m not really sure what alacrity does anymore I guess xD

Reading my question again I’m noticing alot of spelling mistakes…. sorry bout that xD

I appreciate the guide and don’t think it’s too wordy, but respect their opinions. Here’s my confusion about the guide since I find it really easy to break down what I need to get to enhance what I need. But, if you say:

1.) Accuracy: a.) 777 (7 iLVL 192 Initiative/Acute Enh)
b.) 710 Accuracy (6 iLVL192 Initiative/Acute Enh + 1 iLVL186 Acc Aug)

2.) Surge: *a.) 401 Surge (333 Surge Rating (from 3 iLVL192 Adept/Battle Enh + 2 iLVL186 Surge Aug) (71%)

3.) Critical: 200-350 CR. I recommend a set up of 2 iLVL192 Battle/Acute Enh and 2 Evis Crystals as a good place to start (302 Crit Rating).

then How do you get access to 10 Enhancements? You only have 7 slots for enh; which theoretically should be filled with your Init/Acute Enh. If you start dropping Adept/Battle into the mix, then you’re sacrificing accuracy for Crit/Surge.

Is the “missing accuracy” supposed to come from implants, aug, ears? Based on this mix, I think I’ll try 5 Init (For more Accuracy) and 2 Battle enh with crit crystals and see what I get.

Thoughts and clarification would be great.

The stat section will be updated to a more simplistic on-direct approach. But to comment, here is the base stats for a typical iLVL 192 Enhancement:

+111 Accuracy
+74 Power/Crit
+66 Endurance

With that said I do take Acute Enhancements as part of my optimal gearing process. I usually reserve Power/Surge for my left-side accessories (Earpiece/Implants) simply because I didn’t want to be too bothered with Accuracy, especially since I have legacy gear that shares 2 of my Snipers and my Gunslinger.

I think your gearing approach is hands-on fine. Apologies if I wasn’t too clear on stats. Again, this will be update to greater clarity soon™.

Please help..i cannot seem to get past 3.3k dps. I have matched my parse with yours and the biggest difference is that my cri avg hits for about half the number compared to urs e.g my snipe avg is 3654 compared to ur 7436. Rest of the abilites are also half the avg of wat u have in ur parse. My rating are as follow:
Surge 403
Crit 301
Alac 111
Acc 100.5
Dmg 1104
I have only one set bonus which boosts illegal mods from 2.x
I have tried shifting mods/enh around but my parse is ALWAYS between 3250-3300 mark.
I am not a bad player by any means and with similar lvl gear i can get 4200 on my watchman sentinal so the problem should lie somewhere else.
Please help me i am really frustrated with the whole situation.

I think you are undervaluing Trickshot. I just pulled a 3991 parse with mostly 180 gear, some 192 and actually a piece of 168 gear and really the only thing I do different than you is use Trickshot more. I have Trickshot coming in at about 24% of my damage, right behind Penetrating Rounds.

It’s generally tempting to use Trickshot more primarily because it is one of your highest damage dealing abilities in a parse (it is undeniably true). However, it’s worth skipping Trickshot, especially in a sub-30% rotation. See this link here about the history of skipping Trickshot:

Fortunately, Lunagazer also hit a nail in the head. See here as well:

Its pretty much the same as yours, except I use Trickshot every time its available as long as it does not delay a Penetrating Rounds or 2 stack Aimed Shot.

Nothing wrong with that then. I’d say it is personal preference, so your way of the rotation is generally adequate.

TBH I can’t even keep my energy up enough to even finish a full 1mill parse with your rotation. And with mine I just broke 4k in garbage gear.

Mmm do you have the old 4 piece/new 6-piece set then? I’m pretty sure it will definitely assist you in your problem. Otherwise, try slotting in Flurry of Bolts if you anticipate running out of energy (around 60-70 energy)

Would it be possible if I can see your parse/video then? Also, the only thing I can advise is that you should stick with using Trickshot -> Quickdraw -> Trickshot at sub-30% since you’re using the old 2p.

preface by saying thank you, i appreciate these guides. dulfy youre the best. please include burst ranking for all guides. imo, this is the most useful dps is only really relevant for bosses with enrage timer. all other content, pvp, lvling and fps, which are probly 90% of gameplay, burst is the most important stat. Thank you!!

I’m having a heck of a time maintaining rotation and avoiding all the mechanics with Sword Squadron in the TOS Ops.

Is there a rotation that can be used out of cover that still maintains damage whilst not killing your energy management?

Both specs are viable for that fight. Just because one discipline parses higher than another doesn’t mean it is mandatory to use Dirty Fighting.

However, I do agree you should use DF if you are progressing in that fight.

honestly, either way, you should never use SS out of cover due to the lower energy generation from foxhole. If you have to be out of cover for a significant part of a fight, both sab and DF will work much better for you

i tried both SS and Df for that fight. while using SS i had to intrpt lots of casts to move out of red, blue and white circles. thats why i recommend df for walkers fight.

my suggestions, learn all specs if you can and use whichever seems more usefull for that fight. your spec may also depend on your raid formation (aka armor reduction debuff provided from some1 else or not)

for ex: i think sab is very usefull for underlurker since almost all i do in that fight is aoe adds with boss.

On the other hand, ss is really great for target switching in comparison to df. Since df spend too much time to build up buffs for haemorrhaging blast. In this case, ss can really do the burst job by using a double speed shot plus a aim shot with smuggler luck which hit like a truck.
I was a df before 3.0, mostly doing df/dp/sv/tfb, and I found it difficult to take away adds asap (i.e. larva,hypergate anomaly in tfb/Voracious Xuvva, Thrasher Sniper etc) so the increased uptime of some lethal adds are casting quite a pressure to the healer, let alone wiping it.
I am very doubt df will do a better job in progression.

well, there is more than one way to do this, like same for other bosses. i’m not saying tha ss is shit and df is op on this fight. its just feels like i have more mobility on that spec and i do better. it just sucks to intrpt aimed shot at last mili seconds beacause of a red circle (i cancel it since our healers are bullies and would beat the crap out of me if i dont 🙂 )

like shulk said, both specs are viable for the fight. rest is up to player.

Thanks for the advice guys.

I started playing last June and I know SS like the back of my hand as she was my first toon.

Guess it’s time to learn the other two trees that well. 😉

Rotation should be the same even out of cover. The only difference is that AoE abilities can’t be used outside of cover, but it really shouldn’t be a problem since there is nothing to AoE (there is a Targeting Droid you can probably AoE under SS 1, but honestly, you’re going to increase your chances of enrage by doing that, so I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Hii! Your rotation seems pretty good, I think I’m going to try it, since I’m really frustrated with the dirty fight rotation and can’t get past 3.7 on my parse.
I have practice a lot but still can’t get past 3.7 it’s really frustrating since everyone in my guild is parsing past 4.0 :(.
I amo love the way you answer your comments is very polite 🙂
Anyways wish me luck 🙂

First of all, let me thank you for your effort and this great guide. I’m going to put aside the fact that, for now, my dps is a lot lower mostly because my rotation needs more practicing and my stats need a bit of tweaking. What I’m interested in is how you get practically 0% miss. At first i thought that my miss % is too big because of my low accuracy rating(around 460), but now i got it to 795 and it still has not improved much. In fact it even worsened when i replaced an implant that gives surge with the one that gives Acc. It goes anywhere from 14% to 19.2% at the moment. Also my crit % is lower than yours even though my critical rating is currently bigger(589) than you recommend. This is most probably because you use charged burst and honed shots more efficiently. It’s just that this thing with accuracy is really bugging me 🙂

OK i’m going to reply to myself because i think i have figured it out 🙂
All the missing is from my secondary weapon because i’m dual wielding. Your parse doesn’t have that because it’s from sniper, who uses a rifle.

As a Sniper/Slinger who never uses anything but Sharpshooter, I’m glad someone else sees its value <3 A wonderful guide, and the rotation is spot on. Sample Parse to show exactly how ridiculous it can get (10/14 198, no mainhand):

Salut et merci pour ton guide =)
Dis moi comment tu fais pour avoir 0.3% de miss
Car même avec une bonne précision, sur poteau je suis a 13.4%

I am a newbie with gunslinger and I am a little confused on the modifcation part of it and came here for help. However, I noticed this guide only mentions enhancements, it does not mention what Mods to put in. There seems to be some great debate with other forums on lettered and unlettered. Also some of the 192 gear has Artful and Keen…what do you recommend people to use for the best dps? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I have a question. I am missing something with accuracy. Your guid says 777 accuracy and others have quoted around there, but it took close to 900 accuracy to hit 100/110 on my gunslinger.

Do you have the +1% accuracy you gain from completing one of the companions(not sure which class but you should definitely complete at least one of each class)?

You need to get 10000 affection with Bowdaar if your main is smuggler. And complete all conversations with him. Any other melee tank companion works too. Like Lord Scourge or Qyzen etc. This will give all your characters in this legacy +1% to accuracy. That’s probably what you are missing. 🙂

Thank you for the responses. That is what it was. I never use my tank companions so I never maxed affection on them. I did max Bowdaar’s affection yesterday and that worked.

Do you see a difference using mainstat augments over power? I am currently in all power augments but am thinking about switching. Would this be beneficial to me?

lawl shulk can’t even spell “survivability”… Go back to stuffing your face with Carls Jr and Chipotle

Riot Screen, Holed Up, Hold Your Ground, Plan B& C, these four are really hard to choose from, all benefit PvE and PvP. Any suggestions ?

I definitely think you’re undervaluing no-cast charged blast/dirty blasts. These are essential in PVP where your most powerful attacks can be easily LOSed in a lot of scenarios. These can’t and doubled up in rapid succession, they’re the next best thing when Aimed blast and penetrating shots are of no use until your cc is off cooldown again. Otherwise, excellent guide.

Hi i’m frensh
I have a question about gears&stats

You say :

Accuracy in 7 Enhancements,implants,ear

Surge in 3 Enhancements, implants,ear + 2 surge augments

But with this configuration Where do I put the alacrity?? Because There is only 10 possibilities with Enhancements, implants and ear…

Thank you and apologyse for my english

I have 2 enhancements of alacrity, I find alacrity more important than surge because of the benefits in burst volley windows.

Anyone have any tips on energy management? I seem to get to about 300k damage done and my energy goes bonkers afterwards.

this guide was supremely helpful thanks bud, also I would seriously like to debate Chipotle Vs California Tortilla with you one day

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